A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 31
Nearly Fatal Attraction

Black Lion roared as it came to life on the top of the Lion monument.

"All lions...launch!" Keith ordered.

Red Lion was in the air, followed
closely by Green Lion.

From the desert region, Yellow
Lion came, charged with fury.

Blue Lion broke the water surface,
meeting Black Lion in mid air.

Keith opened a link to his team.
"Okay everyone!  'm sending you the
coordinates for the attacking ships!
Green Lion...Yellow Lion...you
guys take regions G-2-7 and M-46.
Red Lion and Blue Lion...you two
are with me.  We'll be handling regions
Z-19 and Y-11.  Remember,
keep your heads!  Don't let the enemy
rattle you!"

"Check, chief!" Hunk repeated.
"Me and Pidge got it covered!"

"Watch yourselves!  Back each other up!" Keith warned. "We've seen that the G'Donar like to split up their enemy, making them more vulnerable!  Don't let them separate you guys!"

"Read ya, Commander!" Pidge replied, locking his guidance systems on the first assigned region.

"Move out!" Keith ordered.

The lions immediately split up, moving as two fighting units to their assigned locations.

Inside Blue Lion, Allura nervously watched her monitors...remembering the warning her so-called, 'guardian' gave to her.  Surely, Keith's life would now be spared.  She did as she had been directed to do... and it absolutely broke her heart in doing so.

"Allura!" Keith said.  "Are you with us over there?"

"What?" she repeated.  She hadn't realized
that he had been calling her through the COM.
"Uh...roger that, Keith!  I'm here!"

"Wake up, Blue Lion!" Keith roared angrily. 
"If you can't handle this mission..."

"I'm with you, Black Lion!"
she shouted back in a determined voice.

"Okay, now, listen up you two."
Keith said to Lance and Allura.
"When we reach our positions, we're going to spread out evenly...like a three sided triangle. Keep each other in sight, lions facing outward.  We're going to sweep through the skies and attack
immediately.  Don't give them a chance to figure out what we're doing.  Got it?"

"Understood, Keith!" Allura replied.

"Read ya, Keith!" Lance replied back.

"Get ready...I'm reading the enemy just on the other side of that canyon, right near the village of Aldus!" Keith shouted, his hands dancing over the controls of his robot lion.  "When they see us,
they'll come after us...fast and furious!"

"I'm picking up only G'Donar ship signatures, Keith.  About sixty attack ships..." Allura informed him.  "No Doom ships among the them."

"That's kinda strange, huh?" Lance replied with a puzzled expression.

"Count your blessings." Keith said.  "One less thing to worry about."

The three lions roared as they zoomed through the air, preparing the meet the G'Donar attack squadrons.

The moment the lions came into sensor range of the enemy, they were immediately attacked. Sixteen G'Donar fighters immediately turned and headed after the Blue Lion.  Another twelve took off after Red Lion.

"Come on, you big, ugly dummies!"
Lance shouted through the COM.
"Come and get me!"

Another fifteen came after Black Lion.

Keith activated Black Lion's tail lash lasers, firing at the enemy and zapping out three ships at once.

Blue Lion turned and charged at four of its attackers.  "Launching lion claws!" Allura shouted.

Keith kept a close eye on his teammates...but in particular...Allura.  For whatever reason, he deemed her to be the most vulnerable.

The G'Donar were beginning to swarm, like bees around the three lion ships.

"Advance your mega-thrusters!" Keith ordered.

"I'm at max now, Keith!" Lance shouted.  "These guys won't quit!"

"They're relentless!" Allura shouted out loud.

"Stay with it, gang!" Keith replied back.

Blue Lion dodged a near hit by two G'Donar ships.  Black Lion came up along side of the Blue Lion

"Watch your sensors, Princess!" Keith fired off at her.  "You nearly got it, that time!"

"I'm watching!  I'm watching!" she spouted back at him.

Red Lion took out three G'Donar ships with one spike bomb, then circled back around to join up with the other two.

"Tell me when we're having fun, will ya?" Lance said over the COM.  "They're getting cut throat now!"

"You didn't really expect that they were going to let us off easy, did you, Lance?" Allura replied back.

"Okay, cut the chatter!" Keith ordered.  "Allura...flank left.  Lance...flank right. I'll hit up the middle.  Let's see if these guys know how to play a little Earth game, we call, 'Football'!"

"Yeah!" Lance blurted out loud.  "Now you're talking my language, Keith!  Let's waste these guys!"

