"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

***All other characters are copyrighted by me.


Chapter One
Suicide Run

Three-thirty in the early morning was a time that Lance enjoyed the most...

Nap time.

No one was up at that hour of the morning, and so certainly no one would object to a quick wink or two.  Certainly no one would know.  Especially the big boss...

Commander Keith Hunter.

With Keith on the early shift, no way he would be awake at this hour.

Lance would frequently sneak in a nap on his shift, which was why he loved the overnight watch so much.  He rarely volunteered for any other shift, and no one ever questioned him on it.

Kicking back on the chair, Lance settled
himself down, lifted his arms over his head.
With one last peek of the monitors at the
control center, he quickly ascertained that
the airspace around Arus was as quiet as
the night sky.

Stifling a yawn, Lance slowly allowed his body to relax, feeling confident that if anything were to happen, like a sneak attack from Lotor, the automated alert system would sound, bring him to
attention, out of his slumber.


Nearly an hour had passed by when Lance suddenly heard in his sub-conscious, the whining noise of what seem to sound like a clock alarm.

As he found his way back to an awakened state, Lance quickly discovered that the alarm sound was coming from his instrument panel. 
Suddenly startled, he quickly leaned
forward and called up all of his
radar surveillance sensors.

What he saw nearly made him
turn white...

"I can believe it!" he gasped.
"What's he doing?"

On his radar, the sensors had detected a small spacecraft on fast approach to Planet Arus, closing fast on their air space.  Lance quickly hit the Castle alert system, sounding the alarm to the other sleeping members of the Voltron Force.


Mentally trained to be always on alert,
Keith's eyes quickly opened
up at the sound of the blaring siren.
He quickly sat up in bed and flipped
the covers off of his body and leaped
out of bed, running for the wall COM.

"Castle Control, this is Keith!"
he called into it. "Lance, what's
going on? Why the alert?"

Lance's voice came on suddenly.
"Keith, sensors are picking up an
unidentified craft, approaching Arus

"I'm coming!" he replied to Lance
as he shut off the COM and ran to
get on his clothes.

In her chambers, Princess Allura
stirred to the sound of the alarm.
She lifted her head up and shook
it slightly to gain alertness.  Leaning
over the side of her bed to her
nightstand, she quickly flipped on
the light and activated the wall COM
just above her head.

"Castle Control!" she said tiredly.  "Lance, what's happening?"

"Princess, I'm picking up an unidentified aircraft closing in on Arus!" Lance had replied.

"Have you initiated contact yet?"  Allura asked as she grabbed for her robe from the end of her bed.

"Trying... no response.  Keith's on his way.  Pidge and Hunk are too." Lance replied. "Suggest we take of the lions for a look see."

"Check with Keith first, Lance!"
Allura warned. "Don't go it alone!"

"Not to worry, Princess,"
Lance said with a smile in his voice.
"I've got it all under control."

"Lance!" Allura warned once again,
now swinging her feet off of the
bed and into her slippers, which
her on the floor beneath her.
"Follow procedure! Keith will be furious if you leave without backup!"

"I read, Princess!" Lance chuckled. "Suggest you get here quick, then!"

"I'm on my way!  Wait for us!" Allura replied, disconnecting the COM link.  As she headed for the door, she caught a glimpse at the time only four-forty in the morning.

"Looks to be the beginning of a very long day," she thought to herself as she yawned while running out the door.


Keith was first to the Control Room.  He quickly dashed up to his second in command and began to assess the situation.

"Any luck reaching them?"
Keith asked Lance.

Lance shook his head. "No, not yet.
Nothing but static. Maybe we should
go up there and meet them...before
they get to us."

Before Keith had a chance to respond,
the radar suddenly lost the image display.  Lance looked down to his instruments and Keith leaned over his shoulder to look as well.  Lance fiddled with the keyboard, attempting to call back up the radar.

"What's wrong?" Keith asked.

Lance grunted out loud. "Something's...
jamming our signal... blocking our radar
and sensors! I've lost contact!"

Keith turned and saw Allura, Pidge and
Hunk enter the room, one after the other.
He looked up at his team and quickly filled
them in on the situation.

"We have an unidentified space craft entering Arusian airspace.  We've lost contact...our sensors are being blocked somehow." Keith informed the team. "We're blind down here!"

Pidge quickly ran past Keith.
"Let me look at it, Lance!"
Pidge said, taking the seat Lance
had just surrendered.

Pidge quickly looked over the
instruments and attempted to
call up a few commands.
After a few short minutes,
he turned to Keith.

"No luck, Commander. Whatever it is, it's deadened our sensors.  It's almost like a dampening field of some sort.  I can't penetrate the interference." Pidge informed.

"Now we've got to take the lions up!" Lance suggested.

Keith nodded. "Okay team!  Hunk and Lance, you two are with me.  Pidge...you stay here with Princess and see if you two can get the sensors working again!" he ordered. "Try to penetrate it locally, if you can!"

"Check, Chief!" Pidge replied as he activated the lion tunnels.

As they rose up, Hunk and Lance quickly ran for their tunnels.  Keith turned to run past Allura, but not before she grabbed onto his arm.

"Be careful, Keith," she warned.
"I have a bad feeling about this."

Keith smiled at her, reaching his
hands up to gently rest on her
shoulders. "I will.  Stay here
where you'll be safe and help Pidge
figure out what's blocking the sensors.
We'll be back soon."

