"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 1
Can You Hear Me Calling You?

The struggling Drule Empire...

Once powerful, and one of the most feared races in the universe, had been faced with the biggest challenge of its existence. 

Their planet was dying. 

Diminishing resources and a transient sun were to blame.

The Drule High Command, in an attempt to cover up the seriousness of the situation, began to tell the people of the home world that their world was fine, despite the fact that their people were starving to death.

Bickering and discord had sown itself into the Drule Empire, creating chaos in the balance of power.  Some supported merging with the Galaxy Alliance...while others supported war and conquest.

Many in the High Command felt it was better to dominate other worlds, then to find a viable solution for their woes. 

While still, many others began discussing what to do to preserve the Empire for future generations.

One of its own, however, having had enough of the failings of the Drule Council, separated from the Empire, and in a daring move, discovered the freedom that comes with concurring worlds on one's own.

Zarkon, a rogue Drule commander, began to travel the Denubian Galaxy, and upon hearing of a desirable planet that was uninhabited, he then went to the Crimson Quadrant, in the Onyx Star System. 

There, he found a home, and created an empire of his own, to rule as he saw fit. 

Crowning himself as King, he named the rogue planet, Doom. 

From out the Drule allegiance, factions of militants sought out King Zarkon, eager to for victory and hungry for power.   

Promising untold wealth beyond their wildest imaginations, King Zarkon of Planet Doom used these militants and their resources, to reign terror and reek havoc throughout nearby quadrants. 

One quadrant, in particular, saw the brunt of Zarkon's evil...the Azure Quadrant.  Planets, once beautiful and at peace in the universe, now feared the mention of the very word Doom.

It was on one of those planets, a beautiful planet known as Arus, that good King Alfor DeVille reigned a peaceful and serene world, filled with peaceful and serene people.  He loved his people, and cherished his family. 

Devastated by the recent lose of his wife and Queen, Angelica, Alfor was left to the painful and difficult task of raising his only child, Allura, while in the process of ruling.

The year was 2157.

King Zarkon of Planet Doom in the Crimson Quadrant had challenged Alfor, to a duel, and if Alfor were the victor, Zarkon would leave Arus alone, once and for all.  Zarkon had spent many years terrorizing the planets of the Azure Quadrant.  Now, Arus was next in line. 

Alfor kissed his little Princess daughter good-bye, not really expecting to return from battle.  The Lion Wars had been hard on Arus, and the military suffered many great losses to the forces of Doom.  Up to this point, with the help of Arus's robot defender, Voltron, the planet had managed to keep Doom at bay.

...until Zarkon made a bargain that Alfor simply could not refuse.

If Alfor failed to show up for the duel, a price would be placed on his young daughter, Allura's head.  Every terrorist in the Doom Empire would seek her life.

Alfor had to meet the challenge. 

So, he entrusted his only child to the care of the planet's diplomat, and Chief Royal Advisor, Sir Coran Anderson. 

Alfor died that day, slain by the hand of King Zarkon.

All of Planet Arus wept with the little Princess, feeling every bit as much sorrow as she had at the loss of her great kingly father. 

Now, at age 11, young Princess Allura became the ruler of Arus.  Such a small ruler...for such a big planet, with big problems to attend to.

Now, the year was 2158.

One year had passed since the untimely death of King Alfor.  Insurmountable war had broken out on Arus, and the Doom fleet had orders to find and destroy the last ruler of Arusyoung Allura.

The Rainbow Caverns, a secret passage of caves, specially designed as hiding places, were the place where the young Princess spent most of her time. 

Allura, only 12 years old, huddled
fearfully in one of the protective caverns
hidden deep beneath her home,
the Castle of Lions.  Clinging to her,
were her dearest little friends, the Castle mice. 
She cuddled them to her, caring for them,
as a mother would care for her young babies. 

There were four mice Papa Mouse,
who was called Toady, Mama Mouse,
who as called Inky, along with their two babies,
Pip and Squeak. 

Cradling the young ruler and her mice was her Royal Advisor, Coran.  Next to Coran, Allura's Nanny, Greta Van Burin. 

At 43 years old, Coran had seen what Zarkon's evil had done to the Arusian Royal Household. 

First, the downfall of King Alfor, which subsequently left Coran the duty of raising Princess Allura, a grueling task that loomed largely over him.  He alone, would be responsible to carry out his promise of making sure that Allura was raised in the ways of the lion. 

