A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 2
Plea In the Night

Time seemed to stand still. It had only been ten minutes since Allura had last rolled over in bed and looked at her digital time display.

The time was four o'clock in the morning.

For what became the third night in a row,
Arus had no reported night raids.  They just
suddenly seemed to stop...mysteriously.
The calm was unnerving to the Princess.

Even more unnerving, was the fact that
Lance was now, the second member of the
team to resign. He was leaving in the morning,
saying nothing to her of his planned flight.
He told her it was none of her business...
that she wasn't 'the boss' over him, and
was leaving to ensure that fact.

Lance had purchased a personal shuttle some months ago and had spent much of his free time working on modifying it.

Now, he was planning on using it to retreat from Arus.

It seemed as if Allura's world was turning upside down suddenly.

Her father's spirit, suddenly gone...Keith was gone...soon Lance would be gone...

What next?

She turned over once again in bed...and suddenly found herself staring at a tiny little pair of glowing eyes that had been focusing in on her in the dark...eyes that had reflected off of the light of the digital display clock.

Allura sat up and turned on the light over her bed.

She smiled, greeting the tiny visitor...

"Well, what are you doing up, Chitter?" Allura smiled at her mouse friend.  "Shouldn't you be asleep in your nice, warm bed?  Your children will be up soon and you'll have a full day ahead of you!"

The small mouse friend chattered with tiny
squeaks, speaking to the Princess. 
The mouse appeared disturbed.

Allura suddenly frowned, as she listened
to the mouse's squeaking.  She nodded slowly...

"Yes...I know...I miss him too, Chitter."
Allura said aloud.

The tiny mouse jumped onto the bed and
ran across Allura's lap to the other side,
hopping onto her nightstand.  There, he
came to stand before a framed picture.  Allura watched as the mouse pointed to the picture.

Allura's eyes narrowed.

The mouse was apparently agitated, suddenly.

"Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way.  I did my best to try and get him to stay here with us." The Arusian Princess replied, regarding the person in the picture that the mouse seemed upset about.

The mouse jumped up and down, squeaking suddenly at her and pointing its tiny fingers toward her, as if he were scolding her, as he would scold one of his own children.

Allura paused for a moment...listening.  When the mouse had stopped, Allura sighed.

"Chitter, I had to tell him that.  I didn't want to, believe me.  But what if...what if, what the guardian said was all true?'

The mouse began to jump up and down again, wiggling its nose and shaking its arms about. Allura stared at the mouse...

"You...you think it wasn't a guardian sent by Father?" Allura said to the mouse.  "But...why would you say such a thing?  And how can you be sure it wasn't sent by Father?"

The mouse jumped around back and forth and then began shaking its arms around once again.

"You think it was a trick, is that it?" Allura said quietly. "What makes you think it was a trick?"

Chitter began hopping back and forth...motioning to the ceiling and then back to the Princess.

Allura watched as Chitter continued his gestures to her.

"But...if that was the case, what about the dreams I was having?  Dreams of Keith's death? They've stopped...now that he's gone..."

The mouse squeaked really loud and then began spinning around.  Allura watched him for a moment.

"You think that someone wanted me to think that, don't you...to throw me off the track of something bigger that's going on?" Allura said quietly.

Chitter suddenly began jumping up and down, wildly, nodding his head up and down as well, signaling to Allura that she understood what he was trying to convey.

Allura signed. "Oh Chitter, sometimes, I wish I were a mouse and could have senses like you do.  I wish I could be as confident as you are. I don't know what to believe anymore."

Chitter turned and pointed to the picture
on her table once again. The picture was
of Keith and Allura, dressed in formal attire. 
The two of them were dancing together when
someone took the picture.

Then, Chitter quickly turned and pointed to
her and then pointed back to  Keith's image
in the picture.  The mouse began dancing
around back and forth, simulating the picture's

"You mean, Keith and I?" Allura said sadly.  She bowed her head and let another sigh escape her.  "I...I thought so too, Chitter.  But, he's gone now.  I don't see much hope in that ever happening.  I betrayed him.  How can I ever expect him to understand my reasons for
decieving him?  Besides....its too late to tell him now.  He's gone."

