"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Twenty-Seven
A Confusing Reunion

Princess Allura arrived in the archive chamber.  The stone statue heads of the five Lions of Arus greeted her as always...and to the natural eye, it was nothing more then a cold stare. But to the Princess, it was a welcomed greeting of old friends.

Allura quickly walked across the room to the stone pedestal that stood in the middle of the room.  She opened it up and gently lifted the Book of the Ancient Scribes out of it and carefully walked over to a nearby stone table.

She opened the book and began examining from the beginning the archived information written down there by nobles and scribes from years long past.

Her forehead craned upwardly, as she saw a particular entry in there that to the best of her knowledge, had never been noticed by her before in the hundreds of times she had studied archives.

The entry was from Queen Ariela herself.


She writes:

Today, Black Lion and Blue Lion told me of an occasion that occurred before I could understand words or the meaning of them, when I was but a small child, and when a great evil sought to destroy me.

A despicable evil came from Arus's future time, with the intent on destroying all that Arus would become, long after I am gone.  Along with this evil man, came a child of the future that the lions could only describe as being 'The Daughter of Arus'.  At least, the lions felt she was from the future...

I can only assume she is my heiress...a Queen or perhaps a princess of Arus in the future; by what is described by the lions.  They could never determine how far in the future this girl was from.

The evil man, whose name was Drago, had one mission...one plan of destruction.  To kill me as I crash-landed on Arus.

Two Lion Knights of the future had traveled back to save the young woman from demise.  In their efforts to save her, they became equally determined to rescue me from the evil intentions of Drago.

Black Lion recalls the story in this way:

There were two Lion Knights...  One was called, Kee.  Black Lion sensed him to be the leader. The smaller of the two held a special bond to Green Lion, I am told.  He was near the age of manhood.

They both wore strange outer garments, and the smaller one had a strange adornment on his face that encircled his eyes.  Indeed, to the lions, it appeared as almost a second pair of eyes themselves.

The older Lion Knight, Kee, appeared unruly in appearance.  His hair, according to Black Lion's recollection, was unkept.

But nevertheless, Black Lion sensed a special bond with this man.  He said that a vision came to him of the man.  He would not only be the greatest Lion Knight Arus will ever know, but he would be King of Arus, ruling with the Daughter of Arus from the future.

Black Lion sensed that he and the smaller knight had come back in time to save the young woman.

Drago appeared once again and captured the young woman, taking her against her will to seek out me as I arrived on Arus.  With the help of the lions, the two Lion Knights sought them out.

Drago was found near the lake.  The Daughter of Arus was with him, being forced to carry me in her arms.  But little did any of us know that this would end up being the safest place that I could have been in.

Evil Drago forced the young woman with me into the lake.  She dove into the lake to escape capture.  But Drago came after us.  He eventually caught up with us and attempted to force the young woman to hand me over to him.

At the same time, the Lion Knights had arrived to the lake, accompanied by the Lions of Arus.  The Lion Knights immediately threw themselves into the lake and swam after us.

But Drago was already grabbing for me as I cried in her arms.  With no thought of her own life, the young woman quickly threw me forward.   I landed on the lake surface, and immediately went under.

Drago would have come for me, but instead, the young woman fought with him to give the Lion Knights enough time to rescue me.  Drago drowned the young woman in the lake.

The 'Daughter of Arus', as she became known as, sacrificed her life in order to save mine. But I was saved...spared death so that my beloved Planet Arus would not suffer in its future.

But Drago's crime did not go unpunished.  The older Lion Knight, the one called Kee, fought with him until Drago fell down the cliff to his death.

The lions said his remains were left there as a reminder of what evil could have done.

Someday, I will erect a plaque there for future generations to see.  It will say that the remains of the evil man are left here to remind us all of what evil can do if left to fester.

I then erected this Castle of Lions here next to the lake, as a befitting tribute to the Daughter of Arus who made the supremesacrifice of her life to save the life of a child she knew nothing

Blue Lion has told me that he feels that the Daughter of Arus did not die, but lives on in a future time.  He can not know this for certain, but feels in his soul a continued connection to herwherever she may be.

Black Lion confirms this vision, saying that the older Lion Knight, Kee, will rule Arus with the Daughter of Arus, so therefore, she must not have truly died at the hands of Drago.