The ways of the 'lion' were the ancient Arusian traditions passed on from generation to generation, since the first Queen of Arus, Ariela, who was rescued and raised by the Lion beasts...intelligent creatures who roamed Planet Arus, with the wisdom of the elements of the earth.

It wasn't long before this time, that Coran was forced to send his wife, Leta, and their infant son, Garrett, away from Planet Arus.  It was a lofty effort to preserve his own family line, but one that Coran felt was the best option to save his wife and son from Zarkon.

Leta and Garrett had been given passage on a transport ship, which would take them away from Arus to Planet Norn, and then, to the safety of Terran space. 

The ship, however, ran into some sort of trouble.  The best that Coran could verify was that Zarkon's scout ships had possibly intercepted the Arusian transport ship, shortly after takeoff.  He was never able to verify what became of his family, before the pounding began on Arus.

As Coran's thoughts weighed heavy on his own personal lose, he suddenly found himself holding the Princess closer to him, both for his comfort and hers.   He had received word from Arusian intelligence, only that morning, that Zarkon had made it clear that his intent was to kill the little Princess, leaving the way clear for him to conquer Arus, unabated.

The young Arusian Princess wept quietly, saddened by many things, but mainly afraid for her life, while also frightened by the thunderous, earth-shaking explosions that had been taking place on the surface of the planet, far above from where she was hiding, in the darkness of the caverns.

Her face stained with tears, Allura would cover her ears, attempting to deaden the sound that magnified in intensity, the closer the explosions came to the Castle above.  Some were so powerful, that dust and dirt fell near and around them, giving Coran the feeling that the walls and ceiling itself might come down around them.

But he trusted in King Alfor's wisdom, and his foresight to build the man-made caverns securely enough that they would withstand the punishing blows from the surface above.

It was then that Allura began to concentrate drawing on her Arusian heritage, and using her mind to call outside the boundaries of her planet, for help from the outside worlds in the universe.

She had been taught of the gift from her father, King Alfor, and it was explained that although this was a special gift, it is also a method of bonding, and should never be taken lightly when using it. 

Not knowing who would hear her, if anyone, Allura began using her mind to send out the pleading message for help, for both herself and the people of Arus a world she had only begun to understand.

As the eruption of explosions grew ever louder, Allura's pleas became more desperate.  With her eyes shut tightly, her mind stretched beyond the bounds of her Arusian home, and her thoughts began to search the galaxy for someone to help her, in her most desperate hour of need.

It was two-thirty six in the early morning.  The moonlight had cast a heavenly glow upon the quiet, little town of Tyrone, Pennsylvania on Planet Terra, also known as Earth. 

Keith Hunter, age 14, had been asleep in his bed for nearly five hours.  He lived with his grandmother and grandfather, ever since the disappearance of his parents, while on a mission on outer space. 

He was home, on holiday from the space academy, having attended there since he was 12 years old. 

His parents, Michael and Elizabeth Hunter, were dedicated to the fact that their son, Keith, should attend the space academy.  Keith's dream, ever since he was a young boy, was to be a space explorerlike his parents.

Keith's interest peaked when he was 9 years old, watching the launch of the space mission to colonize Planet Mars in the Terran system.  It was then, that he expressed the interest to go into space, to his mother and father.

After his parents disappeared while on a routine surveillance mission.  They had been ordered to check into Drule activity in sector Alfa-nine, near the planet Jupiter.  Earth's Defense headquarters had received a report the ship had been interceptedbut before they could say how, or by whom, contact was lost. 

The ship never returned home, and no further evidence was ever found of their whereabouts. 

Keith was informed of the loss of his parents, just before leave for Christmas Break from school.  

He had been preparing to leave the academy on Christmas Eve, expecting his parents to return and join him at his grandparents' home in Pennsylvania.  Then, Space Marshall Jonathan Graham took the lad aside, and broke the news to him and his grandparents, who had arrived to pick Keith up and take him to their home.

Keith bore the news bravely, and stiffened himself.  He never cried, not even at the memorial service that had been held for his parents by the Earth Defense Force.  He remained composed, relying on his discipline training he had received from the academy.  His parents had prepared Keith for the possibility that they might someday die in the line of duty, and if that time ever came, it would be his duty to be brave and stand tall and proud. 

Keith did just that.

