"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event ProductionsAll other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 9
The 'Voltron' Introduction

The next morning found Keith, Lance and Sven waiting in the outer office of Vice-Admiral Allen Marshall.   Joining them there were Hunk Simon, and newcomer, Pidge Villatoro. 

Hunk had brought Pidge with him, and began a quick introduction to the rest of the group.  Pidge graciously shook hands with Keith, Lance and Sven, before turning and taking a seat with Hunk across from the other three men.

Lance leaned over to Keith to say something, but Keith stifled the oncoming comment before Lance had a chance to open his mouth.

Keith eyed the young lad across
from him the young boy assigned
to his team.  He wondered silently,
what High Command was thinking,
when they assigned a young kid to
the mission.

Pidge seemed somewhat shy and
standoffish.  But his reputation was
renown for being a whiz-kid-techno-geek,
and the young Captain began to settle into the idea of having an 11-year old along.

Still, Keith could stifle the question in his mind as to why High Command selected two of his known friends for the mission, especially since the military tried to discourage close relationshipsin case a friend or two met a bitter end. 

A mentally crippled fighter pilot is useless to the Alliance, and for that reason, friendships within ranks are rare.

The answer would have to wait...as would the five of them.  The Vice-Admiral was late...which was uncharacteristic of him. 

So...the five young men waited.

The wait, however, became a grand opportunity for Keith to better get to know Pidge.  He wanted to know specifically, what made this kid was so special, that the Alliance was sending him to Arus as well. 

In Keith's estimation, Pidge was far too young to even be in the Defense Force, much less making the journey to Arus. 

Keith looked over at 11year old Pidge Villatoro, and seconds later, began a conversation.

"So...Pidge?" Keith began. 
"What's your...specialty?"

"I'm a computer expert."
Pidge replied confidently. 
"And if you're wondering
why I was selected to join
you for this mission, I'd have
to say it's for that reason."

"I hear you have a pretty
high IQ as well." Sven added.

Pidge nodded.  "Not to brag,
but...I have one of the highest in the program."

Lance finally could keep silent no more... 
"So, what do you think you can help us out with? 
You... a kid!"

"I'm a fast thinker and a fast learner. 
You'll need that type of expertise on your team,
Captain Hunter." Pidge replied back. 

"Well, since we're assigned to work together,
I prefer going on a first name basis, if it's
okay with everyone else here." Keith said.

Nodding heads of the other four gave Keith the understanding that everyone was in agreement with that.

"Pidge...I'm not out to throw you to the dogs, or even to be your drill sergeant.  I'm just trying to find out more about who you are.  As far as how you'll do...I have no doubt that you'll be a fine addition to this team."  Keith added.

"Thank you, Cap...uh...Keith." Pidge replied, as a slow smile crept onto his face.

"Say, uh...Pidge," Lance asked coyly.  "So you say you're a fast thinker."

"Yes...I am." Pidge replied confidently.

"Well then..." Lance quickly picked up a nearby pamphlet and through it at the unsuspecting boy.  "Think fast!"

Before Keith or Sven could even see what was happening, Lance chucked the booklet at Pidge. 
Instinctively, Pidge's hands raised up to his face, but not before the pamphlet hit his wide-frame glasses, causing them to dislodge off his face and into his lap.

"Lance!" Sven immediately reprimanded.

"Now whatcha go and do that for, Lance?"
Hunk shouted forcefully.  "You could've
hurt him or something!"

"Lance!  That's enough!" Keith barked at him,
as he quickly got up and went to Pidge's side. 
"Are you okay, there, Pidge?"

Pidge had his glasses in hand and already was moving them back into place on his face.  His expression soured instantly. 

"Nice guy!" Pidge grunted.

"Gee, I'm sorry, Pidge!" Lance replied remorsefully. "I didn't mean to hurt you!"

"You'll have to excuse our friend, Pidge," Sven said.  "He sometimes forgets he needs to have manners!"

"Yeah!  Especially around new people he doesn't even know!" Hunk proclaimed in an angry tone of voice.  "I could throttle him!"

Pidge remained calm, shaking his head simply, as he looked at Keith and the others around him. 

"Don't worry about me," Pidge said.  "I can take care of myself."


Immediately, and without further thought, the five of them suddenly stood up and faced in the direction of the thunderous, baritone voice that called out to all of them from the doorway.  All five of them gave a snappy salute to Vice-Admiral Marshall, whose voice they had called attention to.

The Vice-Admiral approached the group, coming to a halt right in front of them.  "As you were, Gentlemen." Marshall replied.

The five suddenly relaxed their poses, taking on a more semi-casual stance. 

"Come into my office, Gentlemen." Marshall said, extending the invitation.

One by one, they filed into Marshall's office, each taking a seat as directed by him to do.

Marshall brought down a projection screen, as he began his presentation.

"Congratulations, men!  The five of you have been selected for this mission, because each of you possesses strong abilities in the areas of teamwork, camaraderie, skill and efficiency.  These will become your strongest alias, and your greatest assets, as you progress in this mission."

