"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 34
All Things Shall Become New

Voltron now seemed to fight with renewed strength...

With the Castle of Lions now gone, and the Princess and her court most likely dead, it made it all the more imperative to the remaining Voltron Force team, that defeat was not an option.

Not now...

Arus would need the help of its new Terran friends.  Rebuilding this planet, without the guiding hand of the surviving Royal family...even under the leadership of a young princess...
would now prove more difficult then ever.

It would not be easy for these people...their lives have been shattered, and now, their Princess...gone.

Shock began to set onto Keith's face,
as he sat within the confines of the
Black Lion cockpit.  He could just
imagine the widespread grief that
would be felt among the surviving
Arusian people, once word spread
that their Princess was dead.

It had to be greater then his own grief...

They barely knew her...and yet, the hearts of each Voltron member seemed to ache at the thought of never seeing her smiling face again.

Never breathing in the sweetness of her presence...

Keith, most of all, was deeply anguished by her loss.  And he vowed, within his own heart that if he couldn't keep his vow to protect her...then he would protect the memory of her.  This planet would know of the brave and courageous sacrifice that had she made... sacrifice so selfless...that he couldn't help but admire her for it.

All she thought of, was her people.   Her own personal safety meant nothing to her.  Only her people mattered.

In her memory, that's what the Voltron Force now had to fight for.

...the people of Arus.

"Okay, team!" Keith grunted angrily, using his gloved hand to wipe the tears that had begun to fill his eyes. "We've still got a job to do!"

"Right..." Lance sighed, heavy in heart.

"Hey...wait...wait just a minute, guys," Pidge said, his voice choked up by remaining tears.

"What is it, Pidge?" Keith asked his junior whiz kid.

"I'm getting some strange readings...and they're coming from the rubble of the Castle of Lions!" Pidge indicated.

"The Princess?" Sven asked anxiously.

"How 'bout it, Pidge?" Keith asked him again. "Give me a report!  What are you reading?"

"Something...big...readings are off the scale, Keith!" Pidge shouted.

"Visual display, Pidge!" Keith shouted.  "Pin-point what you're reading on your sensors, and give me an image to look at!"

"Right away, Commander!" Pidge replied.

The image popped up on one of Keith's side monitors.

"Its coming from the remains of the Castle..."
Keith added. "Whatever it is...Pidge's right.
I'm reading something big's happening over

"More lion magic?" Lance asked.

"I don't know about 'lion magic', Lance,"
Keith replied. "All I know is that something...
just below the surface of the planet...is
happening...and its happening right
beneath the remains of the Castle
of Lions!"

"Hey...look guys!  The Robeast's just standing there!" Hunk shouted. "He's stopped charging at us for some reason!"

"Keit!" Sven shouted from Blue Lion.  "Look!  Look at da ground!  Where da Castle was standing!"

Keith zoomed in on the image...and watched.

The smoldering ruins suddenly began to shake...and the ground surrounding it seemed to shifting with it.

"Pidge!" Keith shouted. 
"What do you make of that?"

"I don't know, Commander,
but whatever it is...its coming
up from the ground...and its
massive!" Pidge shouted.

"An underground Doom base,
maybe?" Lance replied.

The rubble around the area where the old Castle
once stood began to shift and roll aside. Suddenly,
a blue and white pointed peak began to make its way up from the ground...and it was growing larger and higher into the sky...

The Robeast was stunned...standing absolutely still...seemingly mesmerized by the goings-on.


In the main Doom attack cruiser,
Commander Yurak's eyes shifted back
and forth, as he watched the ground
begin to make way for the object
now rising up from beneath the

"What's this?" Yurak shouted.
"No...NO!  It can't BE!"


"Would you look at that!" Pidge shouted.

"What is...THAT?" Lance blurted out.

"Not a Doom base, dat's for sure!" Sven replied to Lance.

