"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Twenty
The Lions of Arus

Arus seemed so different without the Castle of Lions, Allura thought, as she looked around at her new surroundings.

From what she had gathered from King Drago, it appeared that the time in which they had found themselves in, was presumably a very short time from when the archives say that Queen Ariela's spacecraft crashed on this world.

Allura walked around, the bottom of her gown swaying in the dirt as she walked, and as she began investigating the area, Drago came up behind her.

"This is all your doing!" he blamed her.  "If you hadn't knocked the device from my hand, we'd be home now...in our time!"

Allura turned on him like a wild
animal, the anger now full in her
eyes...and her heart.

"If not for me? How DARE you!"
she shouted. "If not for you, Drago,
none of this would have ever happened
in the first place!  You were the one who
chose to sneak onto the Blue Lion!  You
were the one who chose this horrific life of evil that you live!  You were the one... not me! And now, I'm a prisoner of my own world's past!  You are responsible! Not me!"

"You should have given into my demands!" Drago yelled.

"I shall never give into you!" Allura returned.  "Never!"

Drago shoved Allura suddenly to the ground.  He then turned around and bent over.  When he rose back up again, he had a large stone in his hand.

"I should kill you, Princess!" he hissed.

"If you kill me, you live here alone...for the rest of your life." Allura replied calmly.

"I'd rather see you dead, then live life with you!" he shouted back and prepared to throw the rock down upon her head.

A roar was heard in the near foreground...

Allura turned her head back and forth to see if she could locate the source.  It sounded like a wild beast of some sort...a lion's roar...and her heart quickened with fear.

Drago paused for a moment to look around, and then prepared once again to throw the rock at the Princess.  A moment later...

"AH!" Drago screamed, as a large, black cat jumped onto him, causing him to fall helplessly to the ground, and the rock to fall several feet from where he landed.

Allura crawled back in fear as she watched the gigantic black cat paw at Drago, but soon she realized that Drago was not being torn to shreds as she thought originally.  The cat merely batted Drago's hand back and forth with its paw.

Drago screamed in horror, not realizing that he was not being injured.  The cat suddenly rose up from on top of him, and took a defensive position in front of Allura, who was still on the ground.

The evil king rose to his feet slowly...

The cat eyed his every move...

Allura slowly rose to her feet as well, preparing to run away if she had to.  But where was she to go and hide?  There was no castle to seek refuge in...no village to lose herself in...no friends to aid her...and most of all...no Black Lion Knight to protect her.

"Oh, Keith..." she thought to herself as the fear mounted within her.  "If every I needed you...its NOW!"

Drago angrily shook his fist at the Princess.  "I'll take care of you, Princess Allura!  You won't live to see another sunrise!" And then, the king turned and ran off toward the forest.

Allura was left to fend off the black cat on her own.

Frightened, she slowly began to back away from it.  But it turned toward her...and looked at her.

Suddenly...Allura stopped.  The cat now seemed to be... communicating with her... somehow.

"Do not be afraid, Daughter of Arus.  I shall protect you!"

Allura blinked several times, unsure if her mind truly heard what she thought it did.

She decided to speak to it. 
"Who...who are you?  What are you? 
And how is it that you can speak to me?"

"I am speaking to you telepathically,
my child. I am called Black

"Black Lion...did you say?"
she paused thoughtfully.

"Yes, my child." the lion thought back.  "I am one of five.  I have four other brothers... Red Lion,  Green Lion, Yellow Lion and Blue Lion."

Allura gasped, and her hand flew to her throat.  "You... you are real!" she cried out.  "The archives are true!  You are real!"

"You are not of this time, I sense." The black lion communicated.  "You are from another time...a lost traveler, yes?"

"Yes...I was brought back in time against my will.  I am Princess Allura.  I rule this planet in the future.  I also pilot the Blue Lion of Voltron."

