"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 11
Left Behind

The morning of their departure for Arus arrived quickly.  Six days was not a lot of time to get one's personal life in order, before leaving the only home world you've ever known.

Lance was busy tearing up the room he had shared with Sven and Keith.  Recklessly, he began rummaging through empty draws and closets, checking the floors and the shelves. 

It had to be here...somewhere.  He was warned not to let it out of his sight. 

Keith would surely skin him alive if he found out that his flight mission package had been mislaid somewhere.  Did he carry it to the mess hall last night, when he said good-bye to his would-be sweetheart, Ginger? 

Ginger certainly didn't have it.  Lance already asked her. 

"Maybe...under the bed," he thought out loud, as he dropped to his knees and began checking beneath his bed.  He hadn't been looking long when...

"What are you doing down there, Lance?"

The voice, unmistakably Keith's, brought Lance to a suddenly halt in his search.  He quickly rose to his feet.

"Just checking to make sure I didn't leave anything lying around." Lance replied back, a half smile on his face.  "After all...if I do, I sure can't come back home to get, now can I?  And from what we've heard, Planet Arus doesn't sound like it has much in the way of shopping districts, should I forget...say....my underwear, for example?"

Keith's face pronounced a smirking look.  "Fine, Lance." he replied.  "Just don't be late for take off."

Lance paused for a moment...waiting for Keith to leave the room. 

"Now, I've got to find it!" he thought to himself, in a near desperate manner, as Keith left his sight.  Time was running short.  They had to report for duty in forty-five minutes. 


Pidge Villatoro had just finished his final packing.  He arrived at the meeting place, where the group as a team, would proceed to Shuttle Bay Seven, where they will be assigned a ship to pilot to Planet Arus.

Pidge suddenly received an unexpected visit...

"Did you pack your extra pair of glasses?"

Pidge turned around quickly...meeting the smiling gaze of his older brother, Chip.  The two had
said their good-byes the night before, but Chip felt the need to see Pidge once more.

"Yeah, sure I did!" Pidge replied, setting down his things on the ground so that he could hug his brother once again.

"Well, you may be the genius of this team...but you still have a habit of forgetting the basic of things...like your glasses!" Chip replied with a chuckle.

"I know better than that, you goof!" Pidge blurted out at Chip with a chuckle.  "You, on the other hand...Mom always has to remind you to pack your toothbrush!"

"Did you remember yours?" Chip asked. 

"Yeah, I have mine!" Pidge replied. 

"Good...because I doubt that any of these guys will you borrow theirs, like you used to borrow mine!" Chip reminded him.  "Besides...it was something that really grossed me out!"

"What grossed you out?" Pidge asked Chip.

"When you used to borrow my toothbrush!" Chip said.

"'Why didn't you ever say something about it?" Pidge asked.

Chip shrugged his shoulders.  "Why?  I felt pretty important...you must of liked me enough to use my toothbrush."

Chip suddenly lost his smile, and Pidge's quickly faded too.  Chip cleared his throat, trying to keep the tears in check.  He didn't want Pidge to feel too bad about leaving.  Crying in front of his little brother would only make it worse.

"Which I knew where to send a space-gram." Chip replied.  "I don't even know where you're headed."

"I told youI can't tell you, Chip." Pidge replied softly. "But as soon as I'm able to, I'll drop you an E-note."

Suddenly...both brothers grasped each other...holding each other tightly...as if they would never see each other, ever again.

"You...you take care of yourself," Chip whispered in Pidge's ear.  "Understand?"

Pidge nodded his head, as the tears now glazed his face.  "I will.  You too."

The brothers separated and looked at each other. "I will too." Chip replied back. 

Pidge noticed Hunk approaching in the distance.  That was Chip's signal to leave.  "I'd better get going now." Chip said.  "I've got flight duty this morning.  I've been assigned to help escort you guys out of the solar system.  The G'Donar are around, and high command apparently doesn't want you guys blown apart before you reach...wherever it is that you're supposed to be going."

"Yeah," Pidge replied, now with a bit of giggle to his voice.  "That would kind of be a bad thing, if we were killed before we reach our destination."

"Yeah, it sure would." Chip nodded.  "Well, see ya later, Pidge.  I...I love you...okay?"

Pidge smiled brightly.  "Yeah...I love you too, Chip.  We'll see each other sooner than you think!"

"Yeah...sure we will" Chip replied to his younger brother, however, somewhat doubting what was repeated.

Chip turned and walked away, passing Hunk as he came to meet Pidge.  In passing, Hunk said a quick hello to Chip, and in turn, Chip wished them well.

Hunk then came over to stand by Pidge, dropping his stuff at his feet.  Pidge jumped back a little, chuckling as he looked at all of the stuff Hunk was bringing.

