"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Twenty-Two
Evil Discovery

In the deep forest, Princess Allura sat among the five Lions of Arus...the living beasts she had heard of from the Arusian archives, from her father, King Alfor, and Coran.  She had been tearfully going over what had happened that led her to their chance meeting.

Allura recognized who the lions were from her studies of the Arusian archives.  But her discovery didn't make her feel any better, with regards to her plight.

She was trapped in Arus's past, and it appeared that there was no way to return to her time in the future, and that she would never again see those whom see loved with all of her heart.

Allura sat on the ground with her arms crossed before her, rocking back and forth as her body shuttered from the chill of the evening coolness.  All she had in the world to wear was the one pink gown that she had on.

The Green Lion lay curled up nearby to her, attempting to comfort her sorrow, while Blue Lion sat closest to her...feeling a special bond somehow with this human girl.

Red Lion and Yellow Lion were lying down together a short distance away.  Black Lion, always cautious, remained on alert, standing guard.

Allura was still amazed at how much of the characteristics the five lions portrayed, to those of the present pilots of their robot counterparts in the future.

It was then that Blue Lion began to notice that Allura was shivering.

Blue Lion roared, gaining the attention of the others.  "Dearest companions," Blue Lion said.  "This child has no fur to keep her warm in the cool of eve.  We must find her a suitable place to lie down for the night."

Black Lion roared.  "I know of such a place.  A den...located in the dessert.  Over time, the rock has risen out of the sands, and now stands as a natural den.  I have been there many times...and have hidden in it from the storms.  It will do for her."

"Come then, child." Blue Lion roared.  "Climb onto my back and Black Lion will show us where it is."

"Do you mean... to stay there?" Yellow Lion growled. "Is it safe?"

"Very safe," Black Lion told him.  "The other humans never go there."

Allura looked up. "Other humans?  What other humans?"

Green Lion stood up.  "The others who share this world with us.  They can not be trusted."

"I still do not believe we should totally place our faith in this one!" Red Lion roared.

"This child is a Daughter of Arus!" Black Lion roared back, and moved in to face off with Red Lion.  "Her blood flows with true royalty, and her heart knows the ways we follow. How is it that you still do not understand or accept that she is one of us?"

"She is not one of us!" Red Lion challenged. "She is human!  HUMAN!  We have seen what the humans can do!  We know of their treachery!  If we take up with this one, we surely are asking to be slaughtered!"

Yellow Lion moved in behind Black Lion.  "I am afraid that my brother, Red, is right, and I must side with him."

"This is a child!  She is not like the others!  Look at her!  She is peaceful, not riotous, she has not even attempted to harm us!" Black Lion roared angrily.

"And why would she?" Green Lion proclaimed.

"Brothers...be at peace!" Blue Lion roared.  "It is obvious that this child is a special human.  I feel no threat from her.  She knows our ways and I can sense will bring no harm to us."


Meantime, Drago was searching for his missing captive.  His heart had grown bitter toward Princess Allura, and his desire to destroy her was intensifying with each passing moment.

As he went deeper into the forest, Drago heard the sound of the lions' roaring, and stopped.  He realized that this was probably the same lion that challenged him, and then took the Princess away with him.

He crept around in the thicket slowly...

...and stopped when he heard in the distance the Princess's voice.

"I assure all of you that I am not here to harm any of you!" Allura's voice said.  "I never intended to end up here!  But now that I am, I must make the most of it.  And you should know that there is someone coming here that will be very important to the future of Arus!"

Drago bent his ear forward, cupping it with this hand, in an attempt to hear better what was being said.  The next thing he heard was a mighty lion's roar...and it startled him.  Then, he heard the Princess speak again...

"No, she is a small child! Smaller then I! Her name is Ariela, and she will crash in a great air ship, unlike anything you have ever seen before!  This small child shall be the Mother of Arus... and you five must become her guardians, and teach her the ways of the lion!"

Another lion roar was heard, and again, Allura's voice came forth.