I can only write down these things, in hopes that if the Daughter of Arus is alive, and does have access to these writings, that she may know how thankful I am.  Thankful that she chose to make such a selfless sacrifice for not merely the sake of a small child, but for the future of an entire planet.

Daughters of Arus...whoever you are, if you are alive to read this, even now, know that I am eternally grateful to you.

To the smaller Lion Knight, whose knowledge, I am told, is as vast as that of the wise Green Lion... I also thank you for your bravery.

And to the brave Lion Knight called Kee, who shall rule Arus as her King one day, I say unto you, thank you for your bravery, your love for Arus, and your dedication to this planet's future.

You indeed...shall be... the greatest Lion Knight Arus has ever known.

With careful admiration,
Ariela DeVille, Queen of Arus.


Allura stared at the entry with astonishment.  Who are these people that Queen Ariela is describing in the archive entry?  What does it all have to do with her recollection of the name 'Drago', and why was she thinking of the very name that now appeared in the archives as
part of her planet's history?

The description of the Lion Knights, that Queen Ariela makes reference to, sound quite familiar to her...but in what way?

"This plaque she speaks of," Allura said aloud. "I know of no such plaque.  I must find it!"

She moves to return the book to the pedestal and stops as she hears the sounds of sounds of several footsteps running down the hallway toward the archive chambers.  Unsure who it was, Allura quickly sealed the pedestal up again, and turned to await the arrival of those who were coming.

Keith and Pidge suddenly came to an abrupt halt at the entranceway to the archive chamber. Lance and Hunk were right behind them both.

Pidge shouted first... "Princess!"

Keith said nothing, but instead, ran in toward her, followed directly by the other three Voltron Force members.  Keith immediately grabbed her in a protective embrace, and she quickly reached her hands up to return the hug.

"Allura!" Keith said in a tearful whisper into her eye.  "Thank God you're okay!  I...I thought I'd never see you alive again!"

Allura turned her face so that her eyes could meet with his.  Her expression was one of puzzlement.

"Keith?  Why wouldn't I be alive?  Are you alright...you're acting very strangely suddenly."

Keith looked at her as she released her, using his sleeved arm to wipe the tears that fell from his eyes. 

"I don't understand, Allura." he said quietly.  "Don't you remember what happened?"

"What happened?" she said with a confused tone.  "The last thing I knew is that I was to meet with some leaders of a nearby village, and then...as if I blanked out or something, I'm standing in an empty conference room feeling drained and confused!"

"Then...you don't remember what happened over the last several days?" Pidge said as he stepped forward to her.

"Several days?  What several days?!?" Allura gasped. "What are you talking about?"

Keith and Pidge looked at each other.  Lance and Hunk walked up to them both.  Lance giggled at them, "That's what we're trying to tell you guys!" he said.  "I have no idea what you're talking about!  The Princess has been here all the time!"

"All the time?" Pidge gasped.  "What are you saying, Lance?  You know the Princess disappeared in time..."

"Disappeared...in time?" Hunk snorted before breaking into a chuckle.  "Sounds like someone needs to stop reading science fiction novels!"

"Wha...?" Pidge replied, puzzled by Hunk's response.

"Well, what about the conference on Earth?" Keith said to Allura suddenly, interrupting Pidge's thought.  "You do remember that, don't you, Princess?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Keith." Allura said quietly. 

Pidge looked at Keith suddenly.  "We should probably call Amalgamus and tell him that Drago died in the past..."

"DRAGO?" Allura shouted suddenly.  "Died in the PAST?!?"

"Who's Drago?" Hunk said.  "And why does Amalgamus need to know what it is?"

"Hello!" Pidge turned to Hunk and smacked him on the arm.  "You can't have forgotten about Drago!  Not after what he did to us on Earth...at the conference!"

"What conference on Earth?" Hunk asked, shooting Lance and the Princess a look of confusion.

"Oh, you know very well what conference, Hunk!" Pidge shouted at Hunk.  "Don't play dumb!"

"Pidge, we have no idea what you're talking about!" Lance suddenly said. "We've all been here on Arus!  No one's left to go to Earth!"

"What do you know about Drago?" Allura asked Keith, grabbing onto his arm with an attention-getting grip.  "Tell me!  I must know!"

