"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Fifteen
Sneak Attack

Hunk thought he had heard noise erupting outside of the Princess's windows.  He alerted Allura to it, and together, with blasters in hand, they carefully walked over toward the windows and crouching down in front of them, they looked out of them to the courtyard

The altercation was already over with, and three of the military police were laying face down in the snow, apparently laser shot...and blood was now covering the snowy white ground beneath them...catching the moonlight's reflection.

Allura gasped and sank low, covering her mouth with her hand...and feeling a sudden deep sadness for the men who just lost their lives, all while feeling a queeziness arising from deep within her.

"Those guards are dead down there!" Hunk whispered as he watched the last of the guard's bodies being dragged away.  "They're trying to clear the way to get at us, Princess!"

"We have to call Keith
and the others, Hunk!"
Allura surmised.  "If
they were able to take
out the military police on
guard below my

"Then, we can't hold them
off for long!" Hunk agreed
in whispers, finishing her line
of thinking. "We need backup...
and we need it NOW!"

He lifted his wrist and activated his wrist COM...but before he could speak, Keith was already on the other end...

"Alert you two!" He shouted through the COM. "Contact Amalgamus immediately! You're about to come under attack from Drago's henchmen!  Take evasive action!"

"No kidding, Keith!" Hunk screeched back.  "They just killed the guys outside in the snow!"

"Hunk!  Protect the Princess!" Keith's voice echoed over the COMlink. "Do you read, Hunk?"

"I read you, Commander!" Hunk said, with a sudden determination in his voice.  "With my life!"

"No, Hunk!" Allura replied suddenly, raising her blaster up.  "We fight together!"

"No, Allura!" Keith's voice cried. "Take cover...we're coming!"

"I don't think so, Commander!" Allura blasted back.  "Hunk can't defend me alone!  And I'm not about to let anyone die for my sake!  We fight together!"

Suddenly, a scuffle was taking place outside the room in the hallway.  Hunk and Allura heard shots from blasters being fired...and the screams of men as they met their deaths.

"We're out of time!" Hunk shouted. 

"Allura...head for cover!" Keith's voice echoed through the COM.

Allura raised her blaster...  "We've no time to argue, Keith!  Just get back here, fast!"

A loud pounding began at the door.  Someone was trying to break it down.

"Here it comes!" Hunk replied as he took position.  "Princess, get to the vid-phone and alert Amalgamus! Hurry!"

Allura crawled over to the vid-phone and attempted to contact Amalgamus.  His face appeared on the screen.

"Amalgamus!" Allura cried.  "We're under attack... men are storming my room!  They've already killed the men you had posted outside, just below my window!  And now, it appears that they've killed the guards in front of the door to my room as well!  You must send reinforcements immediately...AHHH!"

Allura screamed, as a loud and repeated pounding began occurring on
the door.  It sounded as if someone was now trying to kick the door in.  She turned to Hunk, who now had his blaster pointed at the door.  Allura could hear Amalgamus's robotic voice calling to her.

She quickly turned her head back toward him.

"Help us!" she cried out.

"I'm sending out troops now, Princess!" Amalgamus replied confidently.  "Hold them off if you can!"

The screen when dark.  Allura rolled her eyes up toward the vent shaft entrance, hoping to see Keith, Lance and Pidge soon.

Hunk frowned.  "Hold them off, he says!" he chuckled synically.  "Tell me how I can hold off a bunch of their guys, who just killed a bunch of our guys!"

The pounding intensified on the door, and then, without warning, something came crashing though the window, scattering glass over Hunk and into the room.  Hunk turned around and looked over the sill and toward the ground.  He quickly ducked down low, his head just missing being blasted off by laser fire.

Allura quickly began to crawl over to where Hunk was, but he stopped her just before she reached him.

"No Princess!" Hunk warned. "Stay back!"

She halted in mid motion as the door in front of them both came crashing in.  It fell to the floor with a bang as it landed.  Hunk pointed his weapon, taking aim at the door, while Allura quickly pointed hers toward the doorway as well.

It was clear...for the moment.

Hunk quickly crawled over to the Princess and grabbed her.  He then pulled her into the corner and behind him.  Hunk next pulled the couch over toward them both, so that it could act as a cover for them to hide behind and to fire from.

Hunk pointed his weapon over the top of the couch, and over toward the door.

Allura activated her wrist COM.  "Keith...wherever you are...we need you...right now!" she whispered excitedly.

"We're coming!" Keith shouted through the COM.  "Almost there...just hang on!"

"Tell him we're out of time!" Hunk shouted back.

"I heard that!" Keith replied.  "Protect Allura, Hunk!"

"What do you think I'm doing, Skipper...having a picnic down here?  Just get here, fast!" Hunk shouted in an agitated tone of voice.  "We're gonna die...if you don't..."

"Shhh-hh!" Allura hushed Hunk.

"What's happening over there?" Keith's voice cried.

Hunk and the Princess stood absolutely still...like deer that had been spotted in the woods, frozen, as they observed what was suddenly taking place...

Things were suddenly quiet...too quiet.

Keith's voice continued to call out over the COM...and Hunk quickly disconnected the link. Allura looked at him sternly at first, but then, she understood why he made the move to severe the link with Keith...

Things had changed...drastically.  

Were they about to be killed by the raiders?

Hunk readied himself for battle, and Allura did the same.  It was then, that the sound of Amalgamus's voice had quickly caught them both off guard.

