A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 25
Never Sleep Again...

Nearly five days had passed since the Princess had spoken to the people.  Initial programs had been put into place and many people were now on a mission to help preserve what little was left of their destroyed metropolises.

But the violence was far from over.


Once again, the Castle's klaxons sounded in the middle of the night...and once again, the members of the Voltron Force arose from their beds to answer the call and report to Castle Control for duty.

But lately, the 'bounce' was no longer there in answering the call for duty...and a worn out Commander Keith ran from his room to meet his equally weary teammates in the Control Room.

Every night...several times a night...the sirens belted out their screeching tune, sounding the alert that another attack was happening somewhere on Arus...and the Voltron Force was needed, once again.

One by one, the members of the team arrived in to the Control Room and as the lion tunnels rose up from the floor, each member ran to his or her assigned chute.  Coran, also roused by the alarm, joined the team in the Control Room, relieving the technical officer on duty, in order to take the main control seat.

He watched wearily as the robot lions lifted off into the air.  It was promising to be yet another long night.


In the Black Lion, Keith raised
his team on the COM... "Okay,
everyone...stay alert!  We know
what we've got to do!"

"FOR ARUS!" the group shouted
over the COM.

Pidge suddenly interrupted,
"Keith, I've got a fix on the attacking
forces... I'm showing five trouble spots.
I'll send the information to you and the

"Roger that, Pidge!" Keith replied back.

Keith reviewed the information...and his face grimaced.  "Looks like we've got plenty of trouble, this time!  We've got the Arusian airforce getting pulverized in the Sector G, near the village of Kanda.  I'm showing our guys under heavy attack by G'Donar and Doom
forces.  The other areas of concern are two cities and another village.  I'm also showing attack forces mounting for yet another attack in the southern half of the planet!"

"We've got our hands full, tonight!" Allura replied over the COM.

Hunk's image came in over the ultra wave.  "We've got to find some way to put a stop to all of this!  We're losing cities at a rate of one a night!"

"We'll do our best, Hunk!" Keith replied back.  "All right team!  Blue Lion...you stick with me!  Yellow Lion...get over to Kanda and offer assistance to the airforce!  Red and Green Lions...get over to Sector M-5...the town of Dathan and fend off as many of those ships as you can!  Try to buy some time for the inhabitants to escape!"

"Read you, Commander!' Pidge replied.

"I'm on it, Keith!" Lance echoed Pidge's replied.

"Gottcha, Chief!" Hunk shouted.

"Okay everyone, move out!  Princess..." Keith shouted.  "Set a course for Sector Y-10...
the town of Sallon.  We've got to try to minimize the damage!"

"I'm right behind you, Keith!" Allura shouted back over the COM.


Sallon was already under heavy attack. 
Many of the town buildings were ablaze
from direct impact of missile fire. 
Black Lion and Blue Lion wasted
little time and began to immediately
chase after some of the G'Donar war

Black Lion opened up with a round
of fire from its laser blaster cannons...
taking out as many as four G'Donar
attack ships at once.  Then , Keith
quickly switched over to ion darts,
targeting more of the enemy.

Blue Lion fired ice bombs, freezing
three more ships, which fell from
the sky like heavy rocks being
dropped from a building. Two of them
crashed into the ground, while one
smashed into an already fire-
engulfed building.

Keith dodged a fierce round of return firepower from several G'Donar ships that were chasing him from behind.  He released a volley of tail-lash lasers, destroying one of them. Blue Lion came around and took out the other two that were chasing after Keith.

Black Lion swooped around to join up with Blue Lion.

"There's too many, Keith!" Allura blurted out over the COM.

"Stay with it, Princess!" Keith urged her.  "Don't lose your focus!"

Several Doom fighters came around, adding their power to the G'Donar attack forces.

"Split up!" Keith ordered, seeing that it was suddenly becoming cramped where they were hovering.

Black Lion zoomed to the left, while Blue Lion darted upward.

Enemy ships began splitting off as well, some following after Blue Lion, while others followed after the Black Lion.

Blue Lion suddenly turned around to face the enemy.  "Spinning laser blades!" Allura shouted.

Blue Lion opened its mouth wide and out shot several shiny laser blades, twelve in all, and all spinning with rapid speeds, heading right for the pursuit ships.

The impact destroyed several of the enemy ships...leaving only three left, which immediately turned and retreated.  Blue Lion immediately gave chase after them to finish them off.

Meanwhile, Black Lion opened up its mouth and blasted several ships with heat seeking missile fire, targeting the enemy's engines.  The missiles found their targets and destroyed the ship instantly.

The Blue Lion was now chasing down the last three remaining attack ships.

