Sir Coran Anderson
Sir Coran William Anderson
Age: 56

Coran was born January 23, 2115, and raised on Arus.  He began his service to King Alfor DeVille and his Queen, Angelica Camille, when he was 28 years old.  His official duties included being the King's Chief Magistrate and Planet Diplomat.  Coran married the former Leta Connelly, and together, they had a son...Garrett, named after Coran's father.   Leta and Garrett lived in the Castle with Coran.

Coran was 30 years old when Crowned Princess Allura Adrianna was born.  Coran immediately hired Greta Van Burn to be Princess Allura's Nanny.  Coran referred to her simply as "Nanny".  He oversaw Nanny and her duties to the infant Princess.

When Queen Angelica Camille died of illness nine years after the birth of the Princess, Coran was instrumental in running the Castle affairs for the grieving King of Arus, until he could get back on his feet.  He also oversaw the education of Princess Allura, making sure to send her to only the best schools available.

When Zarkon first attacked Planet Arus, nearly a year after the Queen's death, Coran sent his wife and son away in hiding to another part of the quadrant.  It proved to be the last time he would ever see them.  Coran stayed behind  on Arus to see to the safety of the young Princess Allura, his top prioriety, per the order to King Alfor.

Zarkon  himself challenged King Alfor to duel with him in the Valley of Zohur.  Before he left, the King charged Coran to look after his only daughter as if she were his own. He made Coran promise to raise Allura in the traditions of Arusian culture, should he not return from battle.  Coran agreed, pledging to protect her with his life.  

King Alfor died that day in what would become the infamous Battle of Zohur.  Coran stepped in, as promised, to be the guardian of young Princess Allura, age 11, now the only living ruler of Planet Arus, and the youngest ruler Arus had ever seen.

Coran took on the duty of instructing the Princess on Royal behavior and Arusian culture, and with the help of Nanny, raised Allura to be a kind and gracious ruler.  He protected her during Arus's fiercest battles with the forces of Doom.  He guided her decisions, and provided her wise counsel. 

Coran unintentionally scrutinizes any and all individuals who come into contact with Princess Allura.  He endeavors to surround her with only the best of people.

When Allura makes the decision to pilot Blue Lion, Coran strongly objects, sighting that she is the only surviving ruler of Planet Arus, and must be protected, not put into a position of danger.  Although he makes a strong case, he is unable to keep her from fulfilling her self-appointed obligation to serve her people as their protector and ruler.  Instead, Coran charges Voltron's new captain, Keith Hunter, with her protection while she pilots the Blue Lion...a role Keith is honored to fulfill.

Coran remains in the service of the House of Arus as Chief Majestrate and Royal Advisr.

His character traits:

He is VERY protective of Princess Allura.  To him, she is like his daughter, and he will do whatever is within his power to shield her from harm.  He is always searching for a suitable consort for her, completely overlooking the best possible choice for her....the handsome and dashing young Commander of the Voltron Force. 

Coran is a very proper gentleman, and a very fair man, with respect to Allura's freedom.  He struggles at times, with the fact that she has grown up, and is headstrong against being told what to do.  He still provides counsel to his Princess, and hopes someday she'll settle down, and get to the business of finding a suitor, getting married, and giving birth to an heir to the throne. 
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