"Blue Lion of... Voltron?   Your words are strange to me.  I know not of anything called 'Voltron', but my spirit felt a kinship with you.  I sensed that you are from here, but yet lost somehow.  I felt a protection toward you, and sensed the evil one meant harm to you."

Allura marveled at the black lion... how large and strong he appeared to be...and somehow, he was just like Keith in his ways toward her... protective.

"You're right, I'm not from here.  I was brought to the time against my will, by the man you've just chased off.  He does mean me harm, Black Lion." Allura replied.

"Is it some place that I can take you to?" Black Lion asked with a mild growl.

"No. Unfortunately, its not." Allura sighed sorrowfully.  I'm afraid I don't know how to get back to where I belong."

"Then, you are welcome to come and stay with us, Daughter of Arus." Black Lion replied.

Allura began to turn around and walked a few steps away from the mighty lion.

"Black Lion," Allura called out suddenly, turning around to speak.  "Do you know how I can return to my time?"

Black Lion shook his mighty head.  "No, my child.  I have no answer for you.  But  perhaps...I know of one that does.  My brother, Green Lion, is very wise among us. Perhaps he will know of a way you can return to your home."

The lion came up along side of her and bent down low.  "Get on my back."

Allura hesitated for a moment, but then carefully climbed onto the Black Lion's back.

He rose to his feet and repositioned himself.  "You say you are Princess of Arus in the future." The lion said to her.  "Tell me, how does Arus fair in the future?"

Allura smiled.  "Arus is fine.  We have enemies, but my father, King Alfor, developed and built the robot lions that form Arus's mighty robot defender, Voltron.  The robot lions are built on the idea from the ancient archives of Arus, which speak of five lion guardians that
lived long ago."

"Indeed," the lion replied.  "Then...these 'robot' lions...are of the same color that we are?"

"Yes." Allura replied quietly.  "I'm sorry, does that offend you?"

The mighty lion roared aloud, causing Allura to gasp with fear.  "Offend?  My child...we are honored that your father thought well of us to create a lasting tribute to us!"

Allura relaxed a bit, still feeling somewhat awkward.  She readjusted her gown and paused to see what would happen next.

"Come...I will take you to the wisest one." the Black Lion said to Allura.

With another mighty roar, the lion began to gallop into the forest.  Evil eyes watched them the hiding place nearby

"So...the lion has become her protector," Drago seethed.  "I must find a way to get rid of that lion!"


The Black Lion came to a halt and let out a loud, long roar.  The Princess and the Black Lion waited, and then from the left, emerging for the forest, came a green lion, slightly smaller then the Black Lion.

Green Lion approached with a greeting roar. 
He tilted his head and shook it around.
"Who is this fair beauty you have plucked
from the forest, brother?" the Green Lion said.

"This is the Princess Allura.  We need your advice,
my brother." The Black Lion said.

Green Lion approached them both.  From behind
them, Red and Yellow lions emerged from the other side of the clearing.

Allura got off of the back of Black Lion and timidly faced the two approaching lions from behind.  Red Lion suddenly leapt up and landed directly in front of her, snarling.

Black Lion once again took a defensive position in front of the Princess.

Allura suddenly could read the thoughts between the Red Lion and Black Lion and she sensed aggression in Red Lion, which she had not sensed in the others to this point.

"Whom is it that you bring to us?" Red Lion growled.  "A human?  Why bring her here to our sanctuary?  You jeopardize our safety, brother!"

"There is nothing to fear," the Black Lion said calmly.  "This girl is from our future...
another time not of our own.  She needs our help."

"She merely waits for a chance to kill us!" Red Lion roared.  "Get rid of her!"

Yellow Lion suddenly thumped Red Lion in the side in a threatening manner.  "Leave the girl be!" Yellow Lion roared.  "She can not harm us!  She is but a child!"

"Children grow up!" Red Lion snarled again.  "She should not be trusted."

