The Ememy Unknown
Story by Adele M. Previte
Copyright © 2002
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St. Louis, MO., USA
The Voltron Force are called to Earth on a diplomatic mission of peace, benefiting two warring planets.

But suddenly, things turn turbulant...especially for the young Princess of Arus, when the king of one of the warring planets takes a seemingly special interest in her.

The Voltron Force, particularily, Commander Keith, find the king's forward gestures toward their Princess, borderline offensive.  Keith, especially, finds it distasteful, as he begins to realize his growing feelings for the Princess of Arus.

But the king's plans for Princess Allura turn suddenly from affection, to domination, desiring more than her interest...but her planet as well.

And when things don't quite go as planned, the king, in a desperate attempt to control the Princess, wisks her away to the past...but Allura's definance traps them both there....quite possibly....forever.

How will the Voltron Force bring her back? 
What will become of Arus, without the Princess?
Will Keith ever see Allura alive again?  And can he pull himself together to figure out a way to save her....if there is such a way?

Read, "The Enemy Unknown" to find out!
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