A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 10
Legend or Reality


There she stood...just in the distance...once again, out of arms' reach.


Prince Lotor cried out the name of his beloved...yet, for some reason, she could not respond. Or could it be that she chose not to respond? 

Lotor saw himself as he had once appeared,
prior to the accident that nearly took his life...
the accident that disfigured him for life. 
He stretched forth his hand, calling to her...

"ALLURA!" Lotor cried out to her.

The image of Allura remained as still as
it had when he first took notice of her. 

As Lotor began to run toward her...
from the shadows just behind her,
emerged an enemy, even more fierce
then he had ever

A hated enemy...

The man grabbed Allura from behind.  At first, she resisted...even seemingly, stretched forth her arms in Lotor's direction.  Then, the shadow of the man enveloped her, consumed her.  She began to scream.

Lotor ran even faster toward her...but as he reached her... yet another enemy swooped in, halting his progression toward her....a might lion robot defender...

"Curse you, VOLTRON!" Lotor shouted, suddenly recognizing the figure swooping in from the skies above.  "You've been a thorn in my side for far too long!  You always prevent me from getting to her!  She is mine, I tell you...MINE!"

"Not long enough, Lotor!"

Allura suddenly faints into the arms of the strange, yet familiar being, that came to restrain her.  As he now holds Allura in his arms, Lotor suddenly recognizes the shadowy man who had hold of the Princess...

He instantly becomes
infurated with
pure anger and hatred....

Lotor screamed.

"Yes, it's me!" the image
of Keith bellowed back. 
"And as long as I live,
you'll never have her, Lotor!

"NO!" Lotor screams.

"You'll never have her, Lotor...
NEVER!" Keith said again as
he turned to leave, with the
unconscious beauty in his arms.

Lotor shouted.....   "I SAID...BRING HER BACK!"

Someone suddenly grabbed his shoulder from behind...

A familiar voice now called to him...

"Prince Lotor...Prince Lotor...can you hear me, Sire?"

"Hagar?" Lotor whispered her name.

"Lotor... wake up, Lotor!"


Lotor rose quickly...having fallen asleep while reading through one of the history archives. Hagar was hovering just above him.

"HAGAR!" Lotor shouted, as he jumped up in a somewhat disoriented state.  "What are you doing?"

"I bring you news!" Hagar shouted.

"News?" Lotor bellowed, while sitting up straight in the chair.  "What news, Hagar?"

"I have found out some interesting information on this sorceress named, 'Audra', Sire." Hagar replied.

"You mean to tell me that you came in here and abruptly woke me from sleep, to tell me stories of the past?" Lotor grunted.  "You'd do well to leave me be, witch!  Before I have you..."

"Shut up and listen, Lotor!" Hagar interrupted.

"Shut up...and LISTEN??" Lotor suddenly bellowed.  "Remember who you are speaking to, HAG!"

"It is true, Lotor!" Hagar replied back, suddenly ignoring Lotor's ranting.  "She was banished...just as I thought!  She was put away one hundred, fourteen years ago!"

Lotor sat up.  "Go on, witch.  You have my attention."

"Well Sire, it appears that Audra, as she is called, was an evil force upon this planet, inflicting cruelty upon the people of that time period.  She was apparently contained somehow...broken in spirit and banished, somewhere..."

"Where?" Lotor cried out.  "Tell me, where!"

"I don't know where, Sire." Hagar replied.  "The story comes from the Grand Master, and he refuses to give any further details."

"He refuses?" Lotor snorted.  "We'll see how much he's willing to hide from me." Lotor rose to his feet. "I will deal with this... infidel...directly!  Take me to himat once!"

"By your command, oh mighty Prince!" Hagar replied back, and then, hovered over toward the door, with Lotor right behind her.


The Grand Master of Zibor had been confined to his private, personal living chambers, as were the other members of the Ziborian Council.

The elderly Grand Master sat quietly in his dining area, waiting for what was sure to be his fatal end.  The Doom soldiers that had been guarding his door had come to him, not more than ten minutes previously, to tell him that Prince Lotor was on his way to see him.

