A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 22
The Secret's Out

The Princess, along with Keith and Coran, entered the Control Room, unceremoniously. Pidge was on watch when he had received the outside hail from the unidentified caller.

He had sent word to the Princess immediately, via the royal guardsman.

He then quickly summoned for Lance and Hunk to join them in the Control Room.

When Allura, Keith and Coran entered the Control Room, they found a few guards in the room, along with Lance and Hunk.  All of them were standing around Pidge, who had been preparing to receive the transmission on the main monitor, at the Princess's command.

Allura walked up to Pidge.  Keith and Coran were right behind her.

Keith immediately moved in ahead of Allura, leaning over Pidge with a concerned expression on his face.

"What've you got, Pidge?" the Commander asked pointedly.

"We're receiving an ultra wave transmission signal." Pidge said to Keith.

"From who?" Keith questioned.

"Unknown, Commander." Pidge replied.  "The hail was in digital text, initially, saying that the Princess had an urgent call from a long lost friend, who says they know about the attacks by the G'Donar, and wants to offer help in stopping the attacks."

"I wonder what sort of price comes with this, so called, 'help'." Keith muttered quietly.  He then turned to Allura.  "Any idea who this is, Princess?"

Allura shook her head in a bewildered manner.

"Do you want to take it?" Keith asked her.

Allura nodded. "Yes...besides, I'm curious to find out who it is that could fit the description of a long lost friend."

Keith nodded once and then turned his head back to Pidge...

"Okay, Pidge." Keith said, standing straight up.  "Prepare to accept the ultra wave transmission."

"Aye-aye, Skipper." Pidge replied.

Keith moved in behind the Princess.  Coran remained to the Princess's left.  Lance and Hunk were a few steps behind Keith.  The mood was an anxious tension as they all waited for Pidge to bring in the transmission signal.

The main monitor fizzled, and then, lit up suddenly.  A darkened image appeared on the screen.  A figure of a man, shrouded in the shadows.

But the voice of the shadowed figure was unmistakable...

"Hello, Allura."

The group in the Control Room suddenly gasped, as they quickly recognized the owner of the voice.

"Lotor!" Keith grunted.  "What do you want?"

"I've called to offer the Princess my help. 
I want to help her stop the attacks of the
G'Donar." Lotor replied, as he continued
to stand in the shadows of the darkness.

"Give it up, Lotor" Lance shouted. 
"You're not getting away with anything!"

"What do you mean by calling me,
under the pretense that you're a long
lost friend?" Allura scolded.

"But,I am a long lost friend, Allura."
Lotor replied innocently. "I've been
missing from your life for more than
five years now."

"You've been a thorn in my side for longer than that,
if nothing else!" Allura quickly replied.
"And what do you mean when you say
you've been missing from my life?"

"I only wish he were really missing from our lives." Hunk groaned out loud, in an obnoxious tone.

"I'm with you, buddy!" Lance agreed.

"Get to the point, Lotor!" Keith snapped back.  "What are you up to now?"

"I know of the attacks that Arus had been the recipient of from the G'Donar...and being that I am a close friend of the Princess, I thought I would be able to offer her a solution to her planet's dilemma."

"Did I hear you right?" Keith scoffed aloud.  "A close friend?"

"You're kidding, right, Lotor?" Lance chuckled sarcastically.

"Quit playing games, Lotor!" Pidge blurted out.  "You talk in circles!"

"In circles?" Lotor repeated.  "Perhaps, I've failed to make my meaning plain."

"Perhaps, I think this conversation has ended." Allura replied as she prepared to terminate the link.  "I have no time for your games!"

"Wait, Princess!" Lotor shouted suddenly.  "You won't want to miss what I have to share!"

"Lotor, I have other things to concern myself with." Allura said.  "You being among the least of them."

"Then, first...let me show you another reason why I've called upon you, my dear Princess..." Lotor said to her.

Suddenly, Lotor stepped out of shadows...and into the light of the room he had been transmitting from.

A collective, sharp gasp could be
heard from everyone in Castle Control.

Lotor smiled. "I can tell you're impressed."

"Lotor!" Allura gasped. "You skin...
your...your face...what...what's

"Oh, you're referring to my restored
appearance." Lotor said, matter-of-factly.
"A gift...from a new friend of mine."

"I...I don't understand." Allura stammered,
stunned by his appearance. "How can you be...
how...how is it... possible? You...
you were..."

"This is incredible!" Keith blurted out
suddenly. "I...I can't
believe it..."

"It's got to be a dirty Lotor trick!" Hunk shouted from behind.  "It's a mirage or some kind of magical spell to make us think he's been restored! He's still the same, ugly figure we've come to know and hate!"