Allura finally took a step forward and stood by the side of Black Lion.  "Why don't you trust me, Red Lion?"

"You are...you are not like us!  Your smell is different...I sense you mean us harm!" Red Lion growled lowly.

"I mean you no harm.  I only seek your guidance." Allura replied.  "I wish to learn the way of the lion."

"You wish to kill us!" Red Lion roared, and began moving forward toward her.  Black Lion jumped in front of Allura and she moved back.  Yellow Lion and Green Lion stood in front of Red Lion, attempting to block his path to her.


All aggression suddenly halted at the fierce roar from behind them all.

Allura and the other lions turned
around and found the Blue Lion
approaching from behind.  As if it
were a long lost friend, Allura
felt compelled to suddenly run
toward the Blue Lion.

She stopped as she faced Blue Lion...
then dropped to her knees and
wrapped her arms around its neck.

Blue Lion immediately reacted in the same manner, nuzzling the young princess with its blue nose, and giving off an almost purring sound.  Tears flowed down Allura's face as she repeatedly said...

"Blue Lion...Blue Lion...oh my Blue Lion!"

Blue Lion communicated to the others.  "I feel a kindred's heart in the child of Arus.  She is not here to harm us.  I trust her...with my life.  I knew she was here... I felt it from the moment she arrived."

Black Lion stepped forward.  "How so?"

Blue Lion purred again as Allura's tear-stained face met its gaze.  "I felt it...that is all.  I was napping by the lake when I heard the commotion begin.  One man shouting...and a female voice.  The voice was from this child.  I hid in the brush by the lake, down low.  I felt vulnerable with the male.  But the female child...I sensed that she was a part of me somehow.  I watched for a few moments, then, in fear, I ran away into the forest cover."

Allura took her hands and wiped her cheeks with them.  Then she slowly and carefully raised her hand up toward the Blue Lion.  As her hand neared, she stopped...hesitating.

Blue Lion looked at her.  "Why do you hesitate now, Daughter of Arus?"

Allura looked up at them.  "I...I'm so happy to be here with all of you.  But I miss my friends..."

Black Lion approached and nuzzled her with his nose.  "Tells us of them."

Allura looked into Black Lion's eyesand for a moment...she saw Keith's tenderness shining back in them.  She smiled and patted the Black Lion gently on the side of his body.

"Well," she began.  "My friends are very special to me.  I love them all."

"Tell us of each," Green Lion replied, now approaching with Yellow Lion behind him, and Red Lion falling in last.  "Tell us who they are and what it is that makes them so special to you,"

Allura smiled. "You remind me
of my friend, Pidge.  He's young, but
not lacking in wisdom.  In fact,
he's the smartest of all of us. He
can figure out things that would
amaze you!"

Then she looked at the Yellow Lion.
"And you remind me of my friend,
Hunk.  He's strong...when he has to be.
He's somewhat awkward, but
that's what makes him special!
He has a soft spot in his heart for
children...he loves to play with them."

"What are...children?" Yellow Lion asked of Allura.

"They are smaller versions of someone like me...small humans." Allura said.

Red Lion roared loudly.  "Dominators, not doubt."

Allura chuckled.  "No...children are small, and need our protection.  They don't dominate anything. They are innocent."

"No human I have ever known
is innocent." Red Lion growled.

Allura laughed again.
"And you...you remind me
of my friend, Lance!  He's a
hothead...that's what Keith calls

She suddenly stopped speaking...and bowed her head.   Black Lion lay down to the ground next to her and looked across into her face.  "I sense you are very sad at the mention of that name...Keith, did you say?  Is he someone special to you too?"

Allura nodded her head sadly.
"He is...very special to me,"
she replied as the tears started
to follow like rain from her eyes.
"And I'll never seen him again."

"He is...companion for you?"
Green Lion said to her.

Allura's chin buckled as she began to cry.  "Yes...in a way.  You see he and I...we are...we would have, I'm sure...been married someday.  But now..."