The mouse hopped back onto the bed and ran onto Allura's lap.  He squeaked as he jumped up and down.

"Chitter...I can't do that!  Besides, even if he did hear me...why would he even respond? What right do I have to him, now that he's gone....now that I've hurt him so...I would have rather cut out my own heart, then having had to do to him what I did!  His face, Chitter...you
didn't see his face when I told him...when I...lied to him....   Oh, Chitter, I just think things are better, the way they are, right now.  I don't want to hurt either of us, anymore."

The mouse jumped up and down on her lap, continuing to squeak at her in an excited tone.

"Don't you understand, Chitter?" Allura sobbed, suddenly.  "I can't face him again!  I can't! Not in knowing what pain I've caused him!  Lance was right...I drove him away!  It was because of me that he left in the first place!"

The mouse gently patted on Allura's right hand and then, began to softly squeak to her.  She listened to her friend, understanding every noise that he was making.

She smiled solemnly at her mouse friend as she wiped the tears from her eyes.  "Okay then. Perhaps I will try."

The mouse smiled and jumped from her lap and then, off of her bed.  As he ran to his mouse hole in the wall of her room, Chitter turned back and squeaked again.

Allura snickered. "Oh, don't be so silly!  Of course I'll tell him that you said, hello!"

The mouse danced around on the floor and then, retreated into the mouse hole, disappearing from sight.

Allura's smile instantly disappeared.  She knew what Chitter was trying to suggest.  He thought that Allura should try to contact Keith via telepathy.  Allura's only hesitation...what if Keith didn't answer?

She'd be devastated.

But...Chitter was right in one thing. She should at least try.

She sat in her bed, pushing back her long hair behind her shoulders.  Clearing her mind, she began to allow her mind to reach out...her thoughts to focus...on the one person she hoped beyond hope, would hear her heart's cry.

"Keith...Keith...can you hear me, Keith?"


Lt. Fujiko had assured her passenger that all was well and had convinced him to go and try to get a quick nap. Only a little more than a day left and they would be back on Earth.

Keith took Fujiko up on her offer and decided to go and lay down for a bit in the rest compartment, located in the rear of the shuttle.

He was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow, having found restful sleep something of a rarity, lately.  It was more than evident that he was exhausted.

As Keith slept peacefully, his mind began to home in on a mental image...and he stirred slightly.

In his mind, his subconscious picked up the random thoughts of, what sounded like, a female voice...one that his mind had identified to him as being familiar.

His dream began...


He stood in a large open area. A dense fog had rolled in all around him, but he could still see the image of someone approaching toward him from the distance.  He smiled, recognizing the person immediately.

"Allura?" Keith said.  "What are you doing here?"

"I...I was hoping to say hello."

"Hi," was his response.

The two of them remained at an extreme distance apart.

"Oh Keith, things aren't the same without you.  I miss you...so much."

Keith tilted his head downward.  "Yeah...I miss you too."

"Please...won't you come home?"

"I can't, Allura.  We've been over this again and again." Keith replied.

"I know...I had just hoped... well, I have something to tell you...something important.  But I need to face you to say it."

"What is it?" Keith asked her.

"I can't say it to you, when you're so far away.  Can't you come any closer?"

"I'm afraid not." Keith replied quietly.  Then he looked up at her. "What's so important that you need to tell me in person?"

"I...I'm ashamed of myself." Allura replied. "I...I lied to you.  I have to tell you about it...but I can't do it like this.  You need to come home again, Keith!  Then, if you don't like what I have to say...you can leave, and never return to Arus, if that's your choice. But I can't spend
the rest of my life, living with the thought that I've hurt you."

"I don't understand, Allura?" Keith asked her.  "What lie are you talking about?"

"No...not here.  You must come closer to me.  You must come and face me...so that I can look you directly in the eyes."

"What if I say no?" Keith said to her.

Allura's head dropped.  "Then...I've done all that I can do."

"You're guilting me into doing this, Allura." Keith replied, somewhat angrily.  "You know I told you how I feel!  Why make this worse for both of us?  Just let me go..."