He returned with his grandparents' to their home, taking only a two-week leave of absence from the academy.  But Keith was eager to return to his studies, and against his grandparents' better judgment, he returned to the academy, picking up where he had left off in school.  He was determined, now more than ever, to be the best he could be.

The year was 2158.  The month was March. 

Keith was on Easter holiday from the academy.  He had been home for only two days, having spent the first day off from school with his friend, Lance Andrews, at Lance's home in Rome, New York.  Then, it was off his grandparents' home in Tyrone for the rest of his leave.

Fast asleep and dreaming anything and everything that young boys dream of at his age, Keith rested peacefully in the comfort of his bed, the covers resting on only half his body.

It was then, that he began to stir; a little at first then suddenly, Keith began to toss and turn in an obviously agitated state.

He suddenly bounced up in bed with a holler, sweat profusely covering his body, so much so, that his pajamas were dampened with perspiration.

Keith quickly kicked back his covers, and in a seemingly frightened state of mind, he bolted to his door, opening it with a brute force that caused it to slam up against the wall.  He then quickly made his way down the short hallway to the bedroom of his grandparents.

His grandmother, Matilda, heard him first, and sat up in bed.  

"Keith!" she said in a whispered voice, as her grandson entered the bedroom. "What's the matter with you?"

"Gram...I...I thought..." Keith stuttered. "Did... did someone cry out for help?  Did you hear it, Gram?"

"Crying for... why no, boy." She replied. "Your grandpa and I were asleep!  It's nearly three o'clock in the morning!  You must have been dreaming!"

"I... I know I heard someone crying for help, Gram!" Keith shouted.  "It woke me up!"

Keith's grandfather, Henry Hunter, rolled over, awakened by the sound of Keith's near frantic voice.  He sat up and looked at him as he was standing in the doorway, looking very confused.

"What's the matter, Keith?" Henry asked. "Have a nightmare, did you?"

"No!  I mean yes!  I mean... I don't know, Pop!" Keith blurted out.  "I thought I heard someone calling for help!  It woke me up, Pop!"

Matilda turned to her husband.  "Maybe you should take a look outside...just to be sure.  I'll tend to the boy."

"Yep...okay." Henry replied, as he pushed back the covers.  He grabbed his jeans and slipped them on over his pajama bottoms.

Keith immediately walked up to him.  "I'm going with you!"

"No you don't, young man!" Henry replied, placing his hands on Keith's shoulders.  "You stay here with your grandma, and I'll check it out."

"But...Pop!" Keith began to protest.

"I said, stay inside, Keith!" Henry replied firmly.  "Stay with your grandmother.  I'll see if there's anyone out there."

Reluctantly, Keith nodded his head and stepped aside, letting his grandfather walk past him.  Matilda got up and grabbed her for her robe.  She reached to hug Keith, then suddenly retracted slightly...

"You're soaked!" she exclaimed with a chuckle.  "Well, whatever you dreamt must have been very real to you!  Come on, lets get some clean sheets for your bed, and pop you into some fresh pj's."

"It wasn't a dream, Gram!" Keith said defensively. "It couldn't have been!  I heard it!"

"What'd you hear, Keith?" Matilda asked her grandson.

"I heard a... little girl...she was crying for help!" Keith replied nervously.  

"Oh, Keith," his grandma replied, while pushing locks of his long, jet black hair back from his eyes.  "You must have imagined it."

"No really!  I know what I heard!  It was so real!" Keith insisted. 

"This little girl," Matilda said.  "What was she crying about?"

"Her voice...she was scared, Gram!  She kept repeating it...over and over!" Keith replied.  "She said, 'Someone...help me!  You have to help me!  I'm so afraid!'...stuff like that!"

"Did you meet a new girl at the academy?" Matilda suggested, giggling slightly.  "Maybe someone you know that you're dreaming about?"

"No, no!" Keith shook his head. "Its no one I know!  I'm sure of it!  She kept saying that someone was after her...gonna kill her!  Gram!  We've got to do something!"

"Now wait just a minute, Keith Michael Hunter!" his grandmother replied.  "Just calm down a minute!  Let's wait for the Granddad, and we'll see if he found someone outside.  Meantime, lets get you some new jammies and change those sweated sheets!"

"But...I'm sure I..."

"Keith, that's enough now!" Matilda replied.  "Come on, to your room."

