A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 32
The Face of the G'Donar

Black Lion was surrounded in mid air, while Blue Lion and Red Lion were trapped on the ground below, in what was once, the village of Aldus.

Several G'Donar and Doom fighting ships had surrounded the two lions on the ground and were firing off continuous rounds of ammunition. Several more of them had engaged the Black Lion in the air.

And...all the while, Keith was cursing himself in the cockpit of Black Lion...knowing full well that the G'Donar liked to isolate their enemy...and then, move in for the kill.

And that was exactly what he had allowed them to do.

Keith agonized, while he desperately tried to figure a way out of this mess and rescue his friends.

How could he have been so lax in his judgment?

And now...Allura and Lance were about to be killed,
thanks to his shortsightedness.

"I...can't shake them!" Keith grunted angrily at himself.
"There's got to be a way out...come on...think of something!"

"We're dead in the water!" Lance shouted through the COM, his voice shaking from the blunt force of each impacting explosion.

Allura widened her COM link to reach the Castle of Lions. "CORAN!  WE NEED HELP!"

"Help is on the way, Princess!"

But the reply was not from Coran's voice.  The voice was husky... brutish and firm. Keith's ears heard the transmission, and he quickly turned his head to look at his right side monitor...

"HUNK!" Keith shouted. "HUNK...IT'S YOU!"

Yellow Lion zipped through the skies overhead, now taking aim at the G'Donar and Doom ships that were surrounding Black Lion.

"Just hold on, Keith!" Hunk's voice boomed through the COM. "Yellow Lion's on the scene!"

"Don't forget about me!"

Allura heard the voice and her heart
skipped a beat. "PIDGE!"

"In the flesh!" the young genius replied.

"HELP US!" Allura screamed, as
Blue Lion took yet, another punishing

"I'm on it" Pidge replied.

Green Lion streaked right past the mid air attack units, streaking toward the ground attack ships.

"Come on, you G'Donar goons! You want a piece of something?  Come and get a piece of me! But you've got to catch me, first!" Pidge cried out over the COM.

Green Lion opened its mouth wide, spewing out lion torches at several G'Donar ships that had been firing at Blue and Red Lions, while at the same time, letting loose a barrage of laser fire and ion missiles
at the Doom raiders.

The attack was enough to draw many of the G'Donar away from Blue and Red Lions.

"That's it!" Pidge laughed out loud. "Catch me, catch me, if you can!"

Green Lion streaked upward with twenty G'Donar ships following after it.

Meanwhile, Yellow Lion, now along with Black Lion, were taking out the Doom and G'Donar ships, sending many to an explosive end.

Red Lion and Blue Lion began firing rounds of missiles at the Doom ships and G'Donar fighters that were on the ground.

Black Lion and Yellow Lion quickly zoomed in to assist, having fended off all of their remaining enemy attack forces.

"WATCH IT, PRINCESS!" Keith's voice echoed over the COM.

Blue Lion leaped into the air, avoiding an explosive missile attack from a Doom fighter. Black Lion repaid the Doom ships efforts of attack with a flaming reward...engulfing the fighter with red-hot lion torches...melting the ship down to scraps of metal.

"Are you guys okay?" Keith said suddenly.

"I'm okay." Lance replied back.

"Me too!" Allura added.

"Allura...you and Lance fly and get those people in Blue Lion's mouth to safety. Hunk, Pidge and I will handle things here while you do that." Keith ordered.

As Blue Lion and Red Lion lifted off, Yellow Lion and Black Lion continued to fire at what was left of the attacking ships. Soon, Green Lion had swung back around to join the party. Together, the three lions joined forces, defending against the enemy, sending them
into a full retreat.

But the damage had already been done.


Daylight had come to Arus's Northern Hemisphere...and the rescue teams had begun to comb through the remains of the devastation from the night before.

Three village men had been searching the ground near the destroyed village of Aldus, looking for survivors and gathering orphaned children together.

There were charred out remains of several enemy ships...dead hulks of twisted metal scattered all over the area.

One man began screaming to the others around him...


Soon, others began to gather around.  The man pointed to his life signs monitor.  It was showing reads of life within the remains of a charred G'Donar ship. The life sign was very weak...but there, nevertheless.

"Do we open it?" one man asked.

"Of course we do!" another man shouted.

"But...what if the thing comes out after us?"
a nearby woman exclaimed.

"Shouldn't we contact the Castle?"
another man suggested.

"We can handle this ourselves!" the first man replied.

"But...should we at least..." a woman said, when she was suddenly stopped.

Several men had suddenly rushed the ship with pry-bars, attempting to open up the roasted hatch. The twisted metal bent and moved under the pressure of the bar...and after what amounted to several minutes, the lid finally gave way, and the hatch opened up.

