"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions. All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 10
One Last Thing to Do

"I owe her an explanation." Keith thought quietly.  "I owe it to her to tell her."

The anxious thoughts zipped through Keith's mind as he sat quietly in one of the Alliance courtyards.  He had told Amy Johnson where to meet him, and that he had something very important to share with her. 

His relationship with Amy was volatile, at best.  She was a starry-eyed girl, with dreams of marriage and children.  And she had her heart settled on Keith as her intended husband. 

But Keith had other ideas.  He wasn't ready for marriage or commitment.  He wasn't ready for the bonds that come from settling down with one person.  Keith's blood brewed for the adventure of the great unknowns of outer space. 

Now...the grandest of opportunities was staring him straight in the face.  No way could he turn it down. 

And so...he wanted to be the one to tell Amy that he was leaving Earth...for what could amount to years. 

The fact that the two of them used to date weighed heavily on Keith's mind.  The last thing he wanted to do, was hurt her.  He'd already done that when he broke up with her a few months ago.  But through the turbulence of that time, they managed to remain good friends... at least in Keith's eyes.

In Amy's, however...it was very clear that she still bore a flame of hope in heart, that someday, she and Keith would get back together.  This time...forever.

As went over how to break the news to her, he suddenly caught the sound of someone approaching him from behind.  He turned around...and there she was, standing behind him, with the light of the moon shining down upon her.

There was no doubt that she was an attractive young woman. 

But Keith had no emotional attraction to her.  He simply wanted to be her friend.  But he wasn't stupid.  He knew that she still bore the flame of love in her heart for him.   And so, he determined that the best course of action was to break the news as gently as possible, and spend as little time alone with her as possible.

"Hi Keith!" Amy's voice ran out. 

"Hey Amy!" Keith returned the cheerful greeting.

Amy immediately approached him and took a seat next to him on the little cement bench. 

"So...what's so important, that you absolutely had to tell me about?" Amy questioned.

Keith let out a sigh.  Somehow, now that the moment was here, he knew things would not go according to the way he had planned. 

"Amy...I...I wanted to talk to you." Keith replied, somewhat sheepishly.

"Okay...I'm here." Amy replied, laying her hand on his shoulder.  "So...talk!"

"Amy...I've...uh...I've been assigned...to leave Earth." Keith stammered.

Amy suddenly paused, feeling the blood suddenly rush from her face. "Leave...leave Earth?" she repeated quietly.  "Leave to...where?"

"I'm leaving the solar system, on a very important mission assignment." Keith replied quietly.  "It's...possible that I could be gone for a while."

"How long is...a while?" Amy asked quietly.

After what ended up being a long pause...

"Years." Keith finally replied softly. 

"Years?" Amy shrieked.  "But...why?  Where are you going that's so far away?"

"I...can't tell you that." Keith replied.  "It's...its classified information."

"Classified?" Amy blurted out; a hint of anger now evident in her voice.  "How far away from our solar system?  Is it too far to visit?"

"Yeah." Keith replied softly.  "Too far...much too far."

Amy suddenly sat back and stared at Keith. 

"You must be happy." she noted softly.

Keith turned his head slowly away from her, sighing once again.  "In some ways...yes I am.  I've no one left here, Amy.   My family's gone now."

"I could be...your...your family, Keith." Amy suggested. "If...if only you'd allow me to."

Keith shook his head.  "I know you want someone who's going to settle down...and who's maybe read to have kids...that sort of thing.  I'm not that guy, Amy.  And believe me...its not that I have never thought about it.  I'm...just...not ready."

"I know..." she whispered solemnly.  "Will I ever see you again, Keith?"

Keith shrugged his shoulders.  "Who knows, Amy.  It's a far away place.  There's plenty of danger, I'm told.  Enough to keep us busy for, probably, a long time."

"More dangerous then the G'Donar are?" Amy replied.

"Way more." Keith replied.  "And...I don't mind telling you...I'm a bit nervous in going.  But...something's...drawing me to go there."

"Where, Keith?" Amy pressed.  "Where are you going?"

Keith turned his head and looked her in the eyes.  He wanted to share it with her.  But...it was very clear that any sharing of information was strictly prohibited. 

"I...I can't tell you, Amy." Keith replied softly.  "I wish I could tell you...but I can't.  Just leave it at that, okay?"

He looked at his digital watch on his wrist.  "I...I have to go now.  I need to go."

"Can't you stay with me...just a little while longer, Keith?" Amy begged.

"No, I really can't." Keith replied as he rose to his feet, and then turned to her once again. "Incidentally, I heard you were assigned to an internship as a junior ambassador...Planet Zorn, was that it?"

"Yes." Amy replied softly. "Zorn is under a lot of distress right now.  The people aren't a friendly lot, I'm told.  It should prove to be a great challenge for me."

"I'm confident that you'll do well, Amy." Keith said with a smile. 

As he turned to leave, Amy grabbed for his hand.  "Keith?"

Almost a clean get-away...

"Yeah, Amy?"

Amy stared at him for a few moments...then quickly thrusted herself into his arms.  "Please...don't forget me, Keith!" she wept.

Amy placed her head gently on his chest.  It was all Keith could do to keep himself for crying.  She was his very good friend, and his heart ached for her...but not out of love.  Rather, out of compassion.

Keith knew Amy's deep love for him, and though he tried to discourage it, try as he might, she did anyway.

Hurting her like this was the last thing Keith wanted to do...but he knew he had to do it.  He had a mission to fulfill...a destiny to meet up with. 

And then...there was this mysterious voice in his head, constantly calling for his attention.  The unexplained voice of distress...perhaps he would find out the meaning of his disturbing dreams during this mission.

He had almost resigned himself into believing that the voice was his own heart, crying out to him.  But he could never understand why his physique choice to express itself with a female voice.

Keith focused his eyes down to meet Amy's.  They were so sad.  Her heart was breaking...he could see it in her eyes.

"I'll never forget you, Amy." Keith said in reply to her parting statement to him. "I promise." 

Kissing in one the forehead, he quickly separated himself from herleaving her alone.

Amy watched as he left her sight.  She heaved several times before finally taking her hand and wiping her eyes of the fallen tears. 

"Someday, Keith..." Amy sobbed. 
"Someday...you and I will meet again. 
And maybe then...you'll love me the
way I know you really do."

Amy soon turned and left as well, leaving
traces of sadness to the wind.

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