"Can You Hear Me Calling You?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, Defender of the Universe."

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 2
Continued Premonitions

The Earth Defense Force was a prestigious group of warriors, bound by a code of honor, and sworn to defend Earth sector against all incoming attacks from outside forces.  The Drules had been on the move once again, pushing out to points within the galaxy.

There were several talks between Jonathan Graham, now promoted to the rank of Vice-Marshall, and one of the leaders within the Drule Empire...Hazar.

A group of fighters had just been ordered to sector 13, in the Omega quadrant in the Terran system.   Intelligence had picked up Drule activity in that region, and high command had ordered it checked out.

Team Leader Keith Hunter, who had just turned 19 years old, had been assigned along with the 12 men under his command, to check out to disturbance.  There were also reports of that another warring faction called the G'Donar, a fierce, alien, fighting race from the North section of the Milky-Way Galaxy, who had also moved into this area on a mission to concur more worlds for their own.

Assigned as part of Keith's team were his best friends, Lance Andrews and Sven B'Yourn.  All three young men were fresh graduates of the space academy. 

The 12 fighter squad moved in a V formation, covering for each other as they quickly made their way to the are of concern.

Keith raised his team on the COM link...

"Okay, everyone!  Stay sharp!  This could get tricky." Keith warned.  "I want everyone on alert, and report even the most insignificant thing, understand?"

"Read you, Keit." Sven replied back from his fighter.

One by one, Keith received a response of each of his men.  Lance chuckled out loud over the COM...

"What you got to worry about, Keith?" Lance giggled. "You got the highest grades in combat simulation!  Nothing got past you!  I'm sure you'll find our target before any of us do!"

"That's enough, Lance!" Keith replied back.  "Stay on alert!"

"Yes, yes, mother hen!" Lance teased.  "Whatever you say!"

"This isn't a joyride, Andrews!" Keith barked back.  "If you can't follow orders, I'm putting you on report!"

"I didn't say I wasn't going to follow orders, Keith!" Lance barked back.  "Geez...don't take it so seriously!"

"This is serious, Lance!" Keith barked back.  "The G'Donar are nothing to take lightly!  They wiped out half of Blue Squad last week!  They could easily do the same to us, if we're not careful!"

"Read ya, Team Leader!" Lance replied back, more in a military voice, which usually meant he was mad.

Keith sighed as she shook his head.  Lance had just barely graduated with grades high enough to get him an invitation into the Defense Force.  Now, it seemed that Lance was once again, making lightheartedness out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Besides that, Keith had another worry to contend with...

He had a guy on his team, who was unsure of his own abilities, yet command wanted him to get out into open space as a self-image booster. 

Young Sean Roe, age 18, had been only on the Defense Force for three months.  Up to now, he had little combat experience. 

His father, Admiral Thomas Roe, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.  The boy, however, proved not to have the stomach for fighting. 

Before leaving on this assignment, Keith spoke candidly to Marshall Graham about Ensign Roe.  He told him how he conducted himself on their last mission.  He told the Marshall that Roe avoided as much contact as possible, making him an easy target.  Keith was also upset that he had lost three of his own men, who attempted to bail Roe out when he ran into trouble with some G'Donar renegades. 

The comments were noted...but Keith was still ordered to keep the young Ensign on his team.  The boy's father wanted him to be combat ready, and to have combat experience.

Now, in addition to the inexperienced pilot, Keith had to contend with a wise guy on his team too namely, his best friend Lance. 

Lance was deemed as a hotshot pilot, with reckless tendencies.  He was brought onto the Defense Force without a recommendation from the academy. 

Lance's grades were average, at best.  In flight simulations he often preformed unapproved techniques, taking out the computer-simulated foes using unauthorized maneuvers. 

It was Keith and Sven that convinced the higher ups that Lance would be fine on the Defense Force. 

Now, Keith began to regret that recommendation.

"Captain!" one of the squadron wings said suddenly over the COM link.  "I'm reading activity in sector Alfa 9!"

Keith quickly looked at his scanners.  "I see it, Yellow 8!  Okay everyone!  This is it!  Bring your weapons on line and prepare to follow me in!  We'll approach with caution, using coordinates 63-4-13!  We'll then swing around north, at latitude 42A!  Everyone got it?"