The smell that greeted them was nothing less than obnoxious.  The smell was like nothing they had ever encountered before.  Charged flesh and metal, a reeking smell that filled the air, making some of the people standing nearly by extremely sick.

Several people began gagging, holding their sleeves to their faces, in an inept attempt to block some of the smells.

Two brave men decided that someone had to go in and take a look around inside the G'Donar ship...if for no other reason than to take a prisoner of war.

As the men entered the ship, they found it as badly damaged on the inside as it was on the outside. The men walked carefully through the compartment, making their way to what they believed to be the cockpit of the ship...where the alien being was sure to be.

The smell in the ship was a bad on the inside as it was on the

The cockpit was small in size, with instrumentation panels that had been burned beyond functionality.

Suddenly...the men gasped with fright...

Before they could say anything...they quickly turned and ran from the cockpit, frightened out of their wits.

The men ran from the ship and into the crowd of people that had been waiting for word of what was inside. The three men were scared...too scare to even make sense, as they tried to explain what it was that they had found in the cockpit.

"We've got to alert the Voltron Force!" one of the frightened men cried. "We've got to call them...NOW!"

"What's in there?" a woman asked, frantically.

"Its...its hideous!" one of the other men who went in, said.

"Call the Castle of Lions!" the third man cried.  "They've got to know!  We've got a G'Donar prisoner!"


"For certain?  Do you mean to say that you have a G'Donar prisoner?"

Coran's astonished voice echoed, as he spoke to one of the councilmen from Aldus on the ultra wave. The five members of the Voltron Force were surrounding him from behind, as he sat at the control board in Castle Control.

"Yes, Minister Coran!" the man replied, his facial features contoured.  "And it's alive! It's absolutely alive!"

Hunk blurted out.

"Keith, we've got to
get over there and
check this out!"
Pidge said suddenly. 
"I'd love to get some readings on this guy!"

"You're talking about scanning a member
a hostile race of beings!" Lance replied to Pidge.
"Didn't you hear him? He said that thing's
still alive in that burnt out ship of his!"

"But if we can get some readings on it...
determine its weak spots,"
Pidge started to say.

"Or...better yet, figure out some of its
technology," Keith added. "Maybe,
we've got a chance at getting an upper
hand on the G'Donar!"

"But Keith," Allura said quietly.
"Lance makes a good point.  It's a
hostile being! Is it wise to investigate,
while its still alive?"

"What better opportunity?" Keith said to Allura.

"I don't think you should go." Allura said firmly.

"We're going." Keith replied back, equally determined.  "Coran..."

Coran nodded and turned back to the man on the screen.  "The Voltron Force shall be there soon to investigate the matter.  Please take whatever precautions are necessary in protecting yourselves."

"Right." The man replied.

The image on the ultra wave blanked out, leaving a black screen.

"Okay, let's get out there and see what we've got!" Keith said to his team. "Coran, raise the lion tunnels.  In light of what we're dealing with here, we'll take the lions. Pidge...Hunk...you two are with me."

Pidge balled his fist and forced his arm down to this side with excitement. "SWEET!"

"Princess and Lance.. you two remain here and watch things from Castle Control.  If there's any sign of trouble, I want you to act as back up for us! Got it?" Keith said.

"I'll be ready!" Lance replied back.

Allura said nothing. But her expression carried all the reaction Keith needed to see.

She was biting her lower lip once again.

Keith chose to ignore her.  "All right then, lets launch the lions!"

As Pidge, Hunk and Keith ran for their tunnels, Allura stepped suddenly forward... as if she were going to run after them.  But instead...she stopped...watching them disappear into the lion chutes.


The villagers had been gathered around the G'Donar ship, keeping their distance from the crashed alien ship.

Soon, the roaring sound of the robot lions could be heard in the air.  The lions were approaching quickly from the east.

The villagers began backing away from the area, in order to allow the robot lions to land safely nearby.

Black Lion touched down first, followed closely behind by Green Lion and Yellow Lion.  The pilots jumped out of their cockpits to the ground. Several villagers immediately ran up to the three Voltron Force members to speak to them.

"We called you as quickly as possible." One man said, while shaking Keith's hand.

"Where is it?" Keith asked the man.

"In there," the man said, suddenly releasing Keith's hand and pointing toward the charred ship.  "And I've got to warn you fellows, he's an ugly one."

"We'll handle it from here." Keith said with a nod of his head.  "Have your people stand back."

The man nodded and then began to give instructions to the surround curious bystanders. Keith, meanwhile, turned to his two friends.  Together they looked at the ship…

"Well...are we going in?" Pidge asked, anxious to get some readings.

