A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 35
Dinner Time Brawl

Dinner that night could not have been any more solemn.

Keith sat to Allura's left, as always.  Coran was to Allura's right.  Lance was next to Keith, followed by Pidge.  Hunk sat across from Lance, to Coran's right.

Not a word was spoken by any of them.  The tension was once again as thick as pea soup in a pot.

Allura had hardly touched her meal.

Keith mainly picked at his.

Even Hunk seemed somewhat preoccupied...taking bites of it here and there.

Coran cleared his throat, gaining everyone's attention, for the most part.  Keith kept his head down, staring at his plate.

The stately advisor said, "Data from last night's events seemed to show a remarkable decrease in the number of attacking forces...the smallest amount of incident attacks in weeks."

Allura nodded slightly.

Coran continued.  "Our facts indicate that only two areas fell under heavy attack...and curiously enough, those areas were areas already devastated by previous attacks."

No one commented on Coran's findings.

"Perhaps the attacks are beginning to let up, at last." Coran added.

"That's great..." Lance suddenly said, with a sarcastic tone of voice.  "It'll make our job a lot easier to do!  After all, we will only have four lions running...since our illustrious commanding officer feels the need to dump us suddenly!"

"Lance," Keith mumbled, his head down. "Not here."

"Lance, you know its nothing like that..." Allura said in a soft tone.

"Keith has his reasons for leaving." Coran added.

Lance quickly dropped his fork. "Yeah...and I suppose you got word that Sven can't come...that he's busy running Pollux's defense units!  So...I suppose you're just going to leave anyway, is that it?"

"A ship from the Alliance will be here tomorrow to pick up Commander Keith and return him to Earth." Coran answered for him.

The reply drew a sharp stare from Allura.  "Tomorrow?  You're leaving tomorrow?" she asked him.  "Why, wasn't I told this, Keith?"

"I didn't get around to telling you." Keith replied softly.

"Why leave tomorrow, Keith?" Allura replied.  "Why do you have to leave at all?"

"I've already made my position clear, Princess." Keith said in a somewhat tempered voice. "Restating the obvious isn't going to help."

"Coward!" Lance blurted out suddenly.  "You're running away!  Our Fearless leader! HA! You've got all the stomach in the world for a dog fight with Lotor, but no backbone at all, when it comes to the ups and downs of love!  You're leaving us, just when we need you the
most!  In my book, that makes you nothing but a coward!"

Keith whipped his head around and looked at Lance, sharply. "I'm warning you, Lance...if you have an issue...talk to me in private!  Now's not the time to discuss this, OKAY?"

"Leave him alone, Lance!" Pidge suddenly said, intervening for his friend. "Just lay off of him, all right?  This isn't easy for Keith!"

"Oh, sure! Take his side!" Lance grunted back.  "Well, before you side with the enemy, there's something you should know!  He's leaving us, because Allura here has finally come to her senses and seen what a low-life loser this guy really is!"

"That's enough!" Keith shouted, rising to his feet suddenly to square off with Lance. "You think you're so smart, huh, tough guy?"

"Smarter than you, apparently!" Lance shouted. "And I'm only too glad that Allura figured out what a jerk you really are, before she ended up stuck with you for the rest of her life!"

"Lance!" Allura said, suddenly picking up her napkin from her lap to toss it on the table in front of her. "You will stop this, immediately!"

"You're defending him?" Lance snorted. "Guys like him will always run from the real challenges in life!  Love and pain are real challenges...and if he's running away because you and he have a difference of opinion...I say, let him go!  We don't need him!  We'd do better without him!  Besides...that clears the way for some of us that might want a crack at you!"

"LANCE!" Allura gasped. "Of all the things..."

Coran slammed his hand onto the table, abruptly. "You will show the proper respect for a royal person, young man!"

"What?  Should I have, 'bowed' to her when I said it?" Lance said with a smirk on his face.

"I'm warning you, Lance!" Keith hollered. "Shut your trap, now!"

"Or what?" Lance shouted back.

"Or...this!" Keith suddenly shouted angrily, grabbing onto Lance's shirt and shaking him, while holding up his fist to Lance's face, wiggling it there in a threatening manner.

The dining room staff soon began to gather in the doorway to the kitchen, watching as things began to get out of hand.

