A story based on. "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 2
If The Ugly Truth Be Known

Prince Lotor sat alone in his private chambers aboard his flagship, the Revenge.  Disgusted that his plan to bring Princess Allura to him, to become his bride, had once again, failed to produce fruit, he chose to isolate himself off from his ship and crew.

"It was all so...perfect!" Lotor groaned aloud, thinking of his defeat.  "Until that...little green...INSECT... from Surbain failed miserably, to deliver Allura into my hands!" he said, speaking of the former Surbainian Royal Advisor, Annserot, who has since, been confined to a maximum security prison facility on Surbain, by order of the King.

The evil Prince rose to his feet, beginning once again, to pace the room, as he had done only minutes before. He was waving his robotic arm back and forth in discontent, as he continued to angrily recite the twist of events on Planet Surbain that had again produced fruitless results.

"I absolutely can NOT believe this!" Lotor blurts out.  "Is there no way to gain the Princess's favor? No way, to bring her to me, at last?"

His anger momentarily focused in on the one person who has been a constant threat to his plans to capture Princess Allura...the one man, who has thwarted his every attempt to successfully take control of the Castle of Lions...and Planet Arus.

That one man...was Keith Hunter.

"One day, Hunter!" Lotor seethed. loathing the
name he had just uttered. "One day...I will have
the upper hand...and the Princess will be mine!
One day...the valiant Commander Keith Hunter
will bow down at MY feet and worship ME!  And
VOLTRON will be nothing but a pile of scrap metal!"

As he marched around the room...he suddenly paused in front of the large space window before him.  His reflection was being cast into it...and he suddenly began to focus on the man he truly was...

"Look at me!  This...this THING...that I've become!" Lotor hissed, referring more to his appearance, rather than his attitude.
"How can I ever expect Allura to
fall in love with what I am now!
More robot, than man!  This too,
is Hunter's doing! I still have THAT
to repay upon him!"

Lotor despised his reflection, and
ordered all of the mirrors to be either
broken or jettisoned from the Revenge,
many months ago. Now, even the windows
betray his order to forbid his reflection
to show its ugly face to his eyes.

With a mighty cry, Lotor turned and picked up a glass goblet on a nearby table.  Without even thinking of the possible consequences, Lotor hurled the goblet at the window.  The glass of the goblet shattered immediately upon contact with the window.  The fury that Lotor felt at this own hideous appearance was so great, that he had almost hoped the window would shatter...
ending his misery for good.

But, it did not.

The remains of the glass fell to the floor in splintered pieces.  Lotor's breath was shallow and rapid...angry beyond all means of reason.

And his anger had a name on it...

VOLTRON...and the male members of the Voltron Force.

"I'll get even, Voltron, if its the last thing I do!" Lotor hissed under his breath.  "I swear by all that is evil...by all of Hell itself, there will not be a place in this universe far enough for the
Voltron Force to hide from me!  I will have my revenge for the atrocities that have befallen me at the hands of...VOLTRON!"

With a twist of his head, he turned his body around on the heel of one foot, and walked over his desk, slamming his body down into the chair with brute force.  He barely felt the impact.

Next, the evil Prince of Doom
closed his eyes...trying only to
remove the vision of his ugliness
from his mind.  And what he found
in his mind's eye...made things
seem even worse than they had
been, moments before.

"Allura..." he murmured quietly.
His mind beheld her face.  Her
eternal beauty and captivating
grace...all beyond his embrace.
"I would give...anything...to have
you in my arms, my Princess."

He slumped over into his chair slowly...his eyes still closed. His breathing slowly began to even out, and with a sigh of breath, the Prince of Doom began to drift into a restless slumber...

And as he fell away into unconsciousness, his mind recalled his breathless vow... and he quietly uttered it once more, before falling asleep...


If only, an opportunity, such as that, would avail itself to him.

Lotor's head slid down to where his chin was now touching his chest. Asleep...but never in peace.