A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 8
An Evil Glimpse from a Destructive Past

Planet Zibor, in the Cerulean Quadrant had been under attack for months by the forces of Doom.  The people had been devastated by the attacks, running for cover, or taken as slaves.  Many more were killed.

Results of the horrors of war.

Prince Lotor stood before the ruling governmental parliament Council of Zibor, preparing to address them as their new leader.  Several Doom soldiers had surround the dozen or so frightened men, armed with plasma guns and blast cannons.  To Lotor's left, stood Hagar the Witch.  She smugly stood next to her Prince and leader, with her
globed wand that was in her hand just slightly in front of her.

Lotor stepped forward to the ground, rising his robotic arm upward in a triumph attitude.

"Gentleman!  I appreciate your...
cooperation...in the transfer of
power between your governing
forces and mine. Let me assure you,
that you will find me to be a fair
leader...until you cross me, that

Lotor began to walk around the room.
"I, of course, will expect full and
unconditional surrender of your
power source facilities and your
governmental resources.  Failure to do so would result in some...very unfortunate circumstances taking place! However, be assured that all will transact smoothly...if you work with me, and not against me!  Make no mistake, gentlemen, I will waste no time on you.  If you can not follow my lead, you will not live to follow anyone's.  I do not tolerate insolence.  Do I make myself clear?"

Slow nodded came from every man seated around the table.

Lotor smiled smugly. "Good!  I'm glad to see that you're willing to cooperate and work with me!"  He then looked to the elder of the council.  "You!  The one called, Grand Master!" Lotor pointed toward the man.  "I would like to see the plans for your battle facilities and your history manuals!  I want to know more about my new planet's defense systems...particularly...your mining operations in the moonstone mines!"

"Yes, Prince Lotor." the elderly man replied and rose to his feet slowly, surrounded by several Doom soldiers.

The man stepped away from the table and motioned for Lotor and Hagar to follow him, accompanied by several, armed Doom detail.  The remaining soldiers stayed with the other men of the council.


Several hours had passed.

Lotor made himself at home in the Grand Master's private council chambers.  Hagar was with him.  The two of them had been looking over the boxes and boxes of material that had been given over to review.

"Its amazing how weak these people were!" Lotor laughed.  "I should have conquered them long ago!"

Hagar's eyes lit up, as she read one particular entry within the history books.  "Prince Lotor," she said slowly.  "I'm intrigued.  There appears to be several years of entries here from Zibor's past history...recording the conflict between themselves and an evil  sorceress."

Lotor leaned back.  "Why should that concern me, old witch?" Lotor mused.  "What do I care about what happened in the past?"

"Because, oh Prince, it might be of some use to us now." Hagar replied back.  "If we can find out more about this sorceress..."

"Again, Hagar," Lotor seethed.  "Why should I care what has become of some sorceress from the past?"

"Humor me, Lotor!" Hagar hissed.  "If we can find out more about this, perhaps we could put it to good use for us!"

"Hagar, when do the history books say this event happened?" Lotor asked her.

"They say....more than one hundred years ago." Hagar replied.

Lotor leaned back onto his chair.  "You see...and the stupid sorceress is probably already dead!"

"Or...merely banished," Hagar added.  "The history suggests credence to this..."

"Banished... to where, Hagar?" Lotor laughed definitely.

"Banished in time...where one hundred years makes no difference.  It is but a blink of an eye to the one whom has been banished.  It is a forever punishment.  Much like being in the Dream Dimension.  Time has no relevance there." Hagar replied.  "It might behoove us to look into this more carefully, Sire!"

"Fine.  You look into it.  I'll worry about the rest of the planet, while you chase shadows of the past." Lotor replied.

"And if I find evidence that there is proof to these series of entries?" Hagar asked.

"Then, we will look into it and see if it can be of any use to me." Prince Lotor replied.

"Then, I suggest we question the Grand Master, Sire, as I find an entry regarding an event that happened only months ago...some kind of festival called, 'The Celebration of Freedom',..." Hagar began to explain.

"But...freedom from what?" Lotor scoffed at her.

"Or, from WHOM, Lotor.  Perhaps, if we question the Grand Master..." Hagar suggested.

"I hope you're not simply wasting my time on this, Hagar!" Lotor huffed.  "I have more important things to do, besides chasing after mystical shadows of the past!"

"Ah...but this one might be of some use to us...if we can find out what happened to the sorceress!" Hagar replied.

Lotor blew out an angry breath of air.  "Fine, Hagar.  Go... question the Grand Master! I will continue here!"

"But...don't you want to..." Hagar began to say.

"Are you DEAF old witch?" Lotor shouted.  "I told you that I'm not interest in chasing after shadows of the past!  Find me some evidence that will support your theories, and perhaps...I'll listen!  Until them...I'm content with continuing what I'm doing right here!"

Hagar snorted.  "And what you're doing wouldn't by any chance be...thinking of how to put this planet's resources together, for a means to attack Arus again, would it?  Or try to capture Princess Allura..."

"Hagar, I shall cut your tongue out, myself, if you ever question me like this again." The evil Prince threatened.  "Go and do your questioning!"

Hagar tucked the book under her
arm and hovered from the room. 
As she left, Lotor looked up from
the book he had been scanning. 
He allowed it to drop into his lap,
staring at the door that Hagar had
just exited.

"Allura..." he repeated her name
as if it were honey on his lips. "I'll
never give up my quest to have you. 

He quietly continued to stare at the
door in solitude.