No doubt, the evil Prince's witch had spewed to him the information that she had obtained regarding, 'Audra' and that he was now coming for even more information.

Lotor's reputation as a brutal tyrant was well known throughout the galaxy, and surely, there was no doubt that Lotor would use whatever means was at his disposal to extract the information he craved.

And the wait for the evil Prince's arrival would prove short...

The door again swished open and two Doom soldiers entered into the room...followed by Prince Lotor and Hagar.

The man cringed at the site of the evil Prince.  His appearance was hideous...a half cyborg, half flesh, hodge-podge of a being, created by the Galaxy Alliance's finest physicians.

The Doom soldiers came to stand beside the man, and then, abruptly hauled him up to his feet to stand before the wicked Prince of Doom.

Lotor walked up to the feeble-appearing manand stared at him with an intimidating prowess.

"Hagar tells me that your legend of this...person...called, 'Audra' is indeed true." Lotor began.  "She also tells me that its quite possible that she is still alive in some kind of time cage.  Is this true?"

The Grand Master said absolutely nothing...he only stared silently at the Prince.

Lotor's lips pursed together as the mounting frustration began to show forth upon his face.

"I asked you a question, human." Lotor said in a low and sinister tone.  "You will answer the question...NOW!"

The man, once again, spoke not a word.

Lotor sighed heavily with anger.  "Do you not hear what I am saying?  I asked you for the information on Audra! Are you deliberately defining me?"

"For the good of my plant and for the good of the galaxy...I can not, nor will not, give you the information you are requesting, Prince." the man replied quietly.

"Oh, you won't, eh?" Lotor replied in a calm tone.

He walked a few steps away from the man...and then suddenly, and without warning... Lotor charged at the man, grabbing him by the throat with his mechanical arm.

"I could snap your neck in two!" Lotor hissed.  "Do you know what you risk in defining me?"

"True...I risk my life, but it is of little consequence to me now.  I am old, and have lived my life.  But for the millions of young Ziborians who have yet to live theirs, I stand firm in my
convictions.  I will not give you the information on Audra, Prince Lotor... even if it means my very life!" the man replied.

"And what about the lives of the those so-called, 'young Ziborians' you proclaim to protect?  What of them?" Lotor sneered.

The man looked at Lotor.  "Prince, I pray you...leave them out of this!  I further beseech you to give us this crazed search of the wicked sorceress!  She is pure and uncontrollable evil!  She will destroy you and this galaxy by her word!"

Lotor's face twisted with anger.  He then turned to his soldiers, present in the room. "Gather up two hundred young prisoners, I don't care what ages they are.  I want two hundred per hour executed mercilessly..." Lotor ordered as he turned to the Grand Master,  "Until his noble tongue, loosens!"


"Children grow up to be my enemies.  I can not allow that to happen." Lotor said calmly.

"Please, Prince Lotor!" the man begged again, in a more subdued voice, as he struggled under the restraint of the soldiers.  "I beg your mercy!"

"You concede, then?" Lotor asked.

"Sire...you don't know what you are asking for!  Audra will destroy the universe!" the Grand Master said once again.

Lotor frowned angrily and then, looked at the Doom soldier to his left.  "Begin the executions of the first group of children once you have gathered up the first batch of captives.  Perhaps, if the Grand Master has no children left to protect, that will loosen his tongue, considerably..."

"NO!" the man shouted.  "NOT THE CHILDREN!"

Lotor leaned into the man...his breath as foul as rotting meat. "Then, tell me where I may find this...Audra!  And be quick about it!"

"AUDRA...was...according to the ancient books of history...placed in a stone box...sealed with moonstone and thrown into the Pit of Darkness." the man said, his spirit broken under the burden.  "But I do not know where within the pit she is!"

"And where is this...Pit of Darkness, Grand Master?" Lotor said.

The man squirmed for a moment... then said,  "It is located near this great city, just to the left of the Cistern Sea.  Exit the city to the east and you will find it."

