"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Eighteen
Time-Warp- Princess!

The fifteen minutes were up, and there was no sign of return by any of the Voltron Force. Allura surmised that Keith knew that giving into Drago's demands was not only unacceptable, but also impossible.

Drago turned and called out to her from the other side of the room... "Well, my friends!  It appears that you have been abandoned!  And now... its time for my promise to be fulfilled. Which one of you will die for your Princess?" he asked the group of men.

To Drago's surprise, and Allura's as well, each of the six men quickly stepped forward.  One by one, they offered themselves up for her.

"Take me!" one said.

"No, I'll go!" another said.

"No, take me instead!" still another said.

"You must take me!" the fourth said.

"No, I'll die for her!" the fifth said.

"I'll be the one...take me!" the sixth said.

Allura shook her head at the bravery before her.  Drago let out a hearty laugh.  "Ah, sweet Princess...it would seem that everyone wants to die for you!  But I can only choose one.  And since I don't want to disappoint any of these brave men...I leave the choice up to you!"

Allura's head quickly snapped around to meet Drago's gaze.  "You must be joking!" she cried.  "I...I can't choose one of them to die!"

"Choose... you must, Princess," Drago said quietly.  "Or I will kill them all...right here...
right now!"

"NO!" Allura shouted.

Without another thought, she quickly lifted her skirt to expose her leg.  Then, she let loose a karate kick into Drago's chest.  Caught off guard, Drago fell to the ground, gasping for air.

Allura then grabbed her blaster from beneath her skirting and started firing shots at Drago's men.  They quickly ran for cover and began returning fire.

Next, the Princess instructed the six men with her to move altogether as a unit toward the door.  They followed her lead, knocking over tables, using them as protective shields from the laser blasts.

Unnoticed, Drago slithered on the ground, gasping for breath, heading over toward Allura's position.

There was a suddenly blast at the door, and soon, the grunts of several men could be heard on the other end of the door, as they forcably pushed it open to gain entrance into the sitting room.

Blasts came from every direction from the hallway.  Allura and the others ducked low behind the table.

"Allura!" Keith voice called out to her from the hallway. "Code 54!  Execute!"

Allura bit her lip again, but turned to the village men.  "Get going!" she ordered.  "Crawl to the door and get out of the room.  I'll bring up the rear!"

The six men moved past her, and she started crawling behind them.  Then Allura let out a scream as she felt the strong grip of a large hand, grab hold of her foot suddenly.

Drago immediately was upon her, throwing himself onto her body, while reaching his free hand into his pocket

Drago pulled out a small device that looked very much like a directional compass.  Drago then positioned himself and with his other hand around her, pulled Allura to her feet in front of the blasting.

"Kill me!" He shouted toward the doorway.  "Kill me...but go threw her first!"

The blasting instantly ceased.  The six villagers crawled around the corner, helped by Pidge.

Pidge looked at them. "Get out of here! Run!"
he shouted to them.  They turned and did as
directed.  Pidge then huddled back down low,
just outside the door entrance next to Hunk.
Pidge whispered to his friend...
"What's happening?"

"Drago's using Allura as a
human shield!" Hunk grunted.
"We can't fire anymore...
or we'll hit her!"

Drago called out to them all.  "I'll kill her...or don't you care what happens to your precious Princess of Arus?"

Constantine suddenly recalled his conversation.  In an attempt to gain further acceptance from Drago, he called over to him.  "The Commander does!" Constantine said.  "He's special to her!  Kill him and she will do what we want!"

Allura struggled in Drago's arms to free herself, but his massive grip overpowered her.  He held fast to her waist, allowing her struggle further.

Keith and Lance, along with several Castle Guards poked their heads around the corner. "Let her go, Drago!  Give up...there's no place for you to go now!" Keith called out to the evil king.

Drago looked at the instrument in his hand and let out a laugh.  "Oh, but I think there is, Commander!" Drago lifted the instrument over his head.  "Say goodbye to your friends, Princess Allura! I'm sending us both on a little journey!"

Allura's struggle became violent once again as the Drago activated the instrument. A red hue glowed from all around it, surrounding them both.

"What's happening!" she shouted.

"We're taking a trip!  And when I'm ready, I'll come back!" Drago replied with a laugh. "But as for you... say good bye to your friends!  You'll never see them again!"

Keith came around the corner and shoulder-rolled to where the table was knocked over...not far away from where Drago stood with Allura.  Keith took careful aim at Drago's hand...and the hue suddenly became brighter...blinding his aim.  Keith quickly shielded his eyes...

"ALLURA!" Keith shouted to her. "NO!  STOP DRAGO!"

It was at the moment when they started to disappear, that Allura finally was able to reach up and take a swat at Drago's hand that contained the instrument.  The item was knocked from Drago's grasp...

He shouted in horror at her. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU LITTLE FOOL?"

The two of them vanished from sightand the instrument hit the ground and rolled just several feet from Keith's position.

Stunned, Keith looked at the spot where Allura and Drago once stood only to find shifting air, that eventually settled back to normal.

Keith then blasted one of Drago's men, who had also been stunned by the event.  Lance took out the other, and moments later, Keith had hold of Constantine by the throat.

