"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Eleven
Angry Intentions, Angry Results

There was a knock at the Princess's door, and Pidge stood by with a blaster in hand. Allura stood to the other side of him with her blaster pointed at the door as well.  She signaled to Pidge with a nod of her head, that she was set on her end, and to answer the door.

Pidge carefully asked who it was.  Keith's familiar voice responded, and Pidge and the Princess lowered their weapons.

Pidge opened the door and stepped aside to allow his three friends to enter the room with suitcases in hand.

Allura had already dressed for the day,
dawning her pink jumpsuit, with her hair
done up in the traditional bun style that
she favored as a casual look.

Allura saw Keith's face, and immediately
knew something else was wrong.

"What happened?" she asked him, Hunk
and Lance.

"Our room is toast!" Lance huffed,
letting his suitcase plummet to the
ground. "We found it trashed!"

"You mean to say someone ransacked it last night?"
she repeated.

"Ransacked may not be the exact
wording I'd use." Hunk replied, as he
sat down on a nearby chair.
"Someone went out of their
way to send Keith a message."

"A STRONG message, I'd say," Lance added with a huff to his voice.  "One that Keith can't possibly misunderstand!"

"Wait...let me guess... to stay clear from me... is that it?" she huffed angrily.

"Oh, it's gone way beyond that, Princess!"  Lance chucked in a mocking tone.

"Lance..." Keith warned wearily.

"Someone went out of their way to warn Keith to sleep with a blaster at night!" Hunk finished.

"Guys...cool it." Keith warned again, a bit more sternly this time.

"Yeah...with some 'decapitating' overtones..." Lance added.

"Decapitating?" Allura gasped. "As in...loss of head???"

"I said that's enough!" Keith said in a raised voice as he immediately headed for the vid-phone.

Allura followed right behind him. 
Pidge walked up to Lance and Hunk.
"What happened over there that's
got Keith so up in arms?" he asked
his friends quietly.

"The room was destroyed... totally ransacked," Lance said in a whisper.  "And there was this cryptic-like message, although not very cryptic in content."

"It basically said that Keith had better not sleep soundly, or he could find his head severed from his body!" Hunk added.

"Yeah, and the message also threatened that its author would possess Allura!" Lance continued.

"Geez!" Pidge gasped under this breath.  "Another loser after the Princess?  She attracts these guys like flies to garbage!"

"Yeah, maybe so... but now, they obviously want Keith dead...out of the way for good." Hunk said.

"Just let 'em try!" Pidge barked softly, waving his blaster around.

"Hey, hey!" Lance breathed out the words.  "You're gonna kill someone with this!"

"I'm not stupid, Lance!" Pidge beefed. "I have the safety on!"

Allura grabbed onto Keith's arm and turned him around to look at her.  His eyes were glazed over, as if he were entranced by what was happening.

"Keith!" Allura said to him.
"What did this message say?"

"Let's just say...it wasn't very
complimentary for either of us."
He replied vaguely.

Not satisfied with the answer
given, Allura tried again.
"What did it say, Keith?"

"Allura...please don't..."

"If you don't tell me, Commander, I'm marching right down to your room and see for myself!" Allura said sternly.  "I have every right to know...especially if the message was directed toward me too!"

With a sigh, he repeated what he
could remember of it to her. 
Once he had finished, tears began
welling up in her eyes and she suddenly
turned her head from him. 

His face grimaced.

"This was why I didn't want to tell you!"
he said with a raised voice.
"I just knew you'd start blaming
yourself somehow!"

"This is so wrong!"
she angrily shouted.
"Why can't people just
leave us alone? We were
asked here on a peace
mission, and it's been
anything but that!"

"I'm calling Amalgamus
right now and alert him
of what's happening.
I'm telling him that you
are not going to any more
meetings unless I
have an assurance that
some type of investigation
is going to take place, and
security is going to be beefed up!"
he replied.

"And you too!" she added.
"Someone to guard us both!"

Keith shook his head.  "I can take care of myself.  Its you I'm worried about."

"I can take care of myself too!" she insisted. "You've certified me in that area!  You said that if I had to, I could take out Lotor!"

"Yes, but this isn't Lotor!" he argued.  "This guy is shaping up to be far worse then Lotor!"

"But Keith..." she tried. "I have to attend the peace conferences..."

"No!  That's enough, Princess!" Keith blurted out angrily, slamming his hand on the table. "You're not going...none of us are!"

Allura wrinkled her nose in anger.  "Pardon me, Commander Keith!  But I don't think it is your place to be ordering me around like..."

"Princess Allura!" Keith looked at her sternly.  "I am sworn to protect you at all costs!  I thought we had discussed this before!  As your protector, I make the decisions regarding your safety!  You are NOT going, and that's final!  Not until I know more about what's going on around here!"

Allura blinked rapidly for several seconds... she saw the determination in his dark eyes, and chose to back down. "I...I understand, Commander." she said quietly and rather formally.

He turned from her and activated the phone monitor. Amalgamus appeared on the screen.

"Amalgamus...this is Commander Keith Hunter reporting."

"Commander!" Amalgamus replied in an excited tone.  "I was just about to call you!  We are sending over security guards to all of your quarters.  You are to remain there until further notice!"

"Sir," Keith shook his head. "I need to report an incident,"

"We are already aware of it, Commander!" Amalgamus replied.  "I am ordering all of you stay in your rooms until further notice!"

"Sir...we're not in our quarters!" Keith uttered with frustration.

Amalgamus paused.  "Then, where in the name of Jupiter are you?"

"We're all in Princess Allura's stateroom.  We stayed here overnight because of what happened!  We felt safety in numbers." Keith replied.

