A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 28
What Started Out As Love...

Keith walked quietly down the hallway, on his way back from, once again, visiting his little friend, Jennica Gibbs.  He had been feeling a wide range of emotions...from anger, over Allura's attempt
to accuse him of spending more time with Jennie then he did with her...while at the same time, he sort of understood how Allura must have interrupted his affections of the small child.

After a deep, self-examination, he realized that perhaps...there was something to her complaints of how much time he spends with the girl.  He sees her every day...sometimes twice and three times a
day.  He sits with her...reads her stories...tells her stories of himself, of when he was a little boy on Earth...and, of course, stories of his adventures as the Commander of the Voltron Force.

To some smaller degree...Keith thrived on the attention the little girl gave to him.  She listened with starry eyes that twinkled back at him as he talked to her.  She was fascinated by his amazing life...
well, at least it was amazing to her.

But Keith sighed, thinking that perhaps, this was the reason for Allura's recent, chaotic behavior.  It seemed to him that she had begun acting strangely from the moment Jennica had become a permanent guest in the Castle of Lions.  And...he began to think that maybe Lance and his, 'all knowing' advice, might have been right, for once...strange as that is.  He told Keith recently that it wasn't mentally good for Jennica...or even for Keith...for him to pretend to be a father figure in her life.

And, if the truth be known, between his self-appointed responsibility to Jennica and the war with the forces of Doom and the G'Donar...there had been little time for Allura, in a courtship-type fashion.

So...it was time to do something about it.

During his trip the Princess to Kardel, several weeks ago...before the visit where he first became aware that the G'Donar were in this part of the galaxy, Keith and Allura had stopped in several stores, as part of their city tour, given to them by the now late, Mayor Kuhn.  In one of those stores, Keith spotted a beautiful diamond cluster ring.  It wasn't an engagement ring, nor did Keith want it to become one.  It was to be an expression of his deep, heart-felt love for her.

He quickly bought it on the sly and hid it in his room...intending to give it to her on their next evening out together.  But...considering Allura's mood lately, he thought that perhaps now might be a good time to give her the ring.

He asked one of the Castle maids to wrap the box up nicely for him...that being something not of his particular expertise.  He then made the young woman swear an oath of silence to the deed. She agreed, eagerly.

"Maybe I was too hard on her this morning," Keith thought to himself, while glancing at his watch.

The time was two-o'clock in the afternoon and not a spoken word from the Princess as of yet. He sighed...torn between what he knows is right for the team...and what he knows is wrong for Allura.

Grounding her wasn't the answer.

So, perhaps...the ring was!

Girls like that sort of thing, Keith kept telling himself.  Surely, it would suffice, if for nothing else, as a peace offering between them.

He went straight to his quarters to get the ring.  His intention was to give it to her now, rather than waiting until later.

Keith skipped out of his quarters with the energy of a young school boy...just itching to give the gift to Allura...a gift he was sure she was going to absolutely love!

Suddenly finding himself standing at Allura's door...he now found that he had developed a horrible case of, 'the butterflies' in his stomach.  He could feel the pressure on.  If he were about to fight a
Robeast...he'd know what to do.  But this was uncharted water... and giving gifts to beautiful, young princesses...especially one in particular that he just happened to be in love with...simply took his
breath away and filled his heart with joy, overflowing.

He took a deep breath of air and held it, while he looked at the beautifully wrapped box in his hand. He slowly released the air from his lungs with a softy, 'hissing' sound, trying to beat down the urge
to turn tail and run away.

But, as if his own hand had betrayed him, Keith began knocking at Allura's door.  He cursed his hand for starting before he was even ready to do it.

Moments had passed and no answer.  He tried again...

"Allura?" Keith called out to her.  "Allura, its me, Keith...are you in there?"

The muffled sound of her soft voice replied back...and Keith could suddenly hear it in her voice.

She had been crying...

He tried again.  "Allura...are you okay?  Can we talk, please?"  When no reply came, he decided to try again.  "I promise...I won't yell at you...please...open up." he added.  "I want to talk to you.  Allura...please..."

The door opened up with a swishing sound...revealing a solemn looking young monarch.  Keith shot her a quick smile as he hid the ring box behind his back in his right hand.

"Hi." Keith said to her, quietly.

"Hi." ...was her simply reply back.

Awkwardly, Keith smiled at her again.  "Hey...uh...listen.  I've been thinking... and I...I was pretty tough on you back there...and well...I want to apologize."

Allura shook her head slightly.  "There's...no need, Keith."

"Yes...yes there is a need, Allura." Keith said with a frown.  "I was angry and I make it habit to never reprimand while I'm upset.  I was too hard on you.  And...I finally understand what's been bothering you."

Allura looked at him, blinking rapidly with a sudden astonished look on her face.  "You mean...you know about..."

"Yeah...and I've got to say, I didn't much believe it myself.  But, the more I thought about what I was seeing...the more I realized that if it were me in your position...I'd be very upset and confused too." Keith replied back.

Allura sighed,  "Keith...I've wanted to tell you what I've been seeing... but...I thought you wouldn't believe me...and...well...I..."

