"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 13
I Hear You...But...Who Are You?

They stood at attention, awaiting final departure orders from High Command.  The five brave Space Explorers, who were specially selected for this mission because of their highly fine tuned skills, prepared to leave Earth for a planet they knew absolutely nothing about...Planet Arus.

Keith stood at attention along with the rest of his team...moments away from hearing the military, poetic send off speech that was customarily given for just such an occasion. 

As the young captain stood quietly and sternly...his mind once again, began to pick up on the voice he had grown so accustom to hearing in his dreams.  But now he was hearing it...just as he was about to leave for Arus.

He'd never heard the voice any other time, but in his dreams.  The voice that followed him, subconsciously for years, each and every time he closed his eyes.  The voice, that had slowly grown from a small girl's whine to a maturing young woman. 

He could never figure out what the meaning of the voice was...or why he continued to hear it, sometimes, night after night.  The young female voice...begging for someone to help her.

But suddenly...he could hear her...now the strange female voice calling for his attention...crying for his help.

"Please...if you can hear me help me, please!  I must survive to help my people!  Each day I live is another day that I could be captured!  If anyone can hear me...please...help me!  Come to my aid!  I beg you!"

Keith's face contorted a bit.  It was the same repeating message as before...someone calling for help.  He decided to try something...

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the voice...

"Who are you?" he thought.  "How can I find you?  I...I don't even know who you are!  How can I help you, if I don't even know who you are, or where you are?"

He quickly opened his eyes...

No response.

He shook it off, forcing himself to concentrate on something else, hoping that the voice would go away.  Now was not the time to have 'head' problems.  This would prove to be the most difficult mission he had ever been a part of.  The four other lives, standing beside him, depended on him to make the right decisions, especially in a crisis situation.  

And there would be plenty of crisis situations to deal with. 

As quickly as it began...it stopped.  Just like in his deepest dreams.  As if coming out of a trance, Keith began blinking rapidly, shifting his eyes from one direction to another.  He could feel the perspiration beading on his forehead.  He dare not wipe his brow while at attention.

He took a few quick, deep breaths of air...attempting to gain control once again. 

Suddenly, the military and political bureaucrats were upon them, swarming like flies thanking them for going to represent the Alliance of Planets.  Several quick handshakes and pats on the backand then...the five found themselves boarding a small ship.

The hatch closed slowly...like a coffin lid coming down, sealing them inside...until, the door finally shut tight, cutting them off from the place they've known as a safe haven. 

Now, preparing to embark into the unknown, the five space explorers looked at each other...as if for the first time...

It was Keith who finally brought everyone back to reality...including himself.

"Okay team," Keith said, quietly at first, then more firm in his conviction.  "Prepare to...leave Earth zone."


This was it.  The moment each of them had waited for...had worked hard for...had dared to dream about.  They were space explorers...

Sven immediately took the navigation station.  Pidge took tactical.  Lance took weapons and Hunk manned the sensors. 

Keith took the helm.

Each of them inserted a special earpiece into their ear, locked onto Galaxy Garrison's command center.  From there, special instructions would be relied to them from Earth. 

As the specially equipped space shuttle took off from Shuttle Bay Seven, it suddenly picked up speed, heading out of the atmosphere, and away from Earth's boundaries. 

Awaiting to escort them, was Green Squadron, commanded by Jeff Zimmerman. 

"Green Squadron to BF-1710...
Keith, do you guys read me?" Jeff asked.

"Load and clear, Jeff." Keith confirmed. 

"We're reading clear space travel."
Jeff replied.  "No sign of the G'Donar. 
They might be on a coffee break."

Keith chuckled at the comment. 
That was one guy he was truly going to miss. 
He and Jeff had been friends for several years. 
Jeff first made Keith welcome, when he
first joined the academy. 

They target practiced together
They laughed together

Now...Keith was leaving him behind.  But Jeff was confident that Keith was the right man for the job...whatever the job might have been.  He wasn't told why they were leaving, or where they were going.  Only that his squadron of fighters was being sent out to protect their exit from the solar system.

As they neared Pluto, Jeff once again came on over the ultra wave. 

"Well, Keith...this is it!  The end of the solar system...and the end of my escort." Jeff said.

"Thanks Jeff." Keith replied in a quiet voice. 

"You take care of yourself, you understand me?" Jeff said, somewhat sharply.

Keith smiled, nodding his head. "I read you, Jeff.  You too, okay?"

"Hey...not to worry.  I'll keep busy!  We'll meet again, Keith.  I'm sure we will!" Jeff replied.

"Jeff," Keith said, almost hesitantly.  "Look out for Amy...until she leaves for Zorn...okay?"

There was a pause for moment...

"Sure, pal," Jeff replied suddenly.  "Anything you say.  Don't worry about her...you just worry about the mission...and come home when you can."

"We will, Jeff.  Thanks." Keith replied.

"Green Leader out."

The COM became silent. Green Squadron turned around and headed back to Earth space.  The space exploration team continued on toward the Denubian Galaxyto a planet known asArus.