A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 6
A Picnic NOT to Remember!

Pidge arrived at the stables shortly before ten o'clock.  The stable hands were busily mounting two horses...Keith's and Allura's.

Allura's horse, Sweetheart, bucked a bit as the stable hand placed the saddle on her back, but she quickly calmed down as the boy fed her a lump of sweetness.

Keith's horse, called, 'Barner' was as calm and steady as a serene sea...much like his rider.

Pidge scrunched down low behind a several bales of hay...and waited.

Minutes later...he heard Allura's voice, calling out to the stable hands.

"Hello!" she said joyfully.  "Thank you very much for attending to this for me!  I know it was rather short notice,"

"No problem, Your Highness!" one young lad replied. "It was an honor!"

"Well, thank you, just the same!" Allura replied. as she handed them the picnic basket. "Could you help me mount this onto Sweetheart's saddle?"

"We've got it, Your Highness!" the other stable hand replied.  He suddenly took notice of the other, rather large bag, she had draped over her right shoulder.  "May I take your other bag, Your Highness?"

"Yes, thank you!" she replied, handing the bag over to the young man, who in turn, mounted onto the horse's saddle.

Pidge's mouth was opened slightly, as his eyes shifted back and forth while listening to the exchange between the Princess and the young boys. Suddenly, he heard Keith's voice...

"Hey there!" he blurted out.

"Right on time, Keith!" Allura noted.

"Naturally," Keith replied in a playfully boastful tone. "Just when have you ever seen me show up late for anything?"

"Never...to my recollection!" Allura chuckled.

"And I wasn't about to start now, either....especially not on our second official date." Keith added with a chuckle of his own.  "Are we all set to go?"

"Set, Commander Keith!" the first stable boy replied.

"I've got the picnic lunch right here," Allura replied, pointing to Sweetheart's saddle.  "The boys were kind enough to mount it for me."

"And I've got my bag of stuff, right here." Keith replied, as he mounted the bag onto his saddle.

"What's in the bag, Keith?" Allura asked.

"Stuff...you know...just in case, 'stuff'." Keith shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh...you mean a blaster, a compass computer...a back up wrist COM...that sort of, 'stuff'?" the Princess said playfully.

"No...I mean a bathing suit, a towel, a brush for my hair that's bound to get wet...that sort of 'stuff'...if you really must know." Keith said, while winking his eye at her.  "Although...I do have all of the other things you mentioned, with me, as well."

"Oh, I see.  I somehow knew you would!" Allura giggled. "Well, it just so happens that I have a, 'just in case ' bag of my own!  It also includes a bathing suit, a towel and a brush...and...I do have my blaster too...but not the other things.  I'll leave that to you to carry!"

Keith chucked as Allura pointed the bag that one of the stable hands had just mounted.

"All right...if we're both through discussing our, 'stuff' bags, let's get going!  Time's wasting, and before we know it, we'll have to be back here." Keith said as he swung his leg up into
the stirrup.  He then quickly mounted the saddle and looked at the Princess.  "Ready?" he asked her.

She quickly swung her leg up to the stirrup and then lifted herself up and into the air.  The stable boys stood right behind her...just in case she needed some additional help.  But Allura handled it like a pro rider, mounting Sweetheart with skill and finesse.

Keith quickly led the way, and Allura followed.

The stable boys left the scene to attend to other matters.  Pidge meanwhile, lifted his head above the stacks of hay and activated his COM link.

"This is Pidge.  Lance...come in.  Do you read me?"

The COM came alive with his friend's boisterous reply.  "Lance here!  It's about time, Pidge!"

"Are they gone yet?" Hunk's voice echoed into Lance's COM.

"Gone and out of here." Pidge replied.  "They just left."

"Excellent!" Lance laughed. "Now comes the fun!"

"Be nice to them, Lance!" Pidge warned.  "You know that Keith's got a bad temper if he's riled up enough!"

"I've got it, Pidge!" Lance proclaimed.  "We're just going to have some innocent fun...that's all!"

"Yeah...right!" Pidge blurted back.  "I can't imagine you being innocent about anything!"

"We're out of here!  Thanks for your help, Pidge, old buddy!  Lance out!"

Pidge sighed as he stood up and walked over toward the entrance of the stable.  It overlooked a grassy meadowand in the distance, he could just catch a glimpse of Keith and the Princess as they rode out of sight.

Pidge smiled...thinking how wonderful it must be for them both...

