A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 9
Hidden Secret Scars

Hagar hovered into the Council Chambers, with one of the history books carefully tucked under her arm.  The men on the Council observed her as she hovered past each of them, all of them still surrounded by Doom soldiers.

The men were restricted to the room, indefinitely, by Lotor's command.

Hagar came to a stop at the head of the table and grabbed onto the book, allowing it to drop from her hand and abruptly slam onto the table before her.

"I am here to find out more information about a particular set of passages in this book that I have found." the old witch proclaimed.

All of the men were deathly silence suddenly, and seemingly, avoiding Hagar's intense stare.  Even the Grand Master remained perfectly still.

Hagar picked up the book and began reading a passage that she had marked off:


"And, as it was in the days of Audra, evil rained upon the land like a mighty storm. Indeed, it was a mighty storm, as Audra proclaimed her evil witchery upon us."


Hagar then turned toward the back of the book and flipped the pages to yet another passage she had marked off...


"And ye shall not remove the great seal that has been placed there, lest ye shall release the evil once again!"


Hagar then looked up to the group.  "Now, I have also read a series of entries in the recent books of this age, proclaiming some kind of annual event called, The Celebration of Freedom.  Now, who wants to tell me what that is representative to?"

No one spoke a word...

Hagar then looked over to one of the Doom soldiers.  "Take one of these men away from the table and hold him."

The Doom soldier did as she had directed him do to, immediately picked up a man by his throat and yanked him away from the table in an abrupt fashion.  The others moved to help him, but were immediately met by the other Doom forces in the room.

"Now, lets try this again, shall we?" Hagar announced.  "Unless you want to see your friend dismembered before your very eyes, I suggest you start cooperating with me and answer my questions!"

Silence still filled the room...the only sound, was that of the struggling young man that had been plucked from the table.

Hagar frowned, as she looked over to the retrained man.  "Such brave friends you have! They are willing to keep silent and allow you to die horribly.  But...if that is their desire..."

She nodded to the Doom soldier that had been holding the struggling man.

Another Doom soldier walked up to them and pulled out a very long, and jagged-edged battle knife. He began to raise it up to the now, intensely frightened man.

The man began screaming fearfully, as the Doom soldier lifted the blade up to his left ear and began to slowly cut into it from behind.  The man bellowed out in searing pain as the blade began to dig into his skin.  Blood began flowing down his cheek.



The Doom soldier halted his cutting and the man's screaming was reduced to a mere whimper. Hagar looked across the table.  The Grand Master had risen to his feet, with his hands planted firmly on the table before him.

"I...I will give you the information you are asking for." he replied, a shaky tone to his voice.

Assorted objections followed from those around the table, and the Grand Master slammed his hands down on the table once again, this time, halting the conversational objections that were being uttered.

"And watch another one of us die before your very eyes?" the Grand Master reprimanded.  "This is our brother!  We can not allow him to be so mercilessly crucified before us!"

The elder looked at Hagar.  "Release Logan, and I will tell you what you wish to know."

Hagar looked at the Doom soldiers and nodded to them.  The man was quickly released and shoved back to the table, and back down into his chair.  One of the others around the table handed him a cloth napkin for his wound.

Hagar snorted.  "Now then...tell me what I want to know!"

The Grand Master stood up straight and tall.  "The Celebration of Freedom...is...is an annual event that is very sacred to us.  It is an annual celebration of freedom and a remembrance of the evil and tyranny that had once plagued our planet from many years in the past. It is a reminder to us of what once was, and a time to rejoice of what is no longer."

"How long in the past?" Hagar asked.  "This evil you speak of...how long ago did it take place?"

The man hesitated, but pursed his lips together and then, continued. "One hundred and fourteen years ago."

"Tell me more about this...'Audra'." Hagar said smoothly.

"Audra...was a powerful and very evil force that lived on our planet at the time I spoke of. History has it that she inflicted evil upon this world...atrocities that were truly wicked.  She tried to take over this planet." the man said.  "Audra is an incarnate, unspeakable evil!"

"What happened to her?" Hagar asked.

"She was locked away in a place where she can never hurt us again." The Grand Master replied.  "And I beg you...do not release her.  For to release her, would release such evil upon yourselves, that you will not escape."

"Do not pretend to warn me!" Hagar shouted.  "You do not want us to release her, because you're afraid of her!"

"Yes...it is true.  But I warn you!  My father told me the stories of Audra...from when he was a boy.  She killed my grandmother... destroyed my family....and many families like mine.  She is pure, incarnate evil, and must remain where she is for all time!" the man

"And where has she been banished to?" Hagar asked.

The Grand Master suddenly said nothing.  He slowly took his seat again.

Hagar looked at him and smiled.  "All right...we'll play it your way.  For now, you may keep silent, until I bring this information to Prince Lotor.  Let him decide if you are to speak further or not!"

Hagar immediately hovered away from the table and toward the door, giving instruction to the soldiers to continue their guard duties.

"Perhaps now, Lotor will listen to me!"
Hagar thought patiently, as she quickly
made her way to find her Prince.