"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Nineteen
The Future's Past

With only shreds of information to work with, Pidge attempted his best to figure out what the strange device was that was left behind when King Drago and the Princess had disappeared from sight.

Everyone had the same question in mind... what was this strange device, and how does it work?  And could it lead them to the Princess?

Pidge worked long into the night.  Keith stayed by his side, working with him, trying to come up with ideas and solutions to the mystery.

But all that seemed to surface, were more questions then there were answers for.

Exhausted, Pidge finally laid his head down on the desk, unable to keep his eyes open any longer.  Keith reclined in his chair, tired, but not willing to give up.  He forced himself to lean forward again and continue to probe the strange instrument.  Wherever she was, Allura depended on them finding the answer...and soon.

Deciding to take a walk to clear his head, he walked around the Castle...and into the gardens.

He flopped on his old familiar bench, and checked his watch for the first time in hours.  The groaned as he saw what time it was...

Three-thirty in the morning.

Keith looked into the sky and saw the moon brightly shining...and wondered if wherever Allura was, if she could see it too.

"We'll find you somehow, Allura." Keith said in a soft voice.  "No matter where you are...
I'll find you somehow." he finished, suddenly making the vow personal.

He got back up and walked around the Royal Garden.  It was while he looked at the flowers in the garden, that he saw a strange, tarnished out stone plaque, of which he had never seen before.  He weeded through the flowerbed, knowing that Allura would probably skin him alive for walking in the flowers.

Keith licked his finger and rubbed
the plaque vigorously.  There was
writing on the plaque...and he could
barely make out any of the
letters. The plaque was very old.

R E     I N  
   E A E

The letters seemed to spell out something, but he couldn't quite make out the ones that were tarnished out so badly, the ones that made up the rest of the word.

With a sigh, Keith decided not to waste his energy here.  He had to figure out the device...
and quickly.

It was when he had returned to the lab, that he saw Pidge was now awake...and Coran was with him.  Both of them seemed stunned.  Keith gave them both a very curious look, and Coran turned to Keith.

In Coran's hand, was the ancient Book of the Archives, detailing Arus's history from when Queen Ariela lived some ten thousand years ago.

Keith cautiously approached Coran.  "What's that matter with you two?" Keith asked. "You both look as if you've seen a ghost."

Coran's breath became shallow, "Perhaps...we have, Commander."

"Huh?" Keith replied. "What are you talking about?"

Coran's face look as if all of the blood had suddenly left it.  He was white...almost with fear.

"I believe I know what has happened to the Princess." Coran said to Keith.

Keith's eyebrows knit together with curiosity. "Where is she?" he asked Coran. "Come on, Coran!  Out with it!  Where's Allura?"

Coran opened the book and laid it out on the table.  "Commander... take a glance at this.  I found this entry while reading the archives. 
I've read them for years, and must have
read them completely through at least two
dozen times since I've been the Royal
Diplomat, and the Advisor to the Royal family.
But in all of the times that I have studied the
archives...never have I seen this
entry... until today."

Coran pointed a finger at the archive
entry he was referring to.

Keith looked at his face first.  There was almost a look of panic and disbelief on it.  Keith looked Pidge too...and the same look was on his face.

Keith looked down and began reading the entry...

It was from Queen Ariela herself, written in the ancient Arusian language...

Coran read it aloud for Keith's benefit.


The dear and sweet old woman that had taken care of me for so long has finally met her end.  She passed on this morning at the age of 92 years.  How can I possibly continue on with my life now?  She was my guidance, my guardian.  Although I have the lions that shall always watch over me, this dear and saintly woman that I have known practically my whole existence here on Arus, finally rests in peace at last.

Hers was a strange story.  She never told me how she knew where I was to land, or when. She would only say that she knew...and that was enough for me to know.

This dearest love that she lost had taken its toll on her life, I fear.  I know not if the man was real, or merely a fantasy in the mind of a lonely woman.  But she referred to him often, and would only say that she missed him more then she could ever express.  I know not who he was, or where he had gone...but his name was often referred to...

