"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

***All other characters are copyrighted by me. ***


The Enemy Unknown

The Crimson Quadrant...the unwelcome home to the forces of Doom. 

It was a quadrant filled with an evil presence...not only from Doom itself, but also from the Drule Empire.

And within this quadrant...two warring planets...

Meridiana Two and Gundahar.

Planet Gundahar...ruled by a greedy and wicked monarch.

His goal was self-gratification...no matter what the cost to others.  This man cared nothing for his own people, for his own world, or even his planet's relations with its nearest neighbor... Meridiana Two, its twin world.

The evil king sat on his throne, staring at a view screen, watching, seemingly with intrigue as one of his own people...a slave...steals one of his ships.

But the theft was not a surprise...but rather, orchestrated for a purpose.

Another man came before the king as he stared at the screen with interest.  The king looked up and saw his faithful servant kneeling before him.  He ordered him to rise to his feet and give him whatever news he had brought.

"Your Majesty," the man said. "Everything is going as you have planned.  The slave has taken the ship and it is on course for Meridiana Two."

The king's face sported a crooked smile as he continued to watch the small spacecraft make its way through space toward the planet, Meridiana Two.

The king suddenly sighed, rising to his feet and then,  walked down the stairs from his throne, and now walking past the still kneeling servant.

"I think its time to put my plan into motion." The king said quietly.

Picking up a small remote device, he began gently thumbing a red protruding button on the top of the small black box.  The king suddenly pushed the button down with his thumb, then turned around and walked back up to his throne.

The servant looked up as he watched his king walk back up to the throne and take a seat once again in it.

The escaping ship began changing course, shifting from its original heading toward Meridiana Two, and was now on a direct course toward the Azure Quadrant.  There, its destination was a planet near the middle of it... a planet that was home to the galaxy's defender of truth and justice...

A planet, who's ruler was one of the most beautiful women in all of the Diamond Galaxy...
dare say...even the entire universe.

Planet Arus...

The tiny ship shifted once again, and now bared a direct heading to Arus.

The evil king smiled as he watched the ship makes its way across the stars...toward its date with destiny.  If he is successful in his plans, Voltron, himself, would soon bow and pay homage to him as supreme ruler over the entire universe.  This evil king would be recognized as ruler over one of the most beautiful planets in all of the Diamond Galaxy.

Planet Arus would bow to his demands without question.

And if not...

The king held in his other hand, another small black device.  He eyed the device with yet another crooked smile upon his face.

"If they won't bow to me, then Planet Arus will know the suffering, yet again, of the loss of its beloved ruler... its one and only ruler!  As Alfor before her, so it will be for charming daughter, Allura.  But she will not see death by my hand, as her father suffered at the hands of Doom's King.  Instead, she will be banished into time...forever to be stranded in the past of her planet, where not even Voltron can save her."

A wicked laugh finished off the whispered threat, uttered by the evil King of Gundahar.