One by one, the men replied affirmatively.

"And Ensign Roe," Keith said suddenly.

"Yes, Captain?" Roe replied.

"You stick like glue to me and Lieutenant B'Yourn, got it?" Keith ordered.

"Read you, Yellow Leader!" Roe said, with a bit of nervousness in his tone of voice.

"Okay then," Keith confirmed. "Let's get in there and send the G'Donar a message from Galaxy Garrison!   Formation, launch!"

The squadron fell in line, heading for the area of concern and following the pattern that Keith had laid down for them. 

As the Yellow squadron approached sector Alfa 9, Keith began scanning for enemy movement. 
"Steady, everyone" Keith warned.  "Wait for the order"

A few moments after that, a group of fifteen enemy G'Donar fighters came screaming out from behind the confines of one of Jupiter's moon. 

"We're out numbered!" Lance shouted. 

"Stay with it, Lance!" Keith replied.

"We're gonna get our tails kicked in!" Lance said again.

"I said to stay with it!" Keith said again.

The fighters came in fast and furiously. 

Two ships of Yellow squadron were taken out immediately.  Keith came around and nailed on that was after Roe.  He then turned and fired on two others coming at him fast. 

"Okay you hotshot aliens!" Keith blurted out.  "See if you like this!"

Instantaneously, Keith flew his ship in between the fire of two oncoming G'Donar ships.  The ships began firing at him almost immediately, forgetting that each other was in the way.  Suddenly, as the blasts were nearly on top of him, Keith jetted out of the way, leaving the blasts to destroy each of the enemy ships.

Seconds later, another one was hot on Lance's tail.   Lance only laughed at it.  "Come on...you big hunk of flying junk!  See if you can catch me!"

The ship followed Lance into close range of Jupiter. The eruptions from the planet's surface were spewing fireballs off, high above the planet itself. 

Lance checked his sensors and saw one coming his way.   He timed it just right, and at the last moment, dove toward it.   The G'Donar ship followed right behind him. 

As the eruption began, Lance suddenly looped up and over his enemy, momentarily confusing him.  He never saw the blast of fire from Jupiter.  The ship flew right into it, and was destroyed immediately.

"Scratch one!" Lance shouted, as he hooted in victory, as he flew to rejoin his team.

Another team mate, newbie Jonathan Simon, began blasting at a few ships on his own.  "Come on you stupid aliens!" Jonathan shouted.  "Come and get me!"

Leading them in a rousing game of chase, Jonathan zigzagged his way around three approaching G'Donar fighters, and as he passed them, he released three rounds of missiles. They never knew what hit them. 

The missiles impacted the ships with lightning speed, destroying them instantly.

Lance hooted a praise to this teammate.  "Nice job, Simon!"

A sudden grunt came back as a reply to Lance's praise.  "For the last time, Lance... I want to be called 'Hunk'!  Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah, I heard you!" Lance teased.  "Hunk... kind of matches your waistline, doesn't it?"

"You're too young to die, Andrews!" Hunk blasted back.  "Just mind your business and keep firing!"

"Oh...now I'm real scared!" Lance snickered back.

"You will be, when I pound your head into your control panel!" Hunk shouted back, now obviously annoyed at Lance's teasing.

"Knock it off, you guys!" Keith's voice blasted over the COM.  "Less talking and more firing!"

"Aye, aye, Captain, 'All workie, no playie!' Whatever was I thinking of?" Lance joked back. 

While Lance continued to chuckle, Keith had taken out two more G'Donar ships, when one suddenly came up behind him and let loose a round of firepower at him.  As he reacted, trying to get out of the way, he suddenly was hit from behind. 

The jolt knocked Keith around in his squadron fighter.  But he was soon able to recover and head after the ship that shot at himwhich was now heading after Roe.

"Evasive maneuvers!" Keith shouted suddenly. 

The G'Donar ship launched several laser blasts at Ensign Roe's fighter. 

"ROE!" Keith shouted again.  "Get out of there!"

Sweating profusely, Sean Roe shifted his throttle to the left, and then to the right, attempting to swing his craft around in order to avoid the blasts. 