After a reassuring squeeze, Keith released her and ran for the Number One chute.  After he disappeared into it, Allura sighed heavily, sending a quiet prayer out for all of them.

Moments later, the three Voltron pilots had reached their lion cockpits.  Keith gave the order to insert the lion keys, bringing the robot lions online.

The Black Lion leapt off of the Lion Monument with lightning speed.  Without so much as a hesitation, Yellow Lion and Red Lion had joined Black Lion.

Together, the three lions roared through the skies of Arus to meet whatever intruder had dared to invade the planet unannounced.

Keith opened a channel to his men. "Approach with caution!  We have no idea who or what we're dealing with!  Above all else, protect the citizens on the planet below!  Got it?"

"Got it!" Lance and Hunk replied simultaneously.

The three robot lion neared the
unidentified craft. Keith attempted
to hail the intruder.

"This is Commander Keith Hunter
of the Voltron Force.  You are in
violation of Arusian airspace!
Turn back immediately or identify
yourself immediately!"

When there was no response,
Keith tried once again.  "I repeat, this
is the Commander of the Voltron Force!
If you do not reply, we will take your
approach as an act of aggression against
Planet Arus and her Royal Highness,
Princess Allura, and on her authority, you will
be shot down! Respond!"

No response was given.

Keith shut down the communication and began to give orders to his team.  "Okay... we'll have to do this the hard way!  Lance, Hunk... let's force this ship to the ground!"

"Roger that, Commander." Hunk replied.

"Gottcha, Keith." Lance also replied.

Red Lion flew in an aggressive manner toward the alien ship, forcing it off course.  Hunk turned Yellow Lion toward it as well.  The spacecraft turned left and then right, continuing its course toward the Castle of Lions.

"Oh no you don't!" Lance shouted as he turned Red Lion back at the craft once again.

As Red Lion passed a second time, the ship suddenly exploded in mid air, sending debris flying through the air. Red Lion was jarred, but not out of control.  Moments after the explosion, Keith was on the COM.

"Lance!  Lance!  Answer me!  Are you okay?  Come in, Lance!"

Lance shook his head to regain his senses, and then answered Keith's hail.  "Yeah, yeah! I'm here!  What the heck happened to that ship?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing!" Keith asked. "Did you fire on it?'

"No!" Lance replied. "It just...exploded!"

A message was coming up from the surface of the planet.  It was Castle Control.  "Keith! Is everyone alright?"  It was Allura, now coming through over the ultra wave.

"Yeah, we're all fine, Allura." Keith replied.

"We heard an explosion, and then our instruments came back online!" Allura replied. "Pidge was able to confirm that the alien ship had been destroyed."

"Well, it wasn't us that destroyed it." Keith replied.  "In fact, I'm not exactly sure what happened, to tell you the truth."

"You mean, it just blew up?" Pidge said, now appearing on the ultra wave next to Allura.

"It appears that way." Keith answered. "Were you able to get any readings at all?"

"None.  We were blind down here." Pidge replied to Keith.

"Keith!" Hunk interrupted.  "I was able to get a reading on where the biggest chuck of debris fell.  I'd like to go check it outsee if there are any clues as to who this was and why they were coming here."

"We'll all go, Hunk!" Keith replied. "We need to shed some light on this mystery!"


After nearly two hours of combing through the wreckage, the three men came up empty handed. The only thing they found amongst the wreckage was a badly burned body, destroyed beyond recognition.  The body was quickly bagged and laid aside from the rest of the smoldering

Lance was scanning through the last bit of debris on the ground when he suddenly came across an ID badge of some kind.

"Hey guys!" Lance shouted as he picked up the badge to examine it.

Keith and Hunk quickly joined their friend. "What'd you find?" Hunk asked.

Lance held the ID badge out for Keith and Hunk to examine.  The badge was badly burned in the explosion, nearly unreadable.  But readable enough that they could see what it read...


"What's that mean?" Hunk said, scratching his head. "Drago?  Who's Drago?"

"Never heard of it." Lance said, shrugging his shoulders.

Keith took the item into his hand
and stared at it. "Maybe that was
the pilot's name."

"Is there a planet named Drago somewhere?"
Hunk asked.

Keith shook his head. "Nothing  that I can recall, Hunk.  This isn't a planet's name.  It's a person's name."

Keith's wrist COM suddenly came on as another message was coming in.  He lifted it up to his mouth.

"Keith here, go ahead, Castle Control."

"Keith, we're receiving a transmission
from the Galaxy Alliance." Allura said.
"The message said it's urgent that we respond!"

"On our way!" Keith replied, thinking that
maybe it might have something to do with
this incident.  "Send a armed detail to pick of
the wreckage and bring it back to the Castle.
I want to run some tests on it."

"Right away, Keith." Allura replied as she terminated the connection.

Keith turned to Lance and Hunk.  "You heard the Princess!  On the double to the Castle!"

"You think its about this?" Hunk pointed to the wreckage.

"We'll find out soon enough, Hunk.  Come on!" Keith answered, as he headed for his lion.

Lance and Hunk followed suit.  Soon, all three lions were in the air once again.  In Black Lion, Keith examined the badge that he still held in his hand.

"Drago..." Keith thought to himself
as he examined the find. "Who or
what is Drago?  And why did this ship
deliberately destroy itself?  Was it just
to avoid capture?  Or does someone out there
want us to THINK that?"