"Princess Allura!  Commander Keith!  Lance, Pidge, Hunk...where are you?  Are you well?" Amalgamus asked.  "Voltron Force...report your condition, this instant!"

Hunk signaled to Allura to stay put, as he lifted his head up above the couch to take a peek. Sure enough...Amalgamus had rolled into the room.  A group of Alliance soldiers were directly behind the cyborg leader, holding blaster guns.

At the sight of them, Hunk sighed quickly and lowered his weapon.  "We're back here, Amalgamus!"

"Hunk?" Amalgamus answered, turning now toward the couch. "Where is the Princess?"

"I'm here, Amalgamus!" Allura said in a shaky voice.

"Thank goodness you are safe, Your Highness!" Amalgamus said.  "And what of..."

Suddenly... a crash on the ventilation shaft door occurred, and it fell to the ground.  Pidge leapt out of it, followed closely behind by Keith and Lance, their weapons to bear.

The Alliance military turned their weapons on the three, quickly, but Amalgamus halted their fire.

"No, no!  Don't shoot!  Don't shoot, I say!" Amalgamus shouted.

The military lowered their weapons and Keith signaled Lance and Pidge to do likewise. Amalgamus rolled up to the three Voltron Force members.

"Commander, explain!" Amalgamus ordered of Keith. "What is going on here?  Where were you and why were you not in this room, as I had confined you be?"

"Sir, I can explain!" Lance immediately stepped forward.  "Without the Commander's knowledge, I decided to go on a hunt to find Drago and see what he was up to.  And I got it...right here!"

Lance held up the recorder in his hand.  "I recorded this footage.  It tells not only of what was happening here, but also in detail about the plot to take over Meridiana Two!  Drago wanted nothing more then to get King Ashland away from the planet!  He not only plotted his murder...but he ordered it to be carried out...by the King's own son... Constantine!"

"Prince Constantine killed his own father, King Ashland?" Amalgamus gasped.  "This is incredible!"

"Yes sir, and we also overheard his plot to capture Princess Allura, and use her as a bargaining piece to get off of Planet Earth, so that he could head back to Meridiana Two!" Lance continued.

"What you have done is a service to the Alliance!" Amalgamus exclaimed.  "However...
you disobeyed orders in doing so.  Commander Keith, you and your men shall all receive a formal reprimand in your permanent files."

"But Amalgamus..." Keith started to say, but Lance cut him off.

"Hey...don't blame Pidge and Keith, Amalgamus!" Lance said.  "They came after me!  It wasn't their choice to come along!"

"It doesn't matter." Amalgamus replied sternly.  "Commander Keith knows proper procedures.  He should have notified us immediately... and perhaps, the Princess's life may not have been in danger tonight."

"If we had listened to you,
Amalgamus, we'd have been
ambushed here, instead of
hearing what they were plotting
to do!" Lance thundered.  "You're
crazy if you thought I was just going
to sit here and do nothing!  If we
didn't get the information we have
right now, you'd still be trying
to figure out what happened, and
we'd most likely be dead!"

"Amalgamus...what happened to the attack force that stormed my room?" Allura asked.

"The rebellion has been crushed, and those we could find have been taken into custody. And with this new evidence that has surfaced, I will review its content and act appropriately." Amalgamus replied.  A slot in his metal frame opened up.  "Place the recorder in here." Amalgamus ordered.

Lance stepped forward and inserted the recorder into the slot.  The slot quickly closed up. Amalgamus turned to the Force...

"You will be leaving for Arus in the morning.  The conference is obviously terminated.  I will call Coran and update him on these matters, and order him to go to full alert status on Planet Arus.  For your protection, you should return there immediately!"

"Gladly!" Hunk huffed.
"I'm tired of getting shot at!"

"Me too!" Pidge replied.
"I'm tired of watching my back!"

Keith looked sternly at
his team and then looked
back at Amalgamus.
"What'll happen to
King Drago?"

"He will be incarcerated for war crimes against Meridiana Two, and Prince Constantine will be located and detained for questioning." Amalgamus replied.

Allura shook her head.  "I still don't
understand why Prince Constantine
would do such a thing," she said.
"He seemed so kind-hearted."

"Like anyone who gets themselves
tangled up on the side of evil, Allura."
Keith said solemnly.  "It invades you like
a cancer. Before you know it, you're in so
deep you can't determine right from wrong."

"Correct, Commander Keith." Amalgamus agreed.  "Your Highness, there are forces of evil all around.  If your heart bends its ear toward the voice of evil, it will only result in an evil heart.  Your heart, Princess, is kind and compassionate.  Never lose that."

Allura shook her head.  "Never, Amalgamus." She affirmed.

"Oh...and I will be sending the other delegates home as well, obviously.  We will be doing it in an orderly manner, of course, in an effort to avoid any further confusion." Amalgamus said.  "I will see to it that your cousin, Princess Romelle, Commander Sven B'Yourn, and the rest of the delegation from Planet Pollux are safely escorted from Earth."

"Thank you, Amalgamus." Allura replied.

"Now, if you will all collect your belongings and follow me, I will show you to your separate rooms." Amalgamus said.

"If its all the same to you, Amalgamus," Keith said suddenly.  "I think I speak for my team when I say...we'd prefer to be in the same room, considering the circumstances."

Amalgamus paused, then agreed. "As you wish, Commander.  Go and collect your things. I will be waiting for you."