"I know...and I'm sorry for not taking more of an interest in you...more than 'her'." Keith added.

Allura suddenly paused.  "Her?" she said slowly.  "Who's, 'her'?"

Keith smirked. "Jennie?  That is who we had a fight over this morning in the conference room...right?"

"Uh...well...I...uh..." Allura stammered suddenly.

She was suddenly dismayed...she thought Keith knew about her dream and all the while, he was only talking about Jennica.

"So, I've come here with a little peace offering." Keith suddenly added.  "Hoping you'll forgive me for being so neglectful of you.  War is no excuse for closing myself off to you and to your needs."

"Keith...wait...you...you don't understand..." Allura began to say.

Keith suddenly brought forth his right hand, revealing to her, a small, gift wrapped box.  Allura looked at it momentarily.

"Wha...what's this, Keith?" Allura stammered.

"My peace offering," he smiled back.  "But more importantly...it a token of my expression of love for you."

"Love?" she repeated the single word.

"I love you, Princess Allura of Arus." Keith said to her...a smile on his face and a serious tone to his voice.  "And although I know I'm no royal blooded prince...I'm know that I'm the luckiest guy in the universe...having the privilege of courting you, Your Highness."

Allura suddenly shivered with fear as she accepted the box.  What has he done?  Doesn't he realize that she has to tell him...

"Well, go on!" Keith blurted out suddenly, disrupting her confused thoughts.  "Are you gonna make me wait all day?"

"What?" she said, blinking rapidly, trying to fight back the tears.

"Open it, Allura!" Keith said again.  "Go on...see what's inside!"

Allura hesitantly looked at the box again and then looked back to Keith.  The anxious smile on his face was killing her.

"Keith...please..." Allura suddenly said.  "I...I can't..."

"Sure you can accept it!  Just open it, Allura!" Keith said again.  "You're killing me with suspense!"

Allura bit her lower lip nervously, then, began to unwrap the small present.  As the layers of wrapping unfolded, they suddenly revealed the prize inside.  A gray gift box...small enough to hold a...

"A ring?" she gasped, as she opened the box and beheld its contents.  "It's a beautiful diamond cluster ring!"

For a moment, the impending doom suddenly vanished and as she looked at the ring...she burst into a smile and the gleeful sound of giggling.

"It's...its beautiful Keith!" Allura shouted..and for a moment...she had forgotten all about her troubles.

"I knew it!" Keith smiled back.  "When I saw that ring in Kardel, I said to myself, that it's perfect for you!"

"Kardel?" Allura said in a slow tone of voice.

"Yeah...I bought it in Kardel...the day of our date." Keith replied.  "Right under your nose, too, might I add!"

"Kardel..." she repeated.

"Yeah...Kardel." Keith repeated back, now suddenly studying her expression.  "Why?"

Allura was once again, biting her lower lip in a nervous manner.  Keith looked at her, catching the response.

"Okay...I know that look," he said to her.

"What look?" she replied back.

"That look of you biting your lower lip." Keith said to her.  "Something's bothering you. What is it? Its more than Jennica...I can feel it.  I want the truth now."

Allura's attention suddenly focused in on the ring...the beautiful ring that Keith had just given to her.

Keith...the man of her dreams.

The man she suddenly remembered she could never have.

"I..I..." she stuttered. 

"Allura?" Keith said slowly.  "What's the matter?"

"I...I can't accept the ring, Keith."

Keith suddenly reacted as if she had slapped him in the face. 

"What?" he said quietly.

"I can't accept it, Keith!" Allura repeated, now refusing her eyes to meet his stare.

"What are you talking about?" Keith said to her.  "Allura?"

"The ring...I...I can't accept the ring, Keith." Allura said again.

"But WHY can't you accept it?" Keith asked her.

"Because...I...I...just can't..." Allura stammered suddenly.  The words suddenly wouldn't come out.  "Don't make me explain it!"

"Of course I want you to explain it!  What's bothering you?" he asked her. "Tell me!  Let me help you!"

Suddenly...her eyes became swollen with tears...tears that quickly began rolling down her cheeks.

"I can't tell you, Keith!" Allura shouted.  "I...I just can't!"

"But why?" Keith asked her.  "You're not making sense..."

"Because...I...I don't love you anymore, Keith!" Allura suddenly shouted, waving her hands in front of her.

Suddenly stunned, Keith blinked rapidly as he tried to digest what he had just heard from her.

"Did you hear me, Keith?" Allura said again. "I can't accept this...because...I don't love you!"

"I heard you." Keith said quietly.

"So...why are you just...standing there...with that...that stupid look on your face?" Allura shouted at him.

"Because...I don't believe what I'm hearing." Keith said again.

"I told you that I don't love you!" Allura shouted. "What is it that you don't believe of that?"

"Because...it just doesn't make any sense, Allura!" Keith said in a suddenly, raised tone of voice. "Yesterday...you're pounding on my door, saying you can't stand being without me!  Today...you're
standing here telling me that you don't love me!  I...I don't get it, Allura!   What's going on with you, lately?"

"I've been trying to figure out how to tell you," Allura said to him.   "I didn't want to hurt you."

