"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions. All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 30
A Mighty Warrior Returns

Coran sat at the console, pushing at the controls, in an attempt to get more information on the impending threat that was now
approaching the Castle of Lions.

Allura's fingers nervously
intertwined with one another,
not even realizing that she
had been unconsciously holding
her breath.

Keith now stood next to Sven,
his second in command, with Lance,
Pidge and Hunk immediately
standing behind them.

The young Voltron Commander
gritted his teeth angrily, as he
helplessly watched the Robeast
lumber ever closer to the Castle,
crushing village houses beneath
its feet with each earth-shaking step
it took.

The Fleet of Doom was right behind the Robeast every step of the way, using their ship blaster cannons, and randomly taking out abandoned vehicles and crumbling houses.

It was obvious to Keith that these guys weren't at all concerned with the sanctity of human life.

"Zarkon's insane!" Keith roared angrily.

Allura's right hand moved upward to cover her heart, now racing with fear. "This time, Zarkon means to destroy our entire planet!" the young Princess replied.

Sven could take it no more.
"Why are we jist...standing around!
Let's go to work!"

"Right, Sven!" Keith added in
agreement.  "Let's get to the robot
lions fast, and then...form Voltron!"

Coran quickly whirled around in his seat.
"NO!" he shouted, as he
rose up from the chair.
"Wait! You can not go now!"

"Why not?" Keith shouted.

"You will be killed!" Coran cried.
"You have never formed Voltron...
and you have not had an opportunity
to fly the robot lions enough to
ensure you can handle them
properly in combat!"

"Just when were we supposed
to do that!" Lance blurted out.
"Its not like these guys were
likely to call off the attack, while
we go out there and get used to
flying them!"

"We can fly the ships, Coran!"
Keith replied, hushing Lance
standing behind him. "Just give
us the fifth key to the Black Lion!"

"No! This is intolerably, insane thinking!  You are going to go out there, and you are going to die!" Coran said.  "Do you realize who it is you are dealing with?"

"We've got to go out there!" Keith shouted back defiantly. "We didn't come here, to sit back and watch Zarkon take control of Arus!"

"We came here to help!" Lance shouted.

"So, let us help!" Hunk added.

"Coran!" Pidge cried. "We know these guys mean business!  But, you can't just stand by, and let the Princess be captured!"

"Right!  That's who Zarkon's after!  If the Princess is taken captive, Arus is done for!  You said so, yourself!" Lance said.

"Yes, I am well aware of what I have said, young man!" Coran replied to Lance in a frustrated tone.

"Well then, we're the only chance you've got left!" Lance shouted back.  "If you don't let us fly, we've all had it!  Zarkon's Robeast will rip this castle in two!  They'll be nothing left!"

"I simply can not let you go!  My answer is no!" Coran replied.

"Come on, Coran!" Keith shouted.

"We go!" Sven cried out additionally.

Allura had been staring straight at the main viewer.  Her mind was hearing the words all around her...yet her heart went out to her people.

"What will become of us?" she thought.

Coran shook his head and sigheh... "I appreciate what you are all trying to do.  I am only concerned with your safety,"

"None of us is safe, while we just stand here, and those lasers keep on blasting!" Keith cried, pointing to the main viewer.  "What are you waiting for?  Are you afraid?  Freedom comes with a price!  You have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to fight for your right to be free!"

"Young man!  I have seen more death and destruction, then you have been alive!  Do not lecture to me, your elder, regarding the costs of freedom!" Coran replied sternly.

"Then what are you waiting for, Coran?" Keith repeated, this time, in a more forceful tone of voice.  "Are you waiting for them to destroy what's left of the Castle?  Maybe you're waiting for them to storm the Castle and take Allura by force, is that it?"


Keith retracted a bit, before finally regrouping...

"Fine! The 'PRINCESS', then!  What difference does it make, Coran?  You're talking about what's best for us!  What about her safety?  If they reach the Castle, it'll be too late to launch Voltron, and they'll have the Princess, for sure!  You've got to trust us!  At least, let us try!"

"I can not believe that I am arguing with...with a...youngster!" Coran shouted out loud.