To be in love...

"They sure make a cute couple," Pidge noted to himself in a whispered voice. "I sure hope things work out for them."

Pidge turned and left, heading back to the Castle, for what was promising to be a quiet afternoon of just relaxing...and to plan the funerals for his two, very stupid friends!


It was a picture perfect day...

The sky was a deep sky blue color and there were only a few puffy white clouds that hovered in the air above.  The air was fresh and sweet...as sweet as the springtime that this part of Arus had found itself enjoying.

The horses galloped with a fast, steady beat, carrying the Princess of Arus on one of them and the Voltron Commander on the other.  Each horse seemed to be in a race...and seemed to be as eager as their passengers were to arrive at their destination.

The Princess's hair was up in her traditional bun style, but some of the strands of hair had managed to escape its tightly kept hold, and began to flutter through the swift breezes that the horses' run were stirring up.

Keith had a smile on his face...something that the Voltron Commander rarely aloud himself to enjoy, and giddy-upped his steed to an even faster pace then before...while enjoying the warmth of the sun beating down on his face, coupled with the wind against his skin.
And just to his right, riding steadily with him, was the girl of his dream...Allura.

And with Lotor's fleet reported many light-years away from the Azure Quadrant, it all made for the makings of a day to remember.

The sensation was incredible to him.  It was almost too good to be true.  Could fate be allowing him a chance to be so happy, at last?

Just ahead of them, was a wooded area, and beyond that...Crystal Lake one of the most beautiful and tranquil lakes on Planet Arus.  Its length was nearly thirty miles in any direction, and on a day like today, the sun was sure to give the water an incredible blue appearance.

Just the perfect place to have a quiet picnic...with a perfectly lovely young woman.

A fleeting thought raced across Keith's mind, making him once again, turn his thoughts to wonder why he should be so privileged to enjoy this young woman's favor.  After all...he was only a pilot...and she, an important person...the ruler of all of Planet Arus.

A Princess...a dream that had come true.

A fairytale that an old historical Earth cartoonist named, 'Walt Disney' would have surely written about, had he had the time in life to.

He glanced her way for a moment and found himself looking into her eyes from a short distance away.

For it was at that moment, Allura had turned her head to gaze in his direction.

The intense love that they had shared was simply beaming between each other, and Keith suddenly couldn't think of a time, greater than this, that he had ever been so happy.  A momentary thought overtook him, wondering how he could have ever lived life this long without her in his life.

The woods arrived fast and the two began to slow their horses down to a trot.  Keith turned around to Allura...

"Watch yourself in here," he warned her as they entered the wooded area.  "Watch out for low tree branches."

"I will!" Allura replied back.

The horses began a slow but steady trotting pace through the wooded scenery.  The smell of the air suddenly turned into a fresh pine and leaf aroma.

Keith went ahead of Allura, trying to push the low hanging branches out of her way.  Allura sailed through cleanly, following closely behind Keith and his horse.

Before long, they had reached a clearingand beyond that...another meadow, filled with wildflowers, native to Arus.  The colors were sensational...bright and cheery.  Allura almost hated to dash the horses across the open field.  Seemed like such a shame to trample what God had so beautifully and wonderfully arranged.

Nevertheless, Keith giddy-upped his horse once again and Allura did likewise.  The horses began a full sprint across the terrain galloping freely and swiftly though meadow, with their hooves digging into the ground as they dashed forward.

Just in the distance, the grass suddenly seemed to end, and the ground began to almost appeared glassy...crystal, in fact.  And for good reason...for just ahead, was the beautiful and tranquil Crystal Lake.

Keith coaxed his four-legged friend to finish the journey, as he cocked his behind, making sure Allura was there.  And she was...right behind him.

The sun's reflection off of the lake bottom gave it the crystal like appearance.  The white sand around the lakeshore and on the lake bottom held the sun's rays, making the lake appear to be as pure as crystal, and thus, giving it the name of Crystal Lake, and quite appropriately.

Keith slowed his horse down to a trot and Allura followed his lead, bring Sweetheart's pace down to a gentle trot as well.

As they approached the shoreline, Keith stopped his horse suddenly.  The steed bucked a bit as it tried to shield his eyes from the bright water.  Keith cupped his hands over his eyes, getting a good view of the lake's nature beauty.

"Oh, isn't it beautiful, Keith?" Allura breathed the comment.