Coran rose to his feet suddenly, walking around and grabbing for Keith's arm.  Allura moved herself in between Keith and Lance, trying to push them both apart.


"Get out of the way, PRINCESS!" Keith seethed.

"Think about what you're doing!" Pidge shouted at Keith from the other side of Lance.

"He's so brave!" Lance taunted at Keith. "He needs his ex-girlfriend to protect him!"

"That's it, Lance!" Keith shouted suddenly.

"NO!  Stop it, Keith!" Allura screamed, trying to separate them.

Pidge grabbed Lance from behind.

Hunk remained motionless on his feet...right where he had been sitting.

"You want a piece of me?" Lance blurted out to Keith from around Allura's back. "Come on!  Come and take me out!"

"Keith!" Allura shouted.  "Stop it, this instant!"

"GET OUT OF THE WAY, ALLURA!" Keith shouted.

In a sudden burst of anger, Keith wretched his arm free from Coran's grasp, and then, quickly grabbed Allura by the shoulders, shoving her out of the way.  During the process, she had lost her footing and quickly fell to the ground.

That had been the last straw for Hunk.  Without so much as a warning, the Yellow Lion pilot quickly bolted on to of the table and slid over to where Keith and Lance were, with Keith now firming holding Lance by his shirt collar, preparing to punch him.

Hunk quickly slid over and came in between Lance and Keith, and without a single word, walloped Keith squarely in the mouth, sending him plummeting to the ground next to where Allura was.

"If you EVER lay a hand on her again, I swear, Keith...I'll KILL you, myself!" Hunk shouted.

Pidge suddenly came up to Hunk.  "What's the matter with you?" Pidge asked Hunk.

"Hunk, it was an accident!" Allura said. "I lost my footing...Keith didn't mean to..."

"Just settle down, Hunk!" Pidge advised his friend.

"I saw him yesterday...I saw him make the Princess cry!  I saw it all!" Hunk shouted in the direction of Keith.  "He did mean it!"

Keith lifted his hand up to his mouth.  His lip had been slip open with the impact of Hunk's fist.  Keith grabbed his jaw and gently began to rub it as he stared up at the angry man.

"You made her cry, Keith!" Hunk shouted. "You want to make someone cry...come on, try to make me cry! I dare you!"

Seconds later, the Castle Security detail burst into the room.  They had been summoned by Coran, who had quickly removed him self from the scene to the wall COM.

The security detail picked up the Princess, lifting her back up, on to her feet, while doing the same to Keith.  Several more had quickly isolated Hunk and Lance, while a few more had isolated Keith and Allura.

Pidge stood over next to Keith.  "You all right?" Pidge asked his commander.

Keith said nothing.  He instead, turned and charged out of the dining hall, followed by antagonizing shouts from Lance.

"That's it, Keith!  Run away again!  Its what you do best!"

Two of the security detail turned to go after Keith...but were quickly halted by Coran's gesture, signaling to the men to let him go.

Allura quickly turned on Lance and Hunk. "I am SHOCKED at the two of you!  I have never seen such a display of unorthodox behavior, as I have seen from you two, tonight!"

"Oh, come on, Allura!" Lance blurted out. "He's an idiot!  You don't have to go on protecting him!"

"And I'll thank the two of you to mind your own business in the future!" Allura shouted angrily, directing her anger at Lance and Hunk. "I never asked for either of you to intervene between Keith and I!  I never asked either of you to come to my rescue in this matter! Y ou were both out of line!"

"But...Princess...Keith...he..." Hunk started to say.

"I've heard enough...from both of you!" Allura shouted sternly.  "Your behavior was inexcusable!  And now, look at the mess you've made!"

"Us?!?" Lance snorted angrily.  "Blame it on your 'boy-toy', Princess!"

Allura turned and ran from the dining hall, heading off in the direction of where Keith headed.

Hunk snorted angrily suddenly.  "She might as well go with him!"

"Yeah," Lance snorted sarcastically.  "She's really acting 'princess-like', wouldn't you say?"

"You know," Pidge said angrily to Hunk and Lance as he pushed up his glasses up on to his nose.  "...and you two were trying to get them together!  Heh...guess you really  accompished that!"