"I assure you, Hunk," Lotor replied back.  "What you see...is what you get."

"But...how, Lotor?" Allura questioned him in disbelief.

"Like I said, I h ave a new, 'friend' who was able to accomplish this great feat for me." Lotor answered them. "And...that same friend can help me in other ways, too.  Some of which may actually benefit you and your people, Allura."

"Spit it out, Lotor!" Lance shouted.  "What do you really want?"

"You see, my dear Princess Allura," Lotor began.  "When I told you that I knew how to stop the G'Donar from attacking your planet...I meant it.  I've come to offer you a solution to your troubles, Princess."

"You're...offering help to us?" Keith said in a skeptical tone of voice.  "This should be interesting..."

"What happened, Lotor?" Lance snorted angrily.  "Did you get a visit from the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future...and now you suddenly have a change of heart?  Ha!  I don't believe a word of it!  His help always comes with a price!"

"Surely, you do not really expect us to trust in you, Prince Lotor." Coran said at last.

"How can we stop the attacks, Lotor?' Allura said suddenly, interrupting everyone.

"Simple, Allura." Lotor said with a smile. 
"All you need to do is...surrender Arus to me."

"Surrender Arus?" Keith shouted angrily.

"I knew it!" Lance blurted out. "He's full
of hot air, just like I
told you!"

"We'll surrender over our dead bodies!"
Hunk cried.

"This is your idea of help, Lotor?" Pidge said.

"You must be joking, Lotor!" Allura added.  "There is no way I would even consider surrender! Not now...not ever!"

"Ah, my proud young Princess...stubborn to the last!  You see, not only do I know about the G'Donar...I control them!  It is I, who have ordered the attacks on Arus!  The raids were meant to weaken your world...make the people vulnerable...weak...pathetic...and much
easier to conquer!" Lotor said.  "I alone, tell the G'Donar when to attack, where to attack and how often to attack.  And up to this point, I've been quite generous...allowing only two or three places at a time to fall under attack at once.  If I truly wanted to...I could order the entire planet destroyed.  But I don't want to do that, Allura.  I want to rule Arus...with you, by my side.  Together, we could rule the universe!  What do you say, Princess?  Join me?"

"Join you?" Allura grunted.  "Now you are joking!  I would never join you...and I'll never surrender Arus to you!"

"Never is such a strong word, Allura." Lotor replied.

"Not strong enough!" Allura shouted back.  "I will never surrender to you, and that's the end of it!"

"Not even for your own peoples' sake?" Lotor asked her.  "Well, perhaps you need to some persuasion..."

The main screen blinked, going to black for a moment...then suddenly, blinked back again to the image of two Doom guards, holding between them, a defenseless young man, no more than thirty years old.

The man had been abused...his face blooded and bruised.

"This man is an Arusian captive...taken in one of the earlier G'Donar raids." Lotor's voice projected over the image.  "I ask you, Princess, will you not save this man from the hideous fate that awaits him?"

"He's baiting you, Allura." Keith leaned into her ear to say.  "Be careful."

Allura said nothing, staring only at the image of the poor man on the screen.

"If you surrender now...I will spare his life." Lotor's voice boomed.  "Spurn me...and his life will end...here and now!"

Allura nervously bit her lower lip...torn between what her heart wanted to do, and what her wisdom told her was impossible to do.  If she were to surrender, the man would most likely die anyway...and yet, how could she stand there and allow this life to be destroyed, when she had the power to do something?

But...this was Lotor...who never kept a promise in his life.

"I...I..."Allura began to say.

Suddenly, the Arusian man cried out loud.  "No Princess!  Never surrender!  Arus forever!"

"Enough!" Lotor shouted.

The Doom guards began to beat and manhandle the poor Arusian...right before the eyes of the Princess and all of those in the Control Room.

"Kill him!" Lotor's voice cried.  "But...slowly!  For the Princess to hear!  She must know that I mean business!"

One of the Doom guards held the man from behind, while the other drew a laser sword.

"NO, LOTOR!" Allura shouted, outstretching her arms toward the view screen.  "YOU MUSTN'T DO THIS!"

The image quickly changed back to Lotor...but the anguished cries of the helpless Arusian man could be heard over the ultra wave...a hideous cry of pain and agony.  The man was screaming in horrible, freakish anguish, above the cruel laughing of the evil Prince.

And the man's cries never relented.  In fact, they increased.

"What are you doing to that poor man!" Allura screamed.

"His punishment for his patronage and for your disobedience, is to be dismembered, piece by agonizing piece...until he dies from his injuries!" Lotor seethed.

The room gasped in horror...

"NO LOTOR!" Allura shrieked, screaming above the sounds of the dying man's wailing voice. "YOU CAN'T..."