"With care." Keith reminded, while grabbing his blaster.  "Remember...this thing's still alive.  Approach with extreme caution."

"Roger that, Keith." Pidge replied.

"Ready when you guys are!" Hunk confirmed.

"Okay... let's go see what we've got." Keith said, in a somewhat edgy voice.

"This'll be interesting." Hunk said.  "We've never really seen a G'Donar before."

"No one has, Hunk." Pidge replied.

"We'll be the first ones." Keith breathed anxiously.  "Come on."

The three men walked over to the hatch that was the entrance into the ship.  Keith grabbed it with his free hand and pulled open the door... nice and slow.  He quickly pointed this blaster inside...and after a few moments, poked his head in...slowly.

Quickly, Keith pulled his head back out... his face grimaced.

"What's the matter?" Pidge said.

"Did you see it?" Hunk asked.

Keith shook his head.  "No... its...it smells so bad in there!  We'd better activate our breathing masks!"

Together, Keith, Pidge and Hunk pulled down their helmet face shields that had been extended over their eyes only...and locked them down over their faces.  With a push of a button from their utility belts, the oxygen immediately began to fill their helmets, filtering out the horrible smells.

"That's better," Keith breathed.  "Now, let's try this again..."

The Voltron Commander poked his head back into the ship.

Keith's eyes moved left to right, as he quickly scanned for anything suspicious.  When he was satisfied that all was reasonably quiet, he climbed up and into the cockpit.  Pidge entered in behind Keith, followed by Hunk.

"Whoa..." Pidge said in a whispered voice that echoed throughout the cockpit.  "This place is toast!"

"Literally," Keith added, while scanning for readings.  "Looks like this is nothing but a bucket of bolts.  The instrument panels have all been destroyed...burned beyond their ability to function."

"Hey...would you look at that!" Hunk whispered.

His finger was pointing toward a pilot's chair in the front of the ship.  There, in the chair, was a very tall and lengthy looking being.

"Slowly..." Keith warned in a whispered voice, as the three of them moved in for a closer look.

Pidge was scanning the motionless being in the chair. "Its definitely alive, Keith."

"Everyone... be careful..." Keith warned.

As they moved in closer, Keith and Hunk turned on their utility lights, pointing them at the pilot. As their lights found their target, the three men gasped suddenly, as they were now able to get a good look at the alien being in the chair.

The creature had an oval-shaped face with deep, set in eyes and a massive forehead, with several thorns protruding from his skull.

There were no visible nostrils for the creature to breathe from and its ears were nothing more than misshapen buds on the sides of its head.  It had a purple complexion, with several tentacle-like appendages that could only be assumed were its arms.

It had a scowl on its face...even in an unconscious state.

An ugly looking creature...

Once the momentary shock had passed, Pidge began to take readings of the alien being, including digital imagery.

"This guy's ugly!" Hunk commented, quietly.

"He won't win any beauty contests on Earth or Arus...that's for sure." Pidge replied while continuing to take readings.

"I'm sure we'd probably seem just as funny-looking to one of them." Keith replied back.

"Any chance we can take it back the Castle of Lions for further testing?" Pidge asked Keith.

Keith shook his head.  "No way, Pidge.  It's too dangerous of a creature.  If it got out of hand, we might not be able to handle it."

"But just the thought of being able to study this G'Donar alien..." Pidge tried to press his point.  "The information we could glean, would not only help us here on Arus, but help Earth, as well!"

"I said, no, Pidge." Keith replied back.

As they continued to talk, one of the tentacle arms began to slowly move…back and forth.

"I know...but it was a nice thought." Pidge smiled.

"Believe me...if we could, I'd like to study it myself." Keith said.  "But it's just too big of a risk to take."

"What are we going to do with it, Keith?" Hunk asked.  "We can't just leave it here."

The tentacle arm moved slowly upward...just inches from where Pidge was standing.

"Well, no...we can't just let it hang around here, can we?" Keith said, somewhat thoughtfully. "We've got to figure out some way to contain it."

"Why not build a security force field, outside the Castle?" Pidge suggested.  "That way, we can transport it there and use the force shield as a containment area for scientific study."

"Can you imagine what the Princess would say...seeing something like this on the lawn of the Castle?" Hunk smiled.  "Besides, I don't think we could get her understand that we're holding it captive for scientific study."

"The answer is no, guys!" Keith snorted firmly.  "We're not bring it back alive to the Castle...and that's that!"

"Not even on the outside...a good distance away from the Castle?" Pidge asked.

"Inside...outside...it doesn't matter," Keith restated.  "No where near the Castle....period."

