"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 3
Early Morning Complainer

Reveille came at four o'clock in the morning, and as far as Lance was concerned, it came much too early.  Having only had a few good hours of uninterrupted sleep, thanks to Keith's nightmarish outburst in the middle of the night, Lance felt as if he was going to need a box of toothpicks, in order to keep his eyelids from sagging. 

He slowly got out of bed, kicking off the covers first...waiting for a few minutes... and then slowly lifting one foot over the side of the bed, and then, the other foot.  After about five minutes, he managed to get in a sitting position on the side of the bed. 

His friends Sven and Keith were already up and doing some mild warm-up exercises...a few bends and stretches, and a few push-ups.

Keith looked over to his tired friend, and feeling somewhat compassionate....and somewhat guilty for having woken both Lance and Sven out of bed in the middle of the night, he decided to walk over to Lance's bunk and give him a good morning hello.

But to Keith's surprise...Lance's response was not as compassionate.

"Get lost, creep!" Lance growled in return.  "You're the reason I'm so darn tired!  If you'd learn to control your dreams at night..."


Sven suddenly joined conversation...and joined it rather abruptly.  "Dat's not fair, Lance!  Keit isn't to blame for da way you and I feel!  We shood have been in bed long before eleven o'clock last night!"

Keith quickly turned back to Lance 
"Eleven o'clock!  You mean to tell me,
that you two stayed out until eleven o'clock
last night, knowing full well we had to
be up at four this morning... and now,
you're trying to blame your being overtired
on me?  You've got some nerve, Lance! 
And to think, that I actually felt sorry for
you, and was beating myself over the head
for waking you up last night!"

"But you wake us up, at least once every
couple of weeks with your screaming from
nightmares!" Lance blurted out suddenly. 
"I should apply for a transfer into another
room!  Maybe then, I can get a whole night's
sleep...uninterrupted by your screaming in
the middle of the night!"

"Okay, okay I tink we've all said enough now." Sven wisely said to his friends.  "Before we all end up saying some-ting  we will regret saying.  I tink we all better hurry it up and git ready for breakfastbefore we catch it from da Commander!"

Keith turned away from Lance without saying another word.  Instead, he went to his closet and got out his crisply pressed flight uniformone of six that he had.

He carefully laid it out on the bed and looked up at Sven.  "I'll hit the bathroom first, unless you want to, Sven."

Sven shook his head.  "No, you can go first, Keit."

Lance finally uttered, "Does anyone want to ask me if I want to go into the bathroom first?"

Keith let out a frustrating sigh  "Fine, Lance. Do you want to go in the bathroom first?"

Lance smiled sarcastically.  "No...but thanks for asking!"

The response brought out an audible grunt from Keith, as he turned on one heel and headed into the bathroom, closing the door with a slam.

Lance hopped out of bed, feeling somewhat vindicated.  Smugly, he walked over to where Sven was busily getting his flight suit and other things ready to put on.

Without even looking, Sven addressed Lance the second he walked up behind him.  "You should have a bit more respect for Keit.  He is our team leader, you know."

"Yeah, well he's our friend before he's our team leader," Lance huffed back.  "And he should learn to remember that!"

"And you should learn to control your temper." Sven replied calmly, as he turned to look at Lance.  "You know you only rile him up when you do stuff like dis."

"He takes this command stuff too person, Sven!" Lance blurted out.  "Its like...he thinks he's my mother sometimes!  Doesn't he know I can take care of myself?  I don't need him 'mother-henning' me around all the time!"

"He's jist concerned for you, Lance." Sven defended.  "He's concerned wit us all."

"Yeah, well he could do me a lot better good if he just stayed out of my face while we're off duty!" Lance replied back. 

"I tought we were his best friends, Lance?" Sven said with a half-smile.  "I tought best friends stick it out in da good times and da bad?"

"Yeah, well, if you ask me, it's been pretty bad lately!" Lance replied with a huffy response.  "I'm getting ready for breakfast."

As Lance walked off, Sven smiled, shaking his head.

Just two hours later, Keith, Sven and Lance were in the mess hall.  They held their plates up to the counter to be filled with food. 

Lance cringed as the cook slapped on a helping of grits, with a pad of butter on the top, and two sausages on the side with a piece of toast.  He looked at the meal, and stuck his tongue out in dissatisfaction to the cook...

"Hey Larry," Lance said.  "I thought you were on our side!  This stuff will kill us dead, for sure!"

"You just keep talking, solider boy!" Larry the cook replied.  "I'll have in the Vice-Admiral's office to have a chat about that smart mouth of yours!"

"Oh, I'm actually less scared of that, then I am of eating your cooking!" Lance replied, sporting a cocky, crooked smile on this face.

"Keep it up, Andrews!" the cook replied.  "I'm warning you!"

Lance laughed out loud and moved along down the line to grab some coffee.

