"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Thirteen
Threatening Warning

The evening arrived quickly.

The vid-monitor had the usual Earth entertainment on it.  Pidge and Hunk had settled themselves down to watch a game show, while Lance fell asleep on the couch.  He wanted
to catch a nap, since his watch would be the first one that night.

Keith hunkered down on a nearby chair and was reading a book... something from William Shakespeare.  He enjoyed the man's imagination, and the way Shakespeare applied it to his work was astounding.

Princess Allura was on the vid-phone in her room, talking to her cousin, Princess Romelle, who was in confinement in another part of the building.

Sven was there with her, along with their attendants from Planet Pollux.

Allura was discontent.  "Oh, Romelle,"
she sighed to her cousin. "I'm worried
about Keith. What if whoever is after
him, succeeds like they did with
King Ashland?"

"Give your Commander a bit
more credit then that, Allura."
Romelle replied. "He's a pretty
smart man.  Sven isn't worried
at all.  He said if anyone can take
care of himself, its Keith."

"Yes, but...if I hadn't shown up when I did," Allura added, inferring about he incident when he had been ambushed in the hallway.  "He..he would have..."

"He would have figured away out of that too!" Romelle replied. "He's pretty resourceful, your Voltron Commander."

"Yes, but I'm still concerned." Allura sighed.

"And well you should be," Romelle replied.  "Concerned...but not overwhelmed.  That's what this Drago fellow wants!  He thrives on fear!  And if he can paralyze you in it, he has you where he wants you!"

Allura sighed.  "I know, I just wish...well, first Lotor, and now this Drago character!  Why is it that I attract all the wicked men?"

"Not all of them are wicked, Cousin!" Romelle snickered.  "You managed to attract young Keith Hunter.  He's a very attractive, kind, considerate man.  You should feel good that such a man loves you, Allura."

"Oh, I do, Romelle, but...perhaps he wouldn't be in this much trouble if he and I were not...emotionally involved." Allura said hesitantly.  "He's in danger because of his feelings for me, Romelle!  I blame myself for that.  If I were a bit braver, I could
protect myself, and then he wouldn't feel the need to be so protective, and then become so attached... and...well..."

"Now hold on just a moment, Allura!" Romelle scolded.  "Keith loves you...and not because of you're need to be protected...because you are you!  He loves you unconditionally!  And that includes your shortcomings!  And he knows Lotor has it out for him because of it. He doesn't care, either.  And neither should you care!  Allow him the
right to protect you, Allura!"

"But...that protection comes with a price, Romelle," Allura wept. "And I'm not so sure I want him to pay that price for me."

"Allura, every young man dreams of his princess...so to speak.  Keith has found a real princess.  Sven always tells me it's his pleasure to watch over me and to protect me.  I suspect Keith feels the same way about you.  Don't deny him of that pleasure, Allura."

"And what of the other boys, Romelle?" Allura quickly added.  "What if Drago does something awful to them as well?  I don't think I could bear anything more happening to any of them."

"Your friends care deeply for you." Romelle replied.  "Your concern for them is admirable, but you must understand that they too wish only your protection.  They can take care of themselves.  The important thing right now, that you all need to do, is stick together as a team."

"I just can't put them through any more,
Romelle," Allura said again.  "If something
happens to any of them... I...I don't know if
I can live with myself."

"Excuse me, Princess..."

Allura quickly turned around toward the voice at the door...only to find Keith standing there in the entranceway with a book in his hand.

"Princess....is everything okay?"

"Fine, Keith." Allura replied as she turned back to the monitor.  "I'm just talking with Romelle."

"Oh?" Keith replied.  "Excuse me for the interruption.  I didn't mean to intrude.  I just wanted to tell you, lights out in fifteen minutes."

Allura smiled and bit her lower lip.  "Thank you, Keith.  I'll finish up here."

"Good to see you, Romelle." Keith said as he turned to leave the room.  "Please give my best to Sven."

"I will, Keith." Romelle replied back.

Keith turned and left the room. Allura turned back the vid-phone monitor, still unconsciously biting her lower lip.

"Allura!" Romelle scolded. "You mustn't worry!"

"I'll be fine, Romelle." Allura reassured. "We all will."

Though the words left her mouth, Allura found herself doubting them.


Keith sat down on the chair once again and opened the book to the place where he had left off at.  Only this time, he couldn't begin reading.

His mind was focused in on the words he heard Allura utter when he had entered the room.

She was afraid.

He could hear that in her voice as she spoke to Romelle.  He could also see that, as she nervously bit on her lower lip...a habit she only did when she was uneasy about something.

A sigh escaped him, and caught Lance's attention as he stirred from his nap on the couch. He sat up and stretched his muscles out, then looked at his watch.

"Wow...guess I better wake up," Lance said, taking in a deep breath of air into his lungs.

Keith nodded silently.  His face suddenly became worried.

"Why the look, Keith?" Lance asked him with a yawn.

Keith shook his head.  "Allura," he motioned to the other room. "I'm worried about her."

"What about?" Lance asked.

"I accidentally intruded on a private conversation her and Romelle were having.  She's afraid, Lance." Keith said.