"Know that I mean what I say, Allura!" Lotor shouted angrily.  "If you continue to defy me...the G'Donar will continue to destroy Arus...town by town, village by village and city by city! And many more will die...just like this one...and they will curse your name, Allura, as the breath leaves what will be left of their mutilated bodies!"

Allura quickly turned and
thrusted herself into Keith,
who had been standing right
behind her.

Keith took hold of her in
his arms to console her,
clutching her tightly...all
the while feeling absolutely
helpless to stop what had
just was taking place.
He was shocked beyond words.

Suddenly...the anguished cries had halted.

The worse had finally come...and for the poor Arusian martyr...the blessed end to a horrible death had at last come.

The man had been killed...horribly...for everyone to hear.

Lance, Hunk and Pidge stared at Lotor's image on the screen...the three of them, also, shocked beyond words.

Coran had covered his ears, trying to block out the audible memory from his mind.

Keith had continued to hold Allura while her head rested on his shoulder.  She was weeping bitterly.

Keith glanced down at her, and then, looked up to stared at the screen...still in shock...but now, with anger in his heart.  He wanted nothing more than to kill Lotor with his bare hands.

Lotor had gone too far, this time. Somehow...he had to be stopped.

"Now then, Princess." Lotor said out loud.  "What do you say now to surrender?"

Allura slowly lifted her head up from Keith's shoulder.  Turning around slowly in his arms, she look at the monitor to face Lotor.

Her face was tear-stained. Her mind...was echoing with the sounds of the dying man's screams.

Then...suddenly...she heard a quiet, familiar voice...resounding in her head...

It was the voice of her noble father, the late King Alfor...speaking in a whisper that only she could now hear...

"Allura...my daughter...do not give in to Lotor's demands!  For if you do, Arus will surely be doomed. Resist him, my daughter!  Resist him with everything within your very being!  Do not surrender!"

Her heart suddenly knew what to do...and she obeyed her heart's cries. 

"We'll find a way to stop you, Lotor." Allura said in a small voice, just above a whisper. "My father never surrendered to your father... and I won't surrender to Zarkon's son either! No matter how much evil you inflict upon us...Arus will survive!"

Lotor's face suddenly frowned. He then became enraged and quickly stomped his foot to he floor.

"You will regret that decision, Princess!" Lotor screamed at her through the main monitor. "There will be so much terror on Arus, the people will long for death!  I will make the Doom Wars look like a social gathering, when I'm through!  And remember...as the people
scream for your head, Princess...remember that all of this was because of your stubbornness and willful disobedience!  And not even Voltron can save you, from what is about to come!"

The screen suddenly went black as the link was terminated from Lotor's end.

Without so much as a warning...Allura suddenly dropped to the ground, falling away from Keith's grasp.

"The Princess!" Coran screamed.  "What has happened to her?"

Everyone suddenly gathered around the body of the Princess, lying on the floor.  Keith quickly knelt down to her side and hurriedly took her pulse and checked her breathing.

He sighed a cleansing breath of relief as he looked up to everyone else. "She's fainted."

Coran too, released a cleansing sigh of relief.

But the relief would be short-lived...for everyone.


On the Revenge, Lotor paced the floor, still seething from his unsuccessful attempt to convince Princess Allura to give up her planet to him.

Her defiance was detestable in his eyes. And although his love for her was strong, he did not allow it to come between his desire to conquer Arus and destroy Voltron.

Not this time...

But destroying Voltron had always proven to be a task, incomplete.  Voltron was indestructible, and as trial had taught the evil Prince, there was always something there, helping the Princess...and protecting Voltron from destruction.

As if...Voltron were charmed, somehow...

"She defies me?" Lotor grunted angrily.  "Who does she think she is? Who is she, in comparison to me!"

Audra stood off to the side...

"Well, Audra!" Lotor suddenly addressed her. "What do you have to say about all of this?"

Audra made no move to reply.  Her eyes were closed.

"I'm talking to you, Woman!" Lotor spoke to her again.

But as Lotor looked at her intensely, he suddenly became aware that she was in a trance of some kind...

"Audra?" Lotor said, in a softer tone of voice.  "What are you doing?"

Audra still made no move to speak...but her facial expressions told the Prince that she was deeply concentrating upon something, other than his conversation with her.

Lotor paused for a few moments...awaiting her reply.

Minutes later, Audra opened her eyes quickly.  They suddenly flashed with a bright green light, a color that matched the intense color of her skin. She looked at Lotor and finally spoke to him...

"She is guided by unseen forces." Audra said to Lotor.

"Who?" Lotor said.  "Princess Allura?"