But his ship suddenly sustained heavy damage, as the lasers pelted him.  The shields were buckling quickly

"Lance!  Hunk! Get over there and take care of that G'Donar!  I'll get Sean!" Keith suddenly ordered.  "Sven..."

"Right wit you, Keit" Sven shouted back, as he pulled his ship next to Keith's.

Lance swung up from the right, while Hunk swung left, attempting to draw the G'Donar's fire. 

But it was too late.

"Keith!" Sean shouted on the COM.  "My heat shield tiles have been compromised!  I'm showing outer hull temperature at maximum safety limits and climbing!"

"Get ready to abandon ship, Sean!" Keith replied.  "I'll swing around and hook a tractor beam on your pod!"

"Ready!" Roe replied.

Keith swung his ship around, paralleling it to Ensign Roe's ship.  "Okay, Sean!  Eject your pod!"

Sean immediately released the safety and the cockpit pod separated from the rest of his fighter.  His pod floated freely in space.

Keith came up along side of it and hooked a tractor beam on Ensign Roe, complete with shielding for protection. 

Sven took out the last of the G'Donar ships, blasting it with his port laser cannon. 

Keith opened up a channel to Earth base

"Yellow Squadron Team Leader Keith Hunter, calling GG-745.  Come in base!"

"GG-745 we read  you, Yellow Leader Hunter.  What's your status?"

"We've lost four ships, and three pilots are confirmed dead, base. The fourth is in a tractor beam.  Request permission to return to home base!" Keith requested.

"Team Leader we read you.  Acknowledged.  Return to base, repeat... return to base, over."

Keith signed as he disconnected the transmission to Earth.  "Okay team, time to pack it up and go home."

"Ah, already?" Lance asked in a joking voice.  "I was just starting to have fun too!"

"Lance!" Keith grunted.  "Just shut up and set coordinates for base!  Can you do that without a smart response?'

"Yeah, sure Keith!" Lance chuckled. 

Three hours had passed since the Yellow Squadron had returned back to Earth.  The time was twenty-one hundred hours.  Some of the guys had met together in one of the local clubs, to enjoy some refreshments. 

Lance, Sven and Hunk were joined by Jeff Zimmerman, the team leader of Green Squadron, and Cliff Johnson, Jeff's number two winger. 

Lance had just finished gulping down his second soda, letting out an obnoxious burp that drew moans from everyone in the group. 

Keith had declined to attend, saying that he had flight data to go over and reports to do.

Hunk snorted as the conversation brought up Keith's name suddenly. 

"Gee, guess Keith's too good to join us low-life squeegees!" Hunk blurted out suddenly. 

"He's doing something I should really be home doing too!" Jeff replied.  "I'm way behind on my reports, and command is starting to get on my case about it!"

"Yeah, well if you ask me," Lance interjected.  "He spends way to much time working, and not enough time socializing!  He just ended a winter romance, if you want to call it that!"

"You mean, he broke up with Amy?" Cliff said suddenly.  "I thought they were tight!"

"Nah, Keith said he was never really serious with Amy, anyway." Lance replied back, waiving his hand in front of himself. 

"He's not much for browsing around, is he?" Jeff chuckled.  "Now, I've got my eye on a little blonde-haired number I met last week in the dining hall!  Her name's Ginger!"

"Yeah, I was checking her out too!" Lance added.  "She's a cutie!"

"Back off, Andrews!" Jeff replied with a smile.  "I saw her first!"

"Yeah, well winner takes all, pal!" Lance grinned.  "And I'm a 100% ladies' man!  Born, bred and raised!  No one beats me out!"

"Says you, pal!" Jeff replied right back.

Lance and Jeff slowly began to take the whole conversation seriously. 

"Okay, okay!" Cliff chuckled, "I think you two had better settle down, before you start taking each other seriously!"

The group of friends spent a few more hours together, and then returned back to the barracks for the night.

Lance and Sven were rooming with Keith.  The hour was late and four o'clock in the morning came very early, when going to bed at eleven o'clock at night. 

The two of them crept into the room, and seeing that Keith was already asleep, they quietly got into their pajamas, and went to bed.

Soon, the time became one-fifteen in the morning.

And Keith was stirring restlessly in his bedonce again.  He abruptly woke awake with a loud shout of his voice loud enough that he woke up Lance and Sven from a sound sleep.

