"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 14
Help Comes...But...Then Again...

This time...he was sure of it. 

Sir Coran Anderson, the Arusian Diplomat and Royal Advisor to the court of the Princess had just read the communication that had come from Galaxy Garrison.  He quickly rushed out of the control room of the broken down Castle of Lions.  His heading...to find Princess Allura.

He found her, as expected, in her room. 

She had been spending many nights there recently.  Refusing meals at times, the young Princess had nothing to do except stare out of the window in her room.  Her anguish over the destruction of the land her father once loved in life, was felt by all of those brave souls who had chosen to remain in her service, in the confines of the broken down castle.

Allura sat quietly, feeding pieces of breadcrumbs to her tiny mice friends, tears stained her cheeks as she looked over the desolation of a once thriving civilization...now broken by Zarkon's greed. 

A knock to her door broke the silence of her room...and broke a welcomed end to her burdensome thoughts.

She looked over toward the door.  "Coran?" she called out, knowing it was probably him, looking to once again, question her as to why she had refused to eat.

"Yes, Princess," the older man replied. "May I enter?"

A sigh preceded her reply.  "Of course, Coran."

He pushed open the door with his hand.  He was carrying a cane, having done so for a few weeks since the last attack on the Castle that brought down a portion of the ceiling on top of him.  He had injured his leg as a result of the incident.  Thus...the reason for the cane.

"Princess!  I have marvelous news!" Coran reported, holding a piece of paper in his hand.  "Earth reports they are coming!"

"Who is coming, Coran?" Allura questioned him.

Coran came to stand directly in front of where she was.  "The Alliance is sending us help, at last!"

"Help... at last?" Allura replied with a gasp.  "Is this really true?  I know I heard them say that they would send someone...and that the journey would be two days...but..."

"It is true, Princess!  Five young men, I'm told.  Five of their best warriors!  They left Earth yesterday...and should be here in approximately thirty-five hours from now!" Coran replied.

"Oh, that's wonderful news, Coran!" she exclaimed.  "I knew the Alliance would keep their word!"

"I have some information on them...not much I'm afraid." Coran replied.  "The communication was poor in quality, and because of the damage to our systems, I could not boost the gain.  But I'm told that they all have top commendations from the Alliance.  They were all personally selected by Earth's High Command."

"I see," Allura said with a smile.  "Did you get any names, Coran?"

"Sadly, I am afraid I could not obtain that information, Princess." Coran replied.  "The signal was far too weak."

"Then...how shall we know them when they arrive?" Allura questioned.

"They will be strangers in a strange land." Coran replied. "You needn't worry about that, Your Highness.  I suspect they will be easy to pick out."

"Of course, Coran." Allura replied with a smile.  "I'm sure they will be."

"I wanted you to know." Coran replied before continuing to another subject.  "And...Marie tells me that you have refused dinner once again."

Allura looked away suddenly, sporting a very sour face.  Marie, Allura's personal maid, once again, has managed to stick her nose in places that are none of her concern.  And yet she knew the girl meant only well being.

"Really, Allura!  You must eat in order to keep up your strength.  What will the Space Explorers think if they find our Royal Princess resigned to her bed, from lacking nourishment, of all things?"

"Coran!" Allura blurted out.
"That is positively absurd! 
The Space Explorers won't care,
one way or another, if I've eaten
or not.  Besides, missing one meal
is not going to kill me."

"Yes, but missing several meals will!"
Coran bellowed back.  "Princess...
do you realize that you have refused
at least six meals this week alone?"

"I'm rationing." Allura reasoned.

"Rationing?" Coran gasped.
"Now who is being absurd!"

"Coran...I...I simply can't eat right now.  My stomach is too knotted for me to even enjoy the taste of food...not when many of my people are hiding, starving to death, in some cases!"

"Princess...your people need a strong, healthy leader!" Coran replied. "Be reasonable!"

"I can't eat, Coran.  And if you insist upon it, I'll simply...stare at my meal and invite the mice to take it instead!" Allura said.

Coran shook his head, knowing that she had her mind set.  And once that happens, it's very unlikely to get her to change it.

"Very well, Allura." Coran replied in defeat. "I will leave word with the cook, that if you require something, he is to accommodate your needs."

Allura smiled.  "I'm sure that will be fine, Coran."

As Coran turned to leave, he thought out loud in Allura's hearing "I wonder if they will be the ones to revive Voltron."

Allura paused, turning her head
back toward the window, to once
again gaze outside.  Her vision
caught sight of a large cement
statue of a lion, perched up high
upon the Lion Monumental pedestal. 

"I hope so, Coran," Allura replied softly,
as she heard Coran close her door as he left the room.  She continued to gaze at the statue. 

"I truly hope so."


The ship, containing the five space explorers, continued to move rapidly through space.

"We're nearing the Azure Quadrant now, Keit." Sven announced.  "We should be to Planet Arus in less den an hour."

Keith nodded his acknowledgment to Sven.  In his hand, he held a copy of the picture of the child Princess called Allura.  He had been staring at it, rather intensely, for the last few hours. 

Lance came up to him from behind.  "Trying to imagine what she looks like now?"

Caught off guard by Lance's presence, Keith quickly put the picture down. 

"I guess," was his reply.  "I don't know, Lance.  Something about her...bothers me."

"Is it because she's a princess?" Lance asked in a serious tone of voice.

Keith shrugged his shoulders...

"I'm not exactly sure why," the young team captain replied.  "I think...I don't know.  I'm trying to get an idea what happened to her."

"You'll find that out soon enough, Keith." Lance replied.  "We all will."

"Yeah...I suppose you're right." Keith said.  "I just can't shake the feeling...there's something about her...something...I can't quite put my finger on it."

