"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Twenty-Six
The Reawakening

The air around the area from where Keith and Pidge had disappeared from, had just settled. Lance and Hunk sighed together, wondering if they would ever see their friends again.

Only seconds before, Keith and Pidge had just gone off on their mission to retrieve the Princess.

And only seconds since their friends had vanished from sight, Lance motioned to Hunk to follow him, and the two of them left the lounge area, heading for Castle Control.

A few minutes later, Lance was taking the command console, beginning a full sweep of the area, on alert for any possible movement from Lotor's fleet.  Without all five lion pilots, it would be tough to repel an attack at this point.

Lance gasped suddenly, and Hunk leaned forward to see what he was looking at.

"It didn't work!" Lance announced.  "Keith and Pidge!  They just rematerialized by the lake..."

"Come on!" Hunk shouted. "Let's go see what went wrong!"

The two men rose up and began running down the hallway...passing the conference room where Allura had disappeared from.

A few minutes after they had gone by, the door suddenly swished open.

Emerging into the hallway,
was a very confused Princess Allura,
holding her head as she began to
walk very slowly down toward her

"What happened?" she asked
herself aloud. "I feel so... drained."

She slowly walked down the hallway...


Keith and Pidge were running full speed to the Castle.  On the way, they met up with Hunk and Lance.

"What happened?" Hunk shouted.

Lance frowned.  "It didn't work, did it?"

Keith stopped, trying to catch his breath and shaking his head.  "No...no...it...it did work!"

Hunk shook his head.  "How?" he said blankly.  "You just left here a few minutes ago!"

"Are you kidding me?" Pidge gasped.  "Where's Allura?"

"What do you mean,'where's Allura'?" Hunk blurted out suddenly.

"That's who you were going back for, remember?" Lance replied with a confused expression.  "You were supposed to bring her back with you!"

Pidge turned to Keith.  "The conference room..."

"Come on!" Keith shouted.

Without another word, Keith and Pidge took off, running past their two friends and heading toward the Castle of Lions.


The door to Allura's chambers opened and she entered inside.  She had no recollection of the past several minutes...it was all a blur to her.

Time seemed to stop to her.

The last thing she recalled was returning from Earth...and next, she had met with some of the leaders of one of the villages, discussing security issues for the protection against any future attacks by Prince Lotor.

But even that was a fuzzy memory to her now.

Allura was still troubled by the thoughts of Planet Earth.  Why did she have to go to Earth in the first place, again?  Or was that too, just a confused thought in her head?  As she approached her vanity, her mind strayed, attempting to sort out the confusion from reality.

"I could have sworn that I..." she thought to herself as she gazed at her image being reflected back in the mirror. "No, I must have been dreaming.  But, why does this name, 'Drago', keep appearing in my head?  What does it mean?  I'm so confused.  What should I do now?  I...I feel like I should consult the archives...only, I'm not exactly sure why I should. Perhaps something in them can help me.  But...help me with...what?"

Allura quickly turned around and headed toward the archive chamber, located beneath the castle.


The four pilots of Voltron arrived at the conference room.  But what they found inside astonished Keith and Pidge...

"Nothing?" Keith said out loud.  "But...how can that be, Pidge?  Where is she, Pidge?"

"I'm...I'm not sure, Commander!" Pidge replied back to him.  "If she were here, she should be in this room!"

"Unless...she's already been here and gone!" Keith surmised.

Lance stepped forward, having had about enough of being in the dark.  "Okay, amigos! What's this all about?"

Hunk also added his thoughts... "Yeah, you left our sight maybe ten minutes ago..."

"And now, just barely gone, you've reappeared in another part of the castle grounds, claiming that this all worked, and that the Princess should be here with us!  What part of this should Hunk and I not consider to be unstable behavior, Keith?" Lance added.

"Lance, it's true!" Keith grunted.  "We found Allura, Baby Ariela, and King Drago!"

"And don't forget the Lions of Arus, Keith!" Pidge reminded.

Lance and Hunk gave each other a glance.  "Keith, maybe you and Pidge need to go lay down for a while.  You two are giving me the creeps!"

The door to the conference room was still open.  Frustrated, Keith glanced over to Pidge again, whose back was to the open door.  Pidge watched as Keith gasped in suddenly.

"Pidge," he said.  "If you were Allura, and you were confused, where would you go?"

Pidge thought for a moment before answering.  "Well, there'd be a number of places I would go.  The garden... my chambers... the archive chambers...her Father's tomb..."

"Okay!" Keith abruptly interrupted.  "There are at least four possible places she could have wandered off to if she were here!"

"You're losing me here, Keith!" Lance said.  "Why are we..."

"Because, Allura has got to be in one of these places!  She has to be here in the Castle!" Pidge suddenly defended his Commander's actions.

"We could each check one of those areas, I guess." Hunk suggested.

"Wait!" Keith shouted.  "I've got a better idea!  We'll scan for her bio signs on the tracking computer in Castle Control!"

"He's scaring me, Hunk." Lance whispered.

"Yeah, I know." Hunk replied back.  "I'm getting that tingly feeling here..."

"Keep your tingles in check, Hunk!" Keith replied.  "Come on!"

Hunk gulped with embarrassment.  He hadn't realized that his comments were loud enough to be overheard by anyone, other then Lance.

Lance shot Hunk a smile and nudged him with his elbow in a friendly manner.  Keith and Pidge had already left the room.

Lance and Hunk peeked out of the conference room just in time to see them both sprint out of sight.

Lance and Hunk shrugged their shoulders at one another,and then jogged down the hallway after their somewhat confused friends.