"Good thinking, Commander." Amalgamus replied.  Then became suddenly anger-toned. "But if you knew what had happened, why didn't you notify us last night after you became aware of it?"

"Sir, we didn't think there would enough evidence for an investigation." Keith replied back. "I was milling over it all night, however, and after we discovered our room had been rummaged through, I decided we needed to report it anyway."

"Rummaged, Commander Keith?" Amalgamus uttered.  "Do you mean to say that your room has been searched?"

"Searched and destroyed, Sir!" Keith replied.  "And it wasn't until then that I thought I should report this, and demand a full investigation... or at the very least, a request for increased security..."

Amalgamus paused once again...this time for a much longer period.  Then he finally spoke again.

"Demand an investigation?  Increased security?  Commander...why on Earth would you think that a DEAD BODY is not enough evidence to warrant an investigation or increased security?"

"A BODY?" Keith and Allura both shouted together, suddenly gathering the attention of Lance, Pidge and Hunk, who now had joined them at the vid-phone monitor.

"Sir...what body are you referring to?" Keith replied in confusion.

"Commander...what incident were you calling to report?" Amalgamus asked carefully.

"Amalgamus!" Keith shouted.
"What body?"

"Officer!  You will answer the
question put to you!" Amalgamus
bellowed. "What incident were
you calling to report?"

Keith blew out his frustration with a forceful breath of air.  "Alright...I had escorted Princess Allura back to her room late last night.  On my return to my shared quarters with Lt. Andrews, I was confronted by four figures, dressed in black clothes and masks. They cornered me, and managed to get in a few good blows in, before Princess Allura was able to assist me in warding them off.  We then gathered the rest of our team together and spent the night on watch in the Princess's room.  We then returned a short time ago to retrieve a few of our things...and found that the room that Lt. Andrews and I shared had been ransacked deliberately.  A message was left behind...scribbled on the mirror in black.  The message made a direct threat of harm to me, and a threat of possession of Princess Allura."

"I see..." Amalgamus replied slowly.  "Well... this shall certainly figure into my report to the Council of Elders!"

"Sir...will you please tell us what body are you speak of?" Keith asked again.

"Commander, the Alliance has ordered an immediate cessation of all negotiations until further notice.  A lockdown has been ordered, and all unnecessary personnel are being confined to their quarters for their protection.  The body we found, was that of King Ashland, discovered by Queen Josephilina.  The king was apparently murdered in
his stateroom while the Queen was off walking with armed escort."

"Oh no!" Allura gasped, grabbing onto Keith's right arm with a firm grip.  He quickly reached up and covered her hand with his left hand.

"Sir," Keith said somberly.  "We have reason to believe that King Drago might be behind these acts of terror."

"We are already in the process of investigating that avenue, Commander." Amalgamus replied. "We may require your testimony and the testimony of your fellow teammates, including Princess Allura."

"Of course, Amalgamus," Allura replied.  "We'll do whatever is necessary to cooperate."

"Thank you, Your Highness." Amalgamus said to her.

"Please pass on my condolences to Queen Josephilina and Prince Constantine." Allura added sadly.

"I will, indeed, Princess." Amalgamus replied.  "As for the time being, you are all to remain in Princess Allura's stateroom.  Meals will be brought to you for your convenience and safety."

Lance leaned forward toward the vid-phone monitor.  "How do we know the food won't be laced with poison or something?"

"That will be all." Amalgamus replied, and disconnected the link.

Lance leaned back with a huff.  "Well, I guess our answer is...we can't be sure."

"Maybe we should head back to Arus!" Pidge replied.

"No...if we leave here, whatever evil is chasing us will follow us back home." Keith insisted.  "We have no choice but to give the investigation to some time to work.  The safest place we can be right now is right here."

"So...we stay here?" Allura asked.  "Do you think that's wise?"

"Well, it is for now, anyway.  Whatever we decide to do next can't be done until the Alliance lifts confinement.  If we even try to blow out of here now, we'll all be arrested.  We have no choice but to wait." Keith replied.  "Until then, lets all relax, catch a shower...
and think of some alternative security measures of our own!"

"I still think that Drago is behind this!" Lance said, pounding his fist into a nearby wall. "Why don't they just arrest him and get it over with!  Everyone knows he's responsible for King Ashland's death!  Especially in light of what's happened to us!"

"Lance, the Alliance doesn't see it that way.  Everyone is entitled to due process." Keith replied.  "So, we have to let the Alliance investigation teams do their job."

"Yeah, but while we wait for this stupid investigation team to come up with any answers, who's next on Drago's hit parade?" Hunk asked without thinking.

The room got very quiet...

Keith's face developed a slow smile.  "Well...hopefully...not me!" he chuckled.

"Keith!" Allura gasped...  "Don't even jest at such a thing!"

"Don't worry, Princess!" Hunk said.  "We'll watch out for the Commander."

"And you too!" Pidge added.

Suddenly, the five of them heard shouting voices outside the Princess's windows.  The team quickly ran to see what all of the commotion was.

Outside, Alliance military police scattering across the lawn, three being posted at each window of the guest hotel... their feet destroying the soothing winter scene of snow that lay there as they ran around the area.

Allura turned to Keith, and without even thinking, allowed her head to rest on his shoulder for comfort. 

He turned his head just slightly, startled somewhat by the unexpected action.

"This is going to be a long wait, I'm afraid." Keith said softly.

The visibily sad Princess raised her head up from Keith's shoulder and with eyes still closed, faced in the direction of the window as the rest of her teammates stared out of it, observing in silence, as the military police took a stand beneath their windows.

This was, indeed, going to be a long wait.