A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 16
What Has Passed, Has Now Returned

Lotor sat impatiently with his legs crossed, one over the other, as he waited for word of the search.  His metal hand tapped a dreadful rhythm on the arm of the wooden chair that he had been sitting in, within the private council chambers belong to the Grand Master.

The Grand Master had already exceeded his time limit of two hours by nearly twenty-five minutes, but because the search was progressing, Lotor had halted his order to destroy the lives of the Ziborian children that had been gathered for execution.

But his mercy was wearing thin...as was his patience.

"I'm growing tired of this waiting game, witch!" Lotor bellowed, as he shifted his position in his seat.

"Patience, Lotor," Hagar replied to him.  The old witch seemed lost in thought over the last several hours.

"I have little of that remaining," Lotor moaned anxiously.  "I grow tired of waiting to see if a legend is indeed, the truth."

"My Prince, should the Grand Master find the box that holds the essence of Audra, I would like to be the one to open it." Hagar said.

Lotor's eyes shifted. "Why?"

"Because," Hagar began.  "If this 'Audra' is a force to be reckoned with, her first meeting should be with one of her equal."

"You mean...you?" Lotor scoffed.  "Tell me, Hagar, if she is as powerful as the Grand Master suggests, what makes you think that you can best her abilities?"

"I may not best her abilities, Sire." Hagar proclaimed.  "But my resistance may buy you time to get out of here."

"Do you believe that she is that potent a force?" Lotor asked her in a curious tone of voice.

"I feel her, Sire. And from what I feel of her 'once' presence here, she is a force to be feared and respected." Hagar replied.  "You'd do well to leave her exactly where she is, Lotor."

"But...if I can coax her into helping me," Lotor said, raising his metal-clawed arm upward into the air,  "Then...I can conquer the universe!  I can conquer Planet Arus..."

"...or destroy it," Hagar added.

Lotor snorted. "You see failure at every turn, Hagar.  Your abilities have failed my father and me for years.  And you still have failed to bring me the one thing that I desire the most... VOLTRON."

"I thought Princess Allura was what you had desired most," Hagar snorted, sarcastically.

"Take care, witch...you're pressing your luck..." Lotor growled in a low-toned voice.

"And so are you, Prince." Hagar replied.

"You have failed to bring me a solution to anything I desire!  Let a sorceress have a go at it." Lotor said to her.

"Your obsession for the Princess will do nothing but cost you, Lotor." Hagar warned.  "For your own sake...let her go.  Let Arus go."

"NEVER!" Lotor shouted with his baritone voice.  "Allura WILL be mine!  Make no mistake, witch!  She will be mine!"

"You are a fool, Lotor!" Hagar screamed.  "You throw away your future on a woman whose love does not belong to you!  She loves another!"

Lotor suddenly looked at her with crossed eyes. "Who dares..."

"Princess Allura's affections are for one member of the Voltron Force!" Hagar replied.

Lotor's face suddenly soured as his mind
caught the image of the one Voltron Force
member who the Princess might be aligning
herself with...

"Keith Hunter..." Lotor said in a low,
sinister voice, spitting the Voltron Commander's
name out of his mouth with evil hatred.

"Yes. Even now, Commander Keith courts
the Princess on Planet Arus.  Their love for
each other grows stronger with each
passing day." Hagar proclaimed.

"Then, he shall DIE!" Lotor shouted
in a deep, baritone voice. "I,
alone, shall posses Princess Allura!"

"You shall never have her, Lotor." Hagar said again.

"I SHALL HAVE HER!" Lotor screamed, now rising to his feet in a fit of fury.  "And nothing shall stand in my way!  Allura will be mine, mark my words, Hagar!  She will be mine!"

A quick and forceful knock came to the door of the Grand Master's private council chambers.

Lotor turned his head and screamed in rage,  "YES, WHAT IS IT?"

"Prince Lotor!  The Grand Master and his hunting party have returned." the voice of the Doom guard replied from the other side of the closed door.

"And?" Lotor hissed.

"And...they have returned with the item that you had requested of them to find." the Doom guard voice replied.

Lotor's fury suddenly subsided, as an even grin now appeared in its place.  "Good!  Show our endeared Grand Master to the main Council chamber hall.  I will be there shortly!"

"As you have ordered, oh mighty Prince." The voice replied.

Lotor then breathed a cleansing breath.  "Ah...let's go, Hagar, and see what gift they have brought to me!"