"Allura, you and Lance target your laser cannons to fire forward and aft." Keith said. "Meanwhile, I'm going to fire a out a Mega-bomb, right in the center of their approach!"

"Roger that, Keith." Allura replied.

"Ready when you are!" Lance shouted.

"Okay...let's get to it!" Keith growled in a low voice.  "Move out!"

The three lions flew out into position, preparing for attack.  The G'Donar ships swarmed again.

"They're powering up weapons, Keith!" Allura warned.

"Get ready, everyone." Keith said in a calm tone...  "Get ready...wait for my signal..."

The Blue Lion's laser cannon appeared on its back.  Red Lion's appeared on its left and right shoulders.  Black Lion's back panel opened up, making way for its laser cannon. A side launcher also appeared on Black Lion's left shoulder, as Keith prepared to fire off a Mega bomb.

"Ready..." Keith warned.

"Here they come!" Allura alerted.

"Steady, everyone..." Keith reminded.

The G'Donar ships suddenly began to
move in...more than forty now,
and all on a suicide run.

"Its pigskin time!" Lance cried out,

"NOW!" Keith commanded.

Black Lion charged forward first, with Blue and Red Lions just slightly behind.  The move, resembling forward motion, caught the G'Donar attacker off guard.  Suddenly, the lions opened fire.  Cannon blasts were firing forward and aft as commanded, taking out several G'Donar ships in the first round alone.

Black Lion suddenly launched the Mega bomb into the middle of the confused G'Donar ranks. The bomb immediately exploded, taking out six fighters and disabling two more.

"YAHOO!" Lance shouted from Red Lion.  "TOUCHDOWN!  And the crowd goes wild!"

But the G'Donar weren't finished...not by a long shot.

The remaining ships began to target the exterior lions first...Blue and Red.

"Zigzag maneuver!" Keith cried out.

The three lions suddenly split off, each heading in a different direction.  Red Lion targeted two enemy fighters, approaching him from behind.

"Eat my dust, Dirt-bags!" Lance cried out as he opened fire on the pursuing ships.

The ships veered off, easily avoiding being hit.  But they had a new target to feast upon...Blue Lion, who had suddenly been isolated off from the other two.

Four G'Donar ships were targeting after Blue Lion.  Black Lion had trouble of his own, avoiding the fire of six other pursuant ships.

Keith's attention was divided...

"Allura!  Watch it!  You've got four more on your tail!" Keith warned.

"I can't shake them!" Allura shouted.

"Fire your rear rocket grenades!" Lance suggested.

"Get in there and help her out, Lance!" Keith ordered.

"Super-Lance...to the rescue!" Lance crowed.

"Cut the clowning around!" Keith shouted.  "She needs help...not jokes!"

"WATCH IT, KEITH!" Allura screamed the warning, her voice echoing overtop of his.

The G'Donar ships were targeting his rear compartments...the areas that hadeeginning to swarm, like been weakened earlier.

A paralyzing fear suddenly overtook her.  She suddenly recalled the warning of how Keith would die...

"A ship will target the already weakened area
of his ship.  The lion ship will crash, and
Keith Hunter shall die."


Suddenly...a burst of cannon fire eliminated the pursuing ships.  Black Lion swung around.

"I'm all right!  Just calm down, Princess!  Keep focused and down worry about me!" Keith cried...but he was now seeing the G'Donar ships coming in toward them all...fast and furious.

Keith had a moment of indecision.  He was concerned for Allura's mental state...while at the same time, recognizing that they had to get rid of these fighters and move on.

"Lance, Princess...listen up!" Keith suddenly said over the COM.  "We're going to try a squeeze play!  I'm going to draw their fire.  While I do that, you two take out the ships, one by one, got it?"

"No Keith!" Allura cried out.  "Its too dangerous!  What if one of them hits you?"

"Will you get your head on straight, Princess!" Keith shouted at her.  "We're all at risk here!  Just do as I've ordered and I'll do the rest!"

Allura bit on her lower lip again.

"Okay, Blue Lion...move left.  Red Lion...fly upward.  I'll stay this course and draw their fire. When I give the word, you two come back around and start picking them off!" Keith ordered.

"READY" Lance and Allura shouted.

"Move out!" Keith commanded.

The two lions veered off course as ordered and Black Lion began shooting random fire at the G'Donar ships that had thought to move off after them.

The ships turned and took up pursuit of the Black Lion.

Keith's hands gripped the controls tightly.  He had to outrun these guys...giving his friends enough time to come back around.

But suddenly...

