"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 27
Monster Robeast Attack!

Keith Hunter sailed down the
long tube, hanging onto the T-bar,
while he looked beneath his feet,
as he approached, what appeared to be...
a floor.

As his descent came to a conclusion, he quickly released his grip fromthe bar, preparing to land on the floor...when suddenly... the floor opened up beneath him!

Keith gasped with instant fear, unsure what had happened to the floor beneath him, or where he was to land next.

Seconds later, he came to a landing on his feet, onto yet another platform.  This time, one complete with some sort of chair, poised on top of a track path.  Keith looked up, and saw his other teammates in the adjacent areas around him.  He quickly surmised that he was standing in the shuttle area, and that the craft directly in front of him was the shuttle that would lead to the Green Lion.

Keith quickly took a seat in the chair.

As soon as he had set himself down into the chair, the chair quickly shifted forward in an abrupt manner, and it was now rapidly moving him along the short track...leading to the inside of the shuttle.  He was suddenly loaded into the shuttle, and with a swift movement, was quickly launched down a very long and dark tube.

Keith looked up and all around him,
surveying with his eyes, where he
was heading.  Moments later, the
darkness disappeared, as floodlights
suddenly lit up all around him,
seemingly lighting the way as he
traveled, allowing him a better
view of the tunnel that the shuttle
was traveling in.

There were dirt and tree roots, now surrounding the tube from the outside.  As Keith looked forward, he could see that the ride was finally coming to an end.  As the shuttle exited the tube, it began to slow down, almost immediately.

Then, with yet another quick, shifting motion, and the appearence of another track, this one, extending upward, Keith's chair was suddenly pushed upward, following along the track, and heading directly toward the ceiling just above his head.

But the ceiling quickly slid open,
as the chair rapidly moved upward
toward it...yielding yet, another
tube...and yet another view.  But
this view was of a forest area...
and as he tilted his head up, Keith
quickly saw the underbelly belonging
to the magnificent Green robot
lion ship.

His eyes widened with unbelief.

The mechanical lion was enormous...
to say the least.

The under panel of the Green Lion quickly slid open, and the chair was quickly loaded into the compartment of the Green Lion cockpit.

From start to finish, the entire loading process took only forty-five seconds to complete.

Assessing his surroundings with lightning speed by viewing the control panel, weaponry and gear controls, Keith quickly found the COM link, and activated it from the console.

"Everyone on?" Keith asked, in an almost timid-like fashion, as if he weren't sure if anyone was even there to answer.

Suddenly, Lance's voice replied, loud and clear... "I'm here, Keith!'

"Blue Lion...Sven here, Keit!"

"This is Yellow Lion!" Hunk replied in a firm tone. "I read ya!"

Keith smiled, then firmly gave
the order. "Insert keys!"

"Keys set!" the other three

One by one, the robot lions
came alive with a roar, as a
real lion might, upon waking
from a very long slumber.

In essence...that was exactly what was taking place.


In the Castle Control Room, Coran smiled, as he eagerly proclaimed...

"Excellent!  The lions are still in operating order!  The Voltron Force have successfully activated them, Princess!"

Allura said nothing...she only looked up at the giant view screen before her.  She unconsciously began to bit her lower lip...a nervous habit she had developed several years ago, whenever she had become uneasy.

"Commander Keith,"
Coran said into the COM.
"Can you hear me?"

Keith's voice bellowed over
the airwaves. "Loud and clear,

"Activate the ultra wave,
Commander." Coran advised.
"We need a visual display."

Suddenly, the giant screen before Coran and the Princess blacked out, and in an instant, the screen lit up again, this time, displaying Keith's image, as he sat in the Green Lion cockpit.

"How's that?" Keith asked.

"Excellent!" Coran proclaimed in an almost gleeful manner. "The ultra wave image is in perfect working order!"

"Then, its time we put these big cats back into action again!" Keith shouted. "Okay team! Launch lions!"