"Maybe we could tell her that we brought it back to help it," Pidge pondered with a giggle in his voice, as if he didn't even hear what Keith had just said.

"Yeah...right, Pidge-o!" Hunk mused.  "And just how do you purpose to her that we should help it?  This, being one of the aliens responsible for destroying her planet?"

"We could pretend by putting a bandage on it." Pidge chuckled.  "But don't give it any of Dr. Gorma's remedies!"

"Those don't even work on Keith!" Hunk laughed.

"For the last time..." Keith began to say.

But then, the tentacle suddenly lashed out, and without warning, immediately wrapped itself around Pidge's neck, cutting off his air supply, while yanking him backward. Pidge immediately lost his scanner.

Seconds later and other tentacles began wrapping around Pidge's whole body, securing him tightly.

Hunk and Keith immediately reacted.

"HUNK!" Keith screamed, while grabbing for Pidge.

"Got it!" Hunk shouted.

He quickly drew his blaster, taking aim for the G'Donar's head.

A tentacle suddenly reached around and began to wrap itself around Keith's neck as well. Keith dropped his hold on the tentacle that was holding Pidge by the waist, and instead, grabbed for his own neck.

"HUNK!" Keith gasped. "SHOOT...HEAD!"

"HURRY...H-H-HUNK!" Pidge choked.

Hunk immediately let out a blast of laser energy.  The blast made contact with the alien's large, misshapen head.  A loose tentacle flew out, trying to grab for Hunk as well.  But he moved back quickly, avoiding its grasp.

Keith fell to his knees suddenly, while Pidge was now being lifted completely off of the floor.

Hunk noticed that his friends' skin colors were now becoming a pale blue...they couldn't breath, their air passages having been cut off.

He had to act fast...or lose Keith and Pidge.

The Yellow Lion pilot switched his safety setting to off, and then, began to repeatedly fire rounds from his blaster, right at the head of the G'Donar.

The alien reacted violently, as the intense blasting lasers impacted its head.  Its grip momentarily tightened on its victims, then, suddenly loosened, releasing its grip on Keith and Pidge.  Keith fell down on hands and knees, while Pidge was dropped to the ground...next
to where Keith laid.

A final blast from Hunk's gun, and the G'Donar slipped backward into its chair.  Gooey looking, brown-colored ooze began to seep from the open wounds in its head, caused by the lasers.

With his weapon still pointed at the now motionless being, he called out to his friends, who were both laying on the floor, gasping and
coughing for air.

"You guys okay?" Hunk asked, as he continued to stare intensely at the G'Donar creature. "Keith? Pidge?"

Keith choked, nodding slightly, while helping Pidge to his feet. Keith began using his free hand to balance himself as he rose to his own feet, pulling Pidge up along side of him.

"Yeah..." Keith breathed, clutching his throat.  "I...I think so."

"Me too..." Pidge coughed.  "Thanks, Hunk old buddy!"

Keith took large gulps of air, while rubbing his neck.  "That was too close."

"So much for my idea of taking it back to the Castle." Pidge said, still gasping a bit.  "No way can we let this thing anywhere near the Castle!"

"I think...I think I've killed it, anyway." Hunk said suddenly, his face suddenly startled, feeling the weight of fear from what had just happened.

Pidge reached down slowly and retrieving the scanner that he had dropped to the ground.  He quickly began to take readings.

"Well?" Keith asked, his breathing still somewhat labored.

After a few moments...Pidge nodded.  "Yeah...as far as I can tell, its dead, Keith."

"Good!" Hunk blurted out. "It deserved to die for almost killing you guys!"

Keith looked at it for moment.  "I suppose that the Arusian scientists will want a crack at it...now that it's dead, that is."

"I'd be interested in seeing their results." Pidge said.  "I'm just sorry we couldn't take it alive."

"Under the circumstances...it couldn't be helped." Keith concluded.

"Under the circumstances?  You two almost had the life choked out of you...and all you can say is that it couldn't be helped, under the circumstances!" Hunk snorted.  "Geez, Keith! What was I supposed to tell Lance and the Princess, if I showed back up with you two in body

Keith paused for a moment... digesting the statement...

What WOULD Allura have said?

"Come on. Let's get out of here." Keith replied.  "Pidge...contact Castle Control.  Tell Coran that we've got the remains of a G'Donar and arrange for someone to get it out here right away."

"Right, Keith." Pidge replied, turning and running from the cockpit.

Hunk stared at the deceased alien.  "So...this is a G'Donar.  They look as fierce as they fight."

"Yeah..." Keith said quietly.  "Yeah, they do."

Indeed they do.