"Princess..." Keith said with a tone of confusion.  "Don't you remember going back in time to when Ariela first came to Arus?"

"NO!  I DON'T REMEMBER!' Allura shouted in frustration.  She then calmed down a bit as she spoke again.  "All I know is that I've just read an entry in the archives that I've never seen before.  It was from Queen Ariela, and it referred to an incident that happened to her.  It involved an evil man named, Drago, two Lion Knights of the future and someone she referred to as the 'Daughter of Arus'."

Keith and Pidge slowly looked at each other.  Pidge then turned back to the Princess. "Princess, I know the archives are only to be read by the nobles of Arus, but..."

"Can we see this mysterious entry in the archives, Allura?" Keith said, finishing Pidge's thought.

Allura nodded, and when back to the pedestal and opened it.  She gently lifted the book from its resting-place and walked with it back over to the viewing table.  She opened it, flipping a few pages, until she reached the entry she was speaking of never seeing before.

Lance and Hunk watched with curiosity as Keith and Pidge listened carefully as Allura read over the entry in the archives.  Their facial expressions changed with each sentence read. Finally, Keith and Pidge looked at each other, and then to their other three friends.

"Princess," Keith began.  "I...uh...I don't understand why you don't..."

"Keith, what do you know about Drago?" Allura asked him again.  "I must know what this all means!"

"Well, to be perfectly honest with you Allura," Keith said in a low voice, as he ran the fingers of his left hand through his unruly hair.  "I can't say that I completely understand what's happening to all of you, but the entry in the archives...it's...well...it's..."

"Spooky!" Pidge said aloud, interrupting his stammering Commander.  "You mean to tell us that you have no recollection of the war going on between planets Gundahar and Meridiana Two?"

"WAR?" Hunk, Lance and Allura shouted.

"What war?" Lance coughed out.  "There's been no war there!"

"Keith, those two planets have been at peace with each other for several hundred years!" Allura proclaimed.

"I think maybe you two have been spending too much time in the sun," Hunk added.

Allura stepped forward to Keith and laid a gentle hand to his forehead.

In response, Keith stepped away from her suddenly, shaking his head at her.  "No!  I'm not sick!" he replied to her attempts at checking his temperature.

"Just very confused," Pidge sighed.

"Very confused..." Keith mumbled softly.

"Keith," Allura tried again.  "What of Drago?  You must know something."

"I...I thought I did," Keith replied, somewhat unsure of himself suddenly.

"Tell me, Keith, please." Allura begged him.  "Whatever you think you know, please tell me."

"Okay..." Keith sighed suddenly.  "Drago was..."

Pidge added,  "At least in another timeline..."

Keith continued. "He was the ruler
of Planet Gundahar. His planet
was at war with Meridiana Two,
ruled by King Ashland and Queen
Josephilina.  We were called to
Earth on a peacekeeping mission
between the two planets, but things
got hairy.  Drago began making
passes at you, and threats to my
life as your guardian. After a lot
of problems on Earth, we were finally
able to leave.  But somehow, Drago
and a few of his goons hid in Blue Lion
and flew back with us, unknown to any
of us."

Pidge picked up the story:

"Drago held you captive with a
few leaders of a nearby village. He
then pulled out some sort of device
that enabled him to travel back
and forth in time.  But you forced
the device from his hand, just as
the two of you had disappeared."

Keith continued the story:

"You and Drago were sent back in time to the day just before Queen Ariela arrived on Planet Arus as a stranded infant.  Pidge and I came back in time to save you. We learned of the plot that Drago had devised to kill Ariela.  So, we searched for you, and with the help of the Lions of Arus"

"You know of the Lions of Arus?" Allura gasped, holding her hand to her throat.

Keith nodded.  "Yes.  They communicated to us, telepathically.  At first, they weren't sure if they should trust us.  But eventually, they warmed up to us."

"Go on," Allura urged Keith. "Tell me more..."

Keith sighed.  "Well, Drago was finally able to capture you.  He was angry for having been stranded in Arus of the past, and was determined to destroy Arus of the future by destroying Baby Ariela.  But Pidge and I couldn't let that happen, because not only would Arus die, but you would too."