Hagar remained hesitant to respond, but chose to follow after her master.


The Grand Master and two of his hunting party stood silently in the main Council chambers...awaiting Prince Lotor's arrival.  In the hands of the Grand Master, was a white-stone box.  The box had been sealed with a substance that had been identified as moonstone...one of the hardest known substances in the universe.

The Grand Master was trembling with fear, as he gripped the box tightly to his chest.  The evil within was unspeakable...and the Grand Master had it in his mind to try to convince Lotor, one more time that releasing its contents would be a fatal move.

The double doors to the Council Room opened wide, and Prince Lotor entered into the room followed by Witch Hagar and three Doom soldiers.

Lotor walked up to the Grand Master. "So...this is it?" he said quietly, looking down at the man.

"Yes, Your Highness." The Grand Master replied back.  "But...I beg you...for your own good and the good of the universe...please, Prince, leave what has been put away, in its place.  To release the contents of this stone box will mean the destruction of the
universe!  No one can master the evil that is within here!"

Lotor grabbed the box abruptly from the trembling man.  Lotor snorted at him...  "You weak, pathetic, human." Lotor said in a low voice.  "You can't frighten me."

"I mean it as a warning, more than the wanderings of a fearful man!" the Grand Master said.  "Heed my warning, Prince Lotor!  Or the consequences are yours to cherish...or regret!"

Lotor turned from the man, leaving him standing where he was.  As he approached Hagar, the old witch's magic globe lit up with a bright green hue.

And as Lotor came to stand next to Hagar...

"AH!" Hagar screamed...suddenly horrified and hovering backward, holding her head in her hands and dropping her globe to the floor.

"Hagar?" Lotor said.  "What is it?"

Hagar remained at a distance away, shaking her head slowly, moaning.  "A curse is within that box, Lotor!" Hagar groaned.  "A curse of evil!"

"How evil?" Lotor asked her.

After another moment of shaking her head to clear her mind, Hagar looked up at Lotor. Her eyes were glowing as green as the globe upon the floor.

"More evil than yourself! More evil than King Zarkon! Pure evil...more powerful than Voltron!" Hagar replied.

"More powerful thanVoltron?" Lotor shouted suddenly.

Before Hagar could reply, Lotor, without warning, abruptly threw the stone box onto the ground.  The box cracked under the force of the impact. The box had been compromised.


A red and purple mist began to seep from the box, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Soon...the mist, which now had become all purple in color, began to envelop the room.

The Doom soldiers that had been surrounding the Grand Master and his hunting party compliment suddenly became mesmerized by the glow.  The abandoned their post to focus in on the purple mist.

The Grand Master, seeing his chance for escape, signaled for his men to follow him, and together, the three men ran from the room.

Hagar's face grimaced as she watched the mist now making its way throughout the room. Lotor watched with evil fascination...his face grinning.

The purple mist began to gather and take form in front of Lotor...and as the mist settled and took shape, the figure of a beautiful woman suddenly appeared before the evil Prince of Doom.

The woman stood before Lotor...

She had a clean green
complexion, jet-black hair...
short and cropped around
her neck. She wore a black
dress that extended straight
down her body, to the floor.

The woman looked around at
her surroundings...silent for several

Then...she opened her mouth, as she looked around the room.

"I...I am...I am free." she said just above a whisper.  "I am free...can this be true?"

"Yes, it is true." Lotor replied to her.  "I have freed you."

The woman turned her gaze to Lotor and stared into his face.  "You have freed me?"

"Yes, I have freed you... 'Audra'." Lotor replied.

The woman looked at Lotorthenin an unexpected move... fell to his feet.

Lotor looked at her on the ground, and smiled.

"Master...I am yours to command." the woman replied in a muffled tone of voice.

"As I expected..." Lotor thought to himself.  Then, he said to her, "Arise! Face me."

The woman rose back up to her feet, her bowed to the floor.  "What is thy bidding, oh Master?"

"My bidding?" Lotor repeated her words in his own voice.  "My bidding... depends on what it is that you can do for me."

The woman looked up into Lotor's face.  "I can do anything you command of me." She replied.

"Tell me first...your name." Lotor said.

"You have known my name, Master," she said.  "You spoke it to me, only moments ago."

"I want to hear you say it." Lotor replied.

"Audra," she repeated. "My name...is Audra."

"And are you as powerful a force as I have been told?" Lotor asked her.

The woman looked into his eyes.  "I am, Master."