Black Lion turned to help Blue Lion get rid of the last three...when Keith's sensors suddenly picked up the life signs of a group of Arusians on the group.  A building was about to collapse on them, killing them.  The only other way out was blocked by fire.

Keith opened the COM.  "Allura!  I'm picking up readings of people that are trapped down there!"

"I see them!" Allura replied back, now picking up a close-range visual on her lion's main monitor.

"Get down there and use Blue Lion's water blast to put out the fire that's blocking their escape!  I'll take care of these last three!" Keith said.

"On my way!" Allura shouted.

Blue Lion broke off pursuit, leaving Black Lion to the task of getting rid of the last three ships.  The ships circled around...and then split up, flying in different directions.

"You think that's going to save you, huh?" Keith grunted angrily.  "Let's see you escape this!"

Black Lion opened up its mouth, releasing its lion torch blaze.  The fire zipped across the sky, roasting one ship instantly, while narrowly missing another.  One down...two to go.

Keith dipped Black Lion to left, getting a fix on another fleeing ship.  He locked in his isotopic missiles and opened fire on the ship.  His aim was dead on...destroying the ship instantly and sending it back to the ground in a fiery end.

One more G'Donar ship to go...

Suddenly the last ship turned and charged at Black Lion...on a suicide run straight into it.

Keith turned Black Lion to avoid the charge, but the ship clipped the bottom end of his lion, knocking out his shields on the starboard side.

"AHHH!" Keith shouted, as the lion turned to the left and faulted.  "Blue Lion!" Keith called out, visibly shaken by the impact.  "What's your status?"

"I've got the fire out, Keith!  I'm using Blue Lion to hold up the building, buying time for the people to escape!" Allura replied back.

"I'm in trouble!" Keith blurted out.  "I've got a renegade ship that wants to play cat and mouse with me!  He's trying to suicide me to the ground and he's already disrupted my starboard shields!"

"I'll hurry up here, Keith!" Allura replied...a wave of panic coming over her suddenly. "Avoid that ship as much as possible!  I'll be there in two minutes"

"Longest two minutes of my life!" Keith called back.  "I'll do what I can!  Just get here when you can!"

The ship began another run at Black Lion, and now, it was Black Lion in retreat.  The G'Donar ship was smoking on the outside, but still had full engine capabilities.  It suddenly increased speed, closing the gap between itself and the Black Lion.

"Allura...I need you!" Keith called out to her.  "What's your status?"

"The people are safely away from the building!  I'm about to let it go!  I'll be right there...give me thirty seconds!"

"Tell that to the G'Donar chasing me!" Keith shouted, turning his head to look at his rear monitor.  "I have a hunch that I don't' have thirty seconds left!"

"Dodge it, Keith!" Allura blurted back.  "Stay out of its way!"

"Easier said then done!" Keith shouted back, straining to work the controls of Black Lion.

Instantly, the G'Donar ship targeted the weak area of Black Lion and let loose a round of missiles, aimed directly at the starboard side.

The target was perfect...and the missiles jolted Black Lion off course, causing an explosion in the rear compartment.

Keith watched as his alert board lit up with all kinds of warning signals...fire...power loss...

"I'm losing it!" Keith cried.

"No you're not!" Allura shouted.  "I"m almost there, just hang on!"

Blue Lion came up right behind the G'Donar ship, that was now practically on top of the faulting Black Lion.

Blue Lion opened its mouth and sent out a blaze of fire from its lion torches... destroying the ship utterly.

Black Lion suddenly turned and dove for the ground.

"KEITH!  Pull up!" Allura shouted over the COM.

"I can't!  My controls are gone!" Keith shouted.  "I'm going down!"

"Hold on, Keith!" Allura shouted.

Suddenly...she heard Keith's voice, screaming in fearful peril as his lion plunged toward the ground.

"KEITH!" Allura shouted into the COM...hearing his voice cry out in fear.

Blue Lion dove after the Black Lion...but it was too late.  The robot lion crashed to the ground with a fierce impact.

Keith was thrown from his chair, landing on the floor and losing his helmet.

Blue Lion immediately landed next to Black Lion.  Allura hopped out of the cockpit and ran straight to the cockpit entrance of the Black Lion, now laying on its side.

Allura grabbed the hatch handle of the cockpit door, struggling to open it.  The door was jammed shut.  Allura began to scream Keith's name...


No answer...

Allura suddenly pulled with all of her might on the cockpit door...tugging forcefully until it finally gave way...enough for her to slip right on in.

She ran into the cockpit...and suddenly saw Keith...lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Allura screamed...running to him immediately to take his pulse.  She screamed again... and then slumped over Keith's motionless body...crying uncontrollably.

"NO KEITH!  NO!" the weeping Princess cried.  "YOU...you...you can't be dead!  No Keith...NO!"