From out of a fiery volcano, the Red Lion burst forth, blazing through the sky, heading toward the desert to meet up with the Yellow Lion, now emerging from a lion-shaped cave that stood alone in the middle of the desert.

Inside Green Lion, Keith grabbed onto the controls, pulling back on them.

As he did, the Green Lion suddenly shifted, as if standing up, and then began to move forward. The forest area disappeared, as the lion suddenly appeared to now be moving beneath the ground.

At first, Keith pondered with uncertainty if he was directing the ship in the right direction...but then decided that it must be correct...it was the only way to go.

He began to focus in on the control board...relying on his academy training and flight skills. He slowly began to pull back on the control levers.

It soon became apparent to Keith that the further back he pulled on the control levers, the faster the lion responded, by quickening its pace.

He had the lion in a galloping-sort-of-motion, running through a darkened tunnel area, and apparently now moving uphill.  Suddenly, Keith saw the light at the end of the tunnel... and within seconds, Green Lion had exited the underground tunnel and emerged in the midst of a forest area.

Keith pulled on the control levers once again, and the lion quickly lifted off into the air.

On the main screen in front of him, he could suddenly see that the forest was actually located somewhat near to the Castle of Lions.

Moments later, and he suddenly saw a multitude of bubbles appearing at the top of the mote surrounding the Castle... and then... with a mighty splash, the Blue Lion burst forth from its watery sleeping place, joining up with Green Lion in the air.

Almost immediately, Red Lion and Yellow Lion joined up with the Green Lion and the Blue Lion.

"Okay team!" Keith ordered. "Pidge's last location was to the left of the Castle of Lions! Circle around, and let's see what we find!"

The mighty robot lions flew around the Castle with incredible speed...

But there was no sign of Pidge...anywhere.

"Keith!" Lance shouted. "Where is he?"

"He couldn't have just...vanished?" Sven said, phrasing the statement more like a question, then a comment.

"He's got to be here, somewhere," Keith said. "Pull up your bio-rhythm scanners and see if one of you can get a fix on him..."

"I've got a fix on something, Keith," Hunk said, his mouth wide open.  "But it ain't Pidge, that's for sure!"

Keith looked up onto his main view screen...

"Doom fighter!" Keith called out. "Evasive maneuvers!"

"We've got to find Pidge!" Hunk shouted. "He could be hurt down there!"

Keith opened up his COM link. "Pidge, can you read me?  Pidge, come in, Pidge!"


Pidge had been chased further and further away from the Castle then he would have liked to go. The Doom soldiers were right behind, firing their blaster guns at the young Voltron pilot. He had finally run out of room to flee.

In front of him, was a large stone wall. And behind him, were the Doom soldiers.  Pidge looked for a place to hid...and found a very large rock, sitting up against the wall.  He took cover behind it, for protection.

But the blasting intensified, and soon, Pidge realized that he might be out of options.

And then...

"HEY!" Pidge shouted. "LET ME GO!"

A strong hand had hold of his left ankle, and was now, pulling him into a slice of rock in the wall that had moved, making an opening just wide enough for the youngster to be pulled through it.

As Pidge was pulled underground, the rock slowly returned to its original position, becoming part of the wall once again.

Pidge grabbed his knee, which now had swollen up, from twisting it earlier.  He rocked himself back and forth for a moment, before looking up to see where he was.

He suddenly gasped...now fearful.

In front of him, were several people, standing around him and staring at him.  One gray-haired man braved to step forward, and as he kneeled down to the strange boy on the floor, the man suddenly laid his hand on Pidge.

"Are you all right, small one?" the man asked Pidge.

Pidge hesitated before replying...

"Yeah...I'm okay...but...where...where am I?"

"You are in the hidden caverns," the man replied. "The Doom patrol would have killed you, had it not been for our help."

Pidge looked the group of people.  They were in rags...paupers by all standards he's ever known.

"Who are you?" Pidge asked the man.

"We are a few of the fortunate, who have survived the raids on Arus." The man replied. "Many of those you see before you, have lost loved ones, during the attacks on our world.  Lost either by death or by capture...but lost, nevertheless."

