A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 15
Sentence Pronouncement

Dinner was somewhat quiet and uneventful.

Princess Allura entertained conversation from all of those who were dining with her that evening... and Coran, Keith and Pidge partook in the invitation.

The four conversed about a great many subjects...including the adventures that Keith and the Princess had had during their day outing to Crystal Lake and the city of Kardel. Coran and Pidge listened intently to the Princess, as she described the statue of her noble father that had been erected in front of the City Hall building of Kardel.

Keith quickly added in a mention of their visit to Kardel North Children's School, which then prompted the Princess to make mention of the tentative arrangements she had made with the school's principal.

"I shall finalize the arrangements this evening, Princess, and then, contact Mr. Gibbs tomorrow morning." Coran said, affirming his part in the near future visit.

"Sounds like you guys had a great time!" Pidge exclaimed, as he ate another piece of after-dinner pie.

"We did!" Allura beamed. "It was a perfect day!"

"Well...almost perfect." Keith corrected her.   "All except for one minor bump in the road...or should I say...two bumps in the road."

Four pairs of eyes suddenly turned their attention from the present conversation, over to the opposite side of the table...where two particularly quiet individuals ate their dessert in silence...much like how they ate their dinner.

Lance and Hunk barely said two words all evening at the dinner table.  Feeling the weight of an uncomfortable situation bearing down upon them, the guilty pair ate in silence, looking mainly at their dinner plates...and hardly looking up from them at all.

Keith dabbed his lips with his napkin and put it down on the table.  He then looked back at Lance and Hunk.

"Do you guys have anything you want to say?" Keith asked them dryly.

Lance and Hunk looked at each other...their eyes shifting back and forth.  It was Hunk that took a deep inhale of breath and blurted out...

"It was Lance's idea, Keith!" Hunk shouted, suddenly glaring at his partner.

"Why you big, stupid..." Lance hissed angrily.  "You were just as willing to go along with it! You even said it would be 'fun'!"

"Yeah, but you told me what to do!"
Hunk shouted back. "That makes
you the most guilty in all of this!"

"ME?" Lance cried out.
"Who suggested to give the
horses the picnic
lunch...the squirrels?  That
was YOUR idea, Hunk!"

"Yeah, well, you were looking
to throw it in the water!" Hunk
shouted.  "At least, I found
something better to do with it!"

"Oh that's right," Lance grunted.  "God forbid that YOU ever waste any food! Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't just eat it yourself!  You eat everything else around here, as it is!"

"Okay, butthead!  That's enough!" Hunk shouted.  "Before I knock you into next week! You were the one that said we weren't going to get caught!"

"I said if we DID get caught, at least we could say we had fun doing it!" Lance shouted back at Hunk.  "And who decided that it sounded like fun!  No one twisted your arm to tag along, Hunk!  Besides, you were all for Pidge getting the information for us!"

"Yeah...after you threatened to tell on him!" Hunk blurted out.

"You mean to sit there and say that you're not admitting guilt to any of this?" Lance cried.

"You mean to sit there and say that I should?" Hunk shouted back.  "You were the one with the bright idea to get at Keith...always calling him a, 'stick-in-the-mud'!"

"I didn't hear you coming to his defense, when I was hatching out the plan!" Lance huffed, now turning this back on Hunk and crossing his arms over the front of his chest.

"Don't you turn your back on me, troublemaker!" Hunk hollered.

"TRAITOR!" Lance growled loudly.

"Who you calling a 'traitor', you big jerk!" Hunk shouted.

"If anyone fits the bill of jerk, that would be you...Turn-coat!" Lance blurted out.

"Yeah, well at least I don't parade around the Castle, thinking I'm God's greatest gift to womankind!" Hunk blasted back.  "You don't know how many of the Castle maids and Royal staff laugh at you behind your back!"

"Who laughs at me!" Lance shouted, turning back around to face off with Hunk.  "Look who's talking...when's the last time YOU'VE had a girlfriend!"

As all of the finger pointing was taking place, the other four sat quietly, taking in all of the free entertainment.

After several minutes of the goings-on
and the insults being hurled between
Lance and Hunk, Keith finally
interrupted the argument.

"Okay...alright!  Knock it off! 
Both of you!" Keith shouted.

Hunk and Lance immediately
paused, seemingly startled by
Keith's outburst.  It was as if
they had forgotten that there
were other people in the room,
beside themselves.

Keith smirked at the two, and upon clearing his voice, he addressed them both.

"You guys sure made it easy for me to assess how all of this came about." he said, deciding that Lance and Hunk did a sufficient job in digging their own graves...even without Pidge's added detail of the situation.  Keith looked at them both.  "You both realize that what you did was darn-right rude and thoughtless...not to mention an
invasion of privacy!"

Lance looked up at Keith and smiled his typical 'innocent' look.  "Oh, come on, Keith!  No one was hurt, were they?"

"Maybe not physically," Allura spoke up.

"You guys really overstepped your bounds this time." Keith said quietly.  "Sneaking around and spying on us, to find out where we were going...following us to Crystal Lake..."

"We had help!" Lance defended suddenly.  "It was Pidge who told us where you were going!"

Keith blew out frustrated breath of air, and glanced at Pidge.

Pidge meanwhile, was smiling ear-to-ear.