The screen suddenly snapped on...and the image of a giant object filled the view of the screen.

"Gentlemen...meet Voltron!" Marshall bellowed out.

On the screen before them, was the image of, what appeared to be, a giant, multi-colored robot, whose main body armor was black, its left arm was green...its right arm was red...its left leg was yellow...and its right leg was blue. 

All of the limbs had the shape and
design of a lion's head.  The face
of a man was the robot's head. 
There was a mighty shield plate in
the front, and giant, red wings on
its back, that protruded out beyond
the body armor itself.

"Voltron?" Lance blurted out. 
"What the heck is a Voltron?"

Marshall snorted.  "Voltron is part of your mission, men. 
This mighty robot defender was once the heart and soul of
the defense of Planet Arus.  Voltron was the freedom fighter
against King Zarkon of Planet Doom...and his evil forces.  The robot, single-handedly thwarted Zarkon's plans to conquer Arus for many years, until one day, about five or so years ago, we lost contact with Planet Arus.  Stories began to circulate that this robot defender, built by the hand of King Alfor of Arus, was destroyed...or rendered useless, by King Zarkon's old witch...Hagar.  It had been rumored as well, that King Alfor had been killed during one of Zarkon's raids.  It wasn't until recently, that we were able to confirm this information."

The screen flipped...bringing up the image of a female child...no more than 10 or 11 years old. 

Marshall cleared his throat as he continued. 
"This is the last picture we have of Princess Allura,
the only child to Alfor, and successor to the throne
of Arus.  We've received e-communications from
Princess Allura, as recently as two days ago. 
She confirmed her father's death, and confirmed
that Voltron was rendered useless...as we had
suspected.  However...Voltron is not lost.  He can
be reassembled once again. With the right pilots
at the helm."

The Vice-Admiral came and stood in front of the five space explorers.  "You five have been deemed to be 'the right people' to handle this mission.  Your orders, therefore, are to travel to distant Planet Arus, in the Azure Quadrant, find and join forces with Allura, the Princess of Arus...and help her resurrect Voltron, to defend Arus once more.  I will tell you boys, this is not going to be an easy mission.  In fact, this may be the most difficult challenge that any of you have ever faced, so far, in your Alliance careers. You will be facing off with King Zarkon, who is a force to be reckoned with.  And his equally evil witch, Hagar...who's powers are vast.  And there are reports that Zarkon has a grown son...Lotor.   Little is known about him, but if the statement, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree', were true...it's highly applicable, I'm sure, with regards to Zarkon's son.  So be alert...be aware.  Trust no one.  Doom is lurking everywhere and will stop at nothing to capture and destroy each of you.  You must rely on every discipline you've ever mastered here."

Keith suddenly rose to his feet...a look of determination on his face.

"Sir...I believe I speak
for everyone here, when
I say...we're ready for this mission!"

A smile crept over the Vice-Admiral's face. 
"I knew we chose the right group to go."

He turned and grabbed five specially prepared packets.  He then turned back to the group and handed one out to each of them. 

"These are sealed orders.  This mission is top secret, boys.  No one...not even your friends, your girlfriends...not even your families...must know where you are going.  Only that you are going on assignment out of our solar system, that could keep you away for years to come.  Zarkon's operatives are everywhere.  If he even catches word that you boys are coming...he'll be waiting for you.  This is to remain confidential...understood?"

"Yes, Sir!" all five shouted.

"Inside those packets in your hands, are your briefs for this mission, which will include, departure orders, Arusian technology and any previously known military capabitlities.  See to it that you familiarize yourselves with the enclosed material, and follow your orders to the letter." Marshall replied.  "Any questions?"

The five remained silent and focused.

"Good.  Dismissed!" The Vice-Admiral shouted. 

The five men rose to their feet and left the room, single file.

When they were clear of the room, Lance was the first to speak...  "WOW!  A princess!  Hey guys!  We're going to find a princess!"

"Will you be quiet, Lance?" Keith hushed him.  "You heard what the Vice-Admiral said!  Zarkon's cronies are everywhere!   You're going to jeopardize our mission, if you keep that up!"

"Just because you haven't had a serious urge for a girl in months...doesn't mean that the rest of us have to act like cold, dead fish!" Lance barked back.  "I'll betcha she has golden hair...and...and blue eyes too!  Just like Cinderella!  A genuine Fairytale Princess!"

"Maybe she's as ugly as an old shoe!" Pidge blurted out suddenly.

Lance smiled.  "Nope!  Fairytale Princesses are always beautiful!  You saw her picture as a little girl!  If she's one-tenth that beautiful as an adult...woohoo!!  And you can just bet that she'll be swept off of her feet, when she lays her eyes on me!"

"Either that," Pidge ventured to say, "Or she'll be sick to her stomach and have a sudden urge to throw up!"

The statement brought on a hearty laugh from Sven and Hunk and a foul expression from Lance.

Keith just shook his head, as he held his orders close to himself.