Keith Hunter.

To that end, this dear woman, whom I have known as a mother to me, had never married, saying that she was wed to her memories of this single man.

My saintly nanny has lived many sorrows in her life with me...and now she can rest, and perhaps in the light of eternity, will now find the love she lost during her lifetime.  I have instructed that she should be buried at the south end of Lion Castle.  A plaque of stone will be her marker of burial.

Dearest woman...
Mother Allura...
Sleep well, my old friend.



Keith looked up at Coran blankly.  He finally took a deep intake of air, as if to take it all in.


"Keith, Queen Ariela is referring to Princess Allura in this passage of writings," Coran said quietly.  "She is the woman in this passage.  Your name is predominately spoken of here. It can be no other!"

"But...that just can't be!" Keith said, shaking his head.  "No, Coran!  It can't be true!"

"But it is, Commander!" Coran said sadly.  "Princess Allura was transported back through time...to the days of Queen Ariela.  And now... she is...dead... and has been so, for more than a thousand years!"

Then it hit Keith...

The plaque in the garden!

Keith turned and ran back down the
hallway and to the garden once again.

He returned to the plaque and
rubbed away at the letter as hard as he
could. The tarnish finally gave way,
yielding faintly, the letters that had been
worn away by time. But traces were still
there... enough that Keith could finally
read what was there...

He gasped aloud as he read the plaque once again...

R E S T     I N

His heart sunk in his chest as he realized too, where Allura had disappeared to...

Arus's past...

And now...she was dead.  Dead and gone for more then a thousand years.  He shook his head slowly in disbelief.  As the tears rolled down his face, Keith began unconsciously repeating to himself that this was a dream

"She can't be gone..." he mumbled tearfully. "She can't be...no... Allura...NO!"

Keith then got up and ran through the Castle to Throne Room.  He passed Coran and Pidge along the way, who decided to follow him to the garden.  The two turned and quickly followed after Keith once again.

When they reached it, they found Keith standing silently...staring at what was Allura's throne. Coran and Pidge ran to Keith's side.

"Keith!" Pidge replied. "What's wrong?"

With tears in his eyes, Keith looked
at them both and then pointed to the wall.
"Notice anything different?" he said to
them both.

Coran looked upand gasped suddenly...

"The Princess!" Coran choked out.
"Her name!  Where is her name?"

On the wall were the names of every
ruler in Allura's lineage.  Allura's
name was supposed to be after Alfor's name.
Instead...there was nothing but an empty space.

"Princess Allura's name is...is... gone!" Coran finished.

Keith looked him. "I saw a plaque in the garden that I'd never seen before.  I dismissed it at first, but then I heard you say that the old woman named Allura was buried on the south side of the Castle.  That would be right about where the Castle Gardens are right now.  I went back and discovered it was a grave marker...for Allura!  Coran, her grave is in the Castle Gardens!  She's....she's..."

"Then the Princess..." Pidge said slowly.

"Went back into time...and
somehow never got back.
She died there." Keith finished
solemnly.  "She's...dead!  She's out there...

"Then...this device...it must be a time transporter." Pidge added.

Keith mindlessly nodded as he slowly ran his hand over the lion-head design of the armrest on the throne.


Evening came several hours later...and Keith found himself sitting in the flowerbed next to the plaque with Allura's name on it.  He had watched her as she disappeared with Drago, and the anxiety set in as he wondered what had become of her.

As it turned out, she was not far away after all.

But now, she lay dead and buried
beneath the cold ground for nearly a
thousand years.

Keith grabbed his head in his hands
and rocked back and forth,
sorrowful beyond what words could

His Princess was dead.

Pidge figured that the Commander would be out here.  He approached quietly from behind, holding his breath, and feeling very guilty, as if he had been intruding on Keith grieving time.  It was hard to believe that Allura was buried there.  But there was even worse news

The teen genius cleared his throat to announce he was there.  Keith suddenly became still, refusing to turn around to meet Pidge's stare.

"I'm sorry to intrude like this, Keith," Pidge said quietly. "But I have some bad news."

