"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Two
Invitation to Earth

Vice Admiral Royce was on the main view screen, transmitting from Planet Earth.

"Commander Hunter, is your team assembled?" the Vice Admiral asked.

Keith saluted the Admiral with a military flair. "Voltron Force, assembled and awaiting orders, sir!" he replied.

Vice Admiral Royce addressed the team...

"Voltron Force, we are in need of your services.  King Ashland and Queen Josephilina of Planet Meridiana Two are requesting our assistance.  For years, their planet has been at war with the neighboring planet of Gundahar.  The two warring factions, up to this point, have been in a balance of power.  Now suddenly, Gundahar has shown a more hostile aggression toward the Meridiana Two.  The royal family of Meridiana Two is fearful, and would like to put an end to the bitterness there.  They have asked the Alliance to intervene on their behalf.  I am arranging a meeting here on Earth with heads of both planets.  I would like the Voltron Force to help represent the Alliance in these proceedings.  We are especially interested in having Princess Allura there, as her planet had experienced similar feelings with Planet Pollux at one point.  Perhaps with the Princess present, the tension may ease somewhat."

Princess Allura stepped forward
to speak with her mice friends
on her shoulder. "I believe I
speak for everyone here when
I say that we are honored by your

Keith stepped up along side of her.
"Sir, since this is a volatile situation,
what securities will be in place regarding
Princess Allura's safety?"

"Galaxy Garrison will be on highest
alert, Commander. The Princess
will be safe, I assure you." Royce

"What will we be doing, Sir?" Keith asked.

"The Voltron Force will be there, primarily, as representatives of the strength of the Alliance.  You will also be representing Planet Arus as well." Royce replied. "Since all of you took part in the unification of relations between Planet Pollux and Planet Arus, your
input would be of great value."

"I understand, Sir." Keith replied sharply. "When do you want us on Earth?"

"The meeting will take place in 72 hours.  You must be here at least six hours before then to receive briefings.  And be sure to bring your military formals, men.  We're planning a banquet to welcome our guests to Earth.  Be sure to dress appropriately."" Royce added.

"We'll be there, Sir." Keith nodded, again giving a snappy salute to the Vice Admiral.

"Very good, Commander.  This promises to be a successful event.  I'm sure you all will be very helpful in our cause to unite these two worlds together." Royce replied. "Until then Voltron Force."

The screen went dark as the signal from Earth terminated.

Keith turned to his team. "Okay gang, you heard the order.  We've got to report to Galaxy Garrison in less then three days.  So you better get yourselves ready."

Lance huffed and threw his hands into the air. "Aw, I hate wearing my formals!  They make me itch!"

Pidge giggled, giving Lance a friendly elbow in the side.  "Cheer up, Lance!  Maybe you'll meet some nice looking girl there, just waiting for a guy like you to sweep her off of her feet!"

Lance's sneer slowly turned into a smile. "You think so?"

"Sure!  Why, there's bound to be female delegates there from both planets!  And all of them can't be attached." Pidge chuckled.

Lance thoughtfully rubbed his chin. "Hey...maybe this won't be so bad a time after all!"

His comment brought a loud outburst of laughter from everyone there.  Coran approached the group; a more serious look was on his face.

"Your job will be to protect
Princess Allura." he said calmly.
"She is to be your top priority
while you are on Earth."

"Don't worry, Coran," Allura said,
now turning to face him. "I'm sure
I'll be well guarded. No need to worry."

"Yeah, no way we'd let anything
happen to the Princess!" Hunk
interjected, flexing his muscles.
"We'll pound anyone who messes with

"I'm sure your intentions are
admirable, but please remember that
this is not a vacation. This sounds
like the perfect opportunity
Lotor is waiting for.  You must look
after the Princess and be on
guard for the unexpected." Coran said.

"She'll be safe, Coran."
Keith replied confidently.
"Besides, she's not as frail
as you might think.  She a
capable pilot and warrior.
She can handle herself just fine.
But all the same, we won't let her
out of our sight."

"You see!" Allura smiled. "The boys will see to it that everything works out well."

Coran rubbed his chin thoughtfully.  "Very well, Princess.  I will allow you to attend on the promise that you will make sure you stay with one of men at all times."

"With the exception of sleeping, I promise." Allura smiled, as she reached over and patted Coran gently on the arm.

Keith suddenly refocused the group.  "Okay, you have two days to get your things together. We'll leave for Earth the day after tomorrow."


Later that same evening, Allura was busily making a list of items she intended to take along for the trip.  She also needed to decide on what formal attire to take as well.

A buzz of the door disturbed her thoughts, and she quickly looked up.  Pushing herself away from her desk, she straightened her pink gown with her hands as she walked to answer the door.

As the door slid open, the gaze of a very concerned Voltron Commander greeted her.  She smiled at him.

"Good evening, Keith." she said to him cheerfully.  As she studied his
face, she knew something was wrong.

"Keith, what is it?" she asked him.

His face grimaced a bit as he opened
his mouth to speak. "Allura, I have to
be honest.  I'm not really all that
convinced that you should
leave Arus right now.  We still have
no idea who was flying that
spacecraft that suddenly exploded
and crashed to the ground."

"You mean, you've not found
any clues about who it was or
where they came from?" she asked.

Keith shook his head.  "Other than the tag with the name, "Drago" on it, we've come up empty.  It bothers me, Princess.  And now, we're being called away for a peace conference on Earth.  It may be nothing related, but the timing of it all, sure smells fishy to me."

"Smells... fishy?" she said slowly, still not entirely familiar with all of the slang phrases used on Earth.  "What do you mean by that, Keith?"

