"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Twenty-One
No Time Like the Present, Accept, When Its in the Past.

The Force members sat in the lounge area...troubled beyond words.  It seems that slowly, everyone was forgetting whom the Princess was...as if she had never existed.

Even Coran had questioned them a few times as to whom they were speaking of, and began insisting that King Alfor had no children before he and the Queen died.

This was getting bad...

Pidge had surmised that it was only a matter of time before they too, would begin to forget her.  This was what troubled them all.

Keith was pacing the room quietly with his arms crossed in front of him.

Lance and Hunk sat on the couch, while Pidge sat running through some calculations through his computer, and running tests on the time device he held in his hand.

Keith finally halted his pacing and looked at his teen genius.

"Well?" he asked rather anxiously. "What's the story on that thing, Pidge?"

Pidge sighed. "Well," he said slowly. "I think I've figured out the components and how to operate the thing.  It will transport two of us back, but no more.  Its capability can't exceed three people at any given time..."

"But then we can take three back!"
Hunk said.

"No, Hunk!" Pidge reminded.
"We can only do two, because
assuming we find the Princess,
we'll need that extra space for
the return trip with her!"

"And what of Drago?" Keith asked.

"Leave him there to rot!"
Lance barked back. "He deserves it!"

"I'm with Lance!" Hunk shouted.

"Guys, you know we can't do that!"
Keith replied.  "He has to come back
here to face galactic justice."

"I say leave justice in the past!  Living by himself and knowing what its like to be truly along is good enough!" Lance shouted.  "For what he did to the Princess...he deserves to be thrown to the dogs!"

Keith frowned, but chose not to fuel Lance's anger any further.  Instead, he turned his eyes to Pidge. "You and me." He said firmly.

"Why Pidge?" Hunk said.   "You need a strong guy with muscles to handle that Drago guy...not a techie!"

"I need someone who knows how to operate that thing, more then I need muscles, Hunk!" Keith replied.  "Pidge and I will go.  He's is the only one that understands this thing.  He's the only one I can take with me.  I'm sorry."

Hunk huffed angrily...and Lance still fumed with bitterness...

Keith sighed.  "If I could take you two along, don't you think I would?"

"I think it's a bad idea going, just you two!" Hunk reiterated.

"Then what would you have me do, Hunk?" Keith yelled.  "Take one of you two, or both of you along, and hope for the best?  This isn't a game!  You saw the grave out there in the garden!  This is serious!  She's dead out there!  Dead, buried, and soon-to-be forgotten!  There is no Princess named Allura from Planet Arus!  That timeline is gone!  We can't let that happen!  Especially when it should not have happen in the first place!  There can't be any mistakes!  I must go back and bring her forward again!  It's the only way to return this timeline to normal!"

"Why you?" Lance blurted out suddenly.  "Why do you always have to be the one to go on the rescue?  Can't someone else go for a change?  Do you always have to be the hero?"

"Lance, you above all people, should know better than to ask me that!" Keith shouted back.  Finished with his burst of anger, Keith then turned to Pidge.  "Ready when you are!"

Pidge rose to his feet from the couch and walked over to where Keith stood.  With his free hand, he grabbed Keith's arm.  "Grab onto me, Keith." Pidge instructed.

Keith likewise, grabbed Pidge's arm and held it tight, mentally preparing himself for the trip back in time.  Then he looked at Pidge.  "Do you know how far back they went?"

Pidge nodded.  "Yes.  The chronometer readings are still set from when Drago disappeared with Allura.  Logically, it should take us to the exact time they are in...maybe even the exact spot they are at right now."

"Let's go!" Keith ordered.

Pidge nodded again, and looked down at the device.  He activated it, and it began to glow. Keith closed his eyes and focused his mind...wiping out all thought of breaking Drago's neck once he saw him.

Lanced turned to Hunk and shook his head.  Hunk took his hand and anxiously ran it through his mop of hair.  "Sure hope they know what their doing." Hunk said.