"Where is she?" Keith shouted angrily,
shaking the Prince around in his grasp.
"I said...where is she? Answer me!"

"I...I don't know, Commander!"
Constantine replied, with a shocked
look on his face.

"You do know...and you're going
to tell me!" Keith insisted, shaking
the young man again.  Hunk and Lance
came up along side of Keith and grabbed
onto his arms, trying to free Constantine
from Keith's grip.

"Keith...he doesn't know!"
Lance shouted at his angry friend.
"Let him go, Keith!" Hunk said as well.

"Where...is...the PRINCESS?" Keith hollered with a steady, angry voice, shaking Constantine harder, despite his friends' attempts to stop him.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Constantine shouted back, nearly at the top of his lungs.

Keith stopped shaking Constantine, and looked at him.  He then immediately released the Prince from his grasp and shoved him toward the Castle Guard.

"Here," Keith groaned. "Take him...before I kill him!"

Coran, who had been standing nearby and out of danger, came into the room and ordered the guards to arrest Constantine and hold him for questioning.

Pidge walked over to the instrument and picked it up to inspect it, while Lance and Hunk attempted to calm their Commander down.

Keith jerked himself away from them both shouting... "I'm alright!  Just leave me alone for a minute!"

Lance gave Hunk a warning look, and the two of them immediately backed off from Keith. The Voltron Commander placed his hands on his hips and walked with his back turned from his friends.

Pidge walked up to Lance and Hunk.  Lance looked at the item in Pidge's hand.  "What is it?" he questioned.

"Don't know yet," Pidge replied.  "I'm going to run a diagnostic on it and see if I come up with any clues."

"We've got to find the Princess, Pidge!" Hunk said suddenly.  "What do you think happened to her?"

"I don't know that either until I run the diagnostic." Pidge said to Hunk.

"Well, you had better get started," Lance replied.  "We need to find out if whatever happened to the Princess can be reversed somehow."

Keith suddenly turned around, hearing what Pidge had said about running the diagnostic. "I'm coming with you, Pidge!"

"Sure, Chief." Pidge nodded. "Come on!"


The forest area was calm and serene.  A quiet sweet breeze was drifting back and forth, gently rustling the trees.  The air was fresh and clean...the sun was shining brightly...

An absolutely beautiful day on Planet Arus.

Suddenly, the air shifted and twisted...

The images to two people appeared in a wooded area.  Drago immediately threw Allura aside, sending her to the ground.  He then turned around and moaned in an almost agonize voice, suddenly holding his head between his hands and walking around in a circle.

Allura looked around at their surroundings...

"Where are we?" she said slowly to Drago.

The wooded area was on a beautiful escarpment overlooking a valley below.  "It looks like...Arus!" she said quietly.  "But without the Castle of Lions...without villages...

Allura stood to her feet and tipped her head upward.  The air was fresh and clean, somewhat cleaner then she was used to.  As she moved looked around the wooded area where she was standing, then, cautiously walked a few steps over toward some brush.

Allura walked a few more steps past the brush, until she finally got a glimpse of what appeared to be...a lake, just off in the distance.

In fact, it was the same shape as the lake that surrounded the Castle of Lions...

With a panicked look on her face, she quickly turned around to Drago, who was still moaning to himself.

"What is this place?" she questioned him.  She then walked up to him and grabbed his arm. "I said...where are we?"

Drago looked at her.  "We are one thousand years in the past!  This is what your miserable planet looked like!  And thanks to you... we're stuck here for the rest of our lives!"

"What do you mean...stuck here?" she gasped.

"When you hit my hand during the time warp, you knocked free the time-portal creator! Now, it's in the future...one thousand years in the future!  And you have doomed us to spend the rest of our lives here in Arus's past!" Drago shouted at her.

"No...no!" Allura cried.  "This can't be!"
She turned and ran a few steps away from
him and looked at the lake once again.

"...Are not even born yet!  Their parents
and grandparents and even their great-
great-great grandparents aren't even
thought of yet!" Drago moaned. 
"And now...we won't exist in the future...
and it will be forever changed!"

"What do you mean, forever changed?"
Allura said slowly.

"Without you, your father, King Alfor, will have no surviving rulers of Arus.  Your planet will parish now! My plan was to leave here, temporarily, while I bargained with your friends!  But now, you've doomed my existence as well!  And now, there is no possible way to
get us home again!  I would have left you here...only long enough for your friends to submit to my plans!  Now, neither of us will ever return to our time!  And you have yourself and your stupid heroics to thank for it!" Drago shouted at her.

"The Voltron Force will find a way to rescue us!" Allura said, trying to reassure herself. "You'll see!  They'll come for me!  They'll figure out how to use your device, and they'll come back to rescue us!"

"They don't even know what it is, let alone how to use it!" Drago shouted at her.  "It would take a work of genius to figure it out!"

"Just so happens I know one...and he's probably already working on it..if I know Pidge!" Allura replied as she looked up into the skies of Arus.  "At least...I hope so..."

She suddenly looked up, catching the sight of a flock of Antin Birds, as they were flying by overhead... and she gasped.

That species of birds have been extinict for several hundreds of years... in her time.

Torn between confusion, fear and fascination, Allura drew another breath... and held it, wondering if she would ever see home again.