Can  You Hear Me Calling You?
A voltron fanfic
by: Adele Previte
Copyright © 2003
If you could just imagine for a moment...

You're fast asleep, dreaming... when hear a voice in the night, calling for you help?  What would you do?

Would you think yourself crazy?
Would you ignore the voice resounding in your head?

Young Keith Hunter asks himself the same questions as you might ask of yourself. 

This story, takes us back to the days of the days when for some, things could have been simple...but were not meant to be so.  Back to the days where life, for two individuals, was scuptured in such a way, that it prepared them to meet each other. 

Do you believe in destiny?  Do you believe things happen in such a way, that it may be for a purpose? 

Keith hears a voice...calling to him in the night...


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Disclaimer... The essence of this story is based on the original production of Voltron, Defender of the Universe, and is a copyright belonging to World Event Productions, LTD. 

The 'fill-in' stuff... that I've created and written, used to enhance the original story owned by World Event Productions, is copyright by me. 

( otherwords, that which you don't recognize as part of the original story line of the resurrection of Voltron...I made up, and that is what is copyrighted by me.  Hope that helps!!!)

Thanks All!!!   Enjoy!!!

Adele, the Princess.
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