"The lions were awesome, Princess," Pidge said.  "They treated us like royalty ourselves! They called us, 'Lion Knights of the future' and referred to you as 'The Daughter of Arus'."

Allura gasped again, blinking several times...  "The entry in the archives...it mentions two specific Lion Knights..."

"That's probably us," Keith sighed. "I assume so, anyway."

"And...the Daughter of Arus?" Lance asked. "Is that..."

"Allura," Keith nodded.  "That's what they called her."

"Continue...." Allura beckoned them. "What happened after that?"

"Well," Keith said quietly.  "We arrived at the lake with the lions, and found you swimming for your life, with Drago right behind you, trying to grab hold of Ariela."

"We're not exactly sure of all the details, but we assume that Drago found Ariela, and forced the both of you along with him." Pidge added.

"Pidge and I immediately jumped into the lake after you.  Drago was struggling to grab Baby Ariela, but you threw her forward toward Pidge and me as we swam with all we had to reach you.  I dove under to get the baby, and Pidge followed me.  I saw you..."

Keith paused for several seconds, as if he were
trying to gather the words needed to say what
was in his heart.  Allura reached out and gently
took hold of Keith's hands in hers.  Keith looked
up at her as he took a gulp of air in an effort to
continue the story.

He finally was able to do so:

"I saw you communicate to me under the water with your eyes.  You begged me to save Ariela first.  I did...but in the process...I ...uh....we....lost you.    You see, you drowned at the hands of Drago.  I quickly handed the baby off to Pidge, who went on shore with the baby."

"I turned Ariela over to the care of the lions, and then went back to help Keith with you.  At this point, we didn't know how bad it was with you." Pidge said.

Keith continued:

"Pidge eventually met up with me and together, we pulled you to shore as well.  Drago had already reached the shore, and was attempting to escape.  I told Pidge to stay with you, and I went after Drago.  During our fighting, he slipped off of the cliff, and was holding on to a branch that was sticking out of the side of the cliff.  I grabbed for him, begging him to grab my hands.  But... the stick broke before either of us knew what was happening.  Drago screamed all the way down the side of the cliff.  The sound didn't stop until he hit bottom.  I returned to Pidge and his face told me you were dead before I even asked him.  It was your father, King Alfor, who appeared to us.  He told us Arus was safe, and that you were back in the future, safe and sound.  So, we returned back to the present."

Keith then turned to Lance and Hunk.  "You two knew what was happening at first, when you met us by the lake, remember?"

Lance and Hunk shrugged their shoulders at one another. 

Keith then turned back to the Princess. "And you were wandering around..."

"Mindlessly," she added in a quiet voice just above a whisper.  "I was confused.  I remembered that I was to speak to some local leaders of the village, but...I confess that I don't really know if that took place or not."

"So what you're saying Keith, is that all of us, except you and Pidge, are living a different timeline then before?" Lance asked.

"Sheesh!  I told you I was getting that tingling feeling!" Hunk proclaimed.

"Allura, don't you see?  You're the Daughter of Arus that the archives speak about."
Keith said, gently squeezing her hands as he continued to hold them in his.

"And you and Pidge are the Lion Knights?" she asked.

Keith nodded.  "Yes.  We are."

"Then... you must be the one, referred to as 'Kee'.  The pronunciation of your name must have been misunderstood between you and the lions." Allura said.

"Must have." Keith replied.

"So...it is you..." Allura said once again in a whispered voice. "And you and...I...are to be..."

She suddenly became overwhelmed.  Allura fainted from the stress, and Keith caught her up in his arms, gently bringing her down to the cold ground beneath them.  Lance, Pidge and Hunk gathered around her.

"This was too much for her, Keith." Pidge said as he looked at her.

"It's too much for us, too!" Lance replied.

"Yeah...Lion Knights...the Daughter of Arus.  What's it all mean?" Hunk asked.

"I'm not sure," Keith replied softly as he hoisted the Princess into his arms and stood up from the ground.  "Can't worry about that now.  Let's get her to her room where she can rest for a while."

The three men followed behind Keith as he carried Princess Allura from the archive chambers to her room.

The archive room was silent once more...except for a faint roar that seemed to be coming from the concrete Black Lion head statue that proudly sat mounted on the wall.