One lone ship came up from beneath Black Lion...slamming right into the weaker shielding of the rear compartments.  Black Lion tilted off course.

"KEITH!" Allura shouted as she watched Black Lion tumble toward the ground, out of control.

The lion ship tumbled helplessly through the air.  Inside, Keith was straining with the controls, pulling at them with all of his might.

"Come on...come on!" Keith grunted
angrily, while fighting with the control
levers. "Balance off....you can do it!"

The ship began to wobble back and
forth as it fell...drawing closer and
closer to the ground below.

"Keith!" Lance shouted.

"Stay with Allura!" Keith cried.
"Fire at those ships!   Keep them
off of me...I just need a few seconds to re-route power!"

"You got it!" Lance shouted.  "But...hey!   Princess...what...what you doing?"

Blue Lion came around suddenly and without warning...now taking position underneath the Black Lion.

"Are you crazy, Allura?" Keith shouted out.  "You're going to get us BOTH killed!"

"Just hang on!" Allura cried out. "I'll balance off Black Lion...just enough to level you off!"

"I'm coming in too fast!" Keith cried.  "My lion will rip right through yours!"

"No...it...won't!" Allura struggled.

Suddenly, the Blue Lion's shields extended upward...acting as a cushion for the Black Lion. But the friction was intensifying the heat on the shields of both ships...buckling them.

"Veer off!" Keith cried.

"Not a chance!" Allura shouted.

Keith shouted angrily.

"Not this time..." she murmured,

Keith suddenly got a power signal on his control board.  The lion had returned to full energy output, thanks in part, to the boaster systems.  He quickly pulled up and away from the Blue Lion.

He pulled up his side monitor, looking at Allura at the other end...

She waited for the reprimand, steadying herself for the brunt of Keith's anger.  But, what she got, instead, surprised her even more...

"Thanks, Allura." Keith said suddenly. 
"For a minute there...I thought..."

"Guess I am good for something, aren't I?"
Allura said with a smile.

Keith smirked fondly at her.  He was about to add something to his comment, when Lance interrupted...

"Hey Keith!  We've got trouble!  The G'Donar are becoming more interested in Aldus than in us!" Lance said quickly.  "They're breaking off the attack and heading for that village!"

"My sensors are picking up a group of people, still on the ground in the village!" Allura warned.

"Princess, get down there and shield those people!  Lance and I will tag as many G'Donar fighters as possible! Get those people moving as fast as possible!" Keith ordered.

"On it, Keith"! Allura acknowledged, turning Blue Lion down toward the village.

"Lance, you and I need to get the G'Donar to follow after us!" Keith said.

"Like playing, 'tag', right?" Lance said.

"Exactly!" Keith replied.

"Okay...let's see if this will get their attention!" Lance said with a grin.  "Let's see how like a spike bomb sandwich for lunch!"

Red Lion's mouth opened up wide and
several spike bombs launched toward
the G'Donar ships. The spike bombs
overtook the remaining group of enemy
ships, exploding with powerful force and
immediately halting their flight toward the
helpless village.

As they turned to fight, Blue Lion slipped passed them, moving in to the village below to assist the villagers in escaping.

Black Lion and Red Lion turned to fight, blazing lion torches from out of their fierce metal jaws.

The G'Donar swarmed again, surrounding the two robot lions.  There was less than twenty G'Donar ships left, and still no sign of any Doom ships.

Blue Lion, meanwhile, landed quickly on the ground below, taking up a defensive pattern.

From the Blue Lion's exterior speakers, the Arusian Princess's voice boomed to the nearly one hundred people still left on the ground.

"Hurry, everyone!  You must leave this place at once!  Escape to the forest...quickly!  There isn't much time!"

In Black Lion, Keith dodged yet another G'Donar attack.  His attention focused in on his side monitor, keeping a watchful eye on Blue Lion's progress.  The process of evacuation was going much too slow.

"Lance," Keith said suddenly.  "Get down there and help Allura evacuate the people on the ground.  Load them into your lions if you have to, but get them out of there!  And make it quick, got it?"

"What about you?" Lance said.

"I'll keep these guys busy up here!" Keith replied back.

"You're kidding, right?  All these ships against just you?" Lance chuckled.  "Who do you think you are...Superman?"

"Get going, Lance!  There's no time to argue!" Keith said again in a raised voice.  "Help Allura take care of those people!"

Lance paused for a moment...  "Okay.  You're the boss." Lance replied.

Red Lion swung around, heading down toward the ground.  Three G'Donar ships immediately began to follow after him.

