"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 6
A Choice to Make...A Duty to Perform

Keith had decided that the best place to get away and think things over...was to go for a ride in the country. 

He received clearance from Vice-Marshall Graham to borrow one of the military hover unit vehicles.  There was a place he knew of... one that he had taken his former girlfriend, Amy Johnson to, once before. 

It was a quiet and serene place... a place you could get away and just... think things through.

He had been here a few times before joining up with the Defense Force...and  before making the decision to tell Amy he couldn't see her any longer. 

Now, he had another decision to make... one that would mean leaving the world he had lived on all of his life.  This decision would mean leaving his friends for quite a long time.

After his grandfather, Henry, had passed away when he was 17 years old, and then his grandmother, Matilda, shortly thereafter, Keith relied heavily on his close friendships with Lance and Sven. 

Now, he was being offered a chance to do what he had always hoped he would get a chance to do...travel as a space explorer into the deepest pockets of universe.  But...if he chose to go, he would have to choose to leave his friends behind...the friends who had become his family...more or less.

It was a tough decision to make.

He settled himself down on the grassy area of a serene riverbank.  There, Keith began the task of weighing out the pros and cons of leaving Earth for his new assignment...Planet Arus.

He knew nothing about Arus, or the people of Arus...only what was briefed to him by Vice-Admiral Marshall. 

There was a Princess in need of help... and a planet full of people, who were being oppressed by some ruthless king from some planet, called Doom

As he pondered things in his mind, the rushing river began to have an affect on him, and he suddenly found that his eyes were growing heavier and heavier...until finally...he dosed off.

His mind began to wander...thinking of his parents...his grandparents...his friends...

...and then, his mind conjured up a vision of a girl. 

She was beautiful, although he truly could not see what she looked like.  Keith could tell that she had blonde hair.  She was standing in the shadows of his mind. 

Suddenly, it sounded like she was calling to him.  He could hear her voice sweet and peaceful. 

But then suddenly, the melodic tones of this strange girl's voice began to change...and she suddenly began calling out to him, in a voice that had become all-too-familiar to him over the last five years...


Keith suddenly jumped awake from the dream, nearly shaking with fear.  It was the most disturbing dream he had had, regarding the voice in his mind.   It seemed to him, that the voice grew more and more distressing as each year had passed.

He shook his head, wondering to himself if he was even fit to go into space on a long term assignment...what with this repeating voice going off in his head. 

But the more he pondered the assignment...the more he seemed to focus his thoughts in on the female voice in his mind. 

And what of the faceless girl with blonde hair?   Was his mind trying to put a face to the voice, in an attempt to bring closure to himself somehow?

So many things worried him...

And yet, he somehow felt a peace with himself, as if this was the right thing to do...going off into space...going to Planet Arus.

Perhaps, something awaited him there... perhaps he might even find out he meaning of the dreams he had been having over the years.  Somehow, he felt suddenly, that his answer was on Planet Arus.  He wasn't sure how he knew that...but it just felt...right, somehow. 

The idea had settled well with his soul, and now, it was more than just a mission... it had suddenly become a yearning in his heart.  

Determined that he had made up his mind, he stood to his feet and began looking around at the world of which he knew.  He was not sure what kind of a planet Arus was, but whatever awaited him there, he knew that he must prepare himself to face the hardships that the people of Arus were dealing with.

And there would be plenty of death...and plenty of hostility.  

But even so...Keith knew he had to go.  Something was telling him to go...almost drawing him to it.  He wasn't quite sure how, or even why.   But he knew he had to go.

Keith stood up, and then walked back over to the hover vehicle to traveled back to Defense Headquarters... prepared with his decision for the Vice-Admiral.

And then...he knew he had to tell his friends. 

He had to say goodbye.