"Yeah, well this, 'youngster' as you call me, seems to have his head on straighter then you do! Alright then, it comes down to this... if you want to get yourself killed, that's fine with me. My job is to take care of the Princess, and safeguard her life, as well as the lives of my men!  If you continue to stand here and forbid us to fly Voltron, I'm taking the Princess with us into the caverns!  At least, we can attempt to escape from Zarkon's forces from there.  But know this...
if we leave, Voltron will surely be destroyed, because the first thing that will topple under the strength of that Robeast, will be the Lion Monument...where Black Lion is kept!"

Before Coran could say another word, he felt the touch of a gentle hand on his arm.  A reassuring squeeze had suddenly communicated to him that he needed to step aside from the ensuing argument.

Coran glanced to his left and saw Allura, now standing next to him, as she suddenly released her hand from his arm.  She then, reached into his left side coat pocket, and gathered the Black Lion key into her hand.

Retracting her hand from Coran's pocket, Allura immediately exchanged a brief glance with Coran, affirming to him her exact intentions from this moment on.

This was her world...and her people.  Future generations of Arusians would either reap joy or sorrow from her next decision.

With poise and grace, Allura suddenly stepped forward from where Coran stood and walked immediately up to Keith.

She then reached over and presented the Voltron leader with the fifth and final key...the key to the main Black Lion...the heart and soul of Voltron.

Keith looked at her momentarily, and as he reached for the key and took it from her hand, his gaze never parted from hers.  Her eyes were pleading.

"Please, you must go now." The young Arusian monarch said in a shaky tone of voice. "We need...Voltron!"

A rousing sound of shouts and cheers was suddenly heard from Sven, Lance, Pidge and Hunk.

Allura suddenly spoke above the noise...

"And please... return safely!" Allura added to Keith.

With a firm stance, Keith stood back from her, giving a well executed, snappy, military salute. Allura half-heartedly returned his gesture with a mild attempt at a smile.  She truly was not happy at all.  In fact, her heart grieved, as she watched her new friends preparing themselves to head into what promised to be a very difficult battle...for final control over Arus.

Keith watched the Princess as she took Coran's hand, and resumed her place at her advisor's side. Her eyes fixated on his...and for a brief moment, she thought that he could actually read her very thoughts.

It was the way he was looking at her.  She didn't know whether to be afraid of this man...or to admire him.

His stance was intense...his resolve complete.  This man knew what he and his team had to do...what they must do.

And to the devil with the consequences.

It amazed her suddenly...these five men where fighting for a world they barely knew anything about.  They had pledged their allegiance to her...a 17-year old girl...who just happened to be the ruler over a dying planet in the Azure Quadrant.

And yet...

This man...somehow...was...familiar to her.

Keith nodded to Allura and Coran. "Let's get going!" he shouted up toward them both.

Coran nodded as he reached over
to the control panel and activated
the hidden lion tunnels.

Keith watched as the floor
began to rise, lifting the young
Princess and her advisor into the
air above them.

Keith nodded to Allura and Coran.
It was the last thing he did before
making his way to the tunnels that
had just risen up from the floor of
the Control Room.

Allura watched with tears in her eyes,
as the five young Space
Explorers disappeared from her view.

Coran released an anxious breath of air that he unconsciously had been holding. "I do hope we have made the right decision, Your Highness."

Allura remained absolutely still...
as if she were afraid to move. 
As if things around her might
suddenly become off-balanced
somehow, if she were to move
from the very spot she had been
standing in.

Coran returned to his seat. 
He suddenly divided the main
viewer into five separate frames... the largest being on the Lion Monument Statue.

The older Advisor sighed once again as he stared at the monitor.

"They must be strong now, for only the strength of the lion can possibly save them now." Coran thought.


Keith was once again sailing
through a tube tunnel, much
like the one he had been through
to reach the Green Lion.  But this
time, stone... not dirt...surrounded
the tunnel.

The ride came to an end, and as had
happened before, the chair was
hoisted into the air and up toward
the ceiling. A door suddenly slide
open from just above his head,
revealing yet another elongated tube.

Suddenly...Keith got a view of what was the underbelly of the stone lion statue.  A metal door had suddenly opened up on the underside of the statue, and within seconds, Keith was loaded into another cockpit. This one, however, was different then the Green Lion cockpit.  Before him, just above the control panel and guidance levers, was an instrumentation panel he had not seen before.