"Yeah, quite a sight, I must say," Keith replied, in an almost breathless fashion  "Its breathtaking, that's for sure."

"I'm so glad you suggested this." Allura added.

"I've flown over this area at least a thousand times in Black Lion, while on patrol." Keith commented.  "The view was incredible...I knew I just had to take you here."

"I remember this place," Allura said, as she moved her head slowly from one side to the other. "I remember, when I was a little girl, my parents used to take me here, whenever their time permitted.  I haven't been back here in ages, but its still as beautiful as I remember it being."

Keith found his stomach suddenly in his throat.  "I didn't mean to bring back painful memories, Allura" he stammered.

Allura looked over to him, "Oh no, Keith!  This was a wonderful memory!  And I wanted to share it with you!  I have no regrets in coming here!  I love this place, as much now as I did when I was a little girl."

Keith's lips were flat lined as he looked at her.  The reflection of the water was falling on hermagnifying her beauty.

"You're sure?" Keith asked her.  "We can go someplace else"

She nodded with a smile. "I'd rather be here with you, then anywhere else on Arus, right now."

Keith paused for a moment, planning out his next move, then dismounted his horse, grabbing firmly hold of the reigns.  He then walked over to Allura's horse and grabbed the front reigns, steadying the horse so that she could dismount as well.

Once she was on the ground, Keith led the horses over toward a shaded area near the lake. He wrapped the reigns around a nearby tree, securing the animals tightly.  He then grabbed the picnic basket off of Allura's horse, her cumbersome looking bag of 'stuff', and got out
a blanket that he had stored in his saddle.

Lastly, he grabbed his bag as well.

He then walked back over to where Allura had been standing.  Her mind was fixated on the lake.

"Any particular place you want me to spread this out at?" Keith asked her.  "Or is it 'Commander's choice'?"

She turned her head quickly to him, stifling an approaching giggle. "Silly!" she blurted out. "Lay it anywhere you'd like, Keith!"

Keith smiled and set the basket and the bags on the sand, and then, taking the blanket in his hands, he quickly unfurled it, snapping it crisply into the air, before finally laying it on the ground.

A few quick-straightening actions around the corners and the blanket was ready to receive its royal guest.

"There," Keith commented as the looked at his well-done job.  "That does it, I think."

He knelt down on the blanket, and grabbed for the picnic basket.  He then reached up and extended his hand up to Allura.  She, in turn, nodded to him with a smile and placed her hand in his, allowing him to lead her to the blanket where he was seated.

She nestled herself down onto the blanket, moaning pleasantly, as her body received the warmth that was coming from the sand below the blanket.

Keith opened up the basket and looked inside.  "Well, let's see what the kitchen crew packed us, shall we?"

"You're hungry already?" she giggled.

Keith shrugged his shoulders.  "Hey, you're making me sound like Hunk!"

Allura laughed out loud at the comment.  "Well, it is near eleven o'clock, and the last time we ate was at breakfast..."

"This morning at around six, if I'm not mistaken." Keith added as he pulled out a neatly wrapped sandwich and handed it off to the Princess.  "Which makes me...starved!"

"Thank you." Allura replied, as she accepted the sandwich from Keith.  "I suppose I was so excited about the day, that I forgot that I was hungry.  Now that you've mentioned it, I am!"

"Eat up!  There's plenty to go around!" Keith replied.

"Well, I'm not sure if I want to eat now...or after a swim in the lake." she said thoughtfully.

"A swim, huh?" Keith repeated.

"Yes, just a quick dip, really. I don't want to get my hair wet." Allura said, patting her head with her hand.  "I want to look somewhat decent when we go to Kardel."

"A swim sounds nice, actually." Keith replied thoughtfully.  "Where do we change, though?"

"I have my suit on under my clothes." she replied with a giggle.

"Well, I've got my suit too, but it's in my bag, here." Keith replied.

"Oh, don't you mean your, 'stuff' bag?" she chuckled.

Keith smirked. "Yeah, my, 'stuff' bag." he chuckled back.  "Question is... where to change."

"Why not change in the woods.  No one's there." Allura replied.

"Good idea...I think." Keith replied, somewhat unnerved suddenly.

Allura caught the tone of his face and sighed suddenly.  "I promise... no peeking!"

Keith quickly turned his head to look at her.  "You'd better not!  I'll tell Coran!"

"Oh my...then you can be sure I'll definitely not peek!" Allura laughed.

Keith stood to his feet and looked down at her.  "Okay, I'll be right back."