"Yes...she consults with the ghost of her father, King Alfor." Audra proclaimed.

"Yes, yes!  I know that already!" Lotor blurted out to her.

"Perhaps, I know of a way to sequester the King's ghost from the Princess." Audra said.

"How?" Lotor asked, now suddenly very interested in what Audra was saying.  "Tell me, how."

"I can entrap his spirit in a force, impenetrable to him." Audra replied.  "He will then, have no access to his once, Princess daughter, and she will receive no further counsel from him."

Lotor's eyes gleamed as Audra continued.

"Her defiance stems from his guidance.  It was Alfor, that planted the suggestion into Princess Allura's mind, persuading her not to surrender."

"And without that...she might have surrendered?" Lotor asked her.

"Perhaps." Audra said, as she closed her eyes once again.  "However, her guidance is of human form as well."

"Keith Hunter." Lotor seethed.  "What does he know!"

"He knows enough to counsel her wisely." Audra replied.  "And she listens to his wisdom."

"Then, he must be swept away as well!" Lotor shouted.  "And that would give me great pleasure, indeed!"

"Not so fast, Prince," Audra said quietly.  "If you destroy him, Allura would have his memory to strengthen her."

"So what exactly are you suggesting?" Lotor shouted.  "You can give me no guidance in destroying Voltron...and now, you're telling me that if I kill Commander Keith Hunter, that the Princess will cherish his memory as a martyr...and that this will be the new driving force
in her defiance against me?"

"I am suggesting that perhaps, there is another way to destroy Voltron...from the inside." Audra replied calmly.

"From the inside?" Lotor repeated, now shaking his head at her.  "You're talking in circles...and you're starting to annoy me!"

"What I mean by the inside, oh mighty Prince, is that if we can destroy that which binds the five parts of Voltron together in unity, then we can destroy Voltron's effectiveness."

"You mean...destroy or disable the five robot lions?" Lotor asked.

"Not the robots, themselves, Prince." Audra explained. "But...their human elements."

"Ah! The Voltron Force!" Lotor shouted with revelation. "So, we kill them...all but the Princess, of course!"

"NO!" Audra shouted...then calmed herself.  "We do NOT kill the humans.  Killing them will only strengthen Allura's resolve against you.  They have learned to act and think as one. We must destroy that thinking...pit them against one another...cause them to mistrust
each other.  Then...you can conquer Arus without the interference of Voltron."

Lotor stared at Audra for a few moments...and then...smiled with an evil grin.  "I see what you mean!" Lotor replied.  "I like it!  When do we start?"

"I will begin with the stubborn Princess." Audra replied.  "Do not intensify your attacks on Arus, just yet.  Continue them at the pace that has been established until I say otherwise.  As the attacks progress, the Princess will seek the wisdom and guidance of her father, King Alfor.  But she will not find it as freely as she once had.  I will bottle up the ghost of King Alfor.  And after the Princess becomes frustrated at his lack of response, I shall present myself in a dream to her.  At first, merely to show her things that are to come...and next to establish myself as a guardian in life...sent by her father's spirit...who is no longer able to attend to her."

"And what do you plan to tell her, Audra?" Lotor asked.

"I will show her the death of the one she holds dearly to her heart." Audra replied with a grin.

"Keith?" Lotor replied.

Audra nodded. "I will show her his death...horrible and violent.  I will then allow her to meditate on that thought for a few days...allowing it to seep into her very being, allowing her to become desperate for guidance.  That is when I will come to her, as one sent by Alfor.  I will gain her trust, and she will accept eagerly.  I will tell her that I am here to help prevent the terrible dream from becoming reality.  I will tell her that for Keith's sake, she must
sever her relationship with him.  By doing this, we can destroy the bond between the two strongest members of the Voltron Force.  Once that is in place, I will begin to implant feelings of mistrust, hatred and envy into the hearts of the other three weaker members...
causing a total breakdown of partnership amongst them all.  Then, Prince, you will come in and offer help again to the Princess...only this time, she will be in a more vulnerable position, and more willing to give in to your demands for surrender.  For without her father's help...
and with her love for the Voltron Commander, now estranged, I will be there to give her the, 'wisdom' she is looking for.  Only, my wisdom to the Princess, will only benefit you, my

Lotor smiled at Audra. 

"Excellent, Audra!" Lotor shouted.  "Begin immediately!"

Audra bowed her head and suddenly vanished from Lotor's sight.  He smiled as he watched the smoky remains of Audra's presence disappear from the room.

"You will give in to me, Allura!"
Lotor whispered quietly.  "And you
will be my bride, at long last!  Doom
will once again make its presence
known on Arus!  And I alone, will
dominate the universe and become
the greatest ruler ever known!"