She remained still, covering Keith's still body with hers, heaving tears of sorrow...while a single voice calls into the Keith's COM helmet, lying just a short distance away.

Allura lifted her head up, tears straining her face.  Blinking rapidly, she stretched across Keith's deathly still body and grabbed for his helmet to answer the COM hail.

But the voice was unfamiliar to her...

"Who is this?" she screamed into the COM.

The voice, neither female nor male, called into the COM link in Keith's helmet.

"What do you want?" she shouted.  "Is this one of the G'Donar?"

Then, the voice, in a scratchy tone, said:


The voice faded into silence.

Allura gasped... "Unless?  Unless...what?  No..NO!  Come back!  Whoever you are...come back...PLEASE!"

She turned her head and saw Keith on the floor again, and suddenly fearful, she dropped his helmet on the floor and rose to her feet, slowly backing away from where he laid.

"This can't be happening," she repeated softly...

"Keith...Keith...you can't be dead...how could you leave me at a time like this? Keith...

Frightened, she quickly turned and ran from the cockpit...her eyes filling with tears.


Suddenly...Allura bolted up into
an upright position...sweating
profusely and shaking like a leaf.

As she looked around...she
suddenly became aware that
she was in her room.  She quickly
looked at the clock on the table
next to her bed...the time was
one-thirty in the afternoon.

"A dream?" she whispered,
now shaking her head. 
"But...it was so...real...
oh no...Keith!"

Allura quickly reached over and grabbed her robe and slippers.  After putting her slippers on, she quickly dashed from her room while putting on her robe, running down the hallway to Keith's quarters.

Thoughts were pouring through her head...

What if it wasn't a dream?  What if Keith wasn't in his quarters?  What if it really did happen and it was so traumatic, that she blocked the whole event from her memory?

Allura suddenly ran up to his door...and paused, staring at it, almost obliviously.

The image of him lying on the floor, dead, startled her suddenly, causing her to gasp.

She quickly and impulsively buzzed the door to Keith's quarters, several times, frantically. She then began pounding fiercely at the door.

Suddenly...the door slide open and Keith appeared on the other end of it, dressed in his pajamas.  His facial expression was confused, as he wiped the sleep from his eyes, struggling to figure out what was going on, and why Allura was standing at his door, pounding on it.

"Allura?" Keith said to her.  "What's the matter?"

She stood there, suddenly feeling rather foolish.  Clutching her bathroom to her self while crossing her arms in front of her, she finally smile simply.

"Nothing, Keith." she replied simply.  "I'm sorry to have awaken you."

Keith stared at her with a confused look on his face. "What's the matter with you, lately?" he asked her.

Allura blinked rapidly. "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Keith repeated in a concerned tone of voice.  "Are you kidding?  Look at you!  You're standing at the door of my quarters...and you can't even tell me why you're standing here!"

"Do I need a reason to see you?" she blurted back at him.

"When you're standing here, acting as if you've seen a ghost or something...yes...yes, I think you do owe me an explanation." Keith replied, now crossing his arms over his chest.

"A what?" she repeated back at him, staring at him, wide-eyed.

"A ghost." Keith replied back, more slowly than before. "You know...you see one from time to time...in the form of your father..."

"I heard you!" she cried back at him.  "I know what a ghost is, Keith!"

Keith looked at her again.  She was obviously in a confused state of mind.  "Look...do you...do you want to come and just...talk?  I could make some tea..."

"Oh no!  That wouldn't be proper!" Allura gasped, suddenly stunned by his suggestion.

"Why not?" Keith asked her.

"Because...we're... we're supposed to be...you know..." she stammered back.

"Courting?" Keith said to her, matter-of-factly.

"Yes!  Yes, that's it!  And it wouldn't be proper for me to come into your quarters...just the two of us!" Allura replied back, nervously. "Someone might see!  What would they say, if they saw you and me..."

"Oh, for crying out loud, Allura," Keith said with a smirked look.  "If you were worried about what people were going to say, maybe you shouldn't have come over here in your night clothes, huh?"

"My what?  Uh...oh...yes...of course..." Allura replied back, suddenly gripping the bathrobe tighter to herself.

Keith shook his head and leaned up against the door.  "So...do you want to stand out here and talk, or do want to go somewhere else to talk...somewhere where you'd feel better about what people think?"

Allura suddenly frowned at Keith.   "That's a fine way to talk to someone you're supposedly in love with!  How could you be so mean?"

"I don't recall this being a lover's quarrel, do you?" Keith replied.  "Besides...you came here, remember?  And I still don't know why you came here.  We haven't gotten to that part yet."