Keith reached up to his chest and took hold of the special operating key, given to him by Princess Allura, that he had placed there in his uniform.  He looked at it for a moment, then stared straight ahead.

The view screen was dark.

As he spent the next few moments gazing at the multi-colored key, it suddenly hit him.  He was about to go out and do battle with one of the fiercest factions of the Drule Empire.

King Zarkon...the tyrant of the Crimson Quadrant.

What was it that made Keith even think that he and his team stood a chance of even forming Voltron, before they were blown out of the skies of Arus?  Zarkon was sure to have that Robeast monster on standby...the one that had defeated them earlier.

...not to mention all of the Doom cruisers and battle ships that were hovering in the skies over the Castle of Lions.

What was it that made him want to go out and do battle...risking all of their lives...without so much as a promise to return alive?

Suddenly...the face of a beautiful girl appeared before him.  Her blonde hair flowed peacefully in the windmill of his mind.  Her face was like that of no woman he had ever seen before.

He found his heart had been captivated...had become a prisoner to her, somehow.

And whether it was because of his revelation that it had been her voice, reaching to his mind all of these years or not... one thing was now perfectly clear.

It was for her that they must fight...all of them.  And it was her, that they must win.  Failure now would mean her doom.

The Princess must see victory in this battle.

Arus must be freed.

And with that, Keith gave the order,
"Insert keys, now!"

"Keys set!" the boisterous reply
returned from the other four members
of the Voltron Force.

As Keith inserted the key into the awaiting slot, the key opened up, activating the control panel before him... and suddenly, as before, the main view screen lit up.

But...there was still nothing before him.  Only blackness...

Then, the lion ship began to shake, giving Keith the sudden fear that something was terribly wrong.

When all at once...

"Incredible!" Keith gasped as he beheld what was happening.


From inside the Castle of Lions, within the Castle's Control Room, Coran suddenly saw the statue of the lion shake and quiver.

"Princess!" he called for Allura's attention.  "Look!  It is happening!"

Allura turned and looked at the 
view screen before her, focusing her
attention on the lion statue.  Her eyes
watched carefully as the she
saw what happened before her.

The lion statue began to suddenly
flash, as unexplained bolts of
lightning began to light up the
air surrounding the statue.


"Coran!" Allura shouted, pointing
toward the screen. "Look!  Look at
the statue!"

Coran gasped in wonder. "The statue is cracking!"


The lion statue was indeed cracking.
Large chucks of rock began to fall
away and tumble to the ground, and
as they fell, piece by piece, what remained...
was nothing less than utterly startling...
and amazing.

Standing to its feet upon the lion monument,
tall and strong...was the
mighty Black Lion!

At last...it too had returned to live!

It suddenly and deliberately released a
thunderous roar...like that
of a mighty living lion, as if
proclaiming to all of Arus that it had
awaken from its slumber, and was prepared
to do battle.

Its sense of determination was much like that
of its human pilot within...strong willed, firm,
and ready to enter into the fight of its life.

And from different directions, the north, south, east and west, four other lion ships were streaking through the sky to join their long lost black comrade.

The other four lionsRed, Green, Yellow and Blue...circled around the mighty Black Lion, as now it too, took flight into the air, and joining the circle.


From the cockpit of the Black Lion, Keith opened a channel. "Castle Control, come in!  This is Keith in the Black Lion!  Do you read?"

A baritone voice suddenly echoed through the COM...

"We do, indeed, Commander Keith!" Coran replied.

"I have a good idea that this extra gadget above the control panel has something to do with forming Voltron.  Am I right?" Keith asked, assuring himself that he was correct in his assumption.

"Indeed, you are correct, Commander!" Coran replied, with almost a hint of hope radiating from his voice.  "The control levers that you use to control the motions of the robot lion, once turned in an upward position, will activate the Voltron sequence."

"Voltron sequence?" Lance asked through the COM.

"Yes, my young friend." Coran confirmed to them. "Once the sequence has been activated, the robot lions will be caught up into an impenetrable vortex, that will safely house your lion ships while they transform into the robot, Voltron."

"So, if we turn them upward, Voltron forms?" Hunk asked. "And then, we can control him from our lions?"

"No, Hunk." Coran replied. "Once assembled, Voltron is controlled from the Black Lion cockpit.  The power of Voltron lies squarely with the hands of its commander.  That would be Keith. He alone, can active the Voltron sequence. And he alone, will control Voltron."