"Of what?" Lance said with a stretch in his voice as he once again stretched his body.

"Of something happening to one of us." Keith replied. "I think the King's death has her spooked somehow."

"It's got me spooked!" Lance said. "I'm sitting here wondering if his murder wasn't a general warning to all of us."

"Yeah, I had the same thought myself," Keith admitted.  "Something like, 'if I can do that to him, imagine what I can do to you', sort of thing.  Its like Drago's trying to plant fear in our minds.  And he's doing a pretty good job with the Princess."

"She'll be okay, Keith." Lance replied.  "She's got all of us to watch out for her.  There's an armed guard detail outside the door, and one just below each of the windows.  What could possibly happen?"

"What could possibly happen...." Keith echoed.  "This King Drago... he's worse then Zarkon and Lotor put together.  His tactics are fear.  He tries to break down his victims with it..."

"Kind of like the devil, eh, Keith?" Lance said.

"The devil?" Keith said with a pause in his voice.

"Yeah...you know...the dude with the pointy horns on his head!" Lance said, using his fingers above his had as an illustration of horns. "Didn't you pay attention in Sunday School?"

"Lance, I know who the devil is!" Keith grunted.  "Just what are you getting at?"

"Well then...you know that he's always out to put fear in the lives of people." Lance replied. "At least, that's I've always been told when I was growing up on Planet Eb."

"I hope you have a point in this Sunday School lesson, Lance," Keith replied tiredly. "Because I'm not getting the connection..."

"Think about it, Keith!" Lance blurted out as he stretched out. "The Devil tries to make you afraid by doing all kinds of scary things, like what Drago's been up to!"

"Are you somehow comparing this guy to the devil?" Keith asked. "I think you're comparing apples and oranges."

"Well, kind of," Lance replied. "I'm suggesting his tactics are similar.  If we let this guy, Drago, see that we're afraid, he's got us over a barrel.  But if we ignore him...show him we're not afraid of him...maybe he'll lose his grip and quit giving us a hard time!"

"Wishful thinking, Lance." Keith replied with a small smile.  "But it seems to me that this guy is bent on doing more then just putting fear in our hearts.  He's after the Princess...and he wants us...especially me...out of his way.  He doesn't look like the type
to give up easily either."

"So...we sit here, afraid to think or breathe?" Lance huffed.  "Seems to me like that's the wrong approach.  We should be trying to put fear into him!  Give him a taste of his own medicine!"

"And how do you suggest we do that...while under confinement?" Keith asked with a sneer.

"Hey...we're the Voltron Force! There's got to be a way that some of us can sneak out of here and do some investigating on our own!" Lance replied.

"Lance...we're talking about going against direct orders from High Command!" Keith warned.  "You know we'd only get busted.  And once we do, we'll be disciplined...big time!"

"Are you afraid of High Command?" Lance asked Keith while leaning over and nudging him in the side of his ribs.  "Since when do we care what those stiff-collared know-it-alls think?"

"I'm not afraid!" Keith huffed angrily. "I just don't think it's a very good idea!"

"Where's your sense of adventure?" Lance challenged.

"We're not talking about adventure here, Lance," Keith replied. "We're talking about disobeying orders!"

"No, we're talking about protecting our lady friend in the other room!" Lance replied back. "We're talking about protecting the woman YOU love!"

Keith sighed.  "Lance, we can protect Allura a lot better by not ending up in the brig!"

"We can sneak into the ventilation shaft," Lance said, pointing up to a crawlway vent near the top of the ceiling.  "That way, we won't get caught!"

"Lance!" Keith said in a slightly elevated voice.  "I said, NO!"

"Oh fine!" Lance huffed.  "Stay here if you'd like.  I'm going!"

"Don't do it, Lance!" Keith replied angrily.  "You're trying my patience!"

Lance turned toward Hunk who was playing a video game with Pidge.  "Hey Hunk old buddy!  Give me a boost up to that shaft up there!"

"Hunk!  Don't you dare!" Keith replied angrily.

Hunk paused the video game, and he and Pidge looked up toward the area Lance was pointing to.  Hunk scratched his head.  "Why do you want to go up there, Lance?" Hunk asked.

"He's not going up there!" Keith said, standing to his feet and immediately walking over toward where Lance was standing. "Go back to your game."

"I'm doing this Keith...
with or without your help!" Lance
threatened. "I'd do a lot better
with your help, though."

"Lance, this is the wrong way to
go about this..." Keith tried to
reason. "And I'm not about to let
you try it, either!"

"Come on!" Lance shouted.  "You're not suggesting that sitting here and doing nothing while that monster is on the loose?  Is the right thing to do?"

"I'm saying that disobeying orders certainly isn't the right thing to do!" Keith shouted back.  "And you aren't doing it!"

Lance whipped around and then suddenly slammed his fist into the nearby wall. "You're just going to sit here, is that it?"

"Yes...that's it!" Keith replied firmly. "And so are you!"

Lance turned away from Keith, gritting his teeth. Keith stood his
ground, fully ready for another round of disagreeable remarks from

Suddenly, Lance turned around and smiled at the Voltron Commander...