"I'll be right here." she replied.

With a nod of his head, he quickly grabbed for his bag and took off toward the woods.

In the meantime, Allura rose to her feet and began to disrobe, revealing her bathing suit that had been hidden beneath her clothing.  Next, she neatly laid out her clothes onto the blanket,
being sure not to lay them in such a manner that might cause them to become wrinkled.

Allura then looked up toward the lake, and suddenly feeling drawn toward it, she began walking toward the lakeshore.  She dipped her toes of her left foot into the water, testing its temperature.

The water was nice and warm...just perfect for swimming.

Keith meantime, had returned to the blanket, and laid his clothing out beside Allura's.  He then called out to her.

"Did you remember to bring a towel?" he asked her.  "I couldn't find one in your saddle."

Allura quickly cupped her hand up toward her mouth.  "Oh no...I knew there was something I had forgotton!"

"On purpose or by accident?" Keith called out to her with a smirked expression on his face.

The comment drew a frown from the Princess.   "Keith!  I'm shocked that you'd accuse me of something like that!"

"I was just kidding, Allura!  Besides...no worries," Keith replied.  "You can share mine."

"Oh...are you sure, Keith?"

"Sure, I'm sure!" The Voltron Commander replied.

He tossed his towel down onto the blanket next to their clothes and walked over toward where Allura was standing.  He gazed at her appreciatively as he approached her.

He mentally shook himself back to attention.

"Well, are we just going to stand here and look at it...or are we going in?" Keith asked her with a smirk on his face.

"Okay, no pushing!" she giggled.  "I'll go in...when I'm ready"

"Well, while you're thinking about it..."

Keith ran toward the water and dove in head first, causing quite a splash.  Allura instinctively lifted her arms up protectively, attempt to shield her self from the water.  Keith came to the surface of the water.

"Come on!" he called out to her.  "The water's great!"

"Not if you're going to splash me like that!" she blurted out suddenly.

"I promise...no splashing!" he replied, as he began to swim while on his back.

"Well, all right, then," was her reply.

Allura carefully began to walk out into the water...slowly at first.  Then, as she felt more confident, she began to quicken her pace a bit.  Keith was treading water, watching her as she approached him.

He reached out his hand to take hers.  Clasping hands together, the two of them began to walk about in the waste deep water.  The water was clear enough to afford them a nearly picture perfect view of the bottom.

Allura watched her feet as she moved about in the water.  Her feet kicked up sand on the lake bottom, but the sand seemed to be settling quickly as she moved past.

As the two of them waded around, with their backs to their picnic area...

Two shady figures appeared from the woods just beyond the beach came dashing out into the open. Their intentions were precise, as they ran up toward the picnic area with near lightning speed, and swiftly gathered the clothes belonging to the Princess and the Voltron Commander.

Then, they turned and retreated back toward the woods.

It wasn't until they were well out of sight
that Keith and the Princess turned to
walk more toward shore.  Keith glanced
up toward the picnic areabut never took
notice that their clothes had been taken.


In the woods, the two thieves rejoiced
at their findings, stifling

"Now what?" Hunk asked Lance.

Lance passed Keith's and the Princess's clothes off to Hunk.  "Go lay these somewhere over there," he said, pointing toward the bushes that were just beyond their present position.

Then, Lance grabbed the reigns of the horses, unraveling them from around the tree.

"Hey, where're you going with the horses?" Hunk asked Lance.

"I'm just taking them for a walk...that's all!" Lance answered.  "Just hurry it up, Hunk! Get those clothes over there...before they come back to shore!"

"Gottcha!" Hunk smirked.

Lance untied the horses and led them to another area of the woods that surrounded the lake. He chuckled to himself as he quickly led the way for the horses. His destination... back toward the picnic area.  But...not just yet.  He wanted to wait for his, 'surprise' to be well appreciated by his victims.

"Man...is Keith going to be fried!" he laughed to himself.  "But...it's worth a head-beating...
just to see his face!"


"I'm getting cold, Keith," Allura commented, having been in the water for more then twenty minutes.  "I'm heading back."

"Okay, I'll come with you." Keith replied.  "I'm getting hungry, anyway."

The two began to walk toward shore.

Allura sighed...

"I wish my mother could have met you, Keith." she said suddenly.

Keith looked over toward her.  "Thinking about your parents?"

