A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 13
The Greatest Honor

After nearly two hours of additional touring around more of the city of Kardel, seeing many fascinating sights and meeting many, many people, the mayor was finally ready to reveal his surprise to the Princess and Keith.

Mayor Kuhn requested the driver to take them to City Hall's main circle...in the heart of downtown Kardel.

After what seemed like a grueling several minutes, the hover car finally pulled around into the circle, and then, came to a stop in front of the stairs that lead up to the main City Hall building.

Allura and Keith anxiously looked out the window...and what they saw was nothing short ofincredible.

"Would you look at that, Allura!" Keith whispered into her ear.

Allura was awe-struck at the sight, just at the top of the stairs and in front of the City Hall building.

"A statue...of...of my..."Allura stammered.

"Its King Alfor!" Keith said slowly. "A statue of...King Alfor!"

"Exactly right!" Mayor Kuhn replied joyfully.  "It was just finished last week and the stone statue had been resting in that position for a week now.  It had to settle in place, undisturbed.  We had just unveiled it upon hearing of your visit.  It was supposed to be a
surprise. We were actually planning to contact your Advisor to make the arrangements for a formal ceremony, with you present to do the honors of the unveiling, Princess Allura! But...since you were here on an unofficial visit to our city, I thoughtwhy not unveil it now...for you and everyone to see!"

"Can...can we see it?" Allura said softly.

"Of course, Princess!" Mayor Kuhn replied.

The hatch to the hover car opened up and the door lifted up into the air.  The mayor stepped out first, and then turned to extend his hand to the Princess.  She accepted his hand and stepped out of the car... never taking her eyes off of the statue at the top of the staircase.

Keith got out last, coming to stand right next to Allura.

"Come, then!" the mayor said, pointing as he led the way.  "Come see it...close up!"

Keith took the Princess's hand and walked with her up the stairs.  With each step she took, Allura's gaze became more and more fixated on the statue image of her father, Alfor.

When they had reached the top of the stairs, Mayor Kuhn swept his right hand to his side, in showman-like fashion, drawing attention to the kingly statue

But there was no need...Allura and Keith were mesmerized by the statue's appearance.

"Look at that, Keith," Allura whispered.

"Looks just like him, Princess." Keith added.

"I hope we've done your father justice, Princess Allura." Mayor Kuhn said.  "It was my desire that the statue look as close to the image of King Alfor as possible.  In fact, the artist worked from a picture that I had from when I was a younger man."

Allura looked down at the feet of the statue, and quickly said, "Look, Keith!  More lions!"

At the feet of King Alfor's statue tribute, were five more cement statues of the robot lions, each one was much smaller than the other replicas that were in front of the museum, but a strong representation of the real lions themselves.

"I hope you are pleased, Princess Allura." the mayor said.

Allura nodded her head.  "Its amazing how much it looks like him, Your Honor!"

"Yeah..." Keith added.  "Almost exactly, I'd say!"

The mayor smiled.  "I'm pleased that you are pleased.  It was meant as a living tribute to your father and a reminder of the great man that he was."

"It's a fitting tribute, Mayor Kuhn." Allura replied softly.

"Thank you, Princess Allura." Mayor Kuhn replied.  "And now, if you'd like to join me for dinner..."

Keith and Allura quickly looked up at the same time, but it was Allura who spoke out first...

"Oh, that's very kind of you...and you've been so kind to us already.  But..." Allura began.

"We're expected back at the Castle soon." Keith add, finishing Allura's thought quickly.

The mayor smiled.  "I should have been thinking!  You've been here for the entire afternoon!  You must have other things to do today!"

"Oh, its not just that," Allura proclaimed.  "As a Princess, I'm rather...well...fuzzed over." Allura then turned to give Keith a quick winking eye look.

"What's she's trying to say, Mayor Kuhn, is that there are certain security protocols that she must practice.  Timely returns is one of them.  Coran will wig out if she's not back soon."

"Wig out?" Mayor Kuhn repeated in a rather curious tone of voice. "What does that mean?"