Lance huffed.  "Yeah... and I hope Pidge knows how to get them back again." He replied as turned back to watch, what might be, the last time he ever sees his friends again.

The air around Keith and Pidge began to shift suddenly...slowly at first, then more violently suddenly.  Within a few moments...both of their physical patterns began to shift with the air...growing thinner and thinner...until nothing remained.


The air shifted around the wooded area...

The patterns rearranged...slowly at first, then faster and faster.  Keith and Pidge suddenly found themselves standing in a wooded area.

Pidge looked around.  "Whoa, what an experience!" he commented.  "That was totally cool!  We were there, then here!  And it all took place in moments!"

"Yeah," Keith said slowly as he scanned their surroundings with his eyes. "But... where is... here?"

Pidge grabbed his scanner, while Keith took a few careful steps.  "This looks familiar to me somehow," Keith said in a low voice.

"Commander!" Pidge called for Keith's attention. Keith immediately turned around and looked at Pidge.

"What's wrong?" Keith asked him.

"My scanner...something's wrong with it!" Pidge said with a frustrated voice, as he shook the instrument around with his hand.

Keith walked over and took it from Pidge, examining it for himself.  "Hmm...," Keith said, as he continued to fiddle with the scanner.  "Its not working it seems."

"But how can that be?" Pidge griped, taking the scanner back from Keith. "I checked it before we left!"

"Maybe its because the thing hasn't been invented yet," Keith muttered, continuing to look around.

Then, it suddenly hit him... if the scanner didn't function, and it was from the future... what about the time transporter?

"Pidge!" Keith quickly hollered.  "The time device!"

Pidge nodded.  "I'm not sure how or why...but its still working."

"But...if our scanner doesn't work, how in the galaxy does that thing work?" Keith asked with a puzzled expression.

"It must have something to do with the time continuum process.  Somehow, its got a functionality that crosses the barriers of time and space... and don't ask me to explain why!" Pidge replied, looking at the device in his hand.

"Never mind it, then.  At least, it still works!  Let's starting looking around.  We must find the Princess!" Keith replied.

Keith handed the scanner back to Pidge,
and the two started walking around the
wooded area...and within moments...
happened upon a lake.  Keith and Pidge
looked at each other...and realized in an
instant that this was the lake that
surrounded the Castle of Lions in their time.

"This is getting freaky."
Pidge said with a low voice, noting the absence of the castle.

Keith chuckled. "Just a short time ago, you thought this was pretty cool."

"I take it back." Pidge replied with a gulp.

"Are you sure this is where they landed?" Keith asked Pidge.  "Shouldn't we have seen them by now?"

"Well, when the time device dropped to the ground, its possible it was nudged forward or backward a bit." Pidge replied.  "Which might explain why we're not seeing them here."

"How much forward or backward did we go?" Keith questioned.

"Can't be much, Commander," Pidge replied.  "The Castle's not built yet, so that means that Ariela hasn't crashed on Arus yet.  And according to the rewritten archives that Coran read to us, Allura was instrumental in Ariela's life."

"Ariela! Oh no!" Keith gasped, and then started running forward suddenly.

Pidge hesitated momentarily, then called out to Keith. "Where you going?"

"Come on!" Keith shouted, turning around and stopping long enough to answer him.  "I've just realized that we've got to find Drago, now... before he finds Ariela!  If he finds out that she was the first Queen of Arus, he might really change Arus's future by preventing her from fulfilling her destiny!  Then..."

"Then...without Queen Ariela...there'd be no King Alfor down the line as ruler of Arus...and that means..." Pidge gasped.

"...No Allura, either!" Keith shouted at him.  "If Ariela is killed to prevent her from being Queen, then Allura would..."

"...Would vanish from existence, instantly!" Pidge finished.  "Oh man!  This is bad, Keith! We've got to find him first!"

"Hurry!" Keith shouted again.  "We haven't a moment to waste!"