Keith wiped his eyes with his sleeve,  and then, finally turned his head to look up at the Green Lion pilot.

"What did you find out, Pidge?" Keith asked tiredly.

"Well, I have to admit that I thought this might happen, but...I wasn't sure when." Pidge started.

Keith rose to his feet and faced Pidge.  "What might happen?  What are you talking about?" Keith asked again. 

The teen genius stood silently, bowing his head.

Keith suddenly became frustrated.... "Come on, Pidge!  I'm tired of puzzles.  If you've got
something to say, just say it!"

Pidge let out a sigh.  "Well, with Allura gone back to the past of this planet, Arus's future was changed.  There is no Princess Allura to rule over Arus.  And there is no successor to King Alfor.  Hunk, Lance and I were talking about what had happened, and one of the
Castle maids was standing somewhere near by.  Then, she approached us, and asked us what princess we were talking about.  The three of us looked at her like she was crazy. When we said Allura's name, the girl gave us a funny look, repeated the Princess's name, and then suddenly, it came to her who we were talking about and she smiled, saying... 'oh, her'." Pidge sighed.  "It's only a matter of time..."

"Like a rubber band," Keith said slowly.

"Exactly." Pidge confirmed.  "The people of Arus are going to forget Allura...as if she never existed as their Princess.  And we may eventually do the same."

Keith looked at Pidge with a serious expression, then turned his head to look at the grave marker.  "Then we must go back and get her from the past!"

"How?" Pidge asked shrugging his shoulders.  "I don't exactly know how the time transporter thing works."

Keith turned his head back to Pidge.  "Then, we're going to find out how it works!  We have to, Pidge!  Arus's future is at stake!  If we don't bring Allura back to this time, the danger will far outstretch beyond the boundaries of Planet Arus.  The entire galaxy, as we know
it, may change...just because her life was not here to affect one small planet in the Azure Quadrant!"

"You're right, Commander." Pidge said affirmatively.  "But how do we..."

"We're going to have to study that thing and see if maybe there's a way to hook it up to one of the robot lions!" Keith replied.  "You know...for time travel."

"But you said that you would never attempt that again!' Pidge said.

"I know what I said, Pidge!  But there's no other choice!  Allura was taken back in time against her will!  She shouldn't be there!  But the very fact that she raised Queen Ariela has changed the way that Ariela ruled!  I remember Allura telling me stories about Ariela that were written in the archives. Ariela became strong because the Lions of Arus raised her to be so!  But with Allura's influence present, it sounded like Ariela may have leaned more on Allura then on the Lions.  That means that our robot lions may disappear too!  Without that
strength being passed on from generation to generation, Alfor may not have made the lion ships...he may not have felt a reason to.  We may very well wake up tomorrow and find them gone!"

"If that's the case, then to use them would be foolish." Pidge added.  "We'd be taking a chance that they wouldn't just disappear at any moment!"

"Then we go back to our original thought." Keith replied.  "We must figure out how the device works, and use it to transport back in time.  More then just Allura depends on our success.  The entire galaxy depends on it! We must find a way!"

"I think I figured out the basics of it." Pidge informed Keith.  "But I'm not very sure on what happens once its activated."

"Can you show me how to use it?" Keith asked.

"Better then that, I'll go with you!" Pidge replied.

Keith shook his head.  "Too risky.  I'll be the one to go."

"You'll need someone there to watch your back, Keith." Pidge said. "Remember, Drago is there too.  He still has it out for you!"

Keith was about to object once again when Lance and Hunk walked up.

"Hey, you two aren't even thinking about leaving us out of it, are you?" Lance said.

"Yeah, cause if you are...think again!" Hunk added.

"Guys," Keith said to all of them, as they gathered in front of him.  "This isn't a game.  This is serious.  It'll be dangerous.  We must find Allura and bring her back to the present. Failure means that all of the future will be changed!"

There was much work to do, and not much time to do it in.  Now, there was no guarantee that any of them would remember Allura in the coming hours.

Time was running out...for the past and the future.