"I understand your apprehension, but this 'human cub' as you call her, will be mother to generations to come!  She is absolutely the foundation of all that Arus will become, and you must protect her and see to her survival and upbringing!  And, since it is apparent that I am here to stay, I will help you raise her, as my nanny once raised me."

Drago's eyes lit up with excitement.  "This child she speaks of...Ariela...that's it!  I will destroy Arus's future and get rid of Princess Allura by getting rid of the child!  Then, Arus won't have a future!  Oh...see what you have caused, dear Princess Allura!  You have caused the destruction of your own planet!  And no one is here to rescue you now!"


Keith and Pidge called off their search, knowing that night was falling, and discovering that none of their equipment worked here in the past.

Even the utility lights they had been carrying seemed to stop functioning.

The two built a small campfire, and huddled around it for comfort.  Keith had recognized that the nearby trees carried fruit that he and Pidge were accustomed to eating in Arus of the future.  He quickly picked several pieces of it and brought them to his younger companion.

The two eat in silence...

The night grew loud with sounds of insects and other wildlife that were native to Arus.  At least that hadn't chanced through the centuries.

Keith stretched forward and tossed another piece of dead wood on the fire.  The air was growing chilly, and Keith began to become concerned that if Allura had already arrived before them, she would need to find shelter somehow.

"Keith," Pidge spoke. "Where do we look for Ariela?  How do even know that this is the time she crashes?  I mean...what if she doesn't end up here for several months from now?"

"That's why we need to concentrate our search to finding Drago as well." Keith replied calmly.  "If we find him, Ariela is safe, and so is Allura and Arus's future.  If we don't find him before he finds either baby Ariela or the Princess...I don't want to think of what would happen.  And now, we can't leave without either one of them.   It's no longer just a matter of finding Allura."

"We could just go back into time again and prevent it from happening," Pidge suggested.

Keith shook his head. "I don't want to play around too much with that thing.  I don't know what its limitations are.  We might very well only have one more trip back, before the thing gives out.  Besides, nothing says that if we do return without Drago, that the timeline hasn't already changed when we get back home.  We must find Allura, and protect Ariela.  There's no other alternative."

Pidge nodded his head slightly. "Hmmm... I wonder where Allura is right now."

Keith let out a sigh.  "Me too, Pidge." The Voltron Commander replied.  "Me too..."

As Keith stared off into the stary night sky, his mind began to open up...

"Allura...I don't even know if you're here to hear this...but...I'll find you, somehow, and we'll make sure Arus's future is restored exactly as it was.  I promise you, Allura.  I'll find you."


As the Blue Lion bent low to the ground, allowing Allura to climb onto his back, she suddenly paused...

Blue Lion shook his mane suddenly, "My child," Blue Lion purred gently.  "What is it?"

"I...I thought...I heard a familiar voice," Allura said slowly.

Blue Lion turned his head in a few directions, and then growled once again. "I hear nothing, child."

"No, not an audible sound... a sound, like the way you are speaking to me... I heard someone speaking to my mind.  And it sounded... like Keith's voice!  But...that's not possible.  Keith's a thousand years in the future.  No, my mind must be creating this...he can't be here.  Its not possible." Allura said aloud.

"Is it possible that your heart is producing the sound, dear child of Arus?" the Blue Lion thought to her as he let out a roar.

Allura paused...attempting to listen for anything else to be said.

There was nothing.

Allura shook her head.  "I'm sorry.  I must have imagined it."

"Then come," Blue Lion replied in thought.  "Get on my back, and we will follow Black Lion to the den he speaks of.  It will grow colder soon, and your skin is not thick enough to protect you."

Allura climbed onto the Blue Lion's back, and he rose to his feet once again.

...and Keith's voice echoed in her mind once again...but this time, Allura pushed it aside, believing now that it was only her heart's cry for her dearest love... a love she would miss for a very long time.

If only she knew how close love was...searching for her.