Lance jumped up out of bed and turned on the light.  Artificial light filled the small room, and Sven suddenly went to Keith's side. 

"Keit!  Are you okay?" Sven said, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him.

Keith was nearly white, his face pale and frightful.  Lance quickly joined Sven at Keith's side. 

"Keith!  What's the matter?" Lance asked him. 

Keith took a few long and deep breaths before finally speaking

"It's...it's her again!" he said frantically.  "Its her voice...she's calling me again!"

"Who?  Your, 'friendly, female voice in the night', calling again?" Lance said with a frown.

"Yeah she... she was..." Keith tried to say, but then suddenly grabbed his head between his hands and began rocking back and forth. "Why won't it stop already!"

"What's da matter dis time, my friend?" Sven asked Keith, as he grabbed onto Keith's arms with his hands.

"What she say this time?" Lance chuckled.  "Does she love you yet?"

The comment drew a stern, angry look from Sven, and Lance suddenly backed down.

Keith shook his head slightly, and after taking a deep breath, he finally was able to speak. 

"She...she said that her home... her home is being destroyed, somehow.  I'm not sure, how, or why... the voice kept repeating it... over and over again!"

"See, I tried to tell you, Keith!" Lance snorted playfully.  "You need to get yourself a steady girlfriend!  You're listening to your subconscious tell you that you need to hook up with someone!"

"Lance, will you stop being so helpful and go sit down over dare!" Sven grunted in a low voice. 
Lance shrugged his shoulders and headed back for his bed. 

Sven looked back to Keith, who was sitting there, feeling rather foolish about the whole thing. 

"I'm sorry that I woke you guys up again." Keith replied. 

"How long has dis been going on, Keit?" Sven asked.

"It started when I was 14 years old." Keith replied.  "And what's really weird, is that the older I get, the older and more mature the voice sounds to me!  I don't get it, Sven!  What's wrong with me?  Why can't I block this out of my mind?"

"Have you spoken to anyone about dis, Keit?" Sven asked him.  "Someone dat might be able to help you with dese nightmares?"

"They'd lock me up for this, Sven!" Keith blurted out suddenly.  "All my life, all I've ever wanted to do was become a space explorer!  If I go and tell anyone about this, they're going to lock me up and throw away the key!  I'll never get my own field command!"

"Nonsense, Keit," Sven replied.  "If dey can help you, why not let dem?"

"No!  I'm not saying anything to anyone about this!  I can handle this on my own!" Keith replied firmly, shaking his head.

"You've been having dese dreams for da better part of five years now!  How long are you going to live wit it?" Sven asked him.

"I can deal with it!" Keith replied, once again, firmly.  "I can, really!"

"I tink you're making a big mistake, Keit." Sven added.  "But, if dat's what you want to do, I'll stand wit you."

Keith smiled.  "Thanks, my friend."

"You're welcome." Sven replied back with a smile of his own.

Keith then glanced at the clock and let out a yawn.  "Well, I'm heading back to bed.  High Command wants me to report to Garrison Headquarters tomorrow morning at nine o'clock."

"What for?" Sven asked.

Keith shrugged his shoulders.  "Search me.  Probably to do with the G'Donar incident yesterday near Jupiter sector.  They probably want to grill me on my response time or something.  We lost three good guys out there.  I'm sure command is not at all happy about that."

"It wasn't you fault, Keit." Sven sighed.  "They have to know dat."

"I'm responsible for the lives of those under my command, Sven." Keith said firmly.

Sven let out a sigh as he stood to go. "Okay, I'm going back to bed." Sven replied.  "If you need me, call me."

"Thanks Sven." Keith replied.  "You're a good friend."

"And dat's what friends are for." Sven said with a grin.  "Good night, Keit."

"Good night, Sven." Keith replied.

As the light went out, Keith once again
laid his head down on his pillow,
staring up to the ceiling, wondering
who this girl could be, that had been
calling to him for all these years.

And what was the meaning of the dreams?  Was it a premonition of things yet to happen?  Or was it simply as Lance had stated that he really needed to settle himself down and think about something more than duty perhaps, looking for a wife instead.

He let out a tiring sigh, as he closed his eyes, letting his mind try and put a face on this mysterious voice that haunted his dreams.