"Do you think me foolish, old man?" Lotor shouted.  "I'm not going to look for it!  YOU are!  And you'll have two hours to retrieve it...or the first batch of Ziborian children will be blasted into eternity!  Do I make myself clear?"

"But, Prince Lotor, I do not know exactly where it is!  I have never researched it in the history archives!" the man replied.

"Then you had better start looking through them, now.  You have two hours to bring me that stone box, old man!"  Lotor hissed.  "And you've just wasted a minute of it, arguing wiht me!"

"Two hours is impossible!  I must have more time to find it!" the Grand Master protested.

"Two hours!  No more!  And you had better hope that your history books are detailed, because if you do not find that stone box that the legends speak of...I will kill more than just the children...I'll destroy this entire planet!" Lotor hissed.  "And just to make sure that you
don't do anything...shall we say...foolish...I'm sending some of my soldiers along to  ccompany you!"

The man nodded his head slowly. 

Lotor turned to Hagar. "Hagar, where's that book?"

"Here, Prince Lotor!" Hagar replied, holding up the book in her hands.

"Give it to him, so that he may be on his way." Lotor replied.

Hagar hovered over to where the man stood.  The Doom soldiers released the man at Lotor's command and Hagar handed him the book of History.

"Go now...and remember...you have only two hours...or say goodbye to some of your dearest!" Lotor said with an evil grin.

"What ...what will I do when I find it?" the man asked timidly.

"Bring it to me...here...at once!" Lotor replied.  Then he said to his soldiers,  "Gather up two hundred hostages...as ordered.  Make sure there are plenty of children among them.  Wait for my signal."

"As you command, Prince Lotor." one Doom soldier replied.

The Doom soldiers lead the man out of the room, leaving Lotor and Hagar alone.  Hagar hovered over to where Lotor stood.

"Do you think it wise to disturb what has been laid to rest, Lotor?" Hagar said quietly.

Lotor turned to the old witch and laughed.  "Second thoughts, witch?"

Hagar's face appeared drawn suddenly, and her green globe began to flash.  "I...I may have been too hasty in my recommendations, Lotor."

"Oh, really, Hagar?" Lotor scoffed.  "And that's never happened before...right?"

"Lotor, I'm sensing that the Grand Master's description of Audra's evil bears a reason for second thoughts." Hagar said.  "I'm also sensing her presence.  It still lingers here...like a disgusting odor...even after all of the years that have past."

"Hagar, where was this 'sensing' when you were so gung-ho about finding out more about her and her whereabouts?" Lotor asked.

"I wasn't in tune with her presence until now," Hagar replied.  "And now that I am...I believe the Grand Master is right.  It would be a mistake to allow Audra to escape her imprisionment."

"Too late, Hagar," Lotor smiled.  "I'm the one who's intrigued now! I want to know more about this, 'Audra' and see if her evil will be evil enough to finally destroy the very thing that has kept me from Planet Arus...and this entire universe.  I want to see if she is evil
enough to destroy...Voltron!"

Hagar warned.  "But...we no nothing of the powers of this, 'Audra' and yet, you are so eager to bring her back to this world!"

"You were the one so 'eager', Hagar!" Lotor bit back.

"Yes, but I was foolish to act senselessly upon my emotions, Lotor.  I too, want to see Voltron destroyed.  But not at the risk of the destruction of ourselves in the process!" Hagar blurted out.

"I only know that she will do as I ask." Lotor replied.  "She will refuse me nothing...if I am the one who releases her."

"You play with fire, Lotor." Hagar replied.  "You don't know if she will behave in the manner you are hoping she should!  She will not recognize you as a Prince of Royal blood. She will only be concerned with her revenge!"

"I like taking chances, witch.  Besides, if this one results in my taking over my father's throne as King of Doom, and especially, if it results in bringing Allura to my side as my Queen, at long last, then I'm willing to take that chance!" Lotor said.  "Now, we wait to see
what the old man brings me...and we shall see if the legend is true or false."

Lotor walked away from Hagar...

Hagar was motionless... almost fearful.  She had an evil sense that something was about to take place...whether good or bad...that would change Lotor, forever.