Pidge looked at the man. "My name is Pidge...and I'm not here to hurt you."

"You are not from Arus, small one." the man said quietly. "Where do you come from?"

"I'm from Earth," Pidge replied proudly. "Me and my friends had been sent here by the Galaxy Alliance...summoned by Princess Allura, to come to her aid and help all of you guys fight off the forces of Doom."

Gasps were suddenly heard throughout the crowd of people...as well as many randomly shouted questions.

"Our Princess is alive?"

"Is she unharmed?"

"How are you going to help us?"

"Can you find my brother? He was lost in the raids two weeks ago..."

But before Pidge had a chance to address any of the questions being thrown his way... an enormous sound...like that of several roaring beasts, could now be heard from where they were.

Pidge struggled to get to his feet, and then, two other men were beside him, helping him up. A nearby natural opening in the wall of stone provided the perfect place to see the outside world.

It was then that Pidge saw them...

"Oh my gosh...the ROBOT LIONS!" he screamed gleefully.

The crowd quickly surrounded the opening, trying to catch a glimpse of the flying lions.

"Its...it's a miracle!" a woman shouted.

"They're still among us!" a man whispered joyfully. "They haven't been destroyed!"

"Voltron!" shouted another man. "Can it be that Voltron will rise again?"

"That's what we came here to do!" Pidge hollered. "We know about Voltron!  We came here to help you, and to resurrect Voltron to fight off the forces of Doom!  I'm gonna call my friends and tell them..."

But when Pidge looked down, he saw that his wrist COM was destroyed.

"Oh, that's just great!" Pidge shouted, in a sudden angry tone. "My COM's been smashed to pieces! I've got no way to let my friends know where I'm at!"

Then, a woman who had been standing nearby suddenly gasped aloud, catching everyone's attention.

"LOOK!" she screamed in horror.

"It's...its another one!" another man shouted.

Pidge looked out of the opening and into the sky.

The robot lions were not alone up there...

"Holy cow!" Pidge exclaimed. "What is...that...that...thing?"

The gray-haired man, who had originally greeted Pidge, said in a low, quiet voice...

"A Doom coffin."

Pidge gasped in amazement. "A flying coffin?"

"Its what is within the coffin that is the most dangerous of all!" the gray-haired man cried.


Commander Yurak drummed his
fingers evenly on the command
console in front of him. "I thought
Witch Hagar had destroyed those big cats!"
the evil Doom Commander shouted.
"Release the Robeast! Let's see if
these miserable lions are up to fighting
the Robeast monster!"

A Doom pilot turned his head toward
Yurak. "At once, Commander Yurak."

"Commander!" Hunk shouted.

"I see it, Hunk!" Keith cried over the COM link.

From the belly of the of the Doom cruiser, appeared a giant coffin, which now sailed through the air and past the force.  The coffin landed near the Castle of Lions... and slowly began to open up.

What emerged next...was beyond everyone's imagination.

"What in the name of...what is... that?" was Keith's first reaction. "Can you get any readings on that...thing out there, Sven?"

"Negative, Keit," Sven replied. "It's not living, if dat's what you mean!"

"Then...what is it?" Keith said in a slow voice.

The COM was silent...long enough to hear Lance reply... "A Robeast monster...from Planet Doom!"

"Geez...is that thing ugly!" Hunk blurted out.

"It's one of Witch Hagar's hideous creations, sent here to mop up!" Sven cried.

"To 'mop' us up, don't you mean, Sven?" Lance added.

The Robeast had two, very large
pointed ears protruding from the
side of its head.  The face was like
that of a lizard-like creature...large
eye, a large mouth with very sharp
teeth...and a muscular body that rivaled
many of the greatest inter-galactic
muscle men of all

The difference was...that the monster
was over forty stories tall.

"It's on the ground!" Lance hollered.

"So are we!" Keith shouted.
"All lions...on the ground!
Head for that Robeast!"