The ground continued to shift and shake and the pointed object rose higher and higher into the sky. And as it did...suddenly it became perfectly clear what the rising object that was emerging from the ground was...

Sven shouted.

"A new Castle!
Guys...it's a new
Castle of Lions!"
Keith cried.

"A new Castle?"
Lance shouted.
"Where were they hiding that?"

"It must have been below the ground...below the original Castle!" Hunk added.

"Someone must have worked all night!" Keith said slowly, his voice full of astonishment.

"That means the Princess must be alive!" Pidge cried xcitedly. "She's alive!  She has to be!"

"Hopefully," Keith replied.

The new Castle was twice the
size of the old one...and twice as
modern. The entire structure
was a combination of colors...
blue and red surrounding the
peaks, while the main body of
the Castle seemed to be a
grayish blue color.  The Castle's
main gate seemed to be in
blue as well.

It looked sturdy and strong...and reached higher into the sky then the old Castle had.  It stood proudly next to the giant pedestal where Black Lion sleeps.

And seconds later...several sharp and precise energy ray beams came blasting from the Castle, directly making impact with the several Doom cruisers that were hovering nearby.

The same Doom ships that had just destroyed the old Castle...were now finding themselves under some sort of retaliatory attack...from the new Castle!

Keith zoomed in his main view screen, concentrating it on a tiny figure that seemed to be near one of the balcony weapons.

As he focused up the image...it became apparent who the tiny figure was...and what they was doing on the balcony.

The figure was dressed in a long and elegant pink gown with high shoulder points.  The figure was that of a blonde hair girl...and she seemed to be using the weapon...a stationary laser cannon...to fire upon the Doom ships flying overhead.

The ships began to retreat, as a battery of weapon artillery from nearly every part of the Castle began to open fire on the Doom ships.

It suddenly became very apparent who the girl was...

"Hey! It's the Princess!"
Keith shouted into the COM. 
"She is alive!  She made it! 
And...it seems like she's
joining us in the battle!
Looks like the Voltron
Force has itself a new member!"

On one of the balconies,
Princess Allura, seeing that the
Castle's defenses were working
properly, turned her attentions
and her new laser cannon
on the hesitant Robeast,
that had been standing in one
place for several minutes.

She opened fire on the huge
creature and as her laser beams
struck the monster with full force,
it began to shift to the left and the right.

Allura fired her beams on the ground
at his feet, attempting to disable its
ability to walk.  The Robeast jumped
around, attempting to avoid the beam's
harmful blast.

"This one's for my father!" Allura said angrily with gritted teeth.  She then looked up at Voltron, now hovering in mid-air.  Her mice friends had suddenly joined her, perching themselves on her shoulder as she suddenly shouted,  "You're turn, Voltron!"

Keith clearly read her lips...and her mind.
It was time to finish this battle...now.

Voltron gripped the Blazing Sword
weapon tightly in its hand, and
rose it up above its head.  A blasting
beam of lightning energy suddenly
blazed from the swordigniting Voltron's
entire body with a
fiery blue glow.

In a split second of time, the Robeast suddenly saw Voltron's arm swing down.  That was the last thing it saw.

The blade sliced through the robot monster as if it were sliding through butter, separating it into to equal pieces.  Then, Voltron immediately jetted backward, as the Robeast began to destabilize.

The detestable beast shook and flashed... and then...instantly disintegrated into a ball of explosive fire.

The force of the blast sent particles of mechanical part flying everywhere. A llura quickly dropped to the floor of the balcony, using her body to act as a protective covering for her tiny friends, while using her own hand so cover her head, protecting it.

As debris fell around her...she suddenly heard, what sounded like...debris slamming into something solid in form.  She dared to lift her head up from the floor and then, slowly peered over the balcony wall.

Allura smiled as she saw the debris now bouncing off an invisible shielding...

"Well, Coran," Allura said quietly to herself. "Seems, you've discovered how some of the Castle's defense systems work."

