A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 29
More Than Meets the Eye

Pidge entered the room of the dining hall for dinner.  His comrades, Hunk and Lance were already there and waiting.  The Princess, Keith and Coran had yet to arrive...which was most uncharacteristic of all of them.

Pidge looked at his watch, "Am I early or something?" he said in a rousing manner.

"No, just everyone else's late." Lance replied while mindlessly playing with his fork.

"Where is everyone, then?" Pidge asked again, taking his seat.

Lance shrugged his shoulders and huffed.  "Search me.  I'm not their keeper."

"Well, they better hurry up and get here!" Pidge added.  "I'm so hungry, I could eat the plate!"

"I had a late snack, so I don't mind waiting." Hunk added.

"Good for you, Big Guy." Pidge replied in a sarcastic tone of voice.

The door suddenly slid open and Coran entered the room, rather unceremoniously.

"Good evening, Gentlemen." Coran said staunchly before taking his seat at the table.

Unfolding his napkin and gently laying it on his lap, the Castle Advisor quickly gave the signal with his hand and a nod of his head, letting the servants know that it was time to serve dinner.

Lance, Hunk and Pidge exchanged curious stares with each other.

Dinner was beginning...and without the Princess or Keith being present at the dinner table.

"This is a first." Pidge whispered to his friends quietly, with a raised eyebrow.

The first course began and as the servants were setting the plates of food in front of each person, Lance finally had to ask the question, all three of them were dying to know...

"Hey Coran!  What's with starting dinner before the Princess and Keith get here?" Lance asked in a blunt tone.

Coran had lifted his goblet of water to his lips, taking a sip or two, before placing it gently, back onto the table.  He shook his head as he lifted his fork from its place at the table to the plate.

"I have been informed by both Her Highness and the Commander that they will not be attending dinner this evening." Coran replied.

"Why the heck not?" Lance asked.

"Yeah!  What gives, Coran?" Hunk also added.

"I have been given no explanation." Coran replied back.  "Other than, the Princess said she was tired and the Commander said he was not feeling well."

"Keith seemed all right this morning." Hunk proclaimed, while taking a bite of his dinner roll.  "A little ticked off, maybe, but he looks like that regularly, anyway!"

"Yeah, but the Princess seemed kind of distant, today." Pidge added.  "Like she was in another world or something."

"This is weird," Lance noted.  "I heard Keith shouting like crazy earlier in his room.  When I went to see if he was okay, he shooed me away faster than lightning.  Said he didn't want to talk about it."

"Maybe...they had a lover's quarrel." Pidge said as he took a bite of food.  "That would explain a lot of things."

"Yeah...maybe..." Lance said softly.

"Maybe one of us should try talking to Keith again...just to make sure he's okay?" Hunk said.

Lance shook his head.  "No use, Hunk.  He's not in the mood for company.  Trust me.  But...maybe I can stop by and talk to the Princess after dinner."

"The Princess left word that she did not wish to be disturbed." Coran answered.

"But...don't you find this a bit...unusual?" Lance blurted out.

"I am sure it is nothing, Lance." Coran replied curtly.

"You know, Keith really balled out the Princess for her stunt outside last night." Pidge said.

"How do you know that?" Hunk asked.

Pidge smiled . "I've got ways of knowing these things."

"Yeah...and they wouldn't happen to be a few snooping little blue mice, would they?" Lance blurted out, somewhat teasingly.

"I never betray my sources!" Pidge chuckled with a wink of his eye.  "But the Princess really heard it from Keith.  That's all I know."

"Well then!  That's it!  They are just having a lover's spat!" Hunk said.  "She's mad at him for acting like a commander...and he's mad at her for taking liberties, just because they're dating!"

"I do not believe that this conversation is appropriate." Coran said suddenly, interrupting the speculation at that table.  "Whatever the reason, Commander Keith and Princess Allura wish not to make that known to any one of us.  I believe it is best to be kept it that way."

"You're no fun, Coran!" Pidge chuckled.  "This is what royal life is all about!  The talk about court... the pomp and circumstance!"

"And especially...the talk!" Hunk added.

"Yeah...and being nosey!" Lance said with a grin.  "Gossip always livens up the Castle!"

Coran cleared his throat, letting everyone at the table know that he was not in the last impressed. The conversation came to an abrupt conclusion.

"Party pooper." Lance mumbled quietly.


After dinner was over, the three Voltron Force members quickly dismissed themselves from the main dining hall.  They gathered in the team lounge for coffee and dessert.

The three of them sat around, quietly at first, drinking hot coffee.

Hunk finally spoke up.  "Shouldn't one of us go and talk with Keith...you know...ask him what's up?"

Lance shook his head.  "Won't do any good, Hunk.  Keith's a private guy.  He won't let the cat out of the bag.  But maybe...the Princess will..."

"Lance, you heard what Coran said." Pidge replied.  "He said Allura didn't want any visitors!"

"I heard him, all right." Lance replied while setting his coffee on the table in front of him. "But...since when have I ever listened to anything anyone had to say?"

"But...Lance!  You just can't..." Pidge began to say.

"And why can't I?" Lance blurted back.  "If something's up with those two, I want to know about it!"

"But....it's none of our business!" Hunk said, adding his voice to Pidge's.

"Did I ask for your opinion?" Lance groaned.  "Look... something's obviously wrong between the two of them.  And its up to Lance, 'the LOVE doctor' Andrews to help patch things up again!"

"The 'love' doctor!" Hunk laughed out loud.  "That's it!  Keith and Allura are doomed for sure!"

"Watch it, tubby!" Lance growled.

"Hey!  Who you calling, 'tubby'?" Hunk shouted back.  "If you want to see a doctor...just keep making cracks like that!"

"Relax!  It's just an expression!" Lance replied back.

"Yeah...well, let's watch the expressions a little, huh?" Hunk grunted back.

"There's more going on here than meets the eye." Lance said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "And I intend to find out what it is!"