"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Twenty-Three
The Heart's Cry Heard

The cave was there, just as the Black Lion had promised.

Allura rode on the back of the Blue Lion through the dessert until they reached the cave.  The night was dark, and if it were not for the light of the moon to guide them, she had no idea how else her lion protectors could find their way around.

The Blue Lion followed Black Lion into the cave.  It was very dark, and Allura felt suddenly afraid.  She had been in the cave many times in her time, but the cave was well lit and quite modernized.

Now, it was cold and dark.

Allura got off of the Blue Lion's back.  Fortunately, there was a full moon out, and the light shone through a hole in the top of the cave, giving, at least, some light to go by.  In the morning, Allura knew her first task would be to find a more suitable living space.

Thankfully, she paid great attention to Keith's survival lessons. Without that knowledge, she'd have no chance.


The very thought of him brought her to tears.  Out of all of her friends, she would miss him the most.

A sudden feeling of emptiness came over her as her mind paused at the thought of him, and cast up an image of his face, with flowing jet-black hair falling around his shoulders.  The handsome Voltron Commander, whom she had hoped would have been her King, was now only a memory in her mind, and an empty ache in her heart.

"Oh Keith..." she tearfully repeated his name.  "I know you aren't born yet, but...I wish you could here me, somehow, through the ripples of time that now separate us from each other, and know that I miss you more then I can say."

She placed her head down on the now lying Blue Lion, using him as a pillow to curl up next to...and to cry herself to sleep at her great loss.

"Keith...oh Keith...where are you?" her mind repeated.



Keith suddenly awoke from
sleep, with her very intensely
on his mind. He could have sworn
he heard her voice...calling to his mind.

Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he looked over toward his sleeping friend, Pidge...and concluded it was only something his mind thought up.

He sat up for a moment, using the large branch Pidge had found, and began mindlessly poking at the dying fire, trying to somehow resurrect it.

After a moment or two of staring into the fire, he found himself daydreaming about the lovely princess of his heart...the blonde hair beauty that he knew he had to find, and return back home.

Arus's future depended on their success...for failure meant that he and Pidge might never see their friends again...or the Princess.

Keith laid back down again...

The gentle breeze danced through his unruly hair, tossing it back and forth.  His eyes did not close...his heart wondered where she was...

"Princess...I...I don't know if you can even hear me or not," Keith's mind repeated, primarily for his own benefit.  "I know you're alone and cold, and probably frightened.  But I'll find you somehow, Allura.  I promised you that I would always protect you.  I will find you...and together, you and I will protect Arus's future...and find Ariela."

Minutes later...sleep finally cast a shadow over Keith...and his eyes closed again.

But his heart was awake...


He saw himself walking through the forest of Arus...

It was daylight...the sun was so bright
that he had to use his hand to shield his eyes.
Something was ahead...he could see something
there... a four-legged creature of some sort.

The creature let loose a tremendous roar...
causing Keith to step back in fear.
The creature suddenly called out to him in a
language he could understand...

"Son of Arus...future Prince...can you hear and understand me?"

Keith suddenly felt as if he recognized the voice.  Yet, he knew he had never heard it before.

"Who are you?" Keith called out to the creature.

"You know me...oh brave Lion Knight of Arus." The creature replied.

Keith used his hands to cup over his eyes...acting as a shield, so he could better focus in on the creature ahead.  It appeared to be a large lion...

"What do you want?" Keith asked.  "Why are you here?"

"You know why," the lion said.  "I am here to tell you where you may find your future...the Daughter of Arus.  She is safely hidden in the dessert cave.  You may find her there.  But you must go swiftly...for another seeks her out!  Another is looking as well, but does not mean
her well, as you do.  This one means her harm, and you must fulfill your vow to her, Lion Knight of Arus."

"You're talking about Allura, aren't you!  Do you know where Allura is?" Keith asked frantically.  "Please...release her to me!  Don't hurt her, I beg you!"

"Hurt her?" the lion roared...  "I mean her no harm.  I, much like you, feel a responsibility to protect the Daughter of Arus.  You must hurry.  She has been crying for you...listen to her heart..."