"You look like you've brought everything but the kitchen sink, Hunk!" Pidge said to his large friend. 

Hunk smiled. "Don't think I didn't try, either!"

"What in the world do you have in that garbage bag!" Pidge asked. 

"Snacks!" Hunk replied with a smile.

"Snacks???"  Pidge gasped.  "Gee...how many snacks do you need?"

"It's a long way to Arus, Pidge!" Hunk replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "I need to keep my energy up!"

"If ate all of that...I'd have to sleep for a week!" Pidge chuckled.  Then he took hold of the bag and looked into it. "Whatcha got in here, anyway?"

Hunk smiled as he began to name off the goodies inside  "Well...there's chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, corn chips, cheese puffs, pretzels, candy bars"

"You got a whole store in here, Hunk!" Pidge gasped with glee. 

"Hey...I don't know if they've got any of this stuff on Arus!  And it's all my favorites!  If I'm not coming back to Earth for a while...I might as well stock up!" Hunk replied, matter-of-factly.

"What's in the bag?" Lance's voice echoed from the distance.

Hunk and Pidge turned around to see Lance, Sven and Keith, approaching them from behind. 

Lance quickly snatched the bag from Pidge's grip and looked inside.  He slowly looked up and then looked at Pidge

"Are...are you one of those closet food bingers?" Lance asked in a very serious tone, meant actually as a joke.  "Are you gonna eat all this crap, and then make us pull over on Neptune so you can throw up in the waste tube and we can jettison it out into space?"  Lance immediately let out a laugh, as he threw the bag back toward Pidge. "I can see it now!  The G'Donar are going to grab a sample of it, put it under a microscope to examine it, and then throw up themselves when they find out that its nothing more than human puke!"

"For your information, smart guy," Hunk blurted out suddenly.  "That bag's mine!  Got any objections now?" 

Hunk immediately moved into place in front of Lance. 

"Take it easy, Big Guy!" Lance replied, waving his hands in front of him.  "It was joke!"

"You can sometimes carry a joke too far, Lance!" Hunk grunted. 

"Okay, we're going to be spending a lot of time together." Keith said suddenly, interviening on the situation.  "Let's at least 'pretend' to get along."

"We get along, Keith!" Lance replied with a smile.  Then he turned to Hunk and patted him on the belly.  "But you better maybe cut back a bit.   This princess, whoever she is, might not like...uh...'well built guys'...know what I mean?"

"I'm gonna kill you, Andrews!" Hunk shouted, now being restrained by Pidge and Sven. 

"Easy, Big Guy!" Lance chuckled.  "I'm only kidding!  Lighten up, will ya!"

Hunk grunted angrily before backing down.  Keith turned to Lance, grabbing him by the upper arm...

"That's enough, Lance!" Keith said in a low, stern voice.

Lance retched himself free from Keith's grasp.  "Fine, Keith!  You can't take a joke either, can you?"

"That's more than joking, Lance!" Keith blurted back.  "That's borderline verbal abuse."

"Verbal abuse...are you out of your mind, Keith?" Lance hollered back.  "You know what I think?  I think command has gone to your head!  You used to be more fun in the academy!  Now...you're nothing but an old-stick-in-the-mud!"

"Well, at least you might get the benefit of staying alive from my procedure prone reactions!" Keith shouted back. 

"Yeah, okay, Captain!" Lance snorted.  "Can we go now?"

Keith turned to the team.  "Okay, does everyone have their order packages?"

One by one, they raised them up into the air. 

Lance was the only one who didn't have his in hand.  Keith turned to Lance with a questionable look on his face.  Lance quickly head him at he pass before he could say a word...

"Mine's packed away...in with the rest of my stuff!"

"Get it out, then." Keith replied.  "We have to all go over this together."

"I know what I've got to do!" Lance huffed back.  "I read mine over last night...before I put them away.  If you guys need to refresh yourselves, I just listen in quietly."

"You're getting on my nerves, Lance." Keith said in yet another, low tone.  "Just get your orders out...so we can all review them together!"

"I'm okay, Keith!" Lance replied with a smile, as he then looked at his wristwatch. "Besides... we should get going.  We'll be late!  And you know how the Vice-Admiral gets when anyone is late!"

Keith paused, and then nodded his head.  "Point noted.  Okay team...gather your things and lets head over to Shuttle Bay Seven."

They each picked up their collection of personal belongings, but Lance did so, hesitantly.  He still hadn't found his orders package.  It wasn't anywhere in the room, and the more the thought about it, the more he realized that he must have left it behind last night in the mess hall. 

But...who would even know what it was?  It was probably already thrown out with the trash ...perhaps incinerated.  Either way...it would be left behind.