"SHUT UP, HALF PINT!" Lance bellowed.  "I'll SQUASH you!"

"Oh...you scare me!" Pidge replied sarcastically.  "Should I run and hide from your wrathful stare!?" 

"Gentleman!" Coran interrupted. "I will remind you that while both of you are in the service of the Princess, you will keep a civil tongue when speaking of Her Royal Highness!"

"Yeah, yeah, okay Coran." Lance growled. "We know whose side you're on!"


Keith angrily marched down the hallway, rubbing his jaw with his right hand.  Angry as he was, he actually felt like turning around and taking both Hunk and Lance on.  But, he knew that he made the right decision to leave the dining hall when he had.  No use in spending
his last night on Arus in the Castle brig.


His teeth gritted together as the sound of the Princess's voice echoed down the hallway, just a short distance from where he was.  She was the last person he wanted to talk to right now.

But...he suddenly found himself coming to a halt...actually waiting for her to catch up.  Just why he suddenly decided to wait for her... he hadn't a clear understanding.

Allura rounded the corner and found Keith standing in the corridor, staring in her direction. She stopped running and paused for a moment to look at him.  Next, she slowly stepped up to where he stood.

"Oh, Keith," Allura began.  "I'm...I'm so sorry for what happened back there, in the dining hall. Lance and Hunk were out of line, and I assure you that their behavior..."

"Just...forget it, Princess." Keith groaned in a low tone of voice.

"But...Keith...they had no right to speak to you like that!" Allura defended.

"They had every right." Keith replied back.  "They're mad...just like I am.  Just like we all are."

"I...don't know that I follow you..." she began to say.

"We're all on edge, lately!" Keith blurted out at her.  "Or haven't you noticed?"

"I have noticed." Allura said softly. 
"The tone of the Castle has changed...
ever since the war began."

"It's not just the war, Princess!"
Keith replied back.  "Its more than that...
but just what's the cause of it, is beyond me."

"What can be done to stop it?"
Allura asked him.

Keith shook his head slightly.

Allura paused for a moment... then said, "I wish...I wish you'd change your mind about leaving, Keith."

"I can't." Keith replied back softly.

"Yes you can!" she said suddenly.  "You can, Keith!"

"I can't change my mind, anymore than I can change my heart or the way I feel about you!" Keith responded.

He turned to walk away from her.  Then...suddenly paused, with his back to her.  "For what its worth...I'll always love you, Allura."

Allura's eyes began to tear. "I...I know."

"I wish things were different.  But they're not.  I can't stay here, you know that." Keith replied.  "I love you...too much, in fact, to trust myself to do all the right things and make all the right decisions...especially when they involve you as a member of my team."

Allura wept,  "Keith...please..."

"No, Princess." Keith said quietly.  "I can't keep my love in secret anymore.  They'll be other suitors...and I can't stay here and watch another man...take my place."

"No one can ever take your place, Keith." Allura said softly.  "If...if I could...I'd change..."

"There's nothing to say...there's nothing to change...and please...don't blame yourself. You're being honest...telling me this now...letting me know how you truly feel, before we got too deep into this, was a good decision." Keith said to her.  "You...you did the right thing, Allura.  I guess I just...came on too strong.  I don't know...maybe you felt obligated to be in love with me..."

"No!  I do love...uh...I mean...I did…love you...of my own free will!" Allura stammered.  "I only wish you could truly understand...I wish... I wish I could..."

"You could...what?" Keith asked her.

Allura paused for a moment...she wanted to take him in her arms...kiss him...hold him tight...tell him it was all a mistake...

But then...what if the prophecy was true?  Keith and Arus would be doomed...


"I guess it was just the right love, at the wrong time." she finished with.

Keith blinked rapidly for a moment.  "I guess....so." he said quietly before turning his head back around to look at her.  "Listen...I've...I've got to finish packing.  They'll be here tomorrow to pick me up."

Allura said nothing in reply.

"I'll see ya." Keith said to her.

He then turned and ran down the corridor, leaving her standing alone.

As he was ran out of sight...Allura's voice had found itself...and as the tears fell like rain, she quietly replied to Keith's leaving...

"I'll always love you, Keith.  And someday...maybe...things will be different...and I'll be allowed to love you, once again."
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