"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


(This is the last chapter in the story)

Chapter Twenty-Eight
Its In the Evening Breeze

The sun set on Arus for the night, revealing the brilliance of its moon.  That light shone brightly over the entire left hemisphere of the planet, as it slowly crept across the horizon.

It was this same brilliant reflecting light that Keith found himself gazing at, as he stood alone on the balcony of the Castle of Lions.

He had been sighing a lot in this day, that was at last, coming to an end, and the sighing continued as night pressed on.  The young Commander leaned up against the balcony side, allowing his gaze to wander back and forth over the magnificent land.

The moon's light reflected off of the lake, and beyond the lake, was the cliff that lead to the valley below.

Keith couldn't get the sound out of his head... the sound he heard of the screaming King Drago, as he plummeted to his death...just what was now, a little over a thousand years ago. It was a pitiful sound...one that Keith was sure to remember for the rest of his life.

A hand gently touched his shoulder, disturbing his thoughts.

Startled, he quickly turned his head defensively, to face the owner of the hand.  He took a deep cleansing breath of relief as his eyes beheld the Princess of Arus, as she stood behind him, a bit startled herself by his reaction to her intrusion.

His smile, however, was a signal to her that she was welcomed to stay with him.

Allura walked up to him and gently touched his face with her the back of her hand.

"Are you alright?" she asked Keith.  "You were very quiet at dinner."

"Yeah, I guess so." Keith sighed in response.  "Just thinking a lot, I guess."

"Anything you want to share?" she asked him.

"No." he replied, shaking his head, as he turned his gaze and this thoughts, once again, returned to the lake and the cliff.

Allura somehow sensed what he was thinking, and immediately addressed it.  "It wasn't your fault," she said to him.  "And no matter how many times you try to blame yourself, it still wasn't your fault."

"Why didn't he reach up and take my hand?" Keith mumbled. "I...I could have saved him."

"He wasn't smart enough to," Allura reasoned. "Or perhaps, he simply didn't trust you. You know, Keith, evil people can never trust others, because they know that they themselves, can not be trusted.  He died because he could not trust himself enough to believe that you
would actually help him."

"I can't get the sound of his scream out of my mind, Allura." Keith said, rubbing his head with his hands.  "Its like I'm cursed to hear it for eternity."

"It will pass," she assured him.  "Time will heal your wounded soul.  You know... I went down and studied the archive entry once again.  It's so incredible to me that the writings are so specific as they describe you and Pidge.  And they are so true with regards to you
being the greatest Lion Knight my planet will ever know."

"Allura, I'm only as great as the people who surround me." Keith pointed out.  "And maybe that's not the way history will paint me.  But I'm no 'one-man-show'.  I'm part of a great team of people, and together, we fight to defend this world from evil.  That's the way I see it.  And if that makes me a good leader, then I've accomplished my mission.  It doesn't make me greater than anyone else, though."

"No, but it makes you a humble leader." Allura noted.  "And you already are looked upon with great favor among the people of Arus.  You are their hero, not Voltron.  Voltron didn't come back in time to save me. You did."

"Maybe," Keith replied in a rather uncaring voice. "I'm no superhero dressed in a cape. I can't live up to that type of prestige.  I'm simply a man..."

"But one with noble character...greater then many of those of noble birth." Allura smiled, grabbing onto his forearm.  "You have a wisdom that reminds me of my father...careful, honest, kind, compassionate... yet strong and fearless."

Keith looked at her. "You're too kind, Princess.  Thank you."

"No, thank you, Keith...thank you for returning to live amongst my people and once again taking your rightful place as Commander of Voltron.  Thank you for protecting me, and for having the confidence in me that I need, to continue the fight against evil.  Your confidence in me, means more then anything." Allura said.

Keith turned his head to look at Allura.
Her eyes were warm and welcoming,
and her smile as bright as the light of the
moon as she looked at him too.  He
turned his body to face her completely,
then reached out and took her
hand in his.

"I am your eternal servant,
Princess Allura." he said to her, as he
placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand.

"And perhaps someday...a suitor?" Allura winked affectionately.

Keith paused in mid-motion, and released her hand suddenly.  "There's nothing more that I would desire.  But I'm afraid... I'm... not worthy  of such an honor."