"That's a bit impossible, Princess!" Keith shouted at her.  "Why have you shut yourself off from me?  I don't understand you!  You love me one minute...then...tell me you don't in another!"

"I...I just didn't know how to tell you, Keith." Allura said quietly.  "I'm sorry...no one's sorrier than I am."

Keith looked at her. 

By her facial expressions and the fact
that she wasn't looking straight at him,
told him that she was masking
something...hiding it away.

"Allura....why won't you let me in?"
Keith said to her. "If we just
work through this together..."

"NO!" she screamed. "There's nothing
more to say! I don't love you
and I can't accept your gift!"

She suddenly thrusted the box with
the ring back into his chest. His
hands quickly flew up to hers.

"Wait a minute!" Keith tried to say.

"Leave me alone, Keith!" Allura said, suddenly bursting into tears.  "For your own good...just leave me ALONE!"

She stepped away from the door,
allowing it to close suddenly in
front of him. 

Keith stood there...stunned.

His eyes slowly drifted down to his hands...
and to the small box.  Confusion suddenly
struck him, and for a moment, he thought
to pound on the door and demand to see
her again.

But...what good would that do now?

The words began to resonate in his head...

I don't love you...
I don't love you...

I don't love you...

"How...how can't this be?" he whispered, somewhat mindlessly.  "Am...am I dreaming this?"

He laid his left hand on the door...and pausing, he could suddenly hear, what sounded like, the tormenting wailing of a tearful, shrieking voice.

It was Allura... crying in her bedroom.

The sound carried to Keith's ears as he stood silently in the hallway. Something wasn't right about this whole thing.  How can she just...fall out of love with him so quickly?

But, she had...apparently.

He retracted his hand slowly from the door and placed his other hand with the box into his pants pocket.

Slowly...Keith turned around...walking away from her door, feeling a lump of anxiety in his throat. It was a feeling he'd not felt in a long time.  Not since he had lost his parents.

That horrible pit in his stomach...the feeling that he had vowed he'd never allow himself to feel...ever again.

Keith suddenly began to shake...

He wanted to run...run far away.  He fought back the tears from his eyes, determined not to lose control of himself, until he had made it back to his quarters.  Thankfully...his quarters were only a short distance away from hers...which was no consolation.

The door of his quarters opened quickly, allowing him entrance into the room.  The second the door closed behind him, he quickly pulled his hand out of his pocket...the one that had been holding the box containing the ring...and he quickly hit the security lock on the door.

Confused with a surge of mixed emotions, Keith slowly raised his free hand to the lid of the box, opening it and revealing the ring to his eyesight.

The cluster of diamonds sparkled in the artificial light of his room.  He stared at it for several moments... suddenly cherishing the fact that Allura's fingerprints were on the box...mixing with his

But then...the confusion began to build into anger...and in a sudden burst of energy, Keith hurled the ring box across the room.  It hit the window of his quarters, bouncing off and falling to the ground...but the ring still remained in the box.

Without warning...Keith suddenly let out a primal scream...a tormented shout of anger and sadness. The enormous sound echoed in his room...soon attracting the attention of a nearby resident...


The voice belonged to Lance, who was now pounding on the door, trying to gain entrance into the room or an explanation for the outburst...whichever came first.

"I'M FINE, LANCE!" Keith shouted at the top of his voice.  "JUST FINE!"

"Why don't I believe you?" Lance shouted back from the other side of the door.

"Just...leave me alone, Lance!" Keith replied back forcefully.

"Do you want to talk?" Lance asked. "Something bothering you..."

"I want to be left...ALONE!" Keith shouted, emphasizing the last word.

A moment's hesitation came before Lance replied back.  "Okay...but if you need me, old Lance is right next store!"

"I'll keep that in mind." Keith grunted back, dryly.

The air became still...

Lance had gone.

Keith turned to sit in a chair,
when his eyes suddenly focused
in on the box he had thrown. 
It had come to rest on the floor
below the window.  And as his
eyes trailed upward, he suddenly
caught sight of a holographic
picture of himself and the Princess. 
It was a formal affair, as he recalled,
when his old pal, Sven, took the digi-picture, now turned holograph. 

They were dancing together. 

Keith walked over and picked up the holograph and then, reached down and picked up the ring from the floor.  Looking at them both, he slowly made his way back to the chair.

Keith mindlessly sank into the chair, mesmerized by the picture...and wondering if his heart would ever be the same again.  As in years long passed, his heart been torn to shreds.  He suddenly gripped the picture and the ring to his chest.

An indescribable wave of sorrow came over Keith, and he suddenly and involunutarily began to rock back and forth in the chair for several minutes.

She doesn't love him.

How can that be...that she doesn't love him?

When only...yesterday...

He felt as if his own heart were breaking in two.  An indescribable, agonizing feeling...

A feeling of incredible loss.  He'd lost her...and what's worse, he wasn't even sure HOW he had lost her.

...or if he could ever get her back again.

In just a few months' time...his whole world had turned upside down.  And that old feeling of heartbreak had come back for a returned engagement.

Bowing his head, Keith suddenly wept bitterly, devastated to the core of his very being.