"But...Pidge's still out there,
Keith!" Hunk reminded his leader.

"I know, Hunk!" Keith replied
back with an excited tone of voice. 
"But if that thing gets at the Castle
in its present condition, that Castle's history!"

"We can't just leave him out there..."
Lance began to tell Keith, when he
was suddenly cut off by the Voltron
Leader's angry tone.

"Pidge knew the consequences
when he went out there!" Keith
shouted back. "I'm just as
concerned as you are, Hunk,
but we can't do anything for
him now!  If we turn away, that
monster will be all over us in
a minute!  We can only hope
he's okay!  Meantime, we've got to
get rid of this monster! 
We can't let it reach the Castle, guys!"

"Keit's right!" Sven agreed over the COM.
"If da Castle of Lions is destroyed, we'll have no chance of finding dat fifth key!"

"Forget the key, Sven!" Lance said, defending his position. "We've got to whoop this monster and then, find Pidge!"

"Pidge would have wanted us to protect the Princess!" Keith hollered back. "That was always his main concern! And we've vowed to protect her!  If Pidge is still alive down there, the only chance he has to survive, is if we destroy this thing before it reaches the Castle!"

Silence was the only reply to Keith's statement.

The robot lions quickly
landed on the ground in
front of the Castle, and
began to run toward the
Robeast that was approaching
in the distance.

The monster was slowly
lumbering across the scorched
grass; each stride was nearly
half a mile long.  The monster
saw the robot lions on fast approach...
and suddenly stopped his movement
toward the Castle...fixing instead, on its new target... the four robot lions heading in its direction.

With a mighty roar, the massive monster balled its mighty fists, awaiting its challenger.

The Doom cruiser that had released the coffin also prepared for the challenging lions.  Its afterburners activated suddenly, kicking up dust and dirt from the ground as it rose up into the air and away from the Robeast.

The robot lions came to a halt
suddenly, momentarily blinded
by the flying dirt field, and disoriented.

From the external speakers of
the Doom cruiser, a fierce echoing
voice bellowed out a warning

"Stupid robot lions! You think you can defeat the Great Yurak with a bunch of toy beasts? Come...come if you dare!  Come and meet your doom!"

"Yurak?" Lance barked. "Who the heck is 'Yurak'?"

"He must be Zarkon's top man, or something like that!" Hunk replied.  "And he thinks he's big and tough!"

"Dat Robeast coming right
for us surely fits dat bill, Hunk!"
Sven added.

"Get ready, team!" Keith shouted,
attempting to focus his team on the
objective once again. "Hunk and Lance...
you two head for the right and left.  Sven,
head for the front and draw its attention! 
I'll circle around and nail it from behind!"

"READY!" the three men cried.


Inside the Castle of Lions, in the Control Room, Princess Allura gasped as she saw the monster turning its attention toward the robot lions.

"Oh Coran!" Allura gasped. "Look at that horrible monster!"

"Yes, Princess," Coran said softly.

"Do you think that the lions can battle against that hideous Robeast?" Allura asked, looking up to where Coran stood...just to her immediate left.

Coran shook his head slowly. "I knew this would happen," he said quietly. "Now Zarkon will destroy them."

"No!" Allura shrieked.

"I am afraid that these brave souls are doomed, Princess." Coran replied. "If only we had the key to the main Black Lion!"

"Then, I must look for it again!" Allura replied, now rising to her feet.

"And do what, Allura?" Coran said, now standing in her path.

"If I can locate the key...then perhaps, I can fly the Black Lion and help the boys..." she began to say.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Coran shouted.
"Your place is in the Castle!  That
is exactly what Zarkon is waiting for!
If you even so much as step foot out
of the confides of this sanctuary,
Zarkon will surely capture you!"

"I can't remain here, safe and sound,
while these brave men risk their lives
to save our planet!" Allura shouted
defensively. "I must find a way to help

"Oh no! Look, Princess!"
Coran shouted, pointing suddenly to the main
view screen.