"No pressure, huh, Keith?" Lance chuckled.  "You do well...we live to fight another day! You screw up...and its curtains for us all!  Feeling nervous yet, 'oh great one'?"

Keith pulled up the ultra wave.  His intense stare was Lance's answer, and the Red Lion pilot quickly backed off.

"Certainly, each of you will have control of your lion's special weaponry.  But Keith will control Voltron's movements.  Each of you must yield your control to his guidance, in order for Voltron to operate as a signal robot." Coran added.

Suddenly, the Control panel before Pidge lit up.  He quickly called up his on-board computer...
and discovered that trouble was closing in fast.

He quickly interrupted the conversation on the COM... "Commander!  We've got company coming for dinner!"

"Uninvited company, I'm sure!" Lance added.

"It's a feast of Doom squadrons, and they're coming from the south and the east at point two degrees... and their closing in fast." Pidge replied

"Defensive maneuvers team!" Keith shouted out the order. "Prepare to engage the Doom ships!"

The five lion ship prepared themselves, landing on the ground in front of a Castle, as if to draw a line in the sand, so to speak, daring the Doom fleet to cross itif they dared.

But, they did dare.

From the south, four squadrons of ten ships each, streaked toward the Castle of Lions, while from the south, three more squadrons appeared.

The Green Lion and the Yellow Lion turned toward the three approaching squadrons, while Blue Lion and Red Lion turned toward the four squadrons.

Black Lion, meanwhile, lifted off into the air, attempting to draw the attention of the approaching attacks ships.

Several fighters immediately changed course, choosing to go after the Black Lion, while the remaining prepared to attack the other four lion ships.

From inside of Yellow Lion, Hunk's face sported a wide smile. "Okay you ugly, useless pieces of mechanical junk!  Come and get us!"

Green Lion and Yellow Lion lifted off into the air, while Red Lion and Blue Lion did likewise. The robot lion ships streaked toward the attacking ships.

Seconds later, sharp, protruding metal blades appeared in the mouths of the lions.  The lion ships suddenly began to attack the Doom fighters, slicing through them with carefree ease, like a knife
through butter.

Meanwhile, Black Lion's mouth was opened wide...but no blade appeared.  Instead, a blazing inferno erupted from within its might mouth.  The flames spewed forth...licking at the attacking fighters, and seemingly disintegrating them on impact.

Blue Lion suddenly swung around, and without so much as a mere moment of hesitation, opened its mouth wide, sending forth a burst of rushing water, with the destructive power of a burst dam. The water engulfed another seven ships, sending them crashing to the ground below.

Red Lion's mighty paws pointed frontward, and a round of powerful and destructive ion dart erupted from the bottom of the paws.  The darts had targeted their victims... another group of approaching fighters.  The darts took out each ship with ease, leaving pieces of debris behind in the aftermath of their destruction.

A large cannon formed upon Yellow Lion's back, as it turned and launched several rounds of isotopic missiles, destroying even more Doom fighters.

Green Lion, meanwhile, was firing claw paws missiles at a final group of approaching fighters. The missiles destroyed each ship...save one...which thought to retreat from battle.

But from the opposite direction, flew in Blue Lion, and with its might and powerful metal jaws, clamped down on top of the lone fighter.  The force of the explosion sent pieces of the metal Doom ship spewing from Blue Lion's mouth.

Blue Lion then landed on the ground, letting loose a mighty roar of its own, as if to proclaim victory.

But inside the lead Doom battle cruiser, an angry Doom Commander gave his order to defy their sweet moment of victory...


From the bowels of the great Doom cruiser, emerged the Robeast monster that four of the five lions had battled with before.

"Whoa!" Sven gasped.

"Looks like that Robeast is back to give us a return engagement!" Keith replied. "Advance your mega-thrusters!"

"GO!" the four others replied together through the COM.

The five lions prepared for battle, with metal teeth to bare.  The Robeast was also prepared to do battle once again, striding around in a confident manner.

"Attack on four sides!" Keith ordered.

Blue Lion raced around to the back of the approaching Robeast.  Yellow Lion went to the monster's left, while Green Lion took the monster's right. Red Lion remained in the front with Black Lion.

"Attack!" Keith shouted through the COM.

