"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 31
What It Means to Be 'One'.

Voltron stood tall and fearless...

The Robeast snarled...just a few
short miles away from where Voltron
stood, staring down its enemy.

Inside the Black Lion cockpit, which
had now become the head of Voltron,
Keith furiously studied the new controls
now before him, desperately trying to
familiarize himself with Voltron's weaponry
panel, operational controls and energy

It appeared simple, and yet so
complex...all at the same time.

The young Voltron Commander sat shaking his head for a moment...

"This is too intense to learn in just a few minutes!" Keith thought to himself, as his eyes continued to scan the awesome alien technology before him. "If only we had more time to completely learn all of this...but we don't!  We don't have time!  So, we go with what we

Keith readied himself...

Pidge's voice came up loud and strong...

"Keith!" Pidge replied.  "I've noticed something phenomenal about Voltron!"

"Go, Pidge!" Keith ordered.
"What do you got?"

"I've managed to figure
out some of Voltron's capabilities
and...well...I'm finding that its
not all just technology...it can't
be! Its more than just science,
Skipper! But...well..."

"What do you mean, Pidge?"
Lance asked over the COM link.

"Well, there's more involved then just physical science, programs and computer microchips!  There's something else that makes Voltron operate the way it's operating! But...I can't quite get my finger on what it is..."

"Then, why bring it up?" Lance said. "It works, doesn't it?  Isn't that good enough?"

"Yeah, but the question is how does it work...and how can we completely control it?" Keith replied to Lance.  "This stuff's more fantastic then anything we've ever piloted before on Earth!"

Suddenly, everyone's focus changed as Pidge sounded the alarm...

"Keith!  The Robeast is preparing to attack again!" Pidge shouted.

"Shields up!" Keith shouted, as he activated the protective shielding around Voltron.

The Robeast lifted up is arms and with a mighty roar, let out another round of red-hot fireballs.  The attack centered on Voltron directly, as it stood in the distance.

Voltron remained in a firm stance...awaiting the attack.

The wait was minimal...

The fireballs suddenly erupted as they slammed with a vicious force, into the body of Voltron.  The fire consumed Voltron...engulfing its entire structure from head to foot.  The raging inferno surrounded the mighty robot instantly and completely.

But, Voltron never flinched...never moved...

"Mega-thrusters, go!" Keith's voice was audibly heard through the COM.

Suddenly, Voltron's frame began to yield a blue tint, that quickly ignited into a bright blue glow...and the flames immediately began to surrender under the cooling force that now was emitting from the Mega-thrusters.

Seconds later...the flames were completely out, leaving Voltron to once again, stare down at its enemy with defiant character.

From inside of Voltron's head, Keith continued to quickly study the incredible weaponry of the giant defender.  It was then that he found something that appealed to him... something that he, himself had favored as a supreme weapon of choice...a weapon, who's energy levels
soared off the scales...

A Blazing Sword!

"I think I've got the answer, team!" Keith said slowly.  "Let's see if this Robeast has ever dueled before!"

And then...

Voltron immediately lifted off and
hovering several hundred feet from
the ground, the mighty Voltron's
lion head arms came together with one
enormous, metal clang.

"Form Blazing Sword!" Keith shouted.

As the lion heads of the Red and
Green Lions parted, a bright, blazing
energy beam emitted between the
two of them, trailing straight

As the weapon began to materialize,
it suddenly and deliberately took
shape from a pure energy beam...to a mighty sword.  The sword had a triple point at the top...two smaller side points and one larger, slightly higher, middle sword tip.

The sword gleamed in the single ray of sunlight that had now seemed to settle upon Voltron. The sunlight had somehow found its way through the clouds in the sky, appropriately shining down upon the Arusian robot defender...as if heaven itself were showing favor upon
the great lion warrior.

Now, with the Blazing Sword held firmly in Red Lion's mouth, Voltron's Green Lion head arm swung forward, releasing another mighty roar.

Voltron then returned to the ground, taking a defensive position in front of the Castle of Lions...awaiting the Robeast's next move.

The time had come, at last.