"Good.  Because I have several tasks for you to fulfill." Lotor replied.

"What is thy bidding, oh Master?" Audra asked of Lotor.

Lotor paused for a moment...and then, his eyes fell upon his metal arm. Suddenly, the thought of his hideous, repulsive form filled his mind.  He began to recall what life had been like prior to his defeat at the hands of Voltron.

His body...

His hideous form...

"I want you...to heal me, Audra.
I want to be restored to my
original appearance." Lotor
replied. "Are you able to do that?"

Audra lifted her head up and
stared into Lotor's half flesh, half
metal face. She smiled briefly. "I can."

"Then do it!" Lotor responded. "Make me...whole again!"

Hagar, still hovering a distance away, heard Lotor's request.  "No, Lotor!" Hagar shouted. "Don't let her touch you!"

"SILENCE, HAG!" Lotor screamed, then looked toward Audra.  "Heal me!"

"As you command, Master." Audra replied.

The woman suddenly backed up...and then, raised her hands above her head.  A green hue appeared from her handsand then, suddenly engulfed her with rapid speed.  The next thing anyone knew, the hue had jumped from Audra, and over on to Lotor.

The green and blue hue engulfed his form...
much as it did hers.  Then, Lotor began to
grimace...and then soon, cry out, in what
appeared to be, a response to agonizing
pain.  The Prince of Doom crumbled to
the ground, clutching to himself.

Hagar cupped her ears, unable to bear
the sound of Lotor's wailing.  The Doom
soldiers did not know what to do.  Should
they charge at the woman...or wait to be
commanded to do so?

Suddenly, to everyone's unbelief, Lotor's
form began to twist. 

The parts of his body that were mechanical, whether fully or partially, were now beginning to reshape themselves.

Lotor cried out in pain, as the metal plate that had been in place on half of his face suddenly fell off, revealing bubbling flesh that seemed to smoke and smolder.  His metal arm had now fallen from his body to the ground.  But what appeared to be an arm bud, was now forming from his arm socket.

Even the areas of his main torso, which had been concealed in metal, were now beginning to take similar forms of regeneration.

Audra stood back and smiled regally as she watched the transformation take place.

Soon, a fully formed arm had appeared, growing to match the full length of the second one. His face had been regenerated as well, now looking every bit as normal as the other part of his face.

The green colored hue began to dissipate, and Lotor was left on the ground, breathing heavily and groaning in whatever leftover pain he had remaining from the experience.

Hagar looked at Lotorand gasped.

"Prince Lotor..." she breathed. "Your body...your body,  Sire!"

Lotor looked up at Audra.  She was smiling at him.  Lotor then extended his arm...the one that had been mechanical...and suddenly gasped aloud.

His eyes suddenly beheld the mechanical arm, lying on the ground next to him, and beside it, the faceplate that had been a part of his face for more than five years.  With his newly regenerated arm, he slowly lifted it up to touch his face.

His mind concentrated on the sensation of touch that he could suddenly feel in the new arm. His fingers reached out and began to slowly move from left to right across the entire length of his face.

It was all smooth...smooth as a newborn baby's skin.

Lotor slowly found the strength in his legs returning to him, and as he slowly rose up from the ground, he looked at Audra.  She was still smiling.

"I'm...whole again!" Lotor said, softly at first,  "How did you do this?"

"I regenerated your body, by using the flesh composition that was yours naturally.  You are whole again, as you had commanded." Audra replied quietly.

Lotor looked at his flesh arm again, and then once again, felt his face.  He then turned to Hagar, and in a triumphant voice, he cried,  "Look Hagar!  I'm whole!  I'm whole again! Can you see me, witch?  She has done what you couldn't do!  I'm whole again!"

Hagar grimaced.  "I see, Prince Lotor."

Lotor smiled excitedly, as he extended his new hand forward. "You are an extraordinary sorceress." Lotor said to her slowly.

"I prefer to be called, 'enchantress', Master." Audra replied.

"Excellent, Audra!" Lotor replied back to her. "Excellent, indeed!"

Lotor quickly pulled off the chest plate, amazed to see that this portion of his body had been regenerated as well.  His joy was overwhelming as he shook his head at Audra.

"Absolutely incredible,"
he laughed. "I never
knew what it was like, to
long for something that
had been taken away."

Audra looked at the man
she had just regenerated.
"Who are you, that
I may say I serve?"

Lotor looked at her "You stand before Lotor, Prince of Doom."