The Green, Yellow and Blue Lions pounced at the Robeast, as Black and Red Lions attacked from the front.  The Robeast kicked at Blue Lion from behind, while launching a round of fire at the Green Lion and the Yellow Lion from its side arm blasters.

The three robot lions immediately halted their attack, stunned by the Robeast's fury.  Then, the Robeast kicked Red Lion out of the way, as a child would with a toy they had finished playing with.

Black Lion leaped into the air, diving for the Robeast's arm.  Red Lion quickly regrouped and dove for its other arm.  But the Robeast grabbed onto Black Lion by the throat, holding it fast.

Then, as Red Lion reached the other arm, the Robeast suddenly backhanded it fiercely, sending it tumbling along the ground into a nearby mountainside.  With Black Lion still in its grip, it suddenly hurled it at the Red Lion, now attempting to stand up once again.

Black Lion crashed right into Red Lion once again, sending both robot lions to the ground.

The Robeast then formed a giant laser sword in its hand, and immediately rushed toward the Black and Red Lions on the ground.

Inside Blue Lion, Sven sounded the alert...

Keith, in the Black Lion suddenly saw what
Sven was warning about...

The Robeast was heading their way, ready
to chop them into pieces.

"Lance!" Keith called out. "Move it!"

Black Lion and Red Lion rose to their feet almost immediately, and leaped into the air over a lower part of the mountain.  The Robeast swung its sword, narrowly missing the retreating lions, and instead, slicing a sizable piece of rock from the mountain side.

The Robeast then turned its attention toward Red Lion...charging at it with its sword.

"Look out, Lance!" Keith cried.

Stunned, and suddenly fearful, Lance let out a yell, as he pulled back on the control of his lion.

The Red Lion responded by jumping backward...just as the Robeast dug the point of its blade into the ground Lance had just been on.

In Black Lion, Keith suddenly focused his attention in on the extra piece of equipment, just above his control board.and remembered Coran's instructions with regards to Keith's control levers...

...once turned in an upward position, it will activate the Voltron sequence.



"We need to form Voltron!" Keith shouted.

"Form Voltron?" Lance blasted back over the COM link, as he busily gave himself some distance between his lion and the attacking Robeast.  "Uh, listen amigo...in case you haven't been paying attention, we stink at handling these things in the lion form!  How are we going to do this as Voltron?"

"We've got to form Voltron!" Keith said again. "We've got to!  It can't be any worse fighting this thing as Voltron, then as five separate lions!"

Keith paused for a moment...

A message was coming in from Castle Control...

"Commander Keith!  Commander Keith!  Your lions must be airborne before you begin the sequence!" Coran shouted. "Voltron must form in mid-air!"

Keith's nose wrinkled a bit. "Great..." he murmured to himself.

The Robeast was drawing closer...

"Okay team!  Into the air!" Keith ordered.

The robot lions lifted off suddenly, heading upward into the sky.  The Robeast lifted its arms upward and launched blasts of energy from its arm blasters.  The balls of red fire sailed through the air... and suddenly engulfed the five fleeing lions, sending them spiraling out of control and back to the ground.

Each lion landed abruptly, crashing full-force into the ground.  Black Lion lifted its head up first, and then rose back to its feet, refusing defeat.

Inside, its equally determined pilot rallied his team...

"Come on team!  We can do it!  We need to get back into air!" Keith shouted, as he watched the Robeast rapidly approaching their position.

"We can't!" Lance objected.  "That thing's too strong for our weapons to handle!"

Keith let out a low growl...when suddenly...

"My young friends..."

They momentarily paused as each of them heard the strange echoing voice.

"Who's that?" Hunk shouted.

"Where's it coming from?" Sven asked.

Keith looked at Pidge on the ultra wave. "Pidge?"

"Not from the COM, Skipper..." Pidge replied.

"My young friends, listen to me..."

Suddenly...the voice was recognizable...

"Keit!" Sven shouted. "Dat's King Alfor's voice!"

The voice continued to speak...

"My young friends, you can not completely control the forces that you fly from within, until you become one with them.  You must become one with the lion spirits that are the essence of Voltron's power.  Trust in the lions... become as they are...feel their strength running
through you and allow it to guide you!  Then...and only then...can you completely control the energy that is surrounding each of you.  It is the power of the lion...which is the power of Mighty Voltron.  Become one with it, and you will be victorious.  Farewell, Voltron Force."