Henry returned from searching the outside.  Their farm was quiet.  Nothing that he could seeand certainly, no one on the premise calling for help.

He returned back inside to find Keith sipping on a warm cup of milk, with Matilda at his side.  He had since changed into clean pajamas, and now had fresh clean sheets on his bed as well, thanks to his grandmother.

"Well," Henry replied while taking off his jacket and hanging it up on the hook.  "Looks to me like young Keith here has been hanging around that young fella, Lance, too much.  He's starting to fill your head with stuff that maybe, ain't too good.  Did you boys watch some scary movie digital vids or something while you were staying at his house?"

"No, Pop," Keith replied, now more calm than before. "But I know what I heard."

"What did you hear, son?" Henry asked his grandson.

Matilda answered for Keith.  "He said he heard some young girl calling for help, saying someone was out to kill her."

Henry shook his head and snorted.  "Well, there's no one out there...no one for miles.  I think you should just finish your milk and head back to bed, and dream of something good now."

"Pop, I swear, it wasn't a dream!" Keith replied, now raising his voice again.

"It was a dream, Keith!" Henry said, scratching his head, while stifling a yawn.  "Now I'm going back to bed.  I have a couple more good hours to sleep before I have to get up.  I suggest you stop staying up so late at night, and get start getting yourself to bed earlier, young man!"

"Yes, Pop." Keith replied solemnly. "Sorry I woke you"

Henry walked up to Keith, and with his hand, lightly patted Keith on the top of the head.  "Good night, Keith." Henry said, as he left the room.

"Gram, I..."

"Keith, now you heard your Granddad.  Finish your milk, and get yourself back into bed." Matilda said, waving her hand in the air. "No more about this.  You keep this up, and people are going to think you're crazy or something!"

"I'm not crazy," Keith sighed back in response, finishing his mug of milk. "I know what I heard."

"You're Granddad's right.  I think you should be going to bed earlier than you do.  But, we'll talk about it more in the morning."

Matilda rose to her feet and reached down, picking up Keith's mug from in front of him.  She turned and placed it in the sink.  Then she turned back to him. 

"Come on." She said to him. "Back to bed with you."

Keith rose from his chair and slowly moved walked out of the small country kitchen, and down the hallway with his grandmother, and back to his room.

Matilda pulled back the covers as Keith climbed back into bed.  She then tucked him in and leaned down to kiss his forehead good night. 

"Get some sleep, now." She cooed gently to him.  "Jesus is with you.  No need to fear."

"I'm not afraid, Gram." Keith replied.  "But... I still say..."

"Not another word about it now, Keith!" Matilda said, in an almost scolding fashion.  "Now, go to sleep!"

"Yes, Gram." Keith replied quietly.  "Good night."

"Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!" she said with a smile.

She then turned out the light and left the room.

Henry was already back in bed when Matilda came into the room.  As she removed her robe, setting it at the end of the bed, and then climbing back under the covers, Henry spoke to her suddenly

"Do you think...this is his way of handling Mike and Beth's disappearance?"  Henry asked his wife.

Matilda laid her head down on the pillow, and stared up toward the ceiling.

"I don't know, Henry." She sighed. "I just don't know."

Keith too, found himself staring at the ceiling.  He started to question, whether or not, he actually heard a voiceor if it was all just a bad dream. 

Either way, he couldn't get he disturbing voice out of his mind

A young girl calling out for help

"Someonehelp me!  You have to help me!  I'm so afraid!  They...they want to kill me! Don't let them kill me!  Please!  Save me....please save me!  Can you hear me calling you?  I need your help!  Please...help me!  Please!  Don't let me die!"

Keith continued to stare up at the ceiling...remembering the voice from his dreams that had so grabbed his attention. 

He suddenly kicked back the covers once again, but this time, he went to his bedroom window, and grabbing his desk chair, he pulled it up to the windowsill.  There, he sat, pondering the mysterious girl's voice that he so clearly heard.  He was sure it couldn't have been a dream.
But who was she?  Where was she?  And...was someone really trying to kill her?

The answer was beyond his comprehension.  Instead, Keith starred up into the starry spring night...wondering if he was perhaps, going crazy.  He knew he could never tell anyone at school about this especially his friend, Lance, who would waste no time in making him into a laughing stock.

So...Keith decided it was a dream, and should be a dream. 

He hoped it was a dream, any.

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