A story based on. "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 4
A Plan for a Picnic Tag-A-Long

The alarm sounded bright and early at five o'clock in the morning, announcing to Keith that once again, it was time to rise up and greet yet another day. But this day, more than any other day, was going to be a special day.

Today was the day he and the Princess
would go out and spend some quality
time  together...alone...without the
watchful eyes of his friends or the
Castle compliment.

Keith had spoken to Coran late last night about his intentions to take the Princess out on a day outing. Coran was reserved, asking many questions regarding both Keith's intentions and Allura's safety.

Coran had reservations when the Princess gave him the, 'joyous news' that she and Keith were going off alone for the day.  Coran was, to say the least, a bit concerned about the plan.

The Princess's advisor had wasted little time in calling Keith in for a meeting...and then, there was the standard speech on proper behavior and royal protocol...

But, Keith had endured it all...for Allura's sake.

Coran then volunteered to relieve Keith's obligation in the Control Room for the night, encouraging the young leader to get some much needed rest, if he intended to take the Princess out on an all day event.

With that said, Keith had returned to his room and planned out how the day would take place. He had sent a COM message to the kitchen staff, asking them to prepare a picnic lunch for the two them.  He was sure that it wouldn't be long into the day before everyone in the Castle...
including his friends...would know of his plans to take Allura out for the day.

Lastly, before he went to bed last night, he activated his computer and called up a map of the area, and prepared an itinerary to give to Coran.  Someone should know where the two of them were going...just in case.

Keith was no fool when it came to his first duty to the Princess...her protection.  Doom had been mysteriously absent lately, and all reports had indicated that Lotor's fleet was on the move in the vicinity of Sector 909-A... in the Cerulean Quadrant.

And although Keith was certain that Lotor was up to no good out there, at least he could feel somewhat secure in knowing that the evil Prince and his forces of Doom were no where near Arus.

The Voltron Commander had plotted a trip to the city of Kardel, near Claw Mountain.  After the Doom Wars, the city had rebuilt itself into a blooming metropolis, and Keith felt good about taking the Princess there for a visit...even so, knowing that they would most likely be mobbed by the public as soon as word had spread of her arrival into the city.

He didn't much care about that.  She needed to be with her people, as much as she needed to be with him.  Her people were one of the many links to her father's memory.

By the time Keith got to bed, it was nearly midnight.

Now...it was a miserable, five o'clock in the morning.

Time sure has a way of sneaking up on a person!

Keith flipped back the covers and rolled slowly out of bed, letting out a long drawn yawn.  He stretched his muscles a bit before standing to his feet.  The floor was cold...and Keith quickly
retracted his feet upward once again with a low groan.

He then bent down and grabbed his slippers, placing them on his feet to try the maneuver of getting out of bed, once again.  Successful in his second attempt, Keith slowly scuffed his feet across the floor and made his way to the window.

The dawn was still about an hour or so away, but from the look of the clear night sky, and all of the twinkling stars that had come out to greet all morning dwellers, Keith could tell it was going to be a fine day.

A picture perfect day, as a matter of fact...

Lion practice was at six, and the anxiousness had to be now placed aside, making way for more serious matters.

Keith went to shower room in his quarters, to prepare himself for the day, before breakfast and then, practice.


Pidge skipped into the dining area, followed by his lumbering friend, Hunk, who was still half-asleep, having been shaken out of bed by his younger friend.

Pidge sat down at the table and called to Hunk, who had paused by the door to lean up against it.

"Come on, Hunk!" Pidge coaxed his friend.  "Breakfast will do you good!  How do you think I get all of my energy?"

"You're younger than me, Pidge!" Hunk blurted out, somewhat obnoxiously, at Pidge.  "I need more sleep in the morning then you do!"

"No you don't!" Pidge replied back with a chuckle.  "You just need to put the maintenance books down at night and go to bed before one o'clock in the morning!"

"Hey!  I like to read!" Hunk groaned. 
"Besides, it's one of the only times I can
relax around here!  If I'm not working on
new gadgets for the robot lions, I'm doing
other clean up or whatever!  I never get a
chance to just rest on my own!"

"Oh, tisk, tisk!" Pidge snorted playfully.
"I feel sorry for you! Now get over here
and sit down! Food will be right out! And
that always makes you feel better...about
most anything!"

Hunk groaned and shoved himself off of the wall in a forward motion, beginning to now make his way slowly to the dining table.

Lance now entered the room, introducing himself in showman style as he entered...

"Okay everyone! Now's your chance
to welcome one of the most celebrated
guys on Arus!  He's superb, single,
and has a great persona!  Let's hear a
round of applause for that outstanding
individual...that stunning personality...
that absolutely handsome devil...
Gentleman! Let's give it up for yours

Pidge immediately burst into laughter, while Hunk turned around and stuck his tongue out at Lance, before sprinting to the table in a sudden burst of energy.