Allura's hand flew to her mouth, covering it up suddenly to stifle a giggle.  Keith scratched his head, forgetting once again, that many of the Arusian people were not familiar with the Earth slang.

"Uh...wig out...that means...uh..." Keith stammered.

"What Keith is trying to say," Allura interrupted.  "Is that Coran will be very 'upset' if I fail to show up as scheduled."

"Oh, I see!" the mayor laughed boisterously.  "A funny little expression, though."

"You don't know the half," Allura replied with a giggle.

"Well, very well!  Let me offer you a ride then back to your vehicle...the mayor began to say.

"Actually, we came on horseback," Keith said.  "And the stable is near Kardel North Children's School."

"Ah, yes!" Mayor Kuhn blurted out in revelation.  "Well now, I know exactly where that stable is then!  So, lets get you two back to your horses and allow you to return to the Castle of Lions."

Keith looked at his digital watch.  "I think I'll call ahead.  It's almost five-thirty.  By the time we get back, it'll be well after seven o'clock."

"Oh, Keith...that's too late!" Allura cited. "You know what Coran will say."

Keith thought for a moment...and as he thought, an idea popped into his head.  Well, just maybe, I can get us a faster means of transportation...for us and the horses."

"One of the lions?" Allura asked, following Keith's thought.

"Exactly." Keith acknowledged as he lifted his wrist up and activated his personal COM link.

"Pidge...Pidge, this is Keith.  Do you read me, Pidge?"

Seconds had passed, and then, Pidge's voice could be heard on the COM...

"Pidge here.  Hey Keith!  How you doing?"

"Fine, Pidge, but I'm afraid we're going to need your help."

There was a brief moment of hesitation, and then Pidge's voice replied.  "Well, if you're going to ask me to help you get back at Lance and Hunk...like I told them, I'm out of it!"

"You mean, you knew what they were planning?" Keith blurted out in a raised voice.

"Well...not exactly, Commander." Pidge replied. "I found out some of the details after they got back here."

"Never mind...we'll talk about it later." Keith replied.  "Listen, its getting late, and we need you come and pick us up in Green Lion and transport us and the horses back to the Castle of Lions.  If we try to do it on horseback, it's going to be near seven o'clock before we get back the Castle.  And I promised Coran that the Princess would be back to dine at dinner."

"No problem, Skipper." Pidge replied. "I'll come after you."

"Okay thanks, Pidge!  You just saved my neck!" Keith replied.  "We're at..."

"Yeah, I already know where you're at.  Kardel, right?" Pidge confirmed.

"Lance and Hunk, again?" Keith asked Pidge, his anger levels beginning to climb once again.

"Well...kind of." Pidge replied.

Keith's face frowned suddenly.  "Just how many 'kind of' and 'not exactly' details do you know about?"

"It's a long story, Keith, but the short of it is I as blackmailed into finding out where you and the Princess were heading today.  I got the whole thing from your conversation with Coran this morning." Pidge replied. "They made me do it, Keith!  Honest!"

"What kind of 'blackmail' are you talking about, Pidge?" Keith asked.  "No...wait.  I said we weren't going into this now.  Save it for on the way home.  Just come get us.  I'll send the coordinates of our exact location where you can meet us.  We'll meet you at the stable
where the horses are bedded down."

"Gottcha, Keith.  I'll be there in a few minutes." Pidge replied.

"See ya then, Pidge.  And thanks!" Keith replied.  He then turned to Allura and Mayor Kuhn.  "Could we still catch that ride over to the stables, Your Honor?" Keith asked.

"Why certainly!" the mayor replied.  "We'll leave now."

As the group proceeded back down the stairs toward the hover car, Allura leaned into Keith's ear...

"What manner of death have you planned for our mischievious pair?" she whispered.

Keith blow out an annoyed breath of air...

"I'm stuck on bodily dismemberment!
But that might be too good for them. 
But don't worry.  Let's just say, that
by the time I'm through with them...they
won't ever do this to either one of us again."
Keith replied.  "I'll think of something...
and when I do...those two are going to
wish they'd never heard of me!"

Allura cupped her hand over her mouth and giggled.