"Lotor, Prince of Doom," Audra repeated to him, and then said, "Who is it that did this thing to you?"

Lotor's face suddenly sneered as he thought of his hated enemy. "The Voltron Force did this to me." Lotor replied angrily.  "They did this... in that confounded robot lion warrior, VOLTRON."

"What is...Voltron, Master?" Audra asked him.

"Voltron...is the defender of Planet Arus...and the known universe." Lotor hissed.  "And I can do nothing to destroy him!  All of my previous attempts have failed at rendering Voltron useless and taking over Arus.  Arus is the main stronghold in the Azure Quadrant. If I succeed in conquering Arus...I've all but captured the entire quadrant."

"Perhaps...your methods, up to now, have been fruitless, because you have lacked the proper...support." Audra speculated.

Lotor looked over toward Hagar. "Yes...I have lacked, very much, in that area."

Hagar cringed and her face scowled. She reached down and picked up her globe wand that had fallen to the floor, earlier, and now, held it in front of herself, protectively.

"Perhaps, Master," Audra said,  "Perhaps, I can help change all of thatin return for my release."

"How?" Lotor questioned.  "Pardon me for being...shall we say...simistic...I've been led down this path before."

"I can make help make your dreams come true, Master." Audra replied.

"How?" Lotor said in a low, scoffing tone of voice.

"I sense there is one woman you desire." Audra said, closing her eyes.  "But she has eluded you, to this point."

"Princess Allura..." Lotor spoke her name softly.

Audra asked.  "What price will you pay for her heart and soul?"

Lotor immediately looked up at Audra.  "Do this, and you shall have anything you desire...
even up to half of this galaxy!"

"You will need help, Master, as I see this Voltron in your mind...and he is very powerful. A force that is unknown to me guides him.  We must work together to defeat him." Audra said.

"And, to bring me the Princess!" Lotor seethed.  "I must have her, Audra!"

"What is thy bidding, oh Master?" Audra said once again.

"I want Voltron destroyed and the Princess, mine!" Lotor hollered back.

"It will be hard to destroy Voltron, Master." Audra said quietly.  "We will need much help."

"An alliance?" Lotor asked her.  "With whom?"

"I sense a great warring species, Master...one that existed, since before I was imprisoned." Audra replied.

"What is the name of this, 'warring species', Audra?" Lotor asked.

"They are called, the G'Donar, Master." Audra replied.  "They exist in the far universe."

"Yes...I've heard of them. Nasty creatures." Lotor replied.  "Their alliance is with no one. Just how do you intend to get them to align themselves with us?"

"I shall take care of that, Master." Audra replied, then bowing her head.  "With your permission, that is..."

Lotor thought for a momentand then smiled.  "Do what you need to do, Audra.  Bring me the loyalty of this G'Donar race."

"It shall be as you have commanded, Master Lotor." Audra responded.

Suddenly, Audra disappeared from sight, leaving behind a cloud of residual purple mist that quickly evaporated into the air.

Lotor smiled and returned to gazing at himself.  "I must find a mirror!  I must see for myself!"

Hagar, meantime, hovered over to where Lotor stood.  "Prince...beware.  I sense she is not being completely honest with you.  Her purposes are her own, and when she has what she is
looking for, she will dispose of you!"

"Hagar, you're just jealous because someone else has done your job better than you have!" Lotor replied.  "I'm intrigued by this, Audra, and I want to see what she presents me!  I don't care what her intentions are...she serves me...and me alone! She's made me whole, Hagar, and as far as I'm concerned, that means servitude!"

"It means...she wants something, fool!" Hagar hissed.

Lotor looked over to her. "Take care, old witch, or you'll be encased in a stone box!"

Hagar retracted suddenly.  "I am returning to King Zarkon!  Don't blame me if she turns you into some no-existent object!  When she's through with you, she'll dispose of you!"

Lotor swept his hand behind him.  "Go then!  Go running back to Zarkon!  And while you're there, give him this message!  Tell him that one day soon, I'll be coming after his throne, and with Audra's help, I'll be the new King of Doom, and Princess Allura will be at my side, as the new Queen of Doom!"

Hagar hissed and with a swipe of her globe wand, she disappeared from sight.  Lotor smiled, and then looked up to the ceiling.

"I'm coming for you, Allura!" he said in a sinisterly low tone. "And Keith will be swept away!"

Lotor let out an evil laugh that echoed throughout the main Council chamber.