"You're right, Keith!" Lance said cheerfully.  "I don't know what I was thinking! You're right, I'd only get busted... and what good would I be to the Princess then?"

Keith stared at Lance.  Hunk and Pidge, who now had turned their attention from their game to the fight, joined Keith in the stare of disbelief.

"Who are you?" Hunk murmured suddenly.  "And what have you done with Lance?"

Lance shrugged his shoulders.  "I just suddenly see what Keith means, and... well...I've decided he's absolutely right!"

Keith crossed his arms, suspiciously.  "Why don't I believe this sudden change in heart that you're having here?" Keith asked, smugly.

Lance shrugged his shoulders once again.  "Hey...a guy's entitled to change his mind, isn't he?"

Keith continued to stare at him.  "Don't let me catch you trying to leave, do you understand me, Lance?"

"Hey Chief...trust me!  You won't catch me doing anything of the sort!  Promise!"
Lance said, bringing up his hand and covering his heart with it.

Keith still stared at him, then exhaled forcefully. "See that I don't."


Hunk had been on watch for nearly fifteen minutes.  It was after midnight, and everyone was asleep.  Lance had taken the first watch from ten o'clock to midnight, and now it was Hunk's turn.  Pidge was asleep on the couch.  He was squished up on one end of it.  And in the other corner of the couch was Keith, curled up tight.  The Princess was in the other room, in the bed.

Lance had made himself a nice area on the floor over in the corner.

Hunk had just settle himself in for the two hour watch, when Lance had suddenly approached him from behind, tapping his shoulder, and motioning Hunk to come with him to the other side of the room.

Hunk stood up and followed Lance across the room. Lance pointed up and then whispered to Hunk...

"I need a boost!" Lance said, pointing the vent shaft.

Hunk shook his head nervously.  "Are you kidding, Lance?" he whispered nervously. "You heard Keith!  He said he'd better not catch you..."

"Right!  And who says I'm going to get caught?" Lance replied softly, again shrugging his shoulders. "I'll sneak out of here and be back before Keith's watch in four hours from now! It'll be a breeze!"

"This isn't good!" Hunk huffed.  "If Keith finds out I helped you, my head will be on display next to yours at the Castle of Lions!  We'll be up there as a warning to anyone else who decides to disobey Keith's orders!!  Nothing, doing, Lance!  I like my head...just where it is...squarely on my shoulders!"

"Hunk!" Lance whispered forcefully. "That isn't going to happen!  Keith's last name is 'Hunter', but he's not a head-hunter!"

"Oh, joke if you'd like," Hunk replied in a whisper. "But he'll kill us both!  And personally, I have things in life I still have to do!"

"What's the most he can do to you?" Lance asked. "Come on, Hunk!  Help a brother out here, and give me a boost!"

"No way!" Hunk protested.

"Come on!" Lance said, his whisper elevated a bit

"Nothing doing! The boss will kill me!" Hunk repeated.

"No he won't!  I'll take the blame!  I'll tell Keith...that um... I made you do it!" Lance said with a convincing tone.

"Oh, yeah!  As if Keith would believe that one!" Hunk replied.  "I can't...no deal!"

Hunk started to walk away, when suddenly, Lance's hands grabbed onto Hunk's bulky arm, restraining him momentarily.

"Do you want the Princess to go on worrying about us all?" Lance reasoned. "She's nervous about this Drago character.  If one of us can get the scoop on this guy, maybe we can get him where he belongs.... in jail!  Then we can go back to Arus peacefully."

"Aw...don't bring the Princess up in this!" Hunk waffled. "You're not pulling that one on me!  If you think you can use her to motivate me with guilt into helping you..."

"Okay...fine!  Don't help me!  Stand there and listen to her cry, if you'd like!  I can't bare her to be hurt like that!" Lance replied.  "But I guess her feelings don't matter to you as much as they do to me."

"Come on, Lance." Hunk huffed in a whisper. "You know that's not true."

"Then, help me!" Lance said, pointing above his head.  "Give me a boost!  Help me help Allura to have peace of mind!  We need to dig up some dirt on this Drago guy!  Otherwise, the Garrison bozos are going to be force to let him go!  Then, he'll come after Allura and Keith!  And maybe...even us!"

Hunk closed his eyes for a moment, letting what Lance had said move around in his mind. He finally sighed quietly and nodded his head.

"Okay, okay...you win. I'll boost you up...but you got to promise to be back in two hours!"

Lance crossed his heart with his finger. "Promise!"

Hunk twined his fingers together, and Lance placed one foot into them.  Hunk lifted Lance over his head and up to the vent shaft.

Quietly, Lance opened he door to the shaft and using his arm and chest muscles, pulled himself up inside.  He then leaned back down toward Hunk and gave him the 'thumbs up' sign with a wink of his eye.

"Thanks Hunk!" Lance smiled.  "You're doing the right thing!"

As the vent door closed, Hunk nervously turned back around and headed toward his posted lookout position.

"Yeah...sure I am!" He thought quietly.  "Hope I live to explain all of this to Keith, and convince him that I'm suppose to be a hero for helping.  A dead hero for sure!"