Keith and Sven had already found a table to sit at.  They were looking down the isle when Lance walked up and sat down.

"Hey," Lance replied.  "What's the attraction?" 

Lance began looking down the isle too, and upon seeing nothing of interest, he added, "I don't see a girl worth catching my attention."

"No, you idiot!" Keith replied with a half chuckle to his voice. 

"We're looking at da new kid!" Sven elaborated.

"A new kid?  You mean...fresh meat to harass?  Where???" Lance replied, suddenly full of attention.

"Over dare...." Sven replied, pointing down a few tables. 

Lance looked at the kidand then, turned to his friends.  "Hey...he really IS a kid!  What's kid doing in the Defense Force mess hall?  Is he waiting for his dad, maybe"

"No, he's not waiting for his dad, Lance." Keith replied, turning back to his plate to begin eating.  "I was told about his arrival.  He's been in the academy genius program.  He's supposed to be a child prodigy or something like that.  His name is Pidge Villatoro and he's smart as a whip.  But he's rumored to be only eleven years old."

"Eleven years old and in the Defense Force?" Lance replied, almost choking on his coffee.  "Geez, they don't waste any time training them and getting them in there, do they?"

Keith shook his head.  "He's got a brother here too... name's Chip, from what I understand.  Both of these kids come from Planet Balto."

"What a name!  P-I-D-G-E!  Sounds like a name that's perfect for that little squirt!" Lance laughed as he stuffed a sausage into his mouth.

"Balto... hey, don't da people of Balto have telepathic skills...you know...can read people's minds?" Sven asked.

"That's what I've heard," Keith said, as he swallowed a mouth full of grits.  "So, you better be careful what you think about this guy, Lance!  He just might hear you!"

"Oh, I'm real scared Keith!" Lance said, in a lower voice. "What's he gonna do to me?  Bit my kneecaps off?"

"Just cool it, okay?" Keith groaned back, looking at his watch.  "I have to hurry.  I've got that meeting with Vice-Admiral Marshall this morning!"

"Uh-oh, Keith!" Lance replied.  "He's probably going to say you're too tough on us!"

"More likely to say I'm not tough enough!" Keith replied back.

"Not tough enough?" Lance barked back.  "Any tougher, and I'll pass out from exhaustion!"

"You don't know what the mean of the word, 'work' is, Lance!" Keith replied back.  "But if you're not careful, the Vice Admiral will see to it that you do get familiar with it!"

Lance groaned as he took a bite of his toast.

Sven looked at Keith thoughtfully.  "Do you know what it's all about...da meeting, I mean?"

Keith shook his head as he finished his grits.  "Nope.  Only that I have to report at 08:00 hundred hours.  And I've got some free time, so I plan on brushing up on some procedures... just in case I get popped with a quiz or something."

"You don't have to worry, Keith,' Lance interjected.  "You're a walking procedures manual!  Nothing gets past you!"

"I would say the same about you, but you've done nothing but prove to me that procedures aren't your specialty." Keith replied back to Lance.  "And if I were you, I'd change that sort of thinking pretty quick...if you ever hope to get an assignment outside the confines of our solar system!"

"Yes, yes, Sir 'Know-it-all' Hunter!" Lance replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.  "When I grow up, I want to be just like you!"

Keith let out a huffy sounding sigh, as he grabbed his tray and stood to his feet.  Then he looked at Sven, "See if you can remind this guy why he even bothered to join the Defense Force in the first place!" Keith said, while chucking his thumb at Lance. 

"Oh, I know why I'm here!  But it wasn't to listen to you lecture me every five minutes!" Lance blurted out suddenly. "You know what your problem is, Keith?"

The question drew a facial expression filled with curiosity from Keith, as he waited to hear Lance's answer.

He didn't have to wait long...

"You need a girlfriend!  Someone to occupy your mind, besides your duty!"

"Give it a rest, Lance!" Keith replied back, waving his hand in the air.  "I've heard this song sung many times in the past by you."

"Well, evidentially, you haven't memorized the tune yet!" Lance replied.

Keith shook his head.  "I've got to go."

As Keith moved away, Lance suddenly shoved his tray off to the side.  "You know, I like Keith and all, but...he can be a real drag, you know what I mean, Sven?"

"All I know, is dat Keit is right.  You really don't take tings as seriously as you should, Lance.  One of dese days, it could cost you your life."  Sven replied, just before taking a sip of his now, luke warm coffee.

Lance snorted.  "You remind me of him!" he replied, point to their departing friend.  "He's Mr. Rules and Regulations, and you're Mr. Ace Navigator!  The two of you should form a club... "

"Yes, with you as da chief hotheaded secretary of our newly formed club!" Sven barked back as he stood to his feet.  He then grabbed his tray and left the table.

Lance did little to stop him.  In fact, about the only thing he did do was sarcastically wave to Sven's back as he departed.   Then, finished his breakfast.