The sounds of a familiar female voice echoed in the distance...

"Keith!  Keith! I need you!  Don't leave me, Keith!  Help me!  Please help me!"

Keith looked around frantically... "Princess! Is that you?"

"Yes! Help me, Keith!  Please!"

"Allura!  Where are you?  Tell me where you are!" Keith called out to her, beginning to run toward the direction of her voice.

Keith suddenly stopped in mid-motion.  The creature had suddenly jumped in front of him...

It was now clear to Keith who this creature was...

"Black Lion?" Keith asked.
"You're Black Lion!"

"Find her...awake and find her...
before it is too late..."


Keith sat up quickly...his face covered in sweat.  He looked around and saw that the sun was rising in the sky.  With the sleeve of his shirt, he wiped the sweat from his brow.  Suddenly... he knew where he had to find Allura.

"Pidge! Get up, Pidge!  I know where she is!" Keith said, shaking his young companion awake.

Pidge rolled over slowly and with his hands, he wiped the sleep from his eyes.  "What?" Pidge yawned.  "Did you...say something?"

"I said, get up!" Keith shouted, and she rose to his feet and kicked the dirt over the fire.

"Okay...okay...give me a second..." Pidge yawned again, then rolled over.

Keith immediately surveyed the area...
familiarizing himself with the grounds,
minus the Castle of Lions.  Pidge rose
to his feet, and turned to Keith.
"Where is she?"

"In the dessert!" Keith
said confidently.

"How do you know that?"
Pidge questioned.

"I just know, trust me!"
Keith replied as he walked
ahead of Pidge.  "Let's go!"

Pidge shrugged his shoulders and started walking quickly to catch up with his fast moving commander.


Allura yawned as she awoke, feeling the chill from the cave surround her body.  She sat up and immediately noticed the absence of the two lions.

"Blue Lion?  Black Lion?" Allura called out.  "Where are you?"

The only thing that greeted her
ears was the sound of the wind moving
quickly through the cave.  Feeling
somewhat vulnerable, Allura rose up
and began to walk a bit.  She tilted her
head upward and took notice
of the large columns that seemed to
rise to the sky from the ground.
It was then that she recalled where
she was...

The future resting place of the Yellow Lion.

Allura gasped, her hand flying to her mouth suddenly.  It was uncanny... but now she understood.  Her father, King Alfor, used the natural columns in the caves, and created from them a natural power magnifier.  This will be the focal point of Yellow Lion's power...
drawn from nature itself.


A strong arm grabbed her from behind, holding her tightly.  Allura struggled for her life...

"LET ME GO!" she screamed. "RELEASE ME AT ONCE!"

The intruder only grunted and began sniffing her hair...much like a dog would.  Allura panicked suddenly, thinking it to be Drago.

"Let me go, please!" she begged once again.

Moments later, she was violently thrown to the ground.  The Princess pushed her hair out of her eyes to get a look at her attacker.  Again, she let out a gasp...

"What in the world?" Allura said with an astonished look on her face.  She asked again. "Who are you?"

She found herself face to face with...a boy!

A wild boy...

The boy was dirty from head to foot, and wore only shreds of cloth as his covering.  He grunted at Allura again, and she retracted in fear.  But soon, she gathered enough courage to extent her hand to the young boy...

"What is your name?" Allura asked softly, hoping he would understand that she was not hostile.  "Do you have a name?" she asked again.

The boy grunted once...

Allura frowned...  "You can't understand a single word I'm saying, can you?"

She turned to get up, and the boy moved back several steps.  Allura gently extended her hand toward him.  "Its alright...I won't hurt you." She said gently.

Without warning...the boy turned and ran off.  Allura called out after him. 

"Please, wait! Don't leave!"

The wild boy paid no attention.  He soon disappeared in the cave.  Allura was once again left alone.

The lions had disappeared, but still she knew that they had brought her here for some reason. But what was it?

Her thoughts suddenly found their way to the future time that she once knew...and sorrow overwhelmed her once again.

Allura slowly sank to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably, as she unconsciously called out for her father... and her mother..

And Keith...