Lance suddenly smiled.  "Didn't you, Pidge?"

Pidge looked over at Lance.  "No...I didn't help you...at least, not willingly.  That was your idea!"

"Yes...but you agreed to help us...right?  In exchange for...a favor?" Hunk insinuated.

"No, you two blackmailed him into finding out the information...the way I heard it." Keith replied.

Lance and Hunk looked at each other, and then, back to Keith and Pidge.  Keith crossed his arms in front of himself.

"Yes...I know all about the motherboard incident." Keith said resolving their curiosity.

"You know?" Hunk exclaimed.  "But...how do you know?"

"I'm the Commander, Hunk." Keith replied.  "I know everything.  And right now, I know something that you two don't know."

"What's that?" Hunk asked.

"I know what your punishment is going to be," Keith replied drolly.  "But that's about to change...because I'm going to tell you what it is!"

"Go easy, Keith!" Hunk said, suddenly begging for mercy.

"You're wasting your time, Hunk." Lance chuckled.  "He's already made up his mind."

"True." Keith replied with a flat-looking smile.  "Coran, would you please give Lance and Hunk their...'punishment'?"

"At once, Commander." Coran responded.

The stately Castle Advisor rose to his feet and stood up, laying his cloth napkin upon his seat.  He then reached into this side pocket and took out two small objects.  He walked over to Lance and Hunk and held them out to them.

"Here you are." Coran said, as he handed off the objects, one each, to Lance and Hunk.  "Your punishment, gentlemen."

Allura cupped her hand in front of her mouth to stifle an approaching giggle.  Pidge buried his face into his napkin to soften the laughter that was now beginning to sneak out.

Lance and Hunk looked at the objects in their hands.

"A brush?" Lance said suddenly, now looking up to Keith.

"Not just any brush, Lance," Keith declared.  "But a baby's brush."

"What's with the baby brush, Keith?" Hunk asked.

"It's part of your punishment." Keith responded.  "You two have graciously volunteered your charitable time to help out in the village of Porter's infantry ward.  The staff of the ward is being given the day off...and guess who's taking their place for the day?"

"US?" Hunk shouted, aghast.  "You're kidding, Keith, right?"

"Hardly." Keith replied snugly.

"But...we don't know anything about taking care of babies!" Lance blurted out loud.

"Oh, it's easy, guys." Keith replied.  "You just brush their hair..."

"That's it...just brush their hair?" Hunk asked with a curious face.

"That...and feed them..." Keith began.

"And wash them up, change their messy diapers...clean them up, after they've throw up all over you..." Allura added.

"And try to get them to go to sleep.  You two are their sitters for the day.  The ward's head nurse will be there to help you, but only as needed.  But you two are going to be totally responsible for thirteen babies." Keith finished.

Lance and Hunk shouted together.

That was all Pidge could stand.
He immediately crumbled into
a fit of laughter, sliding from his
seat at the table to the floor below,
clutching his stomach as he
laughed beyond control.

Allura poised herself, trying
all that she could to avoid joining
Pidge on the floor. Coran had
returned to his seat and had lifted
his napkin up to his mouth to silence his own approaching laughter.

Keith remained absolutely stone-faced with a completely serious attitude, as he looked at Lance and Hunk...the two of them now completely beside themselves.

"Oh, and I forgot to tell you...you've volunteered for tomorrow." Keith added.  "So, make sure you get plenty of rest."

"But...I'm on watch tonight!" Lance blurted out.  "You went back to the morning shifts again...remember???"

"Oh, that's right..." Keith replied with a somewhat sympathetic tone, bringing his hand up to stroke his chin.  He then shrugged his shoulders.  "Well, guess you have to suffer through it, won't you?"

"Yes...you'll get to learn, first hand, what being a new mother feels like!" Allura added.

"You'll both report to the ward at nine o'clock tomorrow morning...but don't worry, Lance," Keith said.  "You'll have at least...oh...a half an hour to sleep, once Lion Practice is done at eight in the morning!"

"Aw, come on, Keith!" Lance protested. "That's so totally unfair!  All we did was sport a bit of fun...and you act like we mutinied or something!"

"All you did was cause a lot of grief
for the Princess and me!" Keith
shouted. "You guys have no idea
how angry I was while I was thinking
this up! But...if you think this
punishment is too easy..."

"NO, NO!" Hunk blurted out
suddenly, waiving his hands in front of his
face. "Its fine, Keith! It's fine! Well do it!"

"Speak for yourself, Hunk."
Lance grunted quietly. "If I get thrown
in the dungeon, at least I can sleep there."

"Serves you right, Lance, for
thinking this whole scheme up in the
first place!" Allura huffed.
"You both deserve worse."

"And I could have given you worse...and believe me, I've thought about it." Keith replied. "But I figured this was fitting punishment for the both of you."

"Yes, and maybe next time, you two will think of the consequences for your actions before you step out and do something like this again." Allura added.

Lance and Hunk sat silence. Lance threw his baby brush on the table in anger, while Hunk looked at his, solemnly.

Pidge was still on the floor...more in control than before, but still whimpering with leftover laughter.  He knew it was going to be good to see Lance and Hunk get what they had coming to them.

But he didn't know just how good it would make him feel in the process!

"Nice one, Keith!" Pidge thought to himself.