"Oh no you don't!" Keith shouted.

Black Lion suddenly turned around and fired off an unhealthy dose of eye beams at the pursuing enemy fighter...incinerating them instantly. Black Lion then turned back to fight the rest off.

Blue Lion was covering on the ground for the fleeing people.

Red Lion suddenly swooped in. "Come on!  Keith said to pick them up if we have to!"

"Keith's up there fighting them off by himself?" Allura asked.

"Yeah...and doing a good job, too!" Lance said.

Allura paused for a moment.  She focused in on her monitors.  Keith and the Black Lion were handily wiping out the remaining G'Donar forces single-handedly.  There were only four fighter ships remaining.  And Black Lion was now targeting two of the remaining four.

"Lance...the G'Donar are a lot tougher than this." Allura pointed out.  "We've always had trouble taking them out.  Why now is it so easy, that only one robot lion can handle it, alone?"

"Maybe they're just are getting tired of this war too...you know, losing their edge!" Lance replied back.  "They're slipping..."

Lance paused, suddenly hearing Allura's voice release a gasping sound over the COM.

"I think I've got my answer!" Allura suddenly shouted, looking at her sensor readouts. "I'm reading incoming..."

"Incoming?" Lance shouted.  "Incoming what?"

"Doom fighters!  Three-o'clock!" Allura shouted.  "That's why it was so easy for Keith to take them out and for us to slip through, unscathed!"

"We've been ambushed!" Lance cried out.

"They wanted us to split up!" Allura shouted.  "That was their plan all along!  And we fell for it!"

"And with these people still on the ground, we're sitting ducks down here!" Lance finished. He quickly activated the COM link to Black Lion.  "Mayday!  Mayday!  Keith...we've got company!"

"Company?" Keith's voice echoed.  "What company..."

"Doom fighters!  About a hundred of them...heading right for us on the ground!  If we pull back now, we lose these people!  And if we don't... you lose us!" Lance shouted.

"NO!" Keith cried out.

Keith quickly targeted the last two G'Donar fighters, but they were on the retreat.  Ignoring them, Keith suddenly pointed his lion toward the ground...but he knew the Doom fighters would beat him to his friends.

"Princess...Lance!  Pull back!  Repeat...pull back!" Keith shouted.

"But if we do, these people..." Allura began to say.

"We're out of time!" Lance shouted, his head darting back and forth between monitors.

The Doom ship squadrons were on fast approach.  Within seconds, they would be all over the two lions.

"This is it!" Lance shouted.

Red Lion turned to fight.  Blue Lion quickly opened up its jaws, taking in as many people as possible before lifting up and turning around.

The attacking ships swarmed in like a brood of vipers, immediately opening fire on the two robot lions.

Blue Lion turned around to face the enemy.

Black Lion screamed through the skies above them.  "I'm coming, guys!  Just hold your ground!"

Before either of them could respond, another wave of G'Donar fighters approached from behind Blue Lion and Red Lion...effectively cutting off any chance of escape.

"We're in trouble now!" Lance shouted, tightening his grip on the controls. "We're cut off!"

"No place to run!" Allura added fearfully.

"I'm coming!" Keith cried in the COM.

The Doom and G'Donar forces began to immediately open fire on the two ground lions.  The missile barrage was intense, bombarding Blue and Red Lions with incredible force.

"AHHH!" Allura voice screamed
as her circutry lit up inside the
cockpit of her lion.

Lance cried out, just as his lion was hit.

Black Lion came around, opening fire on the surrounding enemy attack ships, trying to draw their attention.

"NO!" Keith screamed. "ALLURA!  LANCE!"

Blue Lion took a direct hit in the cockpit, jarring Allura free from her pilot's chair. S prawled out on the floor, Allura desperately tried to stretch for her controls.  Her ears caught the sounds of the
thirty or more screaming voices of people, still within the mighty jaws of the Blue Lion.

"HELP ME!" Allura cried out loud in the COM to no one in particular.

"I...CAN'T!" Lance struggled as he shouted his reply to her.

Keith's mind raced as he tried desperately to think of a way to draw the attention of the enemy. They were ignoring his fire...as if he were an insignificant insect.

Red Lion turned to move, but was pelted with enemy ammo, sending it falling to the ground with the Blue Lion.  The Doom ships quickly swept in and began another round of punishing attacks.

Then suddenly, several more of the attack ships zoomed upward, finally facing off with the Black Lion, surrounding and overtaking  it, as they had with the others.

The three lion were undoubtedly in trouble, this time.