"Jitters?" Lance replied.  "Maybe you're jittery about this mission, and you're placing her face on your fears."

"No...I don't think that's it, Lance." Keith replied firmly.

Now Lance shrugged his shoulders.  "Well, whatever it is, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.  We'll make landfall on Arus in about an hour from now.  All your questions should be answered then."

"Not all of them, I'm afraid." Keith thought quietly to himself.


On a dark and distant planet in the Crimson Quadrant, a tall and bulky figure sits on a lonely chair, elevated on a platform high above the floor.  A mounting staircase led up to the chair...the throne of Doom.

An old woman, dressed in a dark brown cloak, hovered up the staircase...with a blue colored cat following silently and closely behind her.  The woman's face remained in shadows as she timidly approached the one who sat on the throne.

"King Zarkon," the old woman's voice seemed to shriek.  "I have news of Planet Arus, Sire!"

The one on the throne...
King Zarkon was as evil in
appearance as he was in attitude.
His skin coloring, a bluish hue,
highlighted the crown he wore on
the top of his pointed head.  His face,
hideous in appearance, glowed with
an evil stance, as he grinned, bidding
the old woman to come closer.

"Speak Hagar!" Zarkon bellowed, his voice echoing throughout the great chamber.  "What news do you bring to me?"

"Our spies have brought us more information...of which I know you will find of interest, King Zarkon!" the old woman replied.

"Well?" the angry King growled.  "Don't make me wait, old witch!"

The cat behind her shrieked with an evil cat-hiss at the sound of the king's anger which was now beginning to build.

The old woman reached her hands
up to her cloak hood, which had been
covering her face.  She lifted it up,
revealing a face of an old and wretched
looking, green-skinned woman. 
Her scowling face was bitter...nearly
as bitter as her continence.

"King Zarkon, as we speak, five young space travelers are making their way toward the planet, Arus.  They had been summoned there by Princess Allura." Hagar the witch replied.  "They have been sent by the Galaxy Alliance."

"WHAT?  PRINCESS ALLURA?" Zarkon shouted angrily.  "I ordered her execution!  And she still lives?"

The old woman cringed back slightly, holding her globe-like staff in front of herself, as if for protection. 

"Sire, Princess Allura lives...it is true!  But...it is only a matter of time before she meets her doom, clearing the way for you to reign Arus supremely and uninhibited!"

"I grow tired of her defiance, and the defiance of that miserable planet, Hagar!" Zarkon shouted, as he rose to his feet. 

His robes straightened to the length of his body as he rose up, revealing the total of the evil being's size.  He was mountainous in size, and he suddenly towered above the old woman as she stood below him...her head now downward, refusing to meet his gaze.

"Hagar...what of these space travelers?  Do you know for sure that they are heading toward Arus, responding to the Princess?" Zarkon asked, suddenly, his voice more calm then before.

"I am sure, Sire.  They are heading for Arus.  And I have proof of their movements" Hagar replied.

She suddenly waved her globe staff that she had been holding before her.  The globe began to glow with a green hue...until suddenlythe air before it began to shift and some type of object began to materialize before the old witch.

A folder...as it appeared to be...materialized out of nowhere.  Hagar reached out and took hold of the folder, pulling it in toward her and opening it up.

"What is that you have, Hagar?" Zarkon asked her.

"This is my proof, oh mighty King!" Hagar hissed.  "Our spies from Earth provided this to me.  It contains the orders that were given to the Space Explorers...directions to Arus, information on Arus, its people and Princess Allura...when last Earth heard of her as a child.  It also gives information regarding their mission...and...a name, Sire."

"A name?" Zarkon snorted.  "A name of what...one of the Explorers?"

The old woman nodded her head, still not meeting the great king's fiery gaze.  "Yes Sire...the name is...Lance Andrews.  He is one of the Space Explorers that travels to Arus to find Princess Allura and the Castle of Lions!"

The King turned around and resumed his place on the throne.  "Continue, Hagar.  You have my attention."

"Well, King Zarkon, in total, there are five of them.  The others...I have no names for yet.  But I do know that they are all from Earth's Alliance force, on a special mission.  And Sire Voltron is mentioned specifically in these mission orders!" Hagar said cautiously.

"Voltron!" Zarkon shouted.  "That...thing...is destroyed!"

"No, Zarkon.  Voltron is separated, and useless...but not destroyed." Hagar replied.

"You told me that you destroyed Voltron, old witch!" Zarkon shouted once again. "Did you lie to me?"

"No, Sire!  Be at ease!  He can not hurt us!  And he will be of no use to the Space Explorers who are coming to Arus!" Hagar said.  "Voltron is gone!  I made sure of that!"

"Be sure, Hagar!  I want no more trouble from 'Voltron'!  And I want no trouble from these five Space Explorers!  They must not find the Princess!  They must be captured!  I want them for the arena!  I will send a broadcast to Earth of them fighting the Robeast gladiator!  And as he rips their poor bodies to shreds, I will send the images to both Earth and Arus warning both planets that defeating me is impossible!  And I will do the same to anyone that Earth's Alliance sends to Arus...or any other world in my grasp!  This is MY galaxy!  And no one will defeat me!"

Zarkon stood to his feet once again, and pointed his crooked finger to Hagar. "Send word to our attack units on Arus!  I want those Space Explorers...alive if possible.  But I want them brought to Planet Doom...immediately!"

"You shall have them, Sire!" Hagar hissed as she turned to go back down the stairs. 

She reached down and picked up the blue cat that had been standing close by to her.  With her cat in her arms, she hovered back down the stairs...leaving the evil King Zarkon alone in his throne room.

Zarkon sat down once again...an evil smile on his
"I will have you five Space Explorers wishing
you never came to the Denubian Galaxy! 
Here is where you will meet your doom! 
And you will NEVER find Voltron!