Allura quickly turned around...just in time to see the four robot lions engaging the monster.


The Red Lion ran to the left of the Robeast, while the Yellow Lion ran to the right of the Robeast.

Blue Lion charged from the front, diving at the monster's feet.  The Blue Lion's mouth opened wide and suddenly latched onto the monster's left leg, its massive teeth sinking into its combination metal and flesh body.

The Robeast roared, as if in pain, while looking down to see the Blue robot lion, biting a chuck out of him fiercely.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Lion jumped up toward the Robeast's left arm, while Red Lion did likewise to the right side of the Robeast.

Suddenly, Green Lion was charging from behind, in attempt to jump on top of the Robeast's back, hoping to knock it off balance.

The Robeast brought its massive arms together, crashing the Red Lion and the Yellow Lion into each other with brutal force.

From inside Red Lion, Lance
shrieked in fear, as his lion detached
from the monster's arm and crashed
a short distance from the Yellow
Lion's position.

The Robeast quickly took its massive arm
and swatted at Blue Lion,
causing it to fly out of control.

From behind, Green Lion suddenly pounced on top of the Robeast, but failed to knock it over. Instead, the Robeast quickly turned around and caught Green Lion by the neck, and tossed it into the other three lions as they were slowly getting back up onto their feet.

Keith cried out in pain, as the Green Lion crashed into his other friends' lion ships.

The COM link could now be heard with an assortment of bewildered cries and babbling sentences.


In a nearby underground cave, young Pidge watched helplessly, as he observed the punishment being handed out by the Robeast to his friends.

"Those are my buddies out there! And they're getting pulverized!  I've got to help get out there and help them!" Pidge shouted, as he tried to get up and head for a nearby whole in the wall that led to the outside.

The old gray man grabbed Pidge by the arm, holding him back.

"You can't help them now, small one." the man said.

"I should be out there!  I should be with my team!" the young boy shouted angrily.  "Instead... I'm stuck in here!"

"There is nothing you can do for your friends," The man replied. "If you leave this place, you shall surely die."

"Then, I've got to get back the Castle of Lions, somehow!" Pidge replied in an angry tone of voice. "I've got to find the key to the Black Lion! It's our only chance!"

The kind man nodded his head to Pidge. "But not that way," the man said, pointing to the whole in the wall.  "Come. I will show you a way back the Castle...through the hidden caverns."

Pidge nodded his head and followed the man, accompanied by several other Arusian refugees.


"Keith!" Lance shouted, as the Robeast once again swatted his lion out of the way. "This thing's too strong!"

"Keep charging at it!" Hunk screamed, as Yellow Lion began, yet, another charge at the monster.

This time, the monster grabbed hold of Yellow Lion, holding it fiercely.

"Its got Hunk!" Lance cried.

"We're outnumbered!" Sven shouted.

"We need Voltron!" Keith screamed into the COM, as his lion blew fire from its mouth at the Robeast monster.

"But...without the Black Lion key, there is no Voltron!" Lance shouted.

"We can't give up!" Keith rallied. "We've got to stick together!  Frontal assault...now!"

The Blue Lion, Red Lion and Green Lion began to charge at the Robeast.  But in response, the Robeast hurled the Yellow Lion straight into the charging lions.

The lions rose slowly to their feet.  But the Robeast was right there, reaching down and grabbing the Blue Lion and the Green Lion in its massive grip.  With a mighty toss, the Robeast slammed the lions into each other.

Yellow Lion was slammed, head first, into the dirt, now burying it in the ground up to its neck. Green Lion...likewise.

Blue Lion and Red Lion where lying on top of each other.

Suddenly...the lions were silent...without movement.

Inside of each lion ship, each pilot was slumped over...in a lifeless stance.

The four lions remained deathly still,
as if mimicking their human

The Robeast looked down at the
still robot lion warriors...and let
out a chilling mechanical laugh
as it turned to leave, convinced that
the lions were now disabled, and
their pilots, dead.