Keith took it in... "Come on team!
On your feet!"

Each of the other four lions
rose to their feet again.
"We have to form Voltron!
We've got to do it...now!"
Keith shouted again.

The robot lions once again lifted
off into the air...and once again, the Robeast fired red balls of energy at them.

The energy engulfed the lions as before...but this time, the lions did not falter.  Inside of each one, the human pilots concentrated through the pain of the burning fire, heating up the shields

Pidge squinted his eyes... "Boy...this is hard work"

"Stay...with it...everyone!" Keith coaxed his team, bearing through the pain himself.

Suddenly...the flames began to go out around the robot lions... freeing them to fly faster into the air.

Keith wiped his brow with his white-gloved hand...then...took a firm hold of the control levers in front of him.

"Let's form Voltron!" he shouted.

With a quick, deep breath,
Keith pulled the lever upward.
The console before him began
to flash suddenly, and an extra
screen suddenly lifted up from
the extra instrumentation panel
that had been located above his
control board. In the middle of
the panel, a lone star sequentially
began to flash the colors...
red, black, blue, yellow and green.

The panel itself began to flash, and the operating key to the Black Lion, suddenly shifted its position from left to right.  Keith watched the board before him

"Incredible..." he whispered and then began to alert his team to what was happening...

"Activating interlocks...dyno-therms are connected...the Infracells are up..."

And suddenly...five-point star began to flash all of the colors simultaneously...

"Dyno-thrusters are a go!" he shouted.

The five lions began to pick
up speed on their own. Keith smiled...
"Hang on, team!  This is it!"

everyone shouted at once.

On the ground, the Robeast
launched another round of
fireballs at the robot lions,
but the aura that now surrounded
them caused the fireballs to
bounce off, as if they had
slammed up against a
tremendous force shield...
and impenetrable force shield.

The lions suddenly began to change and take shape.  Their legs began to fold up, and as secret panel compartments opened up, and the legs of the lions began to slide into the compartments. But the back legs of the Black Lion suddenly elongated, becoming straight and firm.

Then...with a giant flash of light, the Black Lion let out a mighty roar, and the Red Lion and Green Lion moved off toward the left and right, while the Blue Lion and the Yellow Lion fell into line beneath the Black Lion.

The red wings that were on the Black Lion's back suddenly unfolded from behind it, and were now coming to an angle pointing toward the ten o'clock and two o'clock positions.

Keith called out the sequence, as he watched on his scale monitor, as the lions began to shape into arms and legs, while the Black Lion took on the shape of the body of Voltron.

"Form feet and legs!" the Voltron Commander shouted through the COM.

The Blue and Yellow Lions came together, bending and twisting to form the giant limbs that would be Voltron's legs.  They snapped into place with a loud metal click.

"Form arms and torso!" he shouted next.

Red and Green Lions formed the mighty arms of Voltron, also clicking to the Black Lion, that had now formed the torso of Voltron.

"And I'll form the head!"
Keith said finally, as the
mouth of Black Lion opened
wide to reveal the face of the
mighty robot warrior.  The
Black Lion's ears moved away
from the head until they resembled to
very large, yellow horns protruding
from the head.

With a mighty clash of its robot lion arms slamming together, each lion head roared as the sequence was completed.

When the brilliant light dimmed...
Voltron stood proud and tall, and
ready, at long last, to return to
his place as defender of Arus's
freedom.  The mighty lion robot
began a slow decent down toward the

Within the Castle of Lions, Princess Allura and Coran cheered, as they watched the return of their long absent guardian.

"Oh Coran!" Allura beamed. "They did it, Coran!  Voltron has returned! The boys have done it! Isn't it wonderful to see him back in action once again?  At last!  Our salvation has come!"

Coran suddenly paused.  He watched as Voltron finally reached the ground, and was now standing ready for battle.

Coran's mood instantly changed...as he realized that now...it was indeed all of to the Space Explorers.

Were they ready to face the Robeast's fury?

Could they control Voltron?

A breath away from victory or defeat...Coran was now, more than ever, uncertain of the future. Voltron had returned...but had he really?

It was now time to find out just how good these boys from Earth really are...or are not.