"NO KEITH!" Allura's voice suddenly raised.  "I can't...not knowing the terrible wrong I've committed against you!  You must allow me to make it right...please Keith...come back to Arus... please?"

"I can't..."

"I beg you, Keith!  If you say you once loved me, do it for the love you once had for me."

"I said that I would always love you, Allura." Keith corrected her.  "It's not a question of my love for you.  It's a question of protecting us both from any further pain."

"Please Keith...I know I'm asking a lot of you.  But I beg you...please...I can't live my life knowing what I've done to you!"

"What have you done to me?" Keith exclaimed.  "I don't understand, Allura!"

"Chitter said you'd come back!" Allura's voice echoed, now becoming somewhat distant in sound.

"Allura...what's going on?" Keith shouted to her.

"You must come closer!" Allura cried.  "I'll be waiting for you!"

"Allura...wait!" Keith shouted, extending his hand toward her.

She turned and walked away, leaving him alone, once again.

"Allura...don't go! Wait!  ALLURA!"

"I'll be waiting for you, Keith. Waiting on Arus."


Keith suddenly opened his eyes as he lay on the cot in the rest compartment.  He quickly sat up, looking around

"Allura?" Keith said aloud.  "Allura...was...was that you?"

He closed his eyes...and began to concentrate.

"Allura...are you there?" his mind called out to her. "Allura...come on!  Answer me!  Tell me what's going on!  Are you in trouble?"

After a moment of silence...his mind faintly heard in response...

"I'll be waiting for you."

"On Arus?" Keith replied.

"Chitter says...hi."

"Chitter? You mentioned something about Chitter...what was it?  Allura...what in the galaxy are you doing, contacting me like this?  What's happening to you?"

"Come home, Keith...please... I must tell see you, face to face...I have to tell you..."

"Allura...tell me what?"  His mind suddenly grew silent. "Allura...Allura...are you still there?  Can you hear me? Allura...answer me!"

She was gone.

Keith quickly opened his eyes and sat quietly on the bed.  He pulled his legs up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them.

He debated for a moment...what should he do? If he chose to turn back now, that would delay him in reporting to Galaxy Garrison Headquarters for new assignment orders.  But, what was this 'lie' that Allura supposedly told to him?  What was that all about?  Was she in some
sort of trouble?

"Aw, Princess," Keith mumbled just about a whisper.  "Why can't you just let it be?"

He immediately rose up from the cot and went to the cockpit module.  Lt. Fujiko looked up as she heard the sound of him coming forward.

"My...that was a quick nap."

"Yeah..." was all Keith said in reply.

He sat down next to her in the passenger seat. He suddenly became quiet.

"Couldn't sleep, Commander?" the woman said.  "Anxious to return home?"

"Home...yeah...something like that." Keith replied softly.  He then let out a long-drawn out sigh before saying,  "Listen....we have to turn back...to Arus..."

Lt. Fujiko looked at Keith in a stunned manner. "Sir...did I hear you correctly?"

"You heard me correctly...yes.  We have to go back to Arus." Keith repeated.

"But...Sir, we're almost to Earth space,"

"I realize that, and I'll take full responsibility for the course correction.  Just...turn back.  I have a little...matter...that I have to clear up on Arus before I can return to Earth."

"Something forgotten?" she asked him.

"Something... 'overlooked', perhaps." Keith responded.  "Now, turn this tub around.  Course heading, Planet Arus."

"Aye Sir." Lt. Fujiko replied. "I'll COM Garrison and inform them of the delay."

"Fine. I'm going to go back to rest." Keith replied.

Lt. Fujiko fed the course correction into the shuttle's guidance control systems.  The shuttle suddenly took a slow half turn, until it was headed back in the opposite direction.

As Keith returned to the cot, he leaned up against he metal wall as he sat on the bed.  He sighed again...and then closed his eyes.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this," he said to himself. "I know Garrison isn't going to understand when I explain to them that I had to go back to Arus.  But I've got to make sure she's okay."

He sat there, motionless, feeling the shuttle turn, as it made its way back to the Azure Quadrant.

Two days to, 'home', seemed now, like eternity.