"Oh...never mind!  Just forget the whole thing!" Allura snorted angrily, turning on one heel.

But Keith caught her arm and halted her retreat.

"Now, wait just a minute, Princess!" Keith suddenly said, addressing her formally.  "You've been acting irrationally for days now!  You come here, pounding on my door like it's a big emergency...and now...you're just going to turn around and walk away, without so much as an explanation as to why you had come here in the first place?"

"I don't owe any explanations to anyone, Commander!" Allura snorted angrily at him. "And you will unhand me at once!"

"I'll 'unhand you' when I've gotten some idea what's going on in that pretty blonde head of yours!" Keith returned, holding her fast.  "You've been acting crazy, lately!  Its like...something's got you spooked!  It can't just be because you haven't heard from your
father's ghost in a while.  There's something else that you're not telling me about.  Come on, Allura...its me...Keith, remember?  You used to be able to tell me anything!  I'm not the enemy, you know."

Allura suddenly stopped struggling...and without so much as a warning as to her next reaction, she quickly turned around and thrusted herself into his arms.

"I just want you to hold me, Keith." Allura said softly.  "Just hold me...that will be enough."

Keith wrapped his arms around her.  "Enough for what?"

"Just hold me...don't make me explain it.  I just...I just love you...that's all," the Princess replied, now near to tears.  "I just have been missing your attention lately...with all the fighting and such.  I've...I've missed you...that's all."

"Why don't I completely believe you?" Keith said with a chuckle to his voice.

She held him tight in her embrace.  "I just love you, Keith."

Keith smiled back, "I love you too...but..."

"Then, no buts." Allura replied back.

"But...this doesn't make sense, Allura...I..." Keith began to say.

She suddenly looked up at him and kissed him full on the mouth.  His response was receptive, but guarded.

What was going on within her mind?  Why was she acting so strangely, lately?

Keith broke off the embrace suddenly.

Allura looked at him.  "What's wrong?"

"Let's...let's just get you back to your room, okay?" Keith said to her.  "I think you could use some more sleep..."

"No, Keith!" Allura suddenly blurted out.  "I don't want to sleep!"

Keith stared at her again.  "But, you need to sleep, Allura."

"I can't!   can't sleep!" Allura repeated back to him.  "Don't you understand?"

"No, I don't understand!  And that's the problem!  Why don't you want to sleep?  Did you have a bad dream or something?" Keith said to her.

"I...I just...don't want to sleep right now.  That's all." Allura said to him, refusing to meet his eyes.  "I'd rather just be with you..."

"Allura...I need to sleep.  And believe me, its not that I don't want to be with you...it's just that I know my limitations.  I can't afford to make bad decisions out there.  You guys are counting on me to give out the right commands.  I can't do that, if my head's in a fog from being overtired.  You can't either.  I think we both should go back to bed."

Allura said nothing.  Keith smiled, gently resting his hand on her shoulder.  "Come on.  I'll walk you back to your chambers."

"No, I'm fine, Keith.  I'll see you later." She said to him.

"I said, I'll walk you back..."

Allura smiled.  "No...you go back to bed.  I'll be fine."

Keith's eyebrows knitted together.  "Are you sure?"

"I'm quite sure." She smiled again.  "I'll see you later on."

"All right...if you're sure..." Keith said to her, blowing out a breath of frustrated air.

"Of course I am!" Allura replied.

She leaned into him and planted a gentle kiss on his left cheek.  "Good night, Keith."

"Good night... Allura." Keith replied slowly.

As she walked back down the hallway, Keith stood silently...watching her.  Something was bothering her...but whatever it was, it would remain a mystery until she was ready to say something about it.


The door to Allura's chambers opened wide, revealing the lounge room.  Everything was as it had been before she had left.  All except one thing... her feelings.

She was convinced, now more than ever, that the vision was some kind of warning to her. But its origin was a mystery to her.

"Father...where are you?" she whispered softly, calling for her late father's image.

She walked over to the windows and deactivated the window light blockers...causing them to disappear and allowing the light of day to shine into her room.

The Princess of Arus stared out
of her bedroom window...wondering
if she could ever close her eyes again,
for fear of seeing the awful vision once more.

She was positive now...she had to be
going insane.

Her vision out the window suddenly
caught sight of the Black Lion, perched
high above her room on the Lion Monument outside of the Castle of Lions.

Only two months ago, things were peaceful and she was happy.  Now, she didn't know
if she would ever feel that way again.

Things were beginning to look dark for her...as dark as they did for Arus.

What if the dream was true, somehow?  What if Keith was to die, soon?  And what of the unrecognizable voice she had heard in her dream...the one that gave the unfinished warning...

Arus was doomed...unless...


She continued to look out the window...
then...she began to cry.