She nodded slowly. "I'm remembering when we used to come here as a family...one of the very few times we could spend time together as a family.  It was difficult for my Father and Mother... being rulers and parents, I mean."

"Spending time with me was never a problem with my parents." Keith said.  "Mom made sure that I knew I was part of the family...a part of who they were.  Dad used to take me, every Sunday afternoon, out to the park.  We'd fly kites...swim...whatever. As long as we were
together...it didn't matter what we did. Mom got a kick out of watching Dad and I.  I think she liked the fact that being with me made them both feel like kids again too."

"That's something I want to make sure I pass on to my children." Allura commented.  "I had a hard time feeling as part of anything.  I was shuffled back and forth from person to person.  Not that my parents didn't want to spend time with me...its just...it was very difficult for them. Then, after Mother passed away, Father made an extra effort to try to include me on different outings and royal functions."

"I think spending time with a child is the most important thing you can do for that child." Keith added.  "Sure...your primary task is to care for the child's physical needs.  But their emotional needs count just as much."

"Yes, and that's something I want to do differently for my children, someday." Allura said.

As they reached the shoreline and walked out of the water...Keith suddenly noticed that something wasn't quite right about the scene.

Something was missing...

"Where's our clothes!" Keith shouted suddenly.

"What?" Allura blurted out.

"Our clothes!" Keith said, walking up to the blanket.  "They were right here!"

Allura turned her head back and forth...looking for any sign of the missing clothing.  Keith reached down and snatched the towel up into his hands and then handed it off to Allura.  It was then, that his well-trained senses took over, and he found something that tipped him off to the presence of unwanted company

"Someone's footprints...right there!" Keith shouted, pointing down to the sandy ground.

"Looks like more than one set of footprints," Allura said quickly. 

"It is," Keith replied, now looking up and around the area.

The intruders had left their mark in the sand... and a path for Keith and Allura to follow.

"Come on," Keith said to her.  "It's probably some kids having fun, but stay behind me, just in case."

Allura nodded as she dried herself off, now beginning to walk behind him.

Keith led the way, carefully following the footprints in the sand.  By his guess...there was two of them.  But the footprints were too large to belong to mischievous children.

More like... mischievous adults.  And if he had to guess... he would have to say that he probably knew them by face and name.

Keith's face began to burn with anger, knowing now that it had to be Lance, up to his old tricks again.

"He's sure making it easy for me to want to kill him!" Keith thought to himself.

The sandy footprints ended at the opening of the woods.  Allura quickly gasped

"Keith!  The horses!  Their gone!" she cried.

"More like...moved, if you ask me." Keith commented.  "Come on, let's look around.  I have a feeling our clothes aren't very far away...and neither are the horses."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Keith?" Allura said suddenly, a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

"Yeah...and I hope, for their sakes, I'm wrong!" Keith blurted out angrily.  "Spread out...look for our clothes and the horses."

After moments of looking around, Keith finally spotted in the distance, the outlines of their red and pink outfits.  It appeared as if the clothes were hung over the top of some bushes.

"I found the clothes, Allura!" he called to her, pointing toward the bushes.

The two of them quickly ran up to the bushes.  Grabbing for their clothes, Keith bit down the sudden mounting anger and looked at Allura. "We'd better split up and find the horses."

"Keep your COM link open...so we can keep in touch!" she added.

"Good idea." Keith replied.

She nodded and went off in one direction, while Keith went off in another.  Together, they searched the nearby area, calling out for the horses by name.

"Someone's going to die today..." Keith thought angrily. "And I'm having a feeling I'm going to need to train a new Red Lion pilot!"

Twenty minutes had passed...

"Any sign of them, Keith?" Allura asked in her COM.

"Nothing yet," Keith's voice replied in a frustrated tone of voice.

Allura could hear the mounting anger building within him.

"Well, I'm heading back around toward the beach." she said.

"Okay, I'll backtrack and meet you there." Keith replied.

"What are we going to do, if we can't find the horses, Keith?" Allura asked.

"We'll find them, Princess." Keith replied.  "And if I run across anyone else along the way...you're going to hear a lot of screaming in the distance!"

Allura giggled, letting her wrist drop to her side.  Clutching her clothes in her arms, she paused for a moment to catch her breath.  Then, she began the trek back to the beach.

The woods were full of biting insects, and by now, Allura's legs were absolutely chewed up with bug bites.  She found herself biting back her own building anger, and the thought came to her mind as to who it might possibly be causing all of this trouble.

One name came to mind...