Playfully, Lance's arm swung up to cover his eyes, attempting to play up the melodramatic moment.

"Oh, guys...I'm crushed!" Lance swooned.  "How can you guys treat me like this! I mean...after all we've shared between us!"

"Oh please, Lance!" Hunk bellowed.  "For once, can you not come in here like you're the King of Arus, and that everyone should pay attention to you?"

Lance smirked and quickly ran up to his two friends, coming to stand between them both. "Ah...now there's a timely title to be using, Hunk!" Lance replied.  "Because it just so happens that I have some rousing news about our, 'future King of Arus' that I'm just dying to share with you two!  But...if you guys aren't interested..."

As Lance began to turn and head for his seat, Hunk quickly grabbed onto his arm, restraining his movements

"What about Keith?" Hunk said in a more quiet tone of voice.  "You've got some dirt on him, don't ya?"

Pidge groaned, propping up his head with his arm.  "Hunk... don't fall for this crap..."

"Hush, Pidge!" Hunk replied as he turned back to Lance.  "Well, how 'bout it?  Is something up?  Did he and Allura have it out or something?  Come on, Lance?  You know something, don't you?"

Lance shrugged his shoulders.  "Oh, I don't know...I just happen to have a very good contact in the kitchen, and she and I had just happened to be sharing conversation this morning...and she just happened to mention that Keith had requested the kitchen to pack a picnic lunch for him and the Princess to share... and..."

"You mean...he's taking her out today on a picnic?" Pidge blurted out suddenly.  "After he's been ignoring her for days?"

"Yep!" Lance replied back.  "And, after practice this morning, the two of them will be taking off for the day...just the two of them!  And THAT'S when we strike!"

"WE strike?" Hunk asked.  "What do you mean by, 'we' strike?  Strike what?"

"Lance, you're not thinking that you're going to interfere with their outing today, are you?" Pidge questioned.

"No, I wasn't thinking that I was going to be doing that." Lance replied with a crocked smile. "I was thinking that 'WE' were going to be interfering in Keith's outing today!"

Hunk rose to his feet.  "Are you kidding me?  Keith will kill us if we screw up his day plans!"

"He won't even know its us,
if we play our cards right!"
Lance replied back, stretching
his arms over his head.  "And
even if he does find out...so
what?  What's he gonna do?"

"Kill us, for starters," Hunk
replied quietly.

"This isn't right, Lance!" Pidge defended.  "Leave them alone!"

"Now you're kidding!  I'm not leaving them alone!  Not for one second!  This is my opportunity to have some fun!  And I need your help to do it!" Lance replied as he pointed to Hunk and Pidge.

"Count me out, Lance," Pidge said.

"Me too." Hunk added.

"Oh, come on, guys!  Don't be party poopers!" Lance replied.

"Isn't that what you're asking us to be?" Hunk asked sarcastically.

"No, I'm asking you to join me in a bit of fun!" Lance replied.  "There's no harm in having some fun!"

"No harm, that is, until Keith pounds the daylights out of us, if we're caught!" Pidge pointed out.

"Yeah...but only if he catches us!" Lance winked.  "And I've got the perfect plan to help prevent that from happening!"

"What kind of plan?" Hunk probed.

"Nah-uh, Hunk!  Not until you consent to help!" Lance smirked.  "I'm not giving out details until you say you in on this.  I can't risk Keith finding out about, what could be, the greatest Lance gag ever, in the history of Arus!"

"Why am I even listening to this?" Hunk sighed.  "And even worse, why am I considering going in on this?"

"Because, somewhere deep inside you says this will be fun!" Lance snickered.

Hunk sighed again...and then chuckled.  "Well, okay...I'll consider it."

"HUNK!" Pidge shouted.  "You can't be serious!"

"Well, I'm game for some fun around here!" Hunk replied back.  He turned his head and looked up at Lance.  "No one gets hurt, right?"

Lance innocently shook his head.  "No way, buddy!  Absolutely no one gets hurt!   Frustrated beyond reason, maybe...but no one gets hurt!"

"Especially us...right?" Hunk added, his eyebrows knitting together.

"I promise!" Lance said, shooting a wink at his large friend.

Hunk thought for a moment...and then let out a chuckle.  "Okay, then count me in!"

"Well, count me out!" Pidge said.  "I can't do that to Keith and the Princess!"

"Then you'll keep your mouth shut at least, right?" Lance said, now leaning into Pidge's face in an intimidating fashion.

"Yeah, yeah...I'll keep your dirty little secret, a secret!" Pidge replied back.  "But don't blame me if you two die way before your time to go!  Because if Keith catches you, you guys are dead meat!"

"He won't catch us!" Lance chuckled.  "Not with the plan I have in store!"