She suddenly bent in half and buried her face into her hands, crying with all authority. Black Lion nudged her with his nose, and she looked up at him.  "I am sorry you have lost such a love."

The Princess looked up at Black Lion...and suddenly realized a mysterious connection she never had thought about before. 

Each of the Lions of Arus displayed a different characteristic. 

And each had reminded her of the friends she left behind in the future.

Then it dawned on her...why each of her friends felt a special connection with their robot lion.  The lion's spirits were in each of the robot lions.  The vision of Queen Ariela that
appeared to her once when Voltron seemed to have been destroyed, explained that to

But now...for this first time, she understood what Queen Ariela had meant by that.

Blue Lion's nature was gentle, kind, compassionate...just like herself.

Green Lion's nature was wisdom and thoughtfulness...just like Pidge.

Red Lion was arrogant, untrusting, and easily angered...just like Lance.

Yellow Lion was a gentle giant and his physical strength, profound...just like Hunk.

And then...there was the Black Lion...who was gentle, kind, yet strong, protective, compassionate, trustworthy, level-headed, with calm demeanor...

Just like Keith.

Each of these very characteristics is part of her friends.  And perhaps...that's why each of them has a special connection to the robot lion they fly.  The lion spirit that represents each robot lion parallels the each pilot's characteristics.

Allura marveled at the revelation...

"Green Lion," Allura asked, as she quickly approached him.  "Tell me... is there any way I can return to my time?"

Green Lion bowed his head, and then shook it back and forth.  "My dear Daughter of Arus, I wish I knew of such a way.  Alas...I do not."

Allura turned abruptly, spinning on one heel and walking back toward Blue Lion.  "I must find a way to return home!  I must!  My people are counting on me to be there!  If I'm not there...there is no Princess Allura, daughter of King Alfor!  Who knows what will become of Arus in the future if I remain here!"

Blue Lion let out a huff.  "How was it that you came to be here?"

Allura sighed.  "It's a very long story, but the short of it is that I was forced here by the other man called Drago, who appeared with me.  He was using me as a hostage, and threatened to kill some of my subjects if my friends did not bow to his demands.  When he saw there was no way for him to win, he quickly tried to transport us elsewhere.  I tried to disrupt his plan by attempting to break the sequence.  I thought if I jarred the device from his hand, it would halt the process.  We instead, continued on.  When we appeared here,
he started shouting at me, telling me that I had trapped us both in Arus's pastforever.  I had no idea that was where he was taking us!  And I merely tried to stop him from doing whatever it was he was doing. Instead, I have trapped us both.  And now, I can't return
home to the people and the people I love the most."

She sank to the ground slowly...  "And I'll never see my friends again."

Black Lion came along side of her, attempting to cuddle her.  She looked up at him and smiled as the tears streamed down her face. 

"You remind me of my friend, Keith..." she said softly.  "He's so very gentle in spirit...so compassionate."

"Dear child," Black Lion purred.  "I am truly sorry that we have no way to return you from where you came.  But be assured that you will be well cared for, Daughter of Arus."

Allura nodded her head, and suddenly, the weeping turned to racking sobs.  She found herself wrapping her arms about Black Lion's neck.  He in turn nuzzled her with his nose, knowing there was absolutely nothing more he could do for her.

Blue Lion came up along side of them, and curled up on the ground next to the Princess's lap, laying his head in it.  She reached up and gently began to pet him softly with her hand. Green Lion, Yellow Lion, and eventually Red Lion too, came up to her and surrounded her
a living shield of love.

Even Red Lion seemed melancholy, sensing a feeling of great lose that this young child was feeling.

Allura was touched by the sensitivity of the lions.  But as kind and compassionate as they wereshe wanted nothing more then to be with her friendswho weren't to be born for nearly a thousand years from now.

Pictures of the Lions of Arus
Created by: AMBER!!!
Son of Keith