Keith aloud himself the luxury of a brief giggle at her innocence.  "What I mean to say, is that it seems very strange that an unidentified craft flies to Arus, and then without warning or contact, explodes in mid air and crumbles to the ground.  Then, news of this peace endeavor, hosted by the Alliance."

"And you find this a cause for concern?" she asked.

Keith's eyes met her careful stare.  "I have reason to believe that it wasn't coincidence.  I can't explain why I feel that way... it's just a feeling in the pit of my stomach.  And I'd never forgive myself if something were to happen to you, Allura."

Allura smiled. "I appreciate your concern, Keith.  But I'm sure that with all of the security that is planned there, I should be just fine."

"Security systems, as well designed as they are, are never fool-proof.  You could be walking into a trap." Keith insisted.

"Arus is a part of the Alliance.  If they feel that we can help, then as Princess, I must go. It's my duty...just as being the Commander is yours." Allura replied. "I'm sure I'll be fine, Keith."

Keith reached down and took her hands in his.  "I know you and I mean a great deal to each other.  And I know that I may be acting on emotions.  But I'd rather error on the side of caution, then find that I was right all along, and now its too late to change what is done."

"Meaning, if someone tries to hurt me," she said softly, as Keith nodded his head to affirm her statement.  She gave his hands a firm
squeeze. "I'm sure I'll be just fine. You
tried so hard to convince Coran of that.
Why is it that you can't seem to convince

Keith paused and sighed,  "Maybe, again,
because of the emotions I carry for you.  The feelings inside of my heart for you are strong.  I can't stand the thought of not being there if something happens..."

"Keith... when you returned to Earth for those five, long years, I'm sure you didn't worry about my traveling to other planets in my quadrant.  And I'm sure you didn't sit up nights wondering if I was safe, here on Arus.  And I'm just as sure that you didn't concern
yourself with what banquets or balls or festive events I was asked to attend as Princess of Arus.  I was fine then.  And I'll be fine now." Allura then gave Keith's hands another gentle
squeeze.  "Besides... Hunk will 'pound' anyone who tries to hurt me!"

"Never mind about Hunk!  They better worry about me!" Keith spat out, half-serious and half-jokingly.

Allura couldn't help but break down
laughing...and Keith joined right in. 
When they each caught a breath of
air, Keith smiled at her.

"I did worry," he said quietly.

Allura gave him a puzzled look.
"You're worried about what?"
she asked him.

"Where you were and what you were doing while I was back on Earth.  Remember...I spent the better part of three years looking after you, and seeing to your safety.  Even though you were a member of my team, you were still the Princess.  And besides, Nanny would have let us all have it if you even got dirty!" Keith chuckled.

"Do you remember the time we all went swimming in the lake?" Allura recalled.  "Do yu remember how appalled Nanny looked when she and Coran came running outside after me?"

"Remember?" Keith said with a fondness in his voice. "You were a knock-out in that pink bikini!"

"Yes, I do remember something to the effect that you were going to show the other boys how to properly dive, and then you lost your balance and fell into the lake!" she replied with a sarcastic tone. "I do wonder what it was that made you lose your balance, Keith?"

"Yeah, um... I wonder," Keith said, clearing his throat a bit.  "But just as bad, was when you thought you could show off by diving off of the top of Blue Lion's head! I wasn't too keen on you doing that either.  As I recall, I think I did warn you about it being too high up." Keith added.

"Um-hum," Allura replied.  "But I ended up doing a perfect dive into the water!"

"You did, but then I got worried when you didn't come up right away.  You were down for longer then I thought you should have been.  I was getting ready to dive under and start searching for you!" Keith said to her.  "Thank goodness you surfaced when you did!"

"Oh yes, and it's a good thing you didn't go searching for me, because you remember how Pidge found my... I mean, how I lost my...uh..."

Allura suddenly stopped as she saw what appeared to be a flush coming over Keith's face. It quickly spread to hers, and she quickly giggled, covering her mouth with her hand.

Keith regained his composure.  "I know you have a lot to do.  And you also know that I didn't come down here to talk you out of it.  I know you well enough to know that I can never talk you out of something you have your heart set on.  I just want to caution you to be on the
alert. Anything could happen."

Allura smiled at him, giving his hands another affectionate squeeze.  "I'll always trust your advice, Keith.  If I even spot a hint of trouble, you can be sure you'll be the first to know."

The young commander smiled, then took a quick intake of breath... "Oh!  I almost forgot! The other reason I came down here was to remind you to bring warm clothing.  It may be summer here on Arus, but at Galaxy Garrison headquarters, it's the dead of winter.  It'll be cold there, so plan accordingly."

"Thanks for the warning, but I'm afraid that Pidge beat you to it!" Allura chuckled.  "He called me nearly an hour ago to tell me the very same thing."

Keith smiled back. "Well then, I better go.  Um, good night, Allura."

"Good night, Keith."

As Keith turned to go, he heard her call out his name once more, and he turned around to look at her.

"Thank you...for loving me as you do." she said simply.  "No one, other then my own father or Coran, has ever shown such devotion for me.  I only hope I'm worthy of you."

"Its I who should be saying that to you." Keith said, rather downhearted.  "Out of all the princes in this universe, why you chose to hang around a nobody like me, is totally beyond me."

"You're not a nobody, Keith! 
You'll never be that!  You're a very
intelligent, wise and thoughtful
person. You command by example, the
best quality in a leader.  I'm proud
to say that I'm your friend!" she

"More then that, I hope." Keith dared to say.

A silence fell between them until she suddenly reached up her hand to wipe the tears that were falling from her eyes.  Her tears told him all he needed to know.  She was more to him, and he to her.  And no matter what, he was determined to protect her...with his life, if

She was more then a vow of honor to him now.

She was his way of life.

His choice...

His love...

His... Allura.