Allura looked just ahead and saw the beach, and so, she quickened her pace.  The picnic area would be a distance away down the beach shoreline.

As she reached the beach area and got her bearings...she suddenly looked in the distance toward their picnic area set upand what she saw, made her angry beyond reason.

"Lance...and Hunk?" she breathed their names.

Sitting at the picnic sight, with the horses... was Lance and Hunk... and they were feeding the horses the picnic lunch!

Lance and Hunk were laughing and rolling around on the ground, having broke out into a fit of laughter at the sight of the Princess, emerging from the woods, and seeing that the horses were enjoying the lunch.

Allura quickly lifted up her wrist and activated the COM. "Keith...come in, Keith!"

Keith's voice quickly responded. "I read you, Allura!  Did you find them?"

"I've found our missing horses..." she began to say.

"Great!" Keith replied. "Where?"

"Right here...on the beach...along with our two pranksters, who've been feeding our lunch to the horses!" she replied, her voice filled with anger.

"WHAT?" Keith blurted out, as his voice sounded as if he had just began to sprint. "LANCE?!?"

"Yes...and co-conspirator, Hunk Simon!" she added. "Both of them are sitting at our picnic spot with the horses...enjoying OUR lunch!"

"I'm going to KILL the two of them!" Keith huffed.

"Leave some of the killing for me!" she added to his sentiment.

"I'll be right there!" Keith replied as he signed off.  "Go see if you can catch them!"

Allura's face developed a determined look of rage, as she began a steady walk toward the picnic area.

Lance, meantime, wiped his eyes, having laughed so hard that they were watering.  "Oh, she's mad now!" Lance laughed.

"Yeah, she's madder than a one of Hagar's Robeasts!" Hunk added.

"Yeah, but the bigger pigeon is yet to come," Lance added.

Suddenly, Keith appeared on the beach, emerging from the woods in a full sprint.

Lance pointed down beach, as he caught sight of Keith.  "And here he is...right on time!  Our pigeon!" Lance laughed.

"LANCE!  HUNK!" Keith shouted at the top of his voice.

"Yeah...and here comes, all right! Our brave Commander!" Hunk said in respond to Lance's
comment.  "Right on time, just as we expected!"

"He looks mad!" Lance chuckled.

"Yeah...he's gonna kill us, you know!" Hunk laughed out loud.

"Not if Allura gets here first!" Lance blurted out, as he observed the Princess now running toward them as well.  "You know...she's been known to have a nasty temper too!  Just ask Lotor!"

"Well, shall we go, and leave these two, to figure out their new lunch plans?" Lance asked his co-conspirator.

"Yeah, I think they can wait until later on to thank us for this!" Hunk replied.

"I agree!" Lance chuckled.

The two of them rose to their feet.  With Keith and Allura almost upon them, Lance and Hunk activated their jetpacks and lifted off into the air.

As Keith and Allura reached the picnic sight, Allura grabbed the reigns of the now, startled horses.

Keith, meantime, reached down and grabbed the nearly empty picnic basket, directed his anger toward the skies above his head...


"Just having a little fun!" Hunk answered.

"Yeah...at your expense!" Lance laughed.

"I'm going to KILL you two!" Keith shouted.

"That wasn't very funny, boys!" Allura's voice added to Keith's.

"Yeah, maybe not for you, but for us, it was a riot!" Lance added, hovering above their heads. "Watching you two darting around in the woods in your bathing suits was the best entertainment I've had in a long, long time!"

"You guys were running around all over the place!" Hunk shouted down at Keith and Allura. "It was priceless!"

"And then, to see your face, Princess, when you saw the horses eating your lunch...ho-ho! What a riot!" Lance laughed out loud.

Keith suddenly hurled the basket up into the air at the laughing duo.  The basket was far short of its intended target, falling aimlessly back to the sandy beach below.

"Do you know how much trouble you two are in?" Keith shouted up to them.

"Yeah...but it was fun getting into it!" Hunk replied.

"Besides, the look on your faces was enough to carry us over into the afterlife!" Lance added. "Well, it's been fun, but we've got to go now!  Enjoy the rest of your day...lovebirds!"

"Yeah, we've done enough here!" Hunk said. "See ya later!"

"COUNT ON IT!" Keith shouted up angrily to them once again.

Lance and Hunk broke out into laughter once again, then, immediately zooming up high into the air and jetted out of sight, leaving Keith and Allura, burning mad.

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