A story based on. "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 1
A Peaceful Eve

The sunset was brilliant...

On the quiet and peaceful planet
of Arus, the summer sun had just
finished treating the populace of
a portion of the world to one of
the finest days of the year.

And now, as quickly as it had come, it was gone again.

The beauty of the setting sun had bathed the Castle of Lions in a rich, golden yellow hue.  The colors of the sky were as gorgeous as ever, and the stars themselves, began to twinkle brightly in the crisp, clear evening sky, as if to bid the planet a welcome to another beautiful night.

Arus's only moon began to once again show its face for all to see.  It was the brilliance of a full moon that had come to greet all of those who were watching it, as it seemed to proudly take its place amongst the stars.

Standing upon the balcony, dressed once again in her favorite pink gown, and watching it all unfold before her, the lovely Princess Allura stood...gazing upon the land overlooking the Castle of Lions.

She takes in a deep breath of fresh air...and slowly allows it to escape from her lungs.

It was a cleansing breath...a breath of release and relief.

Not long ago, she thought she would never live to see another Arusian sunset or moon rise.

She was looking forward to retiring early.  She had had a late evening the night before, with the 'Welcome Home' banquet that Coran had prepared for her and the Voltron Force... having returned safely home from the distant planet, Surbain.

As the breeze waffled through her long hair,
the fading golden tones of the sinking sunlight
were sifting through her hair, giving her an
almost eliminating look about her.

She took another deep cleansing breath...

It was good to be home.

The Princess continued to gaze over the land before her as she stood on the balcony...and as she gazed, her winsome thoughts suddenly rested upon a man she admired very much...perhaps even more than the admiration she had carried in her heart for her dearly departed father.

He was a man, whom she had come to call friend...confidantand most recently...

Her dearest love...

A tender smile crossed the young Arusian Princess's face, as she dwelled on the thought of the one man, she had grown accustom to trusting her very life with...

And then, her thoughts suddenly paused...as she wondered what he was doing right at this very moment.

Was he seeing the same moon she was seeing? Were the stars rejoicing for her new found love as well?  Did the beauty of Arus seem to be glad for her?

The Princess of Arus...happy at last...

But, could her beloved's desire for her be so rich and so deep, that he would go so far as to capture one of the stars in the sky...just for her...if she desired him to do so?


Allura whispered the man's name,
enjoying the sound of her voice,
merely speaking of him.


In the peace and quiet of his room, Commander Keith Hunter sat at his desk.  He had been typing out his report on a micro-disc with fevered pace.  He had to finish it tonight...because Vice-Marshall Graham was going to take it back to Galaxy Garrison with him when he leaves in the morning.  On the report, Keith was detailing the events that had transpired on Planet Surbain.

But, not all that had transpired on Planet Surbain, however.

Keith chose to keep his thoughts and feelings private regarding the Princess.  He was still digesting everything that had transpired between them...

He had decided to take a brief break from his report...just for a moment.

As he leaned back and stretched,
flexing the tired muscles in his back
and arms, he paused...reflecting on
all that had happened to him in recent weeks,
with an almost blank stare on his face.

Several weeks earlier, he had been
just the Commander of the Voltron Force.

Now...he was that and a suitor to the Princess.

Never in his wildest dreams, had he ever
imagined it all unfolding in just the way it did.  Keith was more or less, forced to confess his feelings for Allura... and at the worst possible moment ever.

She was about to marry another man...and not just any man...but the King of Surbain.  He recalled the crushing feeling he had felt in his chest, as if his heart were threatening to shatter into a million pieces, as he stood and listened to her recite the vows of marriage...against her will.

But there was little he could do to stop it from happening.

Nothing anyone could do to stop it...

For the first time, he was face to face with his own inability to protect her.  And now that it was all over... he vowed to never allow himself to feel that way again.

As Keith pondered these thoughts, he looked down at his desk drawer.  His eyes suddenly fixed themselves on the drawer, and with one involuntary movement, he reached his hand down and pulled it open.

Inside of the drawer, his hand found the honor metal that he had slipped in there last night...

The Arusian Metal of Valor...it had been awarded to him by the Princess at the banquet the evening before.  He took the metal into his hand and held it up in front of his face...and now, stared at it, intensely.

This was awarded to him as a symbol of bravery and valor...for his selfless sacrifice unto the Princess, as the Commander of the Voltron Force.

But in truth...he didn't need a metal for what he had done.  Keith knew in his heart that he would protect Allura again and again, and if necessary, offer his own life in exchange for hers.

He had already proven that in past battles.  And he was certainly ready to do it again, when the time arose to do so.

That was how deep his love for her was...and still is.

She insisted he accept the metal.  And he did...but not because he wanted to...but out of respect for her position as Princess...and out of his deep love and admiration for her.

Keith set the metal down upon his desk, and regarded it for a moment longer, before closing the drawer and resuming his typing once again.

But before he did, he glanced over at the window in his room...staring at what was left of the sun.

As the sun set beyond the horizon, Keith sighed once again, hoping that the peaceful evening would continue to be a peaceful night.

His eyes suddenly began to focus in on the moon as it rose into the sky.

He knew she was thinking of him.  He could sense her thoughts...her feelings.  His very being seemed to be intertwined with hers, now.

He was lost to her...for all of eternity.  And with no regrets...he desired nothing more than to be with her...forever.

If he could only get passed the mistrust of his past...and allow her into his life completely. The thought of breaking down the walls that surrounded his heart was frightening, to say the least. He had spent many years building those walls of protection, deciding that being a loner was better than being hurt once again.

The disappearence of his parents tore him up inside, and yet, he outwardly displayed no emotion...no hint of a lost and agonizing heart.

He behaved in a way that honored his parents' memory...and he was convinced that this was how they would have wanted him to behave in the light of their deaths.

But now, the wounds of the past were once again, knocking at his hearts' door.

What if something happened to Allura?  What if she were killed by some unforeseen event, similar to the fate of his parents?  Could he recover from that again?  Could he go on, or would old wounds be torn open once again?

He had convinced himself that time would mend those wounds.

But there was no getting past it...love
was a frightening thing... more frightening
then he had imagined it to be.

But...his love for Allura was strong. 
Hopefully, it would be strong enough
to carry him through his fears...the
blonde-hair beauty of his dreams...
now his reality.

Keith allowed himself to linger on her sweetness for a moment longer...

As his eyes shifted back to the keyboard of the mini-console, he suddenly realized that his life would never be the same again...from this day forward.

He resumed composing his report calmly, shifting from thoughts of love and waves of panic...back to the stern and focused Alliance officer he had made himself into.