The Robeast, now in a fit of rage, immediately began to charge in toward Voltron.

Voltron, likewise, began an immediate charge toward the Robeast.

Inside the cockpit of Black Lion...Keith's intention was out of pure determination... destroy the creature, here and now.  It was both a defensive and emotional demonstration to Zarkon's forces, that Arus was not his to be taken by force... nor was Arus simply going to bow down and be conquered.

Not as long as Voltron was still standing!

And then...

Suddenly, Keith could feel the power that he had in his grasp...the power that was... Voltron. It was like almost being in a trance... while still being fully awake.

"Do you feel that, guys?" Hunk said suddenly.

"I feel...something, Hunk," Keith replied slowly. "Its something I've never felt before..."

"I feel it too!" Lance added.

"I do too!" Sven affirmed.

"What is it?" Pidge asked.  "Its like...we're...kind of like, we're all part of Voltron...or something!"

As Keith heard Pidge's description, it suddenly hit him...

King Alfor had said it before...
The slave on Planet Doom had said it before...
Princess Allura and Coran had said it before...

Being one with the lion...

They were all becoming a part of Voltron...as if, they all were... Voltron!

Suddenly, Keith could somehow...feel...the intense power that was the Black robot lion.  He could somehow sense what Black Lion was, and could actually relate to Arus...its culture, its history...

But...how was that possible?  How could one know a world, without ever having lived on it?

Keith suddenly knew why he and the others were feeling this way...

Voltron was a combination of magic and technology!

Magic was the missing equation, and although Keith didn't understand it all, he understood one thing very clearly... the threat charging toward them was very real.

They had to win...now...or Arus was finished.

And the power to win was in his hand!

What was it that Coran said earlier?

He said, that the Commander solely controls Voltron...from the cockpit of the Black Lion!

It was his move...his moment...

"Time to destroy this thing and send a serious message to Zarkon, team!" Keith shouted. "Get ready!"

The Robeast drew ever closer...and Voltron charged forth, faster than before, digging its lion-head feet into the ground, as it moved to meet the Robeast for battle.

As they were about to meet in the middle... Keith suddenly shouted, "Mega leap!"

Voltron immediately hopped up into the air, and soared over the top of the Robeast's head. And before it even knew what was going on, or how to respond next, Voltron came down up once again, thrusting the Blazing Sword down upon the monster's head.

Voltron carved through the Robeast with an almost angry fury of its own, slicing the Robeast into two halves.

The Robeast suddenly shook violently...

Fire began to erupt from its body, and small explosions blew random holes in its body.

Voltron immediately stood back...watching as the Robeast destabilized.

The Robeast's face grimaced, as the part living, part mechanical creature began to completely separate from itself...

More fire and explosions erupted...and seconds later...an enormous explosion had climaxed the blow... utterly destroying the Doom monster completely.

Pieces of flying debris blew off in all directions, littering the ground.

And in the end, Voltron remained...victor of the duel!

Cheers and shouts were heard from each team member, as they celebrated their victory against the Robeast.

"Did you guys feel the power we had?" Hunk shouted.

"It was awesome!" Lance laughed. "Completely and totally...awesome!"

"More than awesome...it was outstanding!" Pidge added. "It was like I was the Green Lion!"

"Yeah, and I was Red Lion!" Lance said. "I could really feel it... you know?  Right down to my socks!"

"Me too!" Hunk added.

Sven only smiled, choosing not to add his thoughts.  But he too had to admit...he had never felt anything like that before...never in his whole life.  The power he felt generating through this body was like none he had ever known...had ever experienced.

And Hunk, Lance and Pidge were right...

It was as if Sven...were... Blue Lion.

Keith meanwhile, sat in the Black Lion cockpit,
not at all satisfied with the moment of victory
his other teammates had been celebrating.

There was much to do...and surely,
more to come.

Zarkon had met his first defeat at the hands
of Voltron. It would not settle well with him...
not well with him at all. He would be
back soon. And he'll strike back even
harder than before.

Now was not the time to celebrate. Now was the time to truly be fearful.

A battle had been won...
But, the war had only begun.