"Nonsense!" she said with protest. "You are more worthy then many princes I've ever met!"

"I'm nothing but a pilot, sent to help a planet in need.  I can't be your suitor!  Its more then I ever dreamed of, yet nothing like I ever imagined!" he replied. "

But... what about the archives...the lions sensed it to be true!" Allura pointed out.  "They suggest you to be the future King of Arus, Keith."

"Are we to base our whole lives on a book of writings, Princess?" Keith asked her as he looked at her.  "If they said to jump off this castle wall, and you'd be safe as you reached the bottom, would you do it, simply because it was written down there in a book?"

"I have felt a special bond to you...nearly as long as you have felt it for me." Allura replied. "You can't deny what is in your heart, Commander."

"No, I can't, Princess." Keith agreed. "But I must use common sense with regards to my feelings...for both our sakes."


"Allura, it's all too much for me right now!  Please...you must give me so time to digest this!" he said in a slightly raised voice.  "Yes, I have feelings for you.  There is no denying that. But I must weigh them out carefully, for they will not only affect you and me, but our whole team. I must be sure that my feelings for you do not jeopardize anyone of us...especially during battle.  That would be a critical mistake that we simply can't afford to make. Evil waits for
us to make that mistake, Allura. And the moment we do, Arus...and the entire galaxy...is doomed!"

Allura's face suddenly frowned. Keith saw it, and realizing he deflated her, he quickly moved to comfort her.

"But I didn't say it could never happen, Allura." he said to her.  "I simply said that we must be careful.  It might be my destiny to be your king and to rule here with you.  And if it is, I surely won't be disappointed!  But I want to be sure that it's absolutely the right time for it to happen. And I also want to be mindful of those around us, a relationship like this would affect. Besides, I'm not even exactly sure HOW to define what I feel for you.  I'm just not there
yet.  But no matter what the future holds for you and I, you can be sure that I'll always protect you and watch over you, Princess."

Allura nodded.

"Not to mention that Lotor would blow a transistor to find that his dearest love has intentions for another!" Keith added with a chuckle.  Then suddenly became serious once again.  "He would waste no time in trying to destroy either one of us.  You know that, don't you?  The
moment we announce any kind of relationship, Lotor will come in like a rushing wind, and make every attempt to destroy our lives."

"Yes, I know that." Allura replied.

"And for that reason alone, we must be careful, and guard ourselves from his evilness.  For it'll surely spread to the people of Arus." Keith added.

"I agree." Allura repeated.

Keith smiled, letting go of the serious mood, replacing it with a more lighthearted one. "Besides, what will Coran say when he finds out at the person he yells at when something goes wrong is the very person who he will have to answer to, someday?"

Allura broke into a giggle suddenly, covering her mouth with her hand.  "Yes, I don't imagine he'd take too kindly to that in the beginning!"

"Me either!" Keith chuckled back.

The two of them laughed for a few minutes before finally
quieting down. Keith grabbed Allura's hands suddenly.
"I'd like to ask you if you would like to take a walk
with me in the garden.  Its lovely in the moonlight,
and I'd sure like your company."

Allura smiled graciously. "I'd be honored to attend you,
Commander Keith!"

Keith extended his elbow toward her and she quickly latched her elbow around it.  Together, the two of them walked off of the balcony beginning what is sure to be the start of a beautiful, yet powerful union.

As they walked, Allura couldn't help but recall the story in the archives...and that name...


She couldn't help but think of the name and the enemy of long ago that was somehow unknown to her...yet she felt the evil in her heart that this man once was...

Below in the valley, a few wild dogs gathered, chasing each other around in the field just below the side of the cliff.  During their playful, evening frolic, they passed by what appeared to be a tombstone...

It had the following message engraved upon it...

This place, herein, lies the remains of Planet Arus's eternal foe.  The foe's name, unspeakable as it is, is Drago.  Here once, he intended doom upon Arus, but two brave Lion Knights came forth from time to prevent our future's end.

This stone is not to remember the evil buried here, but to pay tribute to the Lion Knights of Arus.  For without their help, Arus would be no more.

And to all generations of Lion Knights who follow them, I salute you.  To all of the Lion Knights, who read this, your Queen eternally thanks you.