Coran had activated the Castle shields,
and the debris fell to the ground as it
came into contact with them...as if it
were hitting against a solid brick wall.

The Princess then looked to her left
and saw Voltron, victoriously standing
near the Castle. Allura was overcome
with joy, and she began jumping up
and down, laughing nearly at the top
of her voice.

So overjoyed, in fact, that tears began to
form in her eyes.

She lifted her hand to wipe the tears,
as the mice look up to her face.

At last...Doom had been vanquished
from Arus! At last...her planet was free!


What a feeling it is...to be free!


The Castle's new Control Room was an
exact duplicate of the old one...nearly
so in every detail. Except that the controls
for the weaponry were noticeably different...
but not impossible to learn.

Coran had been studying the panel,
attempting to familiarize himself
with the new console. He was doing that when Allura came running into the room.


Coran staunchly looked at her and frowned. "I am afraid we've only won the battle.   We have certainly not won the war, Princess."

"But...Arus is free!" she repeated, now feeling somewhat deflated in her attitude.

"Princess, it remains to be seen how long this new found freedom will last." Coran replied dryly.  "We have scored a victory today.  That is true.  But now, we must fight to protect secure that victory.  Do not be fooled into believing that this is the end of Zarkon.  He will be
back, Your Highness."

"Coran!" Allura replied, her mood suddenly stunned. "This is the first time in years, that we actually have hope for a future, and you...you...you treat it as if it were nothing!  This was a major victory!"

Coran shook his head. "It appears you have much to learn regarding the protocol of war, Allura."

"How can you just stand there...and...deny what your own eyes can see?" Allura said in an exasperating tone of voice.  "We are victorious, Coran!  How can you be so pessimistic?"

"Because, Allura, one does not win a war in one day's time.  Doom is retreating...but only for a time to lick its wounds.  Once they have realized that they are not badly hurt, they will be back...and with an even greater force then before." Coran said. "We must be ready for them when they do."

"And we will be, Coran..."

Allura turned around, recognizing the voice belonging to Keith Hunter...Commander of the Voltron Force.  She smiled as she saw her new friends emerging from the lion tunnel chutes...each of them alive and well.

Allura restrained herself from running over to where the boys now stood and grabbing each of them and hugging them tight...as if she would never let go.

Surely, they would share her enthusiasm!

But...she chose to remind herself of her place...not to mention that Coran would never approve of such behalf, unbecoming of a Royal Monarch.

...an overjoyed Royal Monarch!

Allura instead, stood before the five members of the Voltron Force.

"Arus is grateful...to our friendsthe Voltron Force," Allura said to them. "You have fought bravely...each of you! And you have stopped wicked Zarkon from taking over this planet. Now, we can begin to rebuild our world in peace!"

She then turned to Coran and stretched out her arms to each side...

"Let it be forever known
that I, Princess Allura,
do proudly join with
Keith Hunter, Lance Andrews,
Sven B'Yourn, Hunk Simon
and Pidge Villatoro. Together
with them, I vow to do what
I must to protect this world that
I rule, and the people who live
here.  And I shall do so with the
help of these five brave men,
who are forever entrusted
with the secret of...

Voltron...Defender of Arus...and the universe!"

Princess Allura smiled at Keith, and then, walked over to where he stood.  He cupped his right hand over his heart, and bowed to her.  When he straightened up once again, Allura leaned over to him and kissed him softly on the cheek.  Meeting his gaze for only a moment's
time, she then made her way down the line to each member of the Voltron Force, shaking their hands and giving them a quick kiss on the cheek as a sign of gratitude.

Now...it was time to help the people of Arus rebuild their world...one life at a time...one brick at a time...one moment at a time.

For at any moment...
Doom would be back.

But until that moment arrives...it was time to work until the day was done.

Arus had indeed, tasted freedom.   And its Princess, for one, would never go back to hiding in the shadows...never again.

Today...peace begins...again.