"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 12
A Distant Youth's Heart

For once...Arus was quiet at night. 

Allura slept peacefully in her bed...something barely afforded to the 17-year old Princess of Arus.  She spent most of her time in hiding...trying to keep herself from being captured.

Word came to her recently, that Zarkon had placed a price on her head.  To the one who brought him the Princess, Zarkon would richly reward captor with more riches they then he had ever seen. 

As Allura slept, her mind began to focus in on a conversation.  The only voice she heard, was that, of what appeared to be, a young male 

"Come on, team!  Hurry it up!  We leave for Arus soon!"

Allura suddenly opened her eyes..blinking the sleep away. 

It was only yesterday, that the Alliance had assured her that they would be sending help.  Five specially trained Space Explorers would be coming to the aid of Arus, on behalf of the Galaxy Alliance.  They would arrive in two days. 

The Princess threw back her covers and grabbed her slippers, putting them on her feet.  She then grabbed her robe and put it on herself. 

As she moved to leave her room, she suddenly heard the sound of some very tiny feet...following behind her. 

Allura turned around and smiled.  It was her mice friends. 

She knelt down to greet them.  "What are you doing up at this late hour?" she asked them sweetly.  "Don't you know that its way past your bedtime?"

The four small mice jumped up and down, squeaking frantically at their human friend. 

Allura smiled.  "Oh...so you heard me get up, and now you want to come with me, to protect me from Zarkon, right?"

The mice all nodded their heads, squeaking even louder. 

"Well, you are certainly welcome to come along," Allura giggled. "I'm just going to the balcony!"

The mice suddenly moved to block her path.  She looked at them, and sighed.  "Oh, I won't be long.  I just want to get a breath of fresh air...that's all."

The mice began jumping up and down again.  "Okay," Allura replied, realizing that her mice friends did not want her to risk going outside the Castle. "How about if I look out my window over there?  Would that be alright with you?"

The mice appeared to like that idea a lot better. 

Their response brought a giggle out of Allura.  "I don't know why you're all so worried.  I'm sure if Zarkon tried anything...you would immediately rush to my aid...without thought of what he would do to you!"

Suddenly, the mice scattered frantically throughout Allura's room, running out of sight.  The kind Princess couldn't help but laugh at their, 'bravery', at even the mention of the name, Zarkon.  But then, she quickly stopped laughing, realizing that she too, was nervous about hearing that name. 

She had seen much in her young life. 

Allura, now 17-years old, had been forced to become the reigning monarch of Planet Arus when she was only 11-years old.  She watched as the planet she loved, was destroyed before her eyes by the cruel hand of Zarkon.

Now, her people live their lives in fear, driven to live underground for safety.  Many others were killed, if not captured, and taken away to be used as slaves on Planet Doom.

Children had been orphaned, and scattered across the countryside, forced to live as animals, while watching the land they once played in, turn suddenly and savagely against them...forcing them to forge for food, as beggars would in the common place.

Husbands lost their wives.

Wives mourned the death of their husbands, or their capture, knowing they may never see each other ever again in this lifetime.

The cities were leveled.  The towns have been destroyed.  The villages were obliterated. 

And now, the last remaining ruler of the planet is living with the fear that at any moment, Zarkon will at last find her, and make her a slave...or worse...defiling her before her people...and humiliating her shamefully, for no other reason then to break her into submission. 

And if not...Alfor's only daughter would die, as he did before her.

Yet...throughout all of the devastation that she has seen, Allura's will was iron.  She recalled the stories her father used to tell her...about the Lion Knights of the ancient days of Arus's past.  She knew, deep inside, that to give up now, would mean to give up the last piece of her father's memory, living within her heart. 

She couldn't give up on the planet that Alfor loved so much...the planet that she now loved equally as much.  The planet, that bore the remains of her parents, resting within the confines of the Castle grounds.

Her father, the great King Alfor DeVille, was buried in the Royal crypt, located beneath the Castle itself.

Her mother, Queen Angelica, was buried near the great Lion Monument, located near the Castle entrance that iswhat was left of the Castle. 

Her last, greatest treasure, and her only home, was nothing more than a crumbling memory of a once beautiful palace known by all as, the Castle of Lions. 

It was originally erected in the days of Arus's first monarch, Queen Ariela. 

In days of old, her father and mother had welcomed people to her home, but now her home lay in ruins, crushed by Zarkon's evil.

Allura silently moved across the crumbling room that she lived in, to her window.  Opening the binds only slightly to look into the dark, star-filled, night sky, Allura caught a glimpse of Arus's only moon.  It was shining brightly in the sky, as if to say to the young princess...don't worry... everything will be fine.

She thought silently of her conversations with the Alliance, and her desperate requests for help from Galaxy Garrison.  At last...they were sending help.

But would help arrive in time? 

It had to.  She refused to give up.  And she was determined not to rule her world from underground. 

Arus would be free once again.   Its people would once again, taste the sweetness of freedom, and never again, worry about going to sleep at night, and never waking up. 

Allura concentrated, allowing her heart and mind to once again send out another message to anyone who might here it...begging for help for her home world...

"Please...if you can hear me help me, please!  I must survive to help my people!  Each day I live, is another day